Orbit Baby

Infant Seat

All Orbit Baby Bases made pre-2/2008 Problem: Base must be upgraded for use w/ Toddler Car Seat. Call: 877-ORB-BABY or visit www.orbitbaby.com. To receive new base w/ green circular seal, Toddler seat & Base must both be registered.

Orbit Baby G2 Seat Base made 3/20/2013 - 7/20/2013 and Batch Numbers: A0840, A0860, A0880. Problem: StrongArm Knob on base may detach or spin without tightening base, preventing proper installation. Call: 877-ORB-BABY (877-672-2220) or visit Orbit Baby StrongArm Knob Recall. Consumers who have registered their seat will receive a StrongArm Repair Kit to easily re-attach the StrongArm knob to the seat base. Register your seat on Orbit Baby's website if you have not done so already. Important: If the car seat base is already securely installed, in accordance with the instruction manual, and the StrongArm knob later detaches or just spins, the base will remain securely installed and it can continue to be used with the carrier; this does not affect the performance of a securely installed Car Seat G2 Base in a crash. Installation of the carrier (without its base) is not affected by this recall.