Lyft Car Seats: The Latest Updates! (Best 2023 Guide)

As a parent and mom, you want to make sure your kids are safe and secure when riding in the car. So it's natural that you might start wondering what options there are when hailing a ride with Lyft.

Well, we have the scoop - updates on Lyft car seats, which will ensure your little ones travel safely wherever they need to go! We've got all the info on the car seat policies for 2023 and beyond in our Lyft Car Seats: The Latest Updates!


Take Away Key Points:

  • Lyft car seats provide various services for the users; however, they follow maximum safety standards, ensuring little ones are secure on the road
  • You must bring your seat or use the one provided by the service; otherwise, you will not be able to take a ride with them
  • You should examine the rules and policies in advance to avoid further complications and additional fees for cancellations

Lyft and car seats: Best guide for all parents!

If you need to know more about Lyft and car seat rules, refer to our guide below. We have gathered all the vital information for the best riding experience.

1. What's the Lyft car seat policy?

Lyft car seat policy

Children accompanied by adults may join a Lyft ride, but local car seat laws require them to bring and use a car seat or booster seat. Therefore, riders with kids must know what their local laws require regarding car and booster seats. Not following them can lead to potential liability issues before taking Lyft.w

These laws go beyond just the type of equipment necessary and meet legal installation requirements when safely installing and uninstalling car seats. So, the ride request standards need safely securing children in the proper car seat for a safe ride. But, the local laws ensure the car seat option meets the child's age.

A young child must be in the rear-facing or forward-facing car seat until children reach a certain age or weight. Drivers are advised not to assist traveling families with any part of the installation or buckling process.

But a Lyft driver should stay up-to-date on car seat laws in their area because transporting children without securely installed car seats is extremely unsafe and could result in deactivation.

Parents should be informed about the requirements before requesting rideshare drivers. The rideshare service can always ask for the child's age for further protection from liability and regular Lyft rides.

Additionally, all passengers under 16 years old and those riding in the front seat should adhere to seat belt laws. According to state regulations, children may be forbidden from sitting in the front seat until they reach an appropriate age.

The rides will support up to four passengers, but the Lyft XL option can support up to six passengers.

So, Lyft's car seat policy summarized includes the following:

- When riding Lyft, kids younger than eight must use rear-facing/forward-facing car seat mode
If the adult or the car service driver does not have a federally-approved car seat option, the child cannot be transported in the car service

- Kiddos younger than eight cannot ride on an adult's lap

- A Lyft driver can refuse any car services without a car seat when they feel the ride would be unsafe or illegal for most kids

2. What is a Lyft car seat program?

The Lyft Car Seat Program is a convenient and safe way for parents to travel with their children. The program matches riders with vehicles with car seats installed so that parents don't have to worry about bringing their own car seat or booster seat based on their kids' ages.

The Lyft car seat mode is appropriate for children at least two years old, 22 pounds, and 31 inches tall. Riders can select the "Car Seat" ride type in the Lyft app when booking a ride. Depending on the city, there may be extra fees of up to $10 for this service.

3. Lyft's car seat mode

Lyft Car Seat mode is a new ride type available in certain areas, providing passengers with Lyft app vehicles equipped with special car seats designed for children of specific heights and weights.

This Lyft app feature is advantageous for parents and families who prefer to use Lyft but also need additional protection for their kids when riding.

4. How does the Lyft car seat mode work?

The Lyft car seat works in the following way: If you choose Lyft Car Seat mode, your driver will provide an IMMO Go seat that is appropriate and in good working order. The driver must properly install the seat in the car and uninstall it after the ride.

On the other hand, the responsibility of ensuring the child is secure in the car seat and that it meets safety requirements lies with the rider. After the driver arrives at their destination, parents must also take out the kid from the car seat.

5. Where is the Lyft car seat available?

Where is the Lyft car seat available

Lyft Car Seat is a recent development by the company that is currently being tested in New York City. This allows parents to enjoy a different kind of ride with their children in New York City.

Its success will make the Lyft app features available in other locations where Lyft is popular. Other cities include Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, and San Diego.

6. How to test if the Lyft car seat is safe for extended use?

Lyft takes the safety of all passengers, especially young kids, very seriously. Consequently, they use the federally approved IMMO Go car seat for children aged two to eight and within certain size limitations (31-52 inches in height and 22-48 pounds).

If those requirements are unmet, the ride cannot be taken unless you bring your kid-friendly car seat. However, it will save money from the additional fee for the installation of one car seat the company offers for you.

Furthermore, only drivers who pass the IMMO Go car seat test can transport children, as Lyft trains their drivers to set up the kid-friendly car seat correctly.

