Infant Seats

Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30
Models beginning “IMUN00US” 32MD41KN41, 35CR13BU13, 35CR13PL46, 35CR24BU24, 35TL49KN53, 35TL53KN46, 61ST13IC53, 61ST34IC53, & 61ST48IC53 made7/1/07-3/14/08. Plastic harness adjuster cover may have sharp edge that can cause cuts or scratches to bare legged infants. Call: 888-734-6030 for new adjuster cover.

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Problem #1:
Seats w/ dark button in red circle made 5/20/01-2/15/02. Snap & fabric interfere w/ harness preventing seat from latching. Destroy! Problem #2: made 2/1/01-6/10/01. Left latch may not lock seat into base causing injury/death in crash. Destroy!