Uber And Car Seats: All You Need To Know

Are you amazed just how much you can do on your mobile app nowadays?

Popular ridesharing services like Lyft or Uber are widely used in over 800 cities worldwide!

All you need is wifi and an Uber app, and you got yourself a car waiting outside your building.

Pretty easy, right? EH! Wrong! Well, at least for parents, though.

Things take a wild turn when your two-year-old needs a ride to the kindergarten and your car is in the service.

You're thinking, "Oh, just my luck! Now I have to call an Uber when I don't even know if it's kid-friendly!"

Stop right there!

Before this scenario ever sees the light of day, I will teach you everything you need to know about Uber and car seats.

You will never again have to worry over the safety regulations since now I will educate you on one of the most popular ridesharing services!

Since car seat laws are different from state to state, there is one sure thing that applies to all parts of the country: a child restraining device is a must in all vehicle rides.

No matter if you plan to take an Uber or a taxi, your kiddo needs to be in a car seat.


Uber's Regulations

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According to the Uber site, the company is highly invested in ensuring its safety is a priority.

Along with the collaboration Safe Kids Worldwide (SKW), they provide training to drivers on the proper installation of IMMI GO car seats.

If you wondered, SKW is a non-profit organization that protects kids in-home or play.

A licensed driver that has been trained by the Child Passenger Safety Technician will know how to set up the IMMI GO car seat and help you if needed.

What Is the IMMI GO Car Seat?

The IMMI GO car seat is lightweight and easy to install, flexible for children of different ages.

Furthermore, it provides a peaceful mind for the parents who want added protection for their child.

But, wait a minute, how will you know that the IMMI GO seat is up to date?

In this case, you should know that most car seats have a 6-year life expectancy, and it is in the driver's duty to check the state and the seat's date regularly.

If you still feel insecure about safety, it's best to bring your car seat.

After all, your kid is already used to it and will be comfortable during the ride. 

There are a few regulations you should know about the IMMI GO car seat if you ever decide on using it.

1. A child must be: two years old and 31 inches tall and 22 pounds heavy.

2. A guardian/parent is responsible if the child has reached the following limits: 48 pounds and 52 inches or if the shoulder straps are above the child's shoulders.

Now comes the burning question: What do I do if my child is too big or too small for the IMMI GO car seat?

Reasonably, in this kind of situation, you would have to provide an adequate child-restraining device.

You know, an infant seat or a smaller-sized car seat or a proper travel booster car seat.

That's why I always like to research ahead and know my options before I book a ride unprepared.

Before you request an Uber with the IMMI GO seat, please look at this video to demonstrate how you can securely adjust the seat and protect the child.

There is in-depth information on the official Uber site, but you came here to hear about the first-hand experience.

Well, as far as our situation, it has always been pleasant.

Some drivers paid attention to the "food allergies" section and kindly asked us to wipe the baby's hands after snack-time.

We appreciate this concern since it's a rare case of hygiene in public transportation, and you should be mindful if you are using a ridesharing service.

How Do You Request an Uber With a Car Seat?

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Okay, so let's get into details on how you would request an Uber with a car seat.

You're going to need to install the Uber app and have an active internet connection or use mobile data for starters.

When you open the app, you can see a smart little category called "UberX" and a subcategory called "car seat."

The UberX vehicle offers a forward-facing car seat.

Now let's take a little reminder.

Forward-facing car seats are reserved for kids who are two-years and up and weigh 40 to 60 pounds.

The next question is, "Is UberX costly"?

It worries many parents whether they should drag along their bulky car seat or request an UberX.

However, you should know that currently, Uber charges a $10 surcharge on top of your bill if you request a ride with a car seat.

If the app does not have any bugs, the total amount will be displayed appropriately, so you know how much your ride costs.

I would advise you to pay attention if you are traveling abroad.

Some countries may offer a different fee, so always be informed beforehand.

What About Your Car Seat?

I covered the last part for families who often travel with their little ones and don't want to drag a cumbersome car seat from the airport.

Now, let's talk if you can or need to bring your car seat when booking an Uber drive.

Uber service requires the drivers to follow the law.

Therefore, an Uber driver has the right to decline the drive if you do not provide a proper car seat for your child's age and weight.

