The Ultimate List of Remarkable Free Car Seat in the United States

Wherever you travel, no matter on a short or a more extended trip or journey, you can't set off without the car seats.

Why would this be so vital? Well, this mainly relates to parents and their children.

You know that children of various ages need to sit in their seats; therefore, you, as a parent, must provide the safest car seats for your toddlers and older kids.

However, you may ask how those procedures go as laws may vary from state to state.

Luckily we're here to introduce the official requirements and programs each state in the USA proposes to protect your little ones during the shorter or longer trips and journeys.

So, search no more, and please, read the article thoroughly since we have exposed all we found about the free car seat programs in every U.S. state.

Learn with us!


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Public Free Car Seats
free car seat program

You may already know that the organization is known as "Buckle Up For Life" organized and provided 61,858 free car seats for families with low income.

This way, they make sure every child gets safe while riding.

The organization collaborates with other various organizations, on the national level, and provides educative programs, training, and resources to all parents who want to participate.

Hence, the parents who need those seats, come to training and safety classes sessions, can qualify, apply, and get the positions they need.

However, this organization doesn't only include parents and teachers.

Still, firefighters and police department officers as well since they are familiar with the topic, know how to install the seats, and even can help you select the best ones for your needs!

On the other hand, you can interrogate your insurance provider and the church or hospital representatives to help you apply it and direct you to the government officials.

If you have specific questions now, I assure you everything will clarify while reading the article since it's very comprehensive, and we have presented a step-by-step free car set programs for all the states in America.

Hence, let's begin!


How to find free car seats?

You will find that there is no just one place to find and obtain free car seats for your little ones.

Luckily, some various institutions and organizations can help you in your search.

Here you can see their list and conditions that you need to fulfill to be able to get a car seat for free.

Various organizations contain various programs to enable parents to get a rear-facing or a forward-facing car seat, or even car seat covers for free.

Of course, they guarantee that everything will be correct.

Some of the institutions or agencies will also make safety technicians help parents install the seats correctly and get all the necessary equipment.

To get your free car seat, you can turn to DSS offices or social services.

There are individual states, such as Texas, that cooperate with various non-profit and charity organizations, one of them being the Salvation Army.

As they work together, these organizations can help you get free car seats.

However, the family has to be a low-income one or insufficient to get this opportunity.

To show that you are on public aid, you need to bring legal documents.

I refer to MedicaidTANF cash assistance, SNAP food stamps, or some other, while the other parent is on WIC, for instance.

Of course, the SSNPWIC will always provide various car seat programs for SUVs or any other motor vehicle.

How to find free car seats

Where can I get a free car seat?

Please, find the local organizations and their contacts for each state in the article since you can contact them directly to learn more information.

You can also find more information here:

1. Local Safe Kids Coalitions

These coalitions can provide you with free car seats or reduce the price, or they can direct you to the central institutions where you can get them in your area.

Please check their site related to your state, and ask for help.

2. Local Safety Technicians

Many child passenger safety organizations have technicians who can direct you where to go.

You can search them on Safe Kids' CPS Certification, look for safety technicians or instructors, and stick to your state or city area.

3. Local Police and Fire Departments

These people can also direct you to the right organizations even if they are not CPSTs.

4. Local Women and Children's Services

Services such as WIC, Department of Children Service, Department of Health can help you in this process or direct you to the primary institutions.

5. Local Hospitals

Local hospitals and their free car seat programs.

6. 211

You can call 211 to get Essential Community Services.

If they are available in your area or state, they can direct you towards the local organizations or institutions.

Most Vitally - Never use Craigslist, eBay, Consignment, Thrift, or garage sales to obtain car seats. You don't know the origin, whether they are harmed and if they survived car accidents.

Search for valid providers and original car seats.

How to obtain a free car seat through the Medicaid institutions?

free car seat and stroller

As a valid organization, Medicaid is available only to those families in need that meet and answer to specific requirements.

Not all families can use Medicaid for help, and here is the list of what you need to do to be able to get their help:

- The primary condition to use Medicaid is your nationality.

The receivers must be legal citizens or residents of the United States of America. Any other nationalities other than American cannot participate in the program.

- The following condition is your income statements and the number of the family members who depend on the shown income.

Each state has different criteria and systems for this part, and they calculate the average earnings required for the supportable livelihood in that specific area.

- All people and families who are above the minimum criteria for earnings and income can receive and participate in the fund if they have particular disabilities that make their medical expenses bigger than their wages so that they cannot afford them.

- Medicaid asks you to enroll in the car seat safety courses before you obtain car seats.

This relates only to people who applied for free car seats.

You will work with authorized safety technicians and instructors who will teach you more about children's safety, increase awareness about car seat safety, and the proper techniques and methods regarding the installation process.

To check whether you are a suitable candidate for the free car seat program, you can fill an online application at the Health Insurance Marketplace website.

As an alternative, you can directly contact the Medicaid agency in your state.

Of course, their officials and authorities will review your application forms and let you know if you're eligible candidates.

If you are, you will be able to receive free healthcare and any other related services from any medical provider that accepts and follows such programs.

Are used car seats safe for the baby?

