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Confused to find the right child safety seat? No worry. We provide useful advice about: how to choose one based on the child's age, weight and state law; safety guides, and popular products reviews.

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The best articles on child passenger safety: the best car seats, the US free car seat programs, the most trusted child safety brands, how to check and install car seats properly, recently recalls list, and more.

best travel car seats

How to Select the Best Travel Car Seats?

Picture this: you're setting off on a journey by car or by plane. But, you're not going alone - your

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Best Car Seat

The Best Car Seat You Can Find In 2021 (Buyer’s Guide & Reviews)

As your child or more children mean a world to you, your main task is to keep them safe.No matter

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free car seat

The Ultimate List of Remarkable Free Car Seat in the United States

Wherever you travel, no matter on a short or a more extended trip or journey, you can't set off without

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California Car Seat Laws

California Car Seat Laws 2021: You Need to Know This!

According to the California State Transportation Agency, this state has the most extensive and complicated transportation system. Therefore, it is

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car rental with a car seat

How to Make Car Rental With a Car Seat More Thrifty?

If you're blessed with a small kid and plan your first vacation, I am sure you have so many questions:

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flying with a car seat

Everything You Need To Know About Flying With A Car Seat Safely

A kid's wellbeing is the number one priority of every responsible parent. However, transportation of any kind carries a certain

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Car Seat Buying Guides Articles

How do I find the best car seat for your child among the many options out there? We clarify the differences between each type of car seats: infant car seats, rear-facing car seats, forward-facing car seats, convertible car seats, booster car seats (high backbackless, or harness), all-in-one car seats and give advice based on your child's age, height and weight.

best convertible car seats

Absolutely the Best Convertible Car Seats for Your Little Ones

Are you tirelessly searching for the best convertible car seats for your kids? If you are, you've come to the

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best booster car seats

Best Booster Car Seats: All You Need To Know

No matter whether you're taking your little ones on a shorter trip, driving them to school, or setting off on

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best infant car seat for small cars

A Helpful Guide of the Best Infant Car Seat for Small Cars

As parents, we want to offer our children with the safest and most comfortable experience in transport.However, traveling by a

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best convertible car seat for small cars

The Best Convertible Car Seat for Small Cars You Need to See

Looking for a parking spot makes you feel honestly grateful for your compact car; they fit almost anywhere. Right?Yet, as

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Best Car Seat

The Best Car Seat You Can Find In 2021 (Buyer’s Guide & Reviews)

As your child or more children mean a world to you, your main task is to keep them safe.No matter

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best infant car seats

How To Select The Best Infant Car Seats In 2021?

As you can't wait to get your tiny newborns out of the hospitals, put them into your motor vehicles, and

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Car Seat Laws Articles

Everything you need to know about Car Seat Laws in the United States in one place.

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Travel Car Seat Buying Guides Articles

Full options car seats are usually heavy. Are there car seats that are light enough, about 10 - 15 lbs and still safe and comfortable when traveling with kids? YES, we find such ones and make recommendations for you according to your child's age (from 1 to 6 years old). Feel stress-free to try them out and take your kids to explore the world!

best car seat for 1 year old

Drive Like a Super Parent With the Best Travel Car Seat for 1 Year Old

You're planning a road trip with your 1-year-old, but you don't know what the most convenient car seat to bring

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best car seat stroller combo

This is What You Need to Know About Best Car Seat Stroller Combo 2021

As a city parent, I am always on the lookout for convenient solutions that will make traveling with a baby

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best car seat for airplane travel

How to Travel Smartly With the Best Car Seat for Airplane Travel

Flying with a car seat can turn into a real nightmare when you bring a bulky, massive convertible car seat.

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best car seat for 2 year old

The Best Car Seat for 2-year-old? (the Ultimate Tips You Must Know in 2021)

It seems like only yesterday you were carrying your baby home from the hospital, and right now, you are browsing

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best car seat for 3 year old

Crush That Vacay With the Best 9 Car Seats for 3 Year Old

Today you'll finally learn what are honestly the best car seats for 3 year old. This list is especially adapted

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best car seat for 4 year old

Absolutely the Best Car Seat for 4 Year Old (2021 Updated)

Are you looking for the best car seat for your 4 year old child? Say no more since you've come

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Car Seat Safety Tips Articles

The most complete guide to choosing a car seat, tips on safely installing a car seat, helpful travel tips for a car seat, and more.

Cyber Monday car seat deals

Cyber Monday Car Seat Deals: Hot Deals to Save You a Fortune

If you’ve been desperately trying to find a high-quality car seat for your kid at a reasonable price, you can

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Black Friday Car Seat Deals

The Hottest Black Friday Car Seat Deals (Stroller Too) of 2021

All around the world, smart shoppers plan their big purchases for that one day in the year when the impossible

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when can kids sit in the front seat

At What Age Can Kids Sit & Ride in the Front Seat? The Best 2021 Consultant

When can kids sit in the front seat? A direct question for all experts, safety technicians, and manufacturers. However, is

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car seat expiration

All You Need to Know About Car Seat Expiration to Keep Your Child Safe

Yes, baby equipment is expensive, so it’s a common practice that parents save their car seat for the next child.

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Amazon Prime Day Car Seat Deals

Amazon Prime Day Car Seat Deals You DEFINITELY Don’t Want to Miss!

Amazon Prime Day is the major sales event of the year for the planet's largest retailer - Amazon. It's actually

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car seat inspection

Is Your Car Seat Safe? Where to Find Car Seat Inspection? The Ultimate 2021 Guide

Child Passenger Safety Technicians always answer similar questions about where to find the nearest car seat inspections, what to do

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