About Us

The Safety Restraint Coalition (www.800BucklUp.org) is a trustworthy, initiative driven online source for parents all around the world. We deeply care about children, so our diverse team strives to raise awareness about children’s safety in traffic by promoting the correct use of child restraint systems and seatbelts

We also provide information on federal safety standards, car seat recalls, state laws and regulations, review car seat brands, models, etc.

The Safety Restraint Coalition team consists of experienced parents, CPS (Child Passenger Safety) technicians, and knowledgeable bloggers; therefore, every information you find on our page is well-researched and genuinely reliable.

Our main goal is to develop a safe environment for children in traffic worldwide by making sure that every parent is well-informed on the types of child restraint systems, correct installation, and use so that our children are protected adequately.

Why Do We Do It?

We embarked on this journey primarily because we are actively engaged in the matter, either by being parents ourselves or CPS technicians.

Dealing with car seats daily, we saw how little parents know about child safety in traffic and how often fatal results follow the lack of interest in providing adequate protection to children in traffic.

Therefore, we decided to make a change!

How Do We Do It?

We know how hard parenting can be, so our mission is to deliver only reliable, well-researched, up-to-date information that will honestly help you choose the safest equipment on the market. You can find tips on installing it correctly and doing all the following steps to make it really work.

Our reviews are based on a real-life experience that either we had with the product or other parents shared. We don’t recommend the products we would not use for our kids

Also, we actively test the products to ensure they are honestly reliable and meet the safety standards. Information is regularly updated, so you can be sure our page is dependable.

How Do We Make Money?

The Internet is a vast online market, and there has to be some sort of income for every web page to exist. Our content prevails on the market thanks to affiliate links and advertisements you can see on our site. However, this does not mean that we write biased reviews only to earn some money. Not at all!

We honestly recommend only the products that we tested and know for sure they are valuable. Then we provide the affiliate links that lead to the places where you can buy these products and earn a small commission from the purchase you make through our links. Significantly, this commission does not add any additional cost to you!

We use these incomes to maintain our team operations, domain, hosting, and SSL, basically the ‘online taxes’ that allow us to exist on the Internet.

Get to Know Us!

Everyone at The Safety Restraint Coalition (800 BucklUp) genuinely cares about children’s safety. Half of our team are CPS technicians, some of whom are also parents, travelers, and bloggers. We also include parents volunteers, willing to share their piece of wisdom.

All the tips and tricks we provide have been learned the hard way through trial and error. So we generously share everything we know to make it easier for you.

Meet some of us!

Kathy J. Warner avatar

Kathy J. Warner

Editor in Chief

Our Editor in Chief is Kathy Warner from Kirkland, Washington. A mother of two and a CPS technician for more than eight years, Kathy’s been a cornerstone of our team from the beginning.

Ever since her accident that luckily she and her two-year-old got out uninjured, she devoted herself to learning everything about children’s safety in traffic. She became a CPS technician and an expert in child restraint systems.

As a part of our team, Kathy makes sure that all information is legit and up-to-date; she selflessly shares her tips and tricks for successful parenting every day, being the most valuable member of our team.

Jill G. Rollins avatar

Jill G. Rollins

Managing Editor

Jill is another CPS technician in our team. She lives in Berwyn, Illinois, at a time, loves kids, and wants to make a change that could build a safer environment for them. Jill contributes to our site with her unconditional dedication and perfectionism.

Working at the inspection station, Jill realized how many parents don’t install car seats correctly. Therefore, she decided to be a part of our web site and educate more people on the matter.

We often consult her about the useful information we provide in our article and safety tips since she had so many different work experiences and knows exactly what parents are not sure about.

Frances M. Smith avatar

Frances M. Smith

Marketing Manager

Our marketing manager Frances is a mother of a four-year-old, and she joined our team as a volunteer. She works in sales and spends most of her time on the road; this can be tough for her little one waiting every day for her to come back to Scranton, so she often takes Sarah with her. For this reason, exactly, she had to get familiar with all the regulations and different car seat laws across the US.

Frances was so enthusiastic about joining our team because she knows how tricky it can be for parents traveling a lot. Often, they have to bring their little ones along and make sure they are always safely secured; thus, knowing child restraint systems is essential.

Frances takes care of our marketing, but also helps us with the reviews a lot. She is an expert when it comes to travel car seats and always has some new tips to share.

Milton J. Davis avatar

Milton J. Davis


Milton is one of our reviewers. He is a father of a two-year-old daughter and a passionate writer living in Massachusetts.

Being a super-dad is Milton’s full-time hobby, so he always does thorough research on equipment he buys for his little one. Milton eventually went through training and became a CPS technician, and soon after, he joined our team as a content writer.

Milton’s reviews are entirely unbiased and highly informative. He does extensive research on every model he reviews and never recommends what he would not buy for his own daughter.

Mary M. Rice avatar

Mary M. Rice


Mary from Nashua is the heart and soul of our web page. She is a blogger who travels a lot and shows interest in all sorts of different things.

Explorer at her heart, Mary loves learning new things, especially if they prove beneficial for the environment and people, a dedicated philanthropist she is. She does our market research and compares different car seat brands and models to compose the ultimate list of the best car seats on the market.

She is very sincere when writing reviews; you can find both negative and positive aspects of her evaluations, and she never misses to add important details and parents’ suggestions.

Contact Us

It is always our pleasure to hear from you! For further inquiries and child safety restraint matters, please get in touch by visiting this link.

Avatar of Kathy Warner

Kathy Warner

Kathy is a busy mother of two and a CPS technician for more than eight years. Her mission is to awaken parents to the importance of child passenger safety and show them the right practice. You can read more about her here