No, they are not!

As with various toys, clothes, or other kids' items and equipment, the second-had car seats always serve multiple family members and their children.

As mentioned in the previous questions, you can always find the used car seats on various online websites, garage sales, or consignment stores.

Although their price is attractive, you need avoid them!

This is crucial because these seats may contain safety problems, weakness, or any other hidden damages or harms that parents may not observe instantly.

Additionally, if you obtain a seat in the thrift stores, you cannot ask the previous owner about the car seat's history since they might not know.

Thus, it would be best if you found out whether they were the first owners or they bought the seat from the original owners.

You must know the seat's history; otherwise, it won't be safe for your child to use it. You need to know if the seat was a part of a car crash!

Please, do not use the car seats if you don't know their origin!

Their main aim is to protect your little ones and absorb the external forces, pressure, and energy from the critical body parts so that the children remain untouchable.

Thus, all the features of your car seats must be present, correctly installed and attached, in proper working order, and free from all potential recalls or any other harms.

Use our checklist to help you decide whether to consider using a second-hand seat.

Fifty States - Fifty Car Seat Programs

As I mentioned above, in all fifty states in America, various car seat programs require multiple procedures and applications that you, as a parent, must follow and fulfill.

Therefore, we've done some research and want to present to you these programs and their conditions.

So, let's start with the alphabetical order! Do you agree?

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Alabama – Alaska – Arizona – Arkansas – California – Colorado – Connecticut – Delaware – Florida – Georgia – Hawaii – Idaho – Illinois – Indiana – Iowa – Kansas – Kentucky – Louisiana – Maine – Maryland – Massachusetts – Michigan – Minnesota – Mississippi – MissouriMontanaNebraska – Nevada – New Hampshire – New Jersey – New Mexico – New York – North Carolina – North Dakota – Ohio – Oklahoma – Oregon – Pennsylvania – Rhode Island – South Carolina – South Dakota – Tennessee – Texas – Utah – Vermont – Virginia – Washington – West Virginia – Wisconsin – Wyoming

Alabama Free Car Seat Program

Alabama Free Car Seat Program

If you live in Alabama, I'm sure you know about Alabama Public Health.

That is the health agency that provides and presents various medical programs for preventing injuries at home, work, cars, etc.

The organization and its officials meet annually, monthly, or weekly, unified to achieve their primary goal - to protect people's lives, prolong health and vitality, preserve injuries, and improve the system of hygiene.

However, they also operate on the free car seat programs for low-income families in Alabama.

Therefore, in collaboration with the certified child passenger safety technicians, this organization will install the seats in your cars, or show you how to do it.

Later on, you will follow the model and try by yourself, and they will supervise you.

Concerning pregnant women and parents who receive various types of federal assistance - Food stamps, All kids, WIC, Medicaid, can also apply and get their free car seats as well, as the Alabama Public Health Service provided this opportunity for you.

So, please contact the following number: (334)-206-3359.

What you need to bring while visiting the agency is your I.D., and the child for whom you're seeking a free car seat must be present too.

If you're from a low-income family, you'll need to present the proof or confirmation of eligibility.

On the other hand, another organization offers the free program for car seats and is known as "Children of Alabama," located in Birmingham.

Their officials attempt to provide open car seats for low-income families or single parents.

However, the car seats are accessible only to their patients who don't have a car seat at the moment of dismissing.

For more information, please contact (205)-638-3218.

They will give all the information related to the "Committee on Church Cooperation" and "Broad Street Church of Christ" - the two charity organizations working with the "Children of Alabama."

Alaska Free Car Seat Program

Alaska Free Car Seat Program

The second state in alphabetical order is, of course, Alaska.

Therefore, let's see what we can find out concerning their free car seat programs.

The organization that helps low-income families or single parents in Alaska is called "Center for Safe Alaskans' Child Passenger Safety."

They provide a free program for children's safety.

The program consists of educating parents with classes, and training sessions, concerning safe, proper, and convenient installation and use of car seats.

Therefore, for parents who are in financial need, they promote and donate numbers of the booster and car seats.

However, they also offer various opportunities if you like to give car seats, money, or other things you don't need regarding children and their safe travel.

The safety technicians organize group sessions, classes, lectures, and training in institutions, schools, agencies, etc. to present better and convenient transportation of younger and older children.

Moreover, Safe Alaskans host multiple events related to free car seat programs and safe travel in general.

You can contact them by calling (907) - 929 - 3939, and check whether you can enter the program, or donate the things you don't need, and make some other parent happy! 

Arizona Free Car Seat Program

Arizona Free Car Seat Program

Another vital program is established in Arizona.

Therefore, we should take a peek at what this state has to offer to its residents!

In Arizona, there is the "Tucson Medical Center," which provides 600 free car seats and ensures children's safety while in cars all over southern Arizona.

Their funds measure 30,000 dollars in total, as a donation from GOHS, or, in their full name, the Governor's Office of Highway Safety.

This way, more than 32,000 families were educated, and more than 2,800 children and their low-income parents obtained their seats without any costs!

The annual events, such as car seat giveaways that they host, are the perfect occasions for parents to educate themselves with the help of safety technicians in one-on-one training and lecture sessions.

