Mia Moda, Inc/Larado

Infant Seats

Mia Moda Viva
Model 5000 & 5001 made 12/19/06-2/6/07. Problem: Lower LATCH attachment may interfere w/ connection of carrier/base after tightening anchors. Audible click may still be heard indicating secure connection. Pulling up on carrier handle may also indicate secure connection. In severe crash carrier may detach causing injury. Also, required registration card was not provided w/ seats or separate bases. Note: Until repaired install using vehicle seat belt. Call: 866-642-6632 for lower anchor assembly & serial number labels.

Mia Moda Viva and Viva Supreme
Model 5000, 5001, 5050, 5051, 5070, 5071, 5080, & 5081. Problem: Harness splitter plate on rear of seat has sharp edges & may cut harness OR base may crack in crash. In crash child would not be properly restrained. Call: 877-546-8437 Immediately stop using the seat. Manufacturer will offer refund.