7. How to order a Lyft car seat?

To get a Lyft Car Seat ride, you just need to log in to your Lyft app and select the 'Car Seat' option for your ride type. 

Afterward, confirm the pickup and drop-off locations, and wait for one driver to arrive. Note that there is an extra $10 charge for car seat rides. In case you cancel the ride, you will also be charged a cancellation fee for the ride.

8. Bringing your own car seat to the Lyft ride

There's no hassle involved in taking your own car seat on a Lyft ride - you just have to install it yourself. Most car seats fit into passenger vehicles, so it is unlikely that your car seat won't fit into the rideshare vehicle.

You do not need to inform the driver or request any type of specific ride; however, they can reject it if safety concerns arise due to the size of your car seat or other issues with it.

Which car seat should you use?

Bringing your own car seat to the Lyft ride

You can ask a doctor or pediatrician for advice regarding recommended car seats, or you can look at these six trusted models:

0-1 years: Doona Infant Car Seat

1-2 years: Cosco Scenera NEXT DLX or IMMI Go Car Seat (Lyft's choice),

2-4 years: Wayb Pico

4-6 years: Ride Safer Travel Vest

Over 6 years: BubbleBum Inflatable Booster Seat.

Remember to acquire new car seats as your child outgrows an older one to prevent potential safety issues. Also, the city service might limit you to one car seat for only one child.

9. How much does it cost to bring a car seat?

You won't be charged at all by Lyft for bringing your own car seat. The $10 charge mentioned earlier is only for providing and installing the child car seat - a task that you will have to manage yourself and requires very little of the driver's time.

10. What to keep in mind when riding with children?

Worrying about your Uber app or Lyft driver giving you a low rating for bringing a car seat? Don't be; most Uber or Lyft drivers will reject your ride without a car seat.

In addition, they will offer car seats if you don't have one. When riding with a child, remember the following tips to ensure a smooth and safe experience.

Install and manage your child's car seat properly

As a parent/caregiver traveling with kids, you should be familiar with installing and operating your car seat.

Practice putting it in and taking it out of different cars before you book a ride. It shouldn't take too long - but drivers don't have time to wait while you learn how to operate your seat.

Ensure how to install the seat in the middle or near the car door.

Ensure the car seat is clean

Nobody wants to put their child in a dirty car seat, and drivers don't want kids' crumbs and spilled drinks on the back seat either. So if bringing your car seat on a Lyft ride, ensure it's clean before you get in with your child.

Don't let your driver wait for you

According to the standard policy, Lyft drivers will wait five minutes after arriving at your pickup location. Consider this when traveling with a child so you don't rush in at the last second.

Try to be quick in installing the car seat, but remember that drivers are losing money for every minute they're not driving. If you keep them waiting too long, they may cancel your trip, and you will have to request a new ride.

Tip the Lyft driver

Remember that Lyft drivers can rate you as a passenger. If they give you three stars or less, they won't match you again. Installing and removing car seats will take up their time, so compensate them by providing a good tip. This is a great way to get a good rating in return.

Similarities between Uber and Lyft

Similarities between Uber and Lyft

Lyft and Uber are both ride-hailing apps that offer innovative alternatives to traditional taxi services. Both companies pay drivers weekly via direct deposit, allowing them to be paid instantly following each ride via a debit card.

They offer riders eco-friendly and luxury options and have similar payment structures for drivers (Uber takes 25% of the total fare while Lyft takes 20%).

Additionally, they both have similar customer service ratings, although Lyft has had better overall ratings. Finally, they both have a wide coverage area, but Uber's is larger than Lyft's.


Does some Lyft have car seats?

Yes, Lyft provides the IMMI Go car seat in the forward-facing position. The child restrained in the seat must be between 31 and 52 inches tall and between 22 and 48 pounds in weight.

How do I schedule a Lyft car seat?

To schedule rides, you need to follow the steps below:

- choose the 'car seat' ride type

- choose the pickup and drop-off destinations

- request your rides

Does Lyft provide car seats in California?

The Lyft policy offers the IMMI Go car seat, but you should bring your seat if the given does not match your child.

Does Lyft require car seats?

Yes, Lyft requires car seats. If you don't have one, you cannot take the ride with them.

In what cities does Lyft have car seats?

Currently, the app offers a seat in New York City, so if you need it in a new city, you can check in the app whether the seats are available for your area.


As you can see, Lyft's main objective is to keep your child safe on the road. To do so, the service offers Lyft car seats or requires you to bring your car seat. If you opt to ride without a car seat, the service will reject your demand and will not drive you at all.

Although the service is limited only to New York City and not as wide as Uber, the city service is getting increasingly popular nowadays, so it will soon expand to new areas and cities across the USA.

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