The first car seat giveaway, they held on December 21, 2019.

Since then, they have provided access to various parents and their children to enter the program.

Furthermore, the organization strives to teach people how to prevent injuries during the journeys, protect the kids, and ensure their safety.

Hence, if you would like this agency to help you or enter the free program, please contact the TMC by calling (520)-327 - 5461.

Arkansas Free Car Seat Program

Arkansas Free Car Seat Program

In Arkansas, there is an organization that helps the parents and families in need of money to obtain the car seats for free, and that is "Farm Bureau Arkansas."

This union of farmers helped more than 19,000 families and children.

If you chose to help, you can become a part of their union, and get your seat for fifteen dollars, as they have the so-called Infant Car Seat Program, where you can purchase the chair, wait five to seven days to receive it, and you don't have to pay shipping and installation services; they are for free!

Also, the Medical Sciences Department at the University and their Child Passenger Safety Education Program provide classes, free seats to low-income parents, training sessions, and lectures for parents.

The topics are various, such as how to install and post the place properly, how to buckle up their children safely, or which measures to take during the ride to keep everyone safe.

Finally, the agency is known as "Arkansas Children," offers free classes, training sessions, and seats to families in lack of money.

However, they also offer various courses for prevention from injuries.

Therefore, if you like to learn more about them, please contact 501-404-4169, and you'll obtain all the information you need.

California Free Car Seat Program

California Free Car Seat Program

Now, the next on the list is the state of California. But, there is a little surprise for you.

Namely, if you take the California Office of Traffic Safety or OTS manual, you'll see that there are numerous agencies and free car seats programs that they provide.

All of them offer training and classes on how to keep children safe and provide open positions to families or single parents in need.

However, we're going to review some of them.

"Keep 'Em Safe" is one such program run by Pacific Safe Center, which offers free seats not only for low-income parents and their kids but also for medium-income families.

To participate, you need to bring your I.D., passport, or any other document with your picture and other data.

Also, you'll need a confirmation or proof of eligibility and the data and materials related to every child that needs a car seat.

However, if you want other various programs, you check out the Los Angeles County Public Health Department, which offers multiple programs for parents who cannot afford car seats for their kids.

Public Health in San Bernardino county, Venice Family Clinic, and Orange County Health Care also do the same.

And you can check whether you're a proper candidate for courses and seats by calling them or visiting their agencies.

As you can see, the options are multiple, and it's up to you which company you'll select!

Colorado Free Car Seat Program

Colorado Free Car Seat Program

Next off, we have fantastic seat programs in Colorado as well.

If you're from Colorado, you probably know about the Montezuma County Public Health Department and their "Car Safety Seat" and "Bake helmet Program for Children."

Therefore, you can inform yourself about free car seats, the needed documents, and how to participate.

However, there are other districts with various infant programs, some of them being Larimer, El Paso, Mesa, Gunnison, Washington, Inner city Health Center, etc. that you can also search for and obtain the information you need to enter the program.

Connecticut Free Car Seat Program

Connecticut Free Car Seat Program

Connecticut has a program called "Safe Kids Connecticut," which offers a course named "Child Passenger Safety."

Here, by visiting or calling Injury Prevention Center at Children's Medical Center in Hartford, you can learn how to become a proper technician and how to joy their organization.

You can contact them online via email or simply call (860)-837-5319.

You can also learn what happens once you and technicians install the seats and the laws concerning a child's safety in this state.

Most importantly, you'll get instructions on how to partake in the free car seat program.

The officials and representatives will help you and guide you through the paperwork, documents, and all other necessary elements for your partaking.

They will also show you how to attend classes and training sessions, and with the help of safe technicians, how to install and place seats properly in your cars.

Of course, you can always check what the benefits of pregnant women and single parents are.

The health care officials will explain everything to you in the best possible way!

Delaware Free Car Seat Program

Delaware Free Car Seat Program

If you take a look at Delaware County Public Health Services, you'll see that it offers various sessions on how to properly install and place car seats for maximum safety of your children.

However, this is not the only agency that strives to achieve this aim.

As you might observe, there is another organization with free car seat programs in Delaware, known as Delaware Opportunities Inc.

This agency works with low-income families, or single parents, and helps them partake in the program.

They have the Car Safety program, or CSP, consisting of various classes and lectures with official technicians to keep your baby, toddler, or child safe during the ride.

All you need is a confirmation of Medicaid, SNAP, or WIC to prove that you're eligible to participate.

Don't forget to bring other documents as well, as you'll need to fill the papers and apply for the program.

More vitally, if you're a pregnant woman, you have a right to obtain a seat before you deliver a baby.

However, you should know that you'll need to say the average weight of your baby since the agency won't distribute you the seat if your baby weighs less than five pounds.

Florida Free Car Seat Program

Florida Free Car Seat Program

When in Florida, you should look for the Florida Farm Bureau.

Now, this organization takes care of Florida farmers.

The main aim is to help them improve the rural way of life and increase the income of ranchers and farmers.

However, that's not the only advantage they provide to their staff and ordinary people.