Before you plan out your trip, make sure you check out the "Uber Car Seat Laws."

In this way, you are only one step ahead and fully prepared to take on the world of public transportation!

However, regardless of where you are located, you can never be too careful.

Accidents do not follow seat laws, and you should always keep your loved ones safe throughout the Uber ride.

Therefore, if you do not request a UberFamily (UberX) service, you are obligated to bring your car seat.

A am aware that this is sometimes easier said than done.

Especially if you are on a vacay and dragging a big car seat along seems like too much work.

Nonetheless, this is not an excuse!

Nowadays, a lot of the brands offer affordable, foldable, and even inflatable options.

While I am on that note, you should check our travel car seats and find the perfect choice!

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For travels, I would recommend you get inflatable or foldable booster seats.

That is if your kid is old enough to use them.

They practically don't take up much space, and it never hurts to have a sound mind.

Now, I know you got used to installing the car seat in your car, and tackling another vehicle seems like too much stress.

But guess what?

You're eventually going to overcome the fear and learn how to install the car seat in an Uber.

If you are not sure, there are several tutorials, although it's not always sure what kind of car you will get.

Also, make sure to pack the instruction manual if you still have it with you.

We cannot stress enough how life-saving it is sometimes to have it by your hand.

Will the Driver Help With Installation?

In my experience, Uber drivers are patient and will assist you in installing the car seat.

Of course, some of them will not be familiar with the LATCH system or even how to install a seat, but they will assist you in some other way.

For instance, they always wait patiently until you finish because they know this kind of situation is time-pressuring for some.

Your kid might get fussy! Don't let this stop you from properly installing the seat.

Your task is focusing on installation, and the driver will assist you if possible.

What Happens if the Driver Declines the Ride With No Car Seat?

Have you not paid attention?

Not only should the driver cancel the ride, but they are in obligation to do so!

Safety comes first, and you should never be surprised if they leave you stranded at the airport if you don't supply a car seat—just a heads up.

If you requested a regular car ride, chances are your driver will not have a car seat lying around.

It imposes quite the expense for the driver, plus it's a liability!

Don't be one of those parents trying to get away by saying you don't own a car seat.

If you have a child, you're going to have a car seat.

Whether you're driving the car or using some other form of transport, you do have a car seat in your home.

You just weren't familiar with the Uber car seat law.

Well, hopefully, the situation has changed now.

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Do I Recommend Uber Rides With Children?

Absolutely! As a parent, I often have trust issues regarding driving, but Uber has proved to be a completely safe means of transportation service.

It had come in handy a lot of times when we were on a vacay and didn't want to rent a car for a few days.

Like I mentioned, my biggest tip is to get informed before your trip.

You know, checking the car seat laws and making sure you pack that inflatable booster!

I mentioned everything you need to know when taking Uber with kids, and it is up to you to further investigate your options.

I will leave you with a guide on general rules of car safety as a reminder to buckle-up your little ones!

Safety Guide to Car Seats With Uber (American Academy of Pediatrics Recommended)

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Unfortunately, car accidents continue to be one of the top death causes in the USA.

We advise you to focus on this section individually.

You can never be too careful when taking an Uber drive or any other means of transportation.

Here we will discuss safety when it comes to car seats in Uber.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (ACP), children under 4'9' should be restrained in a booster or a car seat until they reach a suitable height for the required car seat.

Suppose you wondered why this exact height is specified.

In that case, it's because using a seat belt is not enough, or is it suitable for children who grew into it yet!

Without the protection provided by the booster seat or a car seat, seat belts can result in internal organ damage in a car crash.

If you are a responsible guardian and secure your child correctly in its car seat, this risk of injury is reduced by approximately 45%.

Do you now have a mental picture of why car seats are so important and why Uber drivers won't risk not using them?

Final Words

Overall, I feel like Uber service can be your best transportation choice, especially for busy parents or those coming home from a family voyage.

Nonetheless, always make sure you are prepared if you are bringing a child with you.

Proper gear and installation are the necessary steps for a safe ride.

Like you would keep your little one safe in your car, make sure you do the same for ridesharing services.

We hoped we had answered everything you wanted to know about Uber with car seats.

Feel free to comment or a question below the article; we would be pleased to answer all of your questions.

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