Best Road Trip Games for Kids in 2022! What’s Your Top Pick?

road trip games for kids

Road trips always bring joy, especially when you have kids in the back seat. However, a journey might be tiresome if there isn't too much fun for the little ones. So, what can parents do?

Here's the answer: Parents can choose the best road trip games for kids and entertain them during the journey.

We will present the most popular fun games for children, describe each in detail, and help you keep your kids entertained on the road.

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Car Seat Safety: 5-point vs 3-point Harness Car Seat (2022 Update)

5 point vs 3 point harness car seat

A child's car seat is equipped with a harness that protects the child's body at all critical points.
However, many first-time parents are baffled with choosing a 5 point vs 3 point harness car seat.

This guide reviews the 5-point harness car seat compared to a 3-point harness car seat while choosing the best option for the child's age, stage, and safety.

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Seat Belt vs LATCH: How to Pick the Safer Option?

seat belt vs latch

Installing the child's car seat for the first time can be challenging for many parents.

Deciding to install the car seat with a seat belt vs LATCH is never easy, especially with the advantages and disadvantages of both installation methods.

If you want to learn the difference between these two installations, we offer a complete comparison of both pros and cons of the seat belt and LATCH system.

Then, find out which method is safer for your child and your vehicle's car seat.

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Powerful Facts About How Seatbelts Work to Save Your Life (2022 Update)

how seatbelts work

Driving with your seat belt on decreases the chance of severe injuries by 50%. However, did you ever stop and wonder:

How seatbelts work so effectively?

In this guide, we will talk about seat belt safety and how the technology behind it helped save millions of lives behind the wheel.

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Car Seats and Flat Head Syndrome: What Parents Need to Know (Best 2022 Consultant)

car seats and flat head syndrome

Newborns have flexible and thin bony plates instead of hard skulls, as they need to develop and become stronger. But, babies may develop a soft spot on the head, known as a flat head syndrome, from lying on a baby swing, mattress, or car seat.

The question is: Should you let your baby lie in a car seat for too long?

We discuss car seats and flat head syndrome, preventing this condition once you notice the symptoms & safe use of car seats.

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Should Babies Sleep in Car Seats? How Safe Are Restraints? (Best 2022 Advisor)

should babies sleep in car seats

It's not unusual for toddlers and babies to fall asleep in car seats. And while a few minutes of on-the-go nap is fine, parents shouldn't let babies continue sleeping for extended periods.

We will discuss whether should babies sleep in car seats, how to keep your little ones safe on the road and why they should avoid longer sleep in child restraint systems.

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How to Clean a Baby Car Seat Properly? Best Tips & Tricks in 2022

how to clean a baby car seat

Family trips always bring joy to parents and kids. However, things might get pretty messy with spilled snacks and beverages in the car seats. And you need to know how to clean a car seat correctly.

Here's the deal: prepare the cleaning supplies and follow the guidelines to clean your child's car seat thoroughly.

So, if you're an experienced cleaner or need help, the guide will show you the step-by-step procedure for correctly cleaning the entire car seat.

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Child Car Seat Basics 101: Anatomy of a Car Seat 2022 Guide

anatomy of a car seat

Child car seats are designed to perform optimally in daily rides and car crashes, all while prioritizing child's safety. However, did you ever wonder:

What are the parts that make the car seat function so well?

Today we will be looking at the full anatomy of a car seat while explaining the functions and essential components that make a child car seat expert in safety.

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How to Put Car Seat in Shopping Cart Properly & Safely? 2022 Guide

how to put car seat in shopping cart

Grocery shopping with your baby can be a challenging task. To learn how to put car seat in shopping cart, you first need to know all the risks of improper use of shopping carts.

Shopping carts are not designed to hold car seats. However, parents often have no choice but to put the car seat in the shopping cart.

We will show you a safe way to successfully shop in the supermarket with your baby by your side, but also reflect on why shopping cars and car seats are not a good combination.

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When Do Kids Stop Using Car Seats & Start Using Seat Belts? 2022 Guide

when do kids stop using car seats

Transitioning from a car seat to a booster is never an easy parenting step. It's necessary to know whether older kids still need boosters at some point or when kids stop using car seats completely.

You might be wondering, when do kids stop using car seats?

In this car seat guide, we discuss the good use of seat belts and the appropriate time to start using seat belts as a restraining device!

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