Their program called "Child Safety Seat" offers the possibility to purchase the car seats for only one-third of the total sum.

The position you can buy is COSCO, one of the best car seat brands on the market.

Another agency for solving these issues is Florida Health Pinellas County.

As you might notice, this agency has a car seat program that offers the best quality lectures, classes, and training sessions with qualified safety technicians.

It also provides the possibility for you to enter the free car seat program and obtain the seat that you need.

So, if you have financial difficulties, you can contact this agency - they will guide you and show you the steps required to apply for it.

Finally, there is another institution worth mentioning, and that is John Hopkins Medicine All Children's Hospital.

This institution is a prestigious and outstanding one in their area; therefore, it's ideal for solving your seat issues.

They will provide free car seats for low-income families, and parents, or reduce the price for twenty dollars for families that are already participating in the government-assisted administrations and programs.

Georgia Free Car Seat Program

Georgia Free Car Seat Program

An agency in Georgia, called the Georgia Department of Public Health, is a profitable organization that donated 166,000 dollars to buy car seats for those who have financial difficulties.

With their program known as Child Passenger Safety Mini-Grant Program, they distributed the seats to more than 107 districts.

Moreover, with their successful application, they have saved the lives of 375 children since 2007.

However, if you want to obtain the seat, you need to complete a course on how to keep your children safe.

You will get links, safety programs, tips, and videos to complete the course successfully.

When we talk about the Children's Hospital of Georgia, they will pay the ten dollars course to teach you how to keep your kid safe.

As you will learn the difference between the available and inconvenient seats, this course will help you find out how to provide maximum safety and stability for your children while in the car.

More importantly, this agency will give free car seats to people who need them.

However, there are many other organizations related to this issue.

Some of them are the South Health District of Georgia Department and Safe Kids Cobb & Safe Kids Douglas County.

They offer various possibilities for lower-income families and single parents to enter their programs, get seats for free, or learn about children's safety.

Hawaii Free Car Seat Program

Hawaii Free Car Seat Program

The Department of Transportation Highways in Hawaii has organized a Child Passenger Safety Week.

Parents could learn how to keep their children safe in their cars during the week, and with reliable technicians focused on proper installations of high-quality seats.

Therefore, if you want to learn more, you can contact the Department and obtain all the information you need to enter the educational program.

The number is (808)-587-2150.

Idaho Free Car Seat Program

Idaho Free Car Seat Program

Concerning this state, there is the Saint Luke's Car Seat Program, located in the Boise District.

This agency allows you to obtain a car seat at a smaller price, depending on your budget.

However, they can also provide you a car seat for free.

All you have to do is call them to make an appointment, and after that, you can get all the needed information.

The contact number is (208) 381-1719.

Concerning Canyon district, you have the Middleton Fire Department, and Canyon County Paramedics Alice also provides free car seats for families in need.

You can contact them to help you.

Illinois Free Car Seat Program

Illinois Free Car Seat Program

Here, we have the Buckle Up Program, run by Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago.

The program offers more than a thousand free or lower-price car seats and teaches more than fifty community conferences in various workshops.

Another agency with a free program in DuPage County Health Department.

With their Child Car Seat Program, they organize various training and lecturing sessions where parents will learn how to install and use the seats, and how to keep them safe during the travel.

If you don't have a sea and come from a lower-income family, call (630) 682-7400.

If you have a seat and want to learn more about safety, call (630) 221-7162.

Indiana Free Car Seat Program

Indiana Free Car Seat Program

In collaboration with Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, Decatur Township Fire Department (DTFD) provides free car seats for families with financial problems.

DTFD is part of the Car Seat Clinics program.

Car seat clinics are one-time events, held in many different locations, provide inspection and provide free education about car seats for parents.

This program is sponsored by non-profit organizations and private businesses.

All of Marion County departments that participate in the program do give car seats if the individual meets the requirements set forth by the program.

How do you apply?

You must fulfill the application form, and their representatives will contact you and make an appointment.

Moreover, you need to be on the government-assistance list to get seats for free.

DTFD only gives free car seats if they meet the requirements.

They ask that there is a $25.00 donation giving if you are able too.

Another organization is the Community Health Network, and they also provide free seats for families or single parents with financial struggles.

Their program helps all community hospitals and their members. Therefore, you can contact the agent and get all the information.

Iowa Free Car Seat Program

Iowa Free Car Seat Program

In this state, we have the University of Iowa Stead Family Children Hospital, with their free seats program.

Therefore, they help families with low-income; hence, the money won't be a problem.

Moreover, they offer various sessions where you can learn how to use and install seats, no matter whether you'll buy them.

Next off, there's Every Step Care and Support Service, which aims to help people in various situations.

They have programs related to health; thus, you can find many interesting things about children's safety in cars too.

Kansas Free Car Seat Program

Kansas Free Car Seat Program

The first agency is Children's Mercy Kansas City, with its car seat program.

Parents will attend classes, lecture and training sessions and learn all about their kids' safety and the best car seats with the help of official safety technicians.

Furthermore, parents will get their seats for free if they call (816) 234-1607, and schedule the meeting with official agents and representatives.

