Uber And Car Seats: All You Need To Know

Requesting a ride has never been easier ever since we were introduced to the revolutionary Uber service. As you are already familiar with, Uber is a ride-hailing service that offers transportation requests via the Uber mobile app.

You can submit a trip location and conveniently find a suitable driver near your location, without having to deal with tedious waiting for a taxi.

The app calculates the navigational route for your selected driver and the distance and the fare. After doing so, you can transfer the payment to the diver from the selected payment method.

We find that Uber has many advantages, especially for travelers who find language barriers too hard to overcome. In this way, you get to safely enjoy your ride without worrying if the driver has understood your location well. It’s all one click away, which makes Uber one of the leading transportation services nowadays.

However, many parents and guardians worry about Uber’s car seat policy. Can you take your own car seat or is it required no matter what? How can you book a ride? Is the car seat policy applied to every country?

In this article, we will talk about some of the most frequent questions parents have about Uber and car seats.


From Uber’s Mouth

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According to the official Uber site, the company is highly invested in ensuring the child’s safety as a priority. Having collaboration with Safe Kids Worldwide, they provide training to drivers on the proper installation of IMMI Go car seats

If you were wondering, Safe Kids Worldwide is a non-profit organization that protects kids in-home, on the move or play. A driver that has been trained by the Child Passenger Safety Technician will be able to set up the IMMI GO car seat. 

The IMMI GO car seat is lightweight and easy to install, which is flexible for children of different ages. Furthermore, it provides a peaceful mind for the parents who want added protection for their child.

UberX Car seat is also known as Uber Family. This type of ride offers a forward-facing car seat that is appropriate for ages two and up. This is probably one of the best options since the driver is the one doing the installations.

IMMI GO Seat Requirements

As a guardian, you are responsible for ensuring that the child meets all the following criteria that are required to ride in this seat.

A child must be:

A guardian is responsible if the child has reached the following limits:

  • 48 pounds
  • 52 inches
  • Or if the shoulder straps are above the child’s shoulders

If your child is too small for these requirements, you have to bring an infant seat or a smaller-sized car seat. Once the child outgrows the criteria for IMMI GO, you should get a travel booster car seat.

Before you request an Uber with the IMMI GO seat, please take a look at this video that demonstrates how you can securely adjust the seat and protect the child.

Is Uber Kid-friendly?

Many parents wonder if Uber is even the safest option when you are traveling with kids. The answer is yes because the type of ride you request gives a lot of options.

For example, if the child outgrows a booster seat, you can opt for UberX. If you are traveling with a big family and want a car-free vacation, we suggest you choose the Uber XL to make sure everyone is safe and sound. All of the options work for your benefit.

You don't have to worry about waiting for ages for a taxi, especially if the little ones are getting impatient and nervous.

Unlike a taxi, Uber offers an excellent option for larger families that struggle to find a fair ride.

Nonetheless, Uber is undoubtedly a safer option than public transportation. Sure, it may end up costing a bit extra depending on the kind of car you opt for, but safety should be your priority.

Is a Car Seat in Uber Necessary?

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Uber service requires the drivers to follow the law. Therefore, an Uber driver has the right to decline the drive if you do not provide a proper car seat for your child's age and weight. Before you plan out your trip, make sure you check out the "Uber Car Seat Laws." You would be intrigued to know that not all countries are bound to follow the same rules regarding child seat safety. 

Here is a useful list of all the Uber laws by the state you can scan through and prepare yourself before you request a ride.

However, regardless of where you are located, you can never be too careful. Accidents do not follow seat laws, and you should always keep your loved ones safe throughout the Uber ride.

Before you go on the app to book a trip, make sure to check the state's laws about car seats.

When traveling with an infant, it is only logical you provide an adequate car seat. However, we will talk more about this topic further in the article. Don't worry, we've got you covered. 

Can You Bring Your Car Seat?

The market is filled with well-known child seat brands that guarantee a child's safety in transport. Many parents are facing the dilemma of carrying a car seat when they are on vacation.

When you are getting off an airplane to the hotel, carrying a seat can be quite cumbersome. However, you can find plenty of lightweight and foldable options that are easy to carry.

