Fisher Price

Infant Seats

Model 9149
made 1/1/91-2/27/91. Problem: Shield can separate. Destroy!

Model 9173
made 9/1/94-10/31/94. Problem: Air bag warning label can not be seen when in front seat. Destroy!

Convertible Seats

Safe Embrace
model 79700 made 5/19/97-3/29/98. Problem: Harness adjuster spring can break/dislodge. If it fails, harness may not lock. Destroy!

Models 9100 & 9101 T-Shield
Problem #1: Affects model 9100 only made 4/85-8/85. Shield may break during use; OR Problem #2: made pre-1987. Strap may be missing button to keep straps from retracting too far; OR Problem #3: made 1/1/85-9/1/90. Button may be missing/work loose & present choking hazard; OR Problem #4: made 5/1/87-10/31/89. Shield may be hard to latch due to internal cracks. OR Problem #5: made 1985-1/26/89. White foam pad between pad & shell failed flammability tests. OR Problem #6: made pre-7/89. Metallic label glued to shield comes loose creating choking hazard. OR Problem #7: made 2/5/90-3/24/90. Possible structural weakness in metal tongue. OR Problem #8: made 2/8/91-1/24/92. Harness straps come unfastened at seat back. Problems 1-8: Destroy!

Deluxe Tray Shield
Model 9104 made 6/15/92-9/4/92. Problem: Red button on buckle pops up preventing latching. Destroy!