Swope Health Services also provides free car seats for parents with money struggles.

Their educational and training courses with technicians will cost you fifteen dollars only.

You can call (816)-599-5409, and apply for entering the program.

Kentucky Free Car Seat Program

Kentucky Free Car Seat Program

With the Owensboro Health and their free car seats program, you can get the necessary lectures and training sections to find out all you need to know how to keep your children safe during the ride, of course, with the help of safety technicians.

If you fulfill the application form, you can make an appointment with their agents, and learn all you must know about free car seats.

The Cornell Police also contains the free car seat programs for kids.

The program allows the police department to purchase a limited number of seats for families with financial issues, and ensure they get the best training and educational sections.

Therefore, if you want to enter the program, please call (607) 255-7305, book a meeting with their agent, and provide you with all the necessary information about the free car seat program.

Louisiana Free Car Seat Program

Louisiana Free Car Seat Program

Concerning this state, the SCPDC, or, in other words, the South Central Planning and Development Commission, has raised 60,000 dollars for free car seats to deliver to low-income families or single parents.

Firstly, you need to contact their agent (318)-419-1993.

Next, you have to fulfill the application form and then enter the program where you'll learn from instructors how to use the seats safely.

As you see, not only will you get the complete training, but the seat also keeps your children always safe.

Maine Free Car Seat Program

Maine Free Car Seat Program

Maine Families Washington County offers a child safety program where parents can learn how to set up and use the car seats properly.

Thus, they will protect their little ones during the trips, journeys, etc. 

However, another agency called the Bureau of Highway Safety offers multiple free car seat programs in various cities, towns, and other places.

As you might know, to be eligible, you must bring a document to prove that you have financial struggles and make an appointment with an instructor/technician. 

Of course, you need to know that you can call or visit agents in Lewiston, Norway, Caribou, Bangor, and other places across Maine.

Maryland Free Car Seat Program

Maryland Free Car Seat Program

If you are a Maryland resident, you can contact the Maryland Department of Health, and they have a program called KISS, or Kids in Safety Seats.

The main objective is to reduce children's injuries and deaths and increase safety rides.

That's why they offer lectures and educational programs with technicians and instructors to teach parents how to set up and use the seats correctly.

Also, parents must fulfill the application form, get a document that shows their low-income, and contact the agent, by calling (800)-370-7328.

This way, you can get your seat for free.

The other two agencies are Baltimore Pregnancy Center, and Holy Cross Health provides the same programs and conditions, so you can contact their representatives and find out all you need to know.

Massachusetts Free Car Seat Program

Massachusetts Free Car Seat Program

When we talk about Massachusetts, we should mention Boston Children's Hospital and their Injury Prevention Program.

The licensed safety instructors and technicians will educate you on how to use the car seats, how to place the child into the car and to keep it safe during the ride.

Also, they provide free and booster seats for families in troubles, so contact 617-355-7332 for more data.

Boston Medical Center is another agency that helps families with money lack and offers educating sessions for parents, supervised by technicians and instructors for kids' safety.

So, if you want to know more, you can contact (888)-566-0010.

Michigan Free Car Seat Program

Michigan Free Car Seat Program

Speaking of the state of Michigan, you should know that the Michigan State Police Department offers a safe children program where they provide free/booster seats for families and children with lower-income.

You can also learn how to ensure your baby in cars and prevent injuries and accidents with CPS technicians.

But, with the current situation with COVID-19, the seats will arrive after the conditions stabilize.

So, you have to be patient.

Moreover, the Kids Always Ride Safe Program, run by Health System Portage, provides a car seat for a smaller price.

Furthermore, the program is educational; therefore, you'll learn how to keep your children safe at every moment.

However, Kohl's Safe 4 Kids, and C.S Mott Children's Hospital programs provide educational sessions for parents and car seats, so you can contact them and learn something new.

Minnesota Free Car Seat Program

Minnesota Free Car Seat Program

Concerning this state, there is a UCARE agency, which offers free car seats for families/single parents in need.

Their medical assistance program also features education for parents to learn and focus on the children's safety and car seat safety.

You can contact their agents to learn how to enter the program.

Next off, we have Everyday miracles, an organization that provides free/booster seats for children and offers lectures to keep the kids safe and prevent injuries and accidents.

Finally, you can search for a Health partner's car seat program, and learn how to participate, how to obtain free car seats, what do you need, and when you'll attend the course.

You'll watch various videos, practice with CPST and instructors, and learn how to protect your little ones from injuries.

Of course, you can search for these agencies and contact them for all the information you need.

Mississippi Free Car Sat Program

Mississippi Free Car Seat Program

If you belong to this U.S. state, you probably know about the Sheriff's Department. If you don't, I'll inform you.

Namely, this Department offers free car and booster seats for lower-income parents/families, as the researches show that children between four and eight age don't sit properly in the vehicle.

Thus, the Department will also provide training sessions and educational classes for parents on how to protect their children and keep them safe.

Mississippi State Department of Health provides sessions and education on how to protect and ensure babies, toddlers, teenagers, and adults and keep them safe during the car ride.

So, if you want to learn more about these programs, please contact their representatives, and protect your children today!

