Michigan Car Seat Laws That Will Make You the Best Parent

Dear parents, did you know that car crashes are the main reason for death for thirteen-year-old children in Michigan?

As the research implies, due to approximately 70% of inappropriate car seats, our little ones are the main target in car accidents in this US state. I know, the numbers are alarming.

But how can we change these facts?

It's simple - let's follow the regulations and put our precious ones into appropriate car seats.

For this reason, the Michigan government, in collaboration with safety representatives, proposed various Michigan car seat laws in order to protect the youngest ones and keep them safe during longer or shorter journeys.

As there are multiple safety laws, we will go through all of them, learn what their benefits are, and protect the children correctly.

Michigan Car Seat Safety Laws

michigan car seat laws front seat

According to the section 257.710d of the Michigan Legislature concerning car seats and safety children restraint systems, a driver transporting a child must place the child into an appropriate child restraint system (a rear seat) if the motor vehicle contains the back seat.

Of course, this is simply one of the examples that the law proposes.

If, for instance, the motor vehicle contains another type of child restraint system - a different kind of a car seat - the driver must place the child in the car seat.

1. Michigan Car Seat Safety Law for Infants/Toddlers

If you have an infant child or those children who are between zero and two years old, you, as a parent, must use the rear-facing infant car seats.

Moreover, it would be best to place these car seats in the back seat, not in the front.

In this way, in the car crash case, the seats will remain immovable in the car, and nothing terrible will happen to your little ones.

The seats in the back will provide the best protection.

2. Michigan Car Seat Safety Law for Two-to-Four-Year-Olds

Next off, with the development and growth of your children, you'll need other seats.

As the safety law indicates, the children who are younger than two must use rear-facing car seats.

However, those between two and four years old can use a forward-facing car seat but in the back seat.

The only time you can place the rear-facing car seat in the front seat is when other children use back seats, or there might be the back seat, according to the law.

This only relates to children younger than four!

Most importantly, if you place the children in the front seat, airbags must be turned off!

3. Michigan Car Seat Safety Law for Four-to-Eight-Years-Old Kiddos

michigan car seat laws rear facing

The safety law proposes that children who are too old for rear or a forward-facing car seat must use a proper booster car seat installed in your car's back seat.

The law states that until the child is eight or older, and four feet nine inches tall, he/she must use a convenient booster seat.

Further, if your kiddo outgrows these measures and becomes more significant than the booster seat, he/she can ride in the car without a car seat.

However, the child must be in the back seat with the accurate seat belt system.

When Can Parents Place Their Children in the Front Seats in Cars in Michigan?

According to the Michigan safety legislation, all children who are thirteen years old and more can sit in the front car seat, next to their parents.

Of course, they have to use the appropriate seat belt system and buckle up all the time.

As the law furthermore states, all children under sixteen years old must use a seat belt in any sitting position, and all passengers sitting in the front seat must use the seat belt system, regardless of their age.

Michigan Car Seat Safety Law About Leaving Children Alone in the Cars

As you might find, the Michigan safety car seat law in section 750.135a states that all children who are six or younger should not stay alone in the cars since there is a high possibility of various injuries.

Am I Committing a Crime if I Smoke in the Car With Children?

No, you are not.

The current safety law concerning Michigan's state does not prohibit smoking in the car with one child or more children.

However, parents and other passengers should bear in mind that smoking is harmful to their health, as well as the lives of their little ones.

Therefore, they should think about whether to light up the cigarette in their cars.

Do Taxis Have to Obey the Safety Passenger Law in Michigan?

michigan car seat laws front facing

As in almost every state, there are some exceptions concerning the children's passenger safety laws in this US state.

Taxi companies are one of them.

Since you can find in the law, taxis are those who do not have to obey the regulations and use car seats.

Thus, if you are not certain whether to place the child into a cab, you should search for alternatives.

You can check Uber and their car seat policy or other various possibilities, such as rent-a-car companies, and check whether they can provide you with an appropriate car seat for your little one.

Can Parents Replace the Damaged Car Seats After Car Accidents in Michigan?

Currently, the Michigan safety law does not provide the parents with any information concerning car seat replacement after the accidents.

But the general common fact is to replace the seat after an accident since the plastic parts may break or crack, and make the seats unsafe for further use.

However, you can always check what the NHTSA recommendations are and what benefits you can use.

Car Accidents Injury Attorneys in Michigan

Suppose you suffer an injury after a car accident.

In that case, you think that it's not your fault and want compensation for your suffering, you can contact various injury attorneys to help you solve your problems and guide you through the whole process.

Thus, we have chosen Michigan Injury Lawyers, and their contact number (313)-GET-HELP since these people have solved many cases successfully and satisfied many customers who thought they were the damaged part in the accidents.

Final Thoughts - Conclusion

As you can find, the numbers concerning car accidents and injuries are indeed alarming in Michigan.

Unfortunately, the victims, in most cases, are children.

Hence, we need to be aware of these facts and change them as soon as possible.

Therefore, please follow the regulations and rules, use the convenient car seats and other restraint systems, and help us decrease the number of accidents and injuries to a minimum.

Let's save our babies and protect them for the best possible journeys!

In case you, as parents/parents-to-be, have any questions regarding the Michigan car seat laws, please feel free to contact us by sending the email, and we'll attempt to answer you as soon as possible.

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