What is the Best Protection for Your Children? – Indiana Car Seat Laws

If you're a resident of the state of Indiana, you're probably aware that the leading cause of children's death is car crashes and injuries with fatal outcomes.

This particularly relates to those who are younger than thirteen.

The databases show that more than 9,000 children lost their lives in car accidents.

Are you afraid of this fact?

I am. So, what can we all do to prevent this and protect our little beings?

It's so simple - let's start using appropriate car seats and keep our babies safe!

Thus, Indiana car seat laws are there to prevent crashes and protect our little ones.

Therefore, please read the article thoroughly, find as much as possible about the current laws, and learn more about children's safety!

Indiana Safety Car Seat Laws

indiana child seat belt laws

In Indiana, all children who are younger than eight must-have convenient safety child restraint systems.

This, of course, refers to the car seats, and other following safety equipment, for maximum stability and protection.

The systems have to be by the manufacturers' instructions.

Hence, the safety restraint systems are based on children's height, weight, development, and age in general.

The non-compliance of the rules may lead to severe and fatal injuries, so let's take a look at various safety laws and see why you should obey them.

1. Car Seats Safety Law for Newborns/Toddlers

As you can find, all the children who are younger than one year old, and weigh less than twenty pounds, have to be in proper car seats.

These car seats are, of course, rear-facing car safety seats. 

However, certain newly-made rear-facing seats can withstand even children with a weight between thirty and thirty-five pounds.

Therefore, you should check them and see which rear-facing seat matches your baby's needs the most.

But, the primary advice is to keep your babies in these seats as long as possible since they provide the perfect protection even during long journeys.

2. Car Seats Safety Law for One-to-Four-Year-Old Kiddos

indiana car seat booster laws

If your little kiddo is one year old or even older, somewhere up to four years, you should obtain the proper car seat for her/him as well.

In this case, we talk about forward-facing car seats.

The places also must have an internal harness system

The prescribed weight for these seats is a minimum of twenty pounds or more.

However, there is another suggestion that you should keep your kids in those seats until they're developed enough to use others.

3. Car Seats Safety Laws for Four-to-Eight-Year-Olds

Next off, there are children whose age is between four and eight, and who weigh more than thirty pounds.

For these children, the law states that they need to use booster seats. Of course, the places must match their growth, height, and weight.

On the other hand, we have a recommendation that until the children outgrow forward-facing seats, they should stay in them.

And only when they outgrow these, and weigh at least forty pounds, can they use booster seats.

4. Car Seats Safety Laws for Seat-belts (Under Sixteen)

After the booster seats, we have the seat-belt systems.

According to Indiana safety law, all kids that are younger than sixteen must use the proper seat-belts for ultimate protection and safety.

However, children should use them correctly so that the belt must cover the upper thighs and not the stomach.

Moreover, the belt should go across the shoulders and chests, and not the neck and face.

For maximum protection, parents should teach the children to use them in the back seats as long as possible.

When Can My Children Sit in the Front Car Seat in Indiana?

indiana car seat rules

The experts indicate that your children should sit in the back seats until they're thirteen years old.

After they're thirteen and more, they can relax in the front seat next to you.

However, the experts do not recommend this since they say that the maximum safety and protection for children is the back seat; therefore, they should sit there as long as possible.

Can I Leave My Kid Alone in the Car in Indiana?

There are no safety laws in this US state that can ban you from leaving your kids alone in your cars.

But, for children's better protection, it might be better if you don't leave them alone since you never know what possible injuries and situations may occur.

Can/Can't I Smoke in the Car With Children?

Indiana state attempts to regulate the law, which will abandon smoking in cars with children.

Until they adopt it, you can freely smoke in cars with kids.

However, the law will punish those who violate it with $1,000 if they smoke with children younger than six.

Furthermore, Indiana Senate Bill No.34 will also punish those who violate the legislation with $10,000 if they abolish it three times during the twelve months.

As you can see, the law is stringent, so try not to smoke in front of your babies in cars.

Taxis and Car Seats Safety Law in Indiana

car seat law in indiana

As you probably know, the state of Indiana does not propose a law where it's obligatory for cabs to use and install safety systems for children passengers.

Consequently, many parents consider taxis and their companies as unsafe vehicles for children.

But how can parents solve this problem? 

Well, you can search for various rent-a-car companies that can provide you with the necessary cars and car seats for your little ones.

However, you should search for the positions which match your baby's/child's needs and growth.

So, you can contact their agents and find the best solution for you!

Another possibility is to contact rent-a seat companies to find and send you the appropriate car seats.

If the car companies don't have positions as their service, you can check which companies can help you before your journeys, and be sure your kids will be safe during the travels.

Where Can You Replace the Harmed Seat After the Accident?

The state of Indiana doesn't have a regulation concerning this issue.

However, you can always contact NHTSA agents and representatives and learn more about everything you're interested in.

Indiana Accidents & Injury Lawyers

If you had a car accident and want to compensate for the damage or possible injuries, you should contact lawyers to help you solve these problems.

As there are various attorneys, we have picked the Hankey Law Office as one of the best solutions.

However, you can always check various lawyers and see what would be the right solutions for you!

Final Thoughts

As you could see, the number of car accidents and children's deaths is highly unacceptable and alarming.

Therefore, as parents or future parents, you must follow and obey the rules if you want to protect your precious children and keep them safe.

As we have seen, there are various Indiana car seat laws concerning all ages until the children become adults, so that they can choose where and how to sit correctly on their own.

Until that time, as parents, you should guide them on how to remain safe and stable.

So, please get the appropriate seats and safety systems for your kiddos and let them enjoy every ride!

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