Missouri Free Car Sat Program

Missouri Free Car Sat Program

Now, we have the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, and their Safe Kids program.

They offer parents an educational program to keep their children safe, buckle up them properly, and avoid accidents and injuries.

Moreover, they offer free and booster car seats for pregnant women, and members of WIC insurance.

Therefore, if you have this insurance, and documents confirming so, you can apply for the program and obtain seats for free.

Contact them for more information.

Another program is called the car distribution program, run by the Lincoln County Health Department, and they educate parents to protect children from injuries and add more to their safety.

However, there is a limit concerning car seats, so only the parents that are in need will obtain their positions.

For more information, please call (636)-528-6117, and you can make an appointment.

Montana Free Car Seat Program

Montana Free Car Seat Program

The Montana Coalition for healthy mothers and babies provides free seats according to your needs. What should you do?

Well, you can use the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to help you find the preferable seats since you'll send the data about your child.

Next, their representative from the Public Health Department or other child's safety organization will come to fulfill the application forms and other data, and you'll enter the program.

People with money struggles have the lead, and the officials will estimate that.

As the seats are limited, you should contact your local Health Department to state your needs.

You'll get the training as well with official CPS instructors and technicians.

Child Care Connections, too, provides children safety programs and educates parents on how to prevent and avoid car accidents and injuries.

Their next objective is to provide car seats for parents in need and protect their kids during the ride.

For more information, please call (406) 587-7786 to make an appointment with the technician.

Nebraska Free Car Support Program

Nebraska Free Car Support Program

If you want a free car seat, you should call (402)-460-5884, and get the needed information. This organization in Hastings is a non-profitable.

However, they have the training and educational program for parents on how to protect children during the ride.

Also, they strive to provide free car seats for lower-income parents.

But, you'll have to show the confirmation that you're a user of Kids Connection, Medicaid, or WIC insurance.

Furthermore, the Three Rivers Public Health Department is the next organization with free car seats and parent training sessions.

Not only will they help you get the seats without costs, but the technicians will help you install and buckle up your children safely.

Nevada Free Car Seat Program

Nevada Free Car Seat Program

For Nevada citizens, an organization called Angie's Angel Help Network helps families and parents with a money shortage and provides free car seats for their children.

If you have WIC insurance, you can get it without any costs.

However, you'll train with professionals on how to keep a safe child while on the road.

More importantly, there's Baby's Bounty organization that only provides convertible car seats for children of all ages and clothes, diapers, accessories, and wipes.

So if you're a parent in need, don't hesitate to call them!

Here is the contact number: (702)-485-2229.

New Hampshire Free Car Seat Program

New Hampshire Free Car Seat Program

This U.S. state can help you obtain your free car seat if you're qualified. What does it mean?

Well, you can enter the program run by Well Sense Member Services Department, but only if you have insurance at Well Sense Health Plan.

Hence, if you do, you can contact (877)-957-1300, and demand the car seat for your baby, infant, toddler, teenagers, or adults.

Of course, you don't have to pay a single penny since the agency will do their job for you!

You might also check when you can attend the classes and training, and learn how to avoid and protect your little ones from any car accident and injury.

New Jersey Free Car Seat Program

New Jersey Free Car Seat Program

Department of Law and Public Safety with the Office of the Attorney General, organize lectures, classes, and training sessions with CPST and instructors on how to properly set up and buckle up your children in car seats.

However, due to the current state with COVID-19, they work under new conditions.

Therefore, my advice is to send an email to the governor Phil Murphy, fulfill the application form, find more about the lectures, and get car seats without any costs.

New Mexico Free Car Seat Program

New Mexico Free Car Seat Program

This southern U.S. state contains N.M. Department of Transportation Safety Division, who is in charge of the child safety distribution program.

Namely, the program aims to provide free car/booster car seats for low-income families that lack money.

The program has more than 40 locations statewide, and they strive to offer as many seats as possible.

Therefore, if you qualify Mexi-Kids, WIC, or Medicaid, you can enter the program.

Moreover, you can attend sessions and educate how to use and place seats properly for your infants, toddlers, or older children.

Call (800)-231-6145, and find out what you need to apply.

However, Trumbull Family Resort Center and Lovelace Health plan provide free car seats and educational training with instructors and technicians for better safety of kids while in the vehicles.

Therefore, you can contact them by calling (505)-727-8000, and (505)-256-2005.

New York Free Car Seat Program

New York Free Car Seat Program

Big Apple undoubtedly has an abundance of free car seat programs; therefore, I assure you, you'll find what suits you the best as you can find all you need in the full range of possibilities.

One such agency is Washington County Public Health since they have the program in question.

They offer car seats for free, as well as training and education for parents with authorized technicians and instructors.

You can call (518)-746-2400, and if you have WIC, Public Assistance, Medicaid, Food Stamps, and other insurances, you can apply for the program.

Another possibility is to call 211, and they will help you find available car seats in your areas. Just enter the Zip code, and they will guide you.

Ardent Solutions also have the same programs as those mentioned above, so you can call them as well and find out how to participate.

The contact is (585)-593-5223.