In case if an Uber driver does not already provide a car seat, you are required to bring your own. Every Uber driver will be more than patient to wait for you to install the seat properly, and some will even assist you in doing so.

If you are not sure how to properly install the car seat, you can always search on YouTube, the brand of the seat, and the instructions for installing it. We advise you always be prepared and practice installing the seat a couple of times before you hop into Uber.

Also, make sure to pack the instruction manual if you still have it with you. We cannot stress enough how life-saving it is sometimes to have it by your hand.

These kinds of situations can be quite time-pressured, but don't worry. Drivers are aware that you are going to be rated based on their ride and behavior.

So, if the impatiens of a driver concern you, there is no need for that. A bonus tip is to leave the car door open; thus, you are making sure the driver does not run off while you are dealing with the car seat. Take your time; drivers come across these situations daily.

Some countries do not have a latch in every seating position. Therefore, you should also practice installing a car seat with a seatbelt. If you are leaving the US, you would be surprised to know that not all belts function in the way you are used to.

Bringing a locking clip can be one of the best decisions for your seat installation task. 

Requesting a Car Seat on Uber

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Welcome to the easy part of car seats.

Ordering one has never been more accessible since everything nowadays is one click away. Requesting a seat is not that much different than your usual ride order.

When you open the app, select your destination, and browse through all the different cars. If there is an option that offers a car seat, it will usually be located at the bottom, but that is not always the case. 

The cars with seats will usually be listed for each city that offers the Uber Car Seat service. 

Costs of the Uber Car/Family Seat

Currently, Uber is charging a $10 surcharge for the car seat. The extra fee goes on top of the regular charge, so don't be surprised when the charging is a bit extra. If the app does not have any bugs, the total amount will be displayed appropriately, so you know how much your ride costs.

You should know that in some countries, the Uber service only offers car seats with premium cars. In that case, expect the cost to be higher or consider your other options.

You can rent a car or take public transportation if the ride is out of your price range. If it were up to our choice, we would always opt for Uber to ride with our car seat.

Safety Guide to Car Seats With Uber (American Academy of Pediatrics Recommended)

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Unfortunately, car accidents continue being one of the top death causes in Florida and the USA. We advise you to focus on this section individually.

You can never be too careful when taking an Uber drive or any other means of transportation. Here we will discuss safety when it comes to car seats in Uber. 

According to the American Academy Of Pediatrics (ACP), children under 4'9' should be restrained in a booster or a car seat until they reach a suitable height. An average child reaches this height between the ages of eight and eleven years old.

Suppose you wondered why this exact height is specified. In that case, it's partially because without the protection provided by the booster seat or a car seat, using only seat belts can result in significant internal organ damage in a collision. This risk of injury is reduced by approximately 45% when you use one of the two recommended seats instead of using a seat belt solely for children's safety. 

1. Backward Facing Seats (0-35 pounds)

It is recommended for a child to remain seated rear-facing until they are over 35 pounds. Typically, a two-year-old should fall into this category, but the guidelines may depend on the car seat requirements.

If not sure, you can always check with the instruction manual that we advise you have by your side. Further instructions come from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FHSMV), stating that no child should be in the car facing forward until they are at least one-year-old or weigh a minimum of 20 pounds.

2. Forwards Facing Seat (35-55 pounds)

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According to the ACP, the car seat should feature a double shoulder harness until the child reaches the required height and weight indicated by the car seat manufacturer.

Usually, the weight requirements are between 40 and 60 pounds.

3. Seat Booster And Car Seat 

As we already mentioned, a parent or a guardian should provide a booster seat that must be secured according to the instruction manual. When you scroll up, you will notice that children should be in a car seat or a booster until they are 4'9' or 12 years old.

The FHSMV also reminds us that the booster seats should be used only in the back seat of the car. After the child grows out of the booster seat, the safest option is the regular back seat and seat belts.

Children that are turning or are over 13 years old should be permitted to ride up front

Final Words

Uber service can be your best transportation choice, whether you want a ride from the airport to the hotel or just running errands around the city. Nonetheless, always make sure you are prepared if you are bringing a child with you.

Proper gear and installation are the necessary steps for a safe ride. We hoped we had answered everything you wanted to know about Uber with car seats.

Feel free to comment or a question below the article; we would be pleased to answer all of your questions.

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