Why I Love WAYB Pico: The Best WAYB Pico Review for Fantastic Parents!

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As a safety technician and a mother of two, I always choose only the best car seats for my little ones. That is how we avoid uncomfortable situations.

The same happens now with the WAYB Pico car seat! If your family is often on-the-go, the WAYB Pico travel car seat is an ideal option for you.

Moreover, the seat also contains multiple benefits that will make your life easier!

Want to learn more? Read the best WAYB Pico review below. 🙂

What Do You Know About This Car Seat?

WAYB Pico travel Car Seat

The brand new WAYB Pico Travel Car Seat is a fantastic forward-facing car seat for travel, with the 5-point harness system, a foldable car seat with the maximum safety standards.

When I sat safety regulations, I referred to all FMVSS213 safety standards that the WAYB Pico car seat meets and exceeds.

You can install the WAYP Pico both in motor vehicles and in planes.

You will also obtain the travel bag bundle in the package for more comfortable transport and ultimate travel experience.

Its lightweight makes the WAYB Pico appropriate for three years old kids or four years old kids.

But we adore it for the foldability part since it's fantastic for the most straightforward transportation.

Who Are the WAYB Pico Users?

If your kids are at least two years old, if they weigh between 22 pounds and 50 pounds, and are between 30 and 45 inches tall, they are the right users! WAYB Pico is an excellent choice for them!

From various stories and experiences, your kiddos may be one-year-olds; however, the WAYB manufacturer states that your children must be at least two-years-old.

When your kids surpass their seats, but they are not ready for boosters, you can freely place them into WAYB Pico.

From my own experience, this is a fantastic option, especially when you want to travel.

As the FAA approved the kids under 40 pounds to use a 5-point harness car seat for air travel, I looked for something lightweight and foldable, instead of those bulky and heavy travel car seats.

And I was right - the Pico didn't let me down!

WAYB Pico & The Setup Process

wayb pico car seat review

Why is the WAYB Pico car seat so excellent and unique among other car seats? The answer is easy - the foldability.

The benefit offers the storage space saving and enough room for something else.

The car seat consists of breathable mesh and aluminum that keeps it lightweight.

The Pico's bottom - where your kids sit easily flips around the car seat's back; thus, it locks into its place for a more convenient size and storage space.

The installation process is also effortless due to its dimensions and weight.

As you might find, the seat is 14.5 inches wide and weighs only eight pounds. Thus, it's suitable for all kinds of vehicles and convenient for air travel.

If you want to use this car seat, you must rollover its bottom part and fasten it into the right place with the red clip.

Then, you adjust the harness height and the headrest to the proper measurement of your kids.

Once you have set up the bottom and the headrest, the rest of the installation process goes pretty quick and straightforward, as with any other forward-facing car seat.

The LATCH system and the top rope on either side make it easier for you to strap and place the car seat into the motor vehicle.

The seat belt installation is also possible; however, the process is a little more complicated.

I'm much experienced with the facilities of various car seats and can tell you that