North Carolina Free Car Seat Program

North Carolina Free Car Seat Program

According to various researches, more than two hundred children die in this state from car accidents and injuries.

For this reason, Henderson County and its program for children's protection aim to stop this.

Therefore, they offer car seats for families with a lack of money and classes to educate parents/future parents on how to keep their little ones safe and provide them maximum safety while in the vehicles.

Safe Kids NC has as well a children protection program that offers various educational courses for parents to stabilize and provide safety to their kids, as well as to obtain free car seats and other equipment that they need.

Therefore, you should call (202)-662-0600 for more information.

North Dakota Free Car Seat Program

North Dakota Free Car Seat Program

The Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health runs a children's safety program to prevent accidents and injuries while on the road.

Studies indicate that 73% of parents use the seats for their children inappropriately.

Therefore, you'll get an educational training session on how to use them properly and save your kid while driving.

Also, the agency obtains the free seats for those who indeed need them.

For more instructions, you can call (701)-355-1540, and inform yourself about all you need.

Furthermore, you can check upon Safe Kids and their programs, since they are a world-wide agency, and they have the officials in N.C.

So, you can get in contact with them as well, and learn all you should know about the programs.

Ohio Free Car Seat Program

Ohio Free Car Seat Program

CAP4KIDS, with ODH and OBB, provides free car seats for low-income parents and families; however, they also organize educational courses where parents can learn about their children's safety while on the road.

Williams County Health district provides free seats and training sessions for parents and children in Ohio as well.

Thus, you can get a convertible or booster seat, but you have to fulfill some conditions.

To learn what the requirements are, you can inform yourself by calling (419)-485-3141, and make an appointment with the authorized technician.

Oklahoma Free Car Seat Program

Oklahoma Free Car Seat Program

Now, Infant Crisis Services is a remarkable agency that delivers six car seats during various annual occasions each year.

More importantly, you'll find that not only do they provide seats, but baby necessities, such as wipes, diapers, clothes, shoes, food, toys, etc.

So, if you're in need, you can obtain these if you enter the program.

However, to enter, you need to enlist in a government-assistance program.

Thus, you'll attend classes and educational courses to keep your children or child safe during travel.

If you want to partake, contact (405)-528-3663 for more information and upcoming events.

Oregon Free Car Seat Program

Oregon Free Car Seat Program

Safe Kids Oregon is an organization that can help you obtain car seats for children for reduced prices or for free, depending on which organization with government-assistance you belong with.

So if you want to learn more, please call the agent that is nearest your place.

Other similar organizations that provide the same conditions and benefits for financially problematic families/parents are Randall Children's Hospital, Josephine County, and Umatilla Morrow County Head Start.

But, you should know that in order to participate, you must prove that you're qualified with appropriate documents.

However, you can contact their representatives and find out all you should know about partaking in their programs.

Pennsylvania Free Car Seat Program

Pennsylvania Free Car Seat Program

Our next organization is Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, with its children's safety program.

You can participate and get all you need if you get a prescription from an authoritative person - social worker, nurse, doctor, etc.

Furthermore, you'll need an I.D., photo, and an EBT Access card.

Therefore, the prescription will prove that you cannot afford a car seat and obtain it for free.

On the other hand, you may donate something you don't need related to children, and help them make some other family happy!

Hence, call (267)-426-5000 and inform yourself about everything.

Rhode Island Free Car Seat Program

Rhode Island Free Car Seat Program

Seats 4 Safety program run by Injury Prevention Center at Hasbro Children Hospital, in collaboration with the Department of Transportation in Rhode Island provides free educational courses on how to install car seats for your children safely, and how to protect them while in cars adequately.

The other benefit of the agency is the possibility of providing multiple car seats without costs for families with financial difficulties.

To enter the program, you need a proper qualification.

Therefore, to find out all you should know about entering the program, you can contact an authorized safety technician, make an appointment, and learn more.

Hence, call (401)-444-3500.

South Carolina Free Car Seat Program

South Carolina Free Car Seat Program

The NHTSA - National Highway Transportation Safety Administration - together with S.C. DPS - Department of Public Safety - organize the children's passenger safety programs where parents can learn about convenient use and installation of car seats.

The official technicians/instructors will also check your existing car seats, and help you change them if they don't work well.

Thus, they will supervise your steps until you learn how to do it properly.

If you want to know more about partaking in programs or getting car seats for free, you can call (803)-898-3432, or send an email.

South Dakota Free Car Seat Program

South Dakota Free Car Seat Program

In this state, there is an organization called DSS - S.D. Foundation of Strong Families and they have the safety children passengers programs.

The reason for their existence is the S.D. law, which indicates that parents must properly fasten children's seat belts and keep them safe while on roads.

Therefore, the agency offers free courses with S.T./instructors where parents can educate how to set up the seats and follow the procedures supervised by the representatives.

Furthermore, the eligible parents/families in need will have the chance to obtain the car seats they need.

If you request more information on how to participate in the program, and how to get car seats, please call (605)-773-3165.

There's another program in the Southeast Region of S.D., which also provides car seats for lower-income parents and offers free educational sessions and training with authorized instructors/S.T.

But if you need more data on how to partake, you can (605)-312-8390.

Tennessee Free Car Seat Program

Tennessee Free Car Seat Program

Now, Tennessee has multiple programs for children's safety.

We've listed some of them.

The first is the program run by KidCentral in an organization that provides multiple car seats for families/parents who struggle financially.

For those people, the agency organizes free courses and training sessions with instructors and technicians, so they educate parents to keep kids safe and protected during the rides.

For more data on how to enter the program, and whether you're qualified, contact (615)-741-0368.

The second is the part of Shelby County H.D., also offering various classes and teaching lectures for parents who don't know how to use the seats and protect their children adequately.

They provide a full diapason of possibilities for eligible families/parents to obtain positions for free.

However, if you need more data, please call (901)-222-9276, and they can organize the meeting with you on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 13:30 or 14:30.

The third option is Children's Hospital of Vanderbilt with their safety program where parents get the chance to learn something new about car seats, the proper installation, and get them without costs.

You can contact them on (615)-936-1000, and learn more information.

Texas Free Car Seat Program

Texas Free Car Seat Program

Concerning this state, there's Health & Human Services, and their programs for children protection.

During the plans, low-income parents will attend courses regarding children's safety in vehicles with licensed S.T. and instructors.

Moreover, they'll get the chance to obtain seats for free, but only if they fulfill the conditions. And conditions relate to everyone - pregnant women, single parents, etc.

Please contact safe riders on number (800)-252-8255, and help them reduce the injuries and car accidents in Texas.

Utah Free Car Seat Program

Utah Free Car Seat Program

Here we have Salt Lake County H.D. that attempts to decrease the number of car accidents and protect the children of Utah.

If you have the documented proof that you're qualified for getting car seats, you can obtain them for a reduced price and train with the professional technicians to prevent kids' injuries.

Another agency with the same program is the Primary Children's Hospital.

You can schedule the meeting with their agents and technicians to determine the conditions to enter the program and how to get the seats.

So, please call (385)-468-4100.

Vermont Free Car Seat Program

Vermont Free Car Seat Program

For those people who live in Vermont, the Essex PD and Vermont Safety Seat Voucher program initiate to protect children from car accidents and injuries.

Therefore, they organize professional training for parents on how to keep the kids safe.

Also, they offer car seats for parents in need, and all you need to know about the program and to participate, you can find out if you call (802)-878-3209.

Virginia Free Car Seat Program

Virginia Free Car Seat Program

Another beneficial program for children and parents is provided by Virginia's H.D.

The program aims to reduce injuries and accidents, so parents will learn much about keeping their children safe, and also about seats.

If you're eligible to get the free car seats, please call (540)-381-7100.

The city of Norfolk holds the next one, and they offer the same conditions as the previous ones.

If you want to partake, you can contact the officials by calling (757)-683-2301.

Washington Free Car Seat Program

Washington Free Car Seat Program

Seattle and King County Public Health organizes annual events where you can obtain free car seats for your little ones.

The accessible participants are low-income families, parents, parents-to-be, and caregivers.

Your training consists of lectures and educational classes on how to prevent car injuries and accidents.

Also, you'll learn how to properly buckle up your kids with the guidance of trained technicians.

Therefore, you can call (206)-296-0100, and see the conditions for you to enter.

However, you can check Safe Kids or PeaceHealth Southwest Health Education Center to see what programs they offer to families in need and future parents.

West Virginia Free Car Seat Program

West Virginia Free Car Seat Program

The WV programs for children's safety on roads are available through many organizations.

One such is DMV- Division of Motor Vehicles, which offers professional sessions with parents and teaches them to keep the children safe and healthy.

They also provide free car seats for struggling families, and you can call (304)-926-2509 to inquire for places.

Another one is humanitarian, called Gabriel Project.

You can donate or receive children's necessities - diapers, wipes, food, clothes, toys, etc. Please, can you call them and ask for free seats as well.

The number is (304)-205-5865.

Wisconsin Free Car Seat Program

Wisconsin Free Car Seat Program

The first agency is Safe Kids so that you can contact them on (715)-843-1890, and find out all you must know about the training and free car seats for qualified persons.

The next one is HOPE - where single mothers can find car seats for reduced prices.

Moreover, they'll get the educational program and make sure their little ones are always safe.

Finally, the Transportation Department, Children's Hospital, and Safe Kids work together to provide all necessary seats and education for parents who need those, so you can contact these agencies to learn more about their programs.

Wyoming Free Car Seat Program

Wyoming Free Car Seat Program

And, alphabetically last; however, not the least is this particular state with Cheyenne Regional hospital, hand in hand with Safe Kids, which provide free car seats and educative programs for parents/future parents with money struggles.

You can learn how to enter and what conditions to fulfill if you call (307)-634-2273.

Final Thoughts

As you could observe, we have listed all fifty states and programs with free car seats in each of them.

No matter which of them you live, you can obtain your positions if you fulfill the conditions necessary for entering the programs.

The conditions may differ from state to state, but since I have listed their contact numbers, you can effortlessly check them and see the best option for you.

In the end, the last I want to say is good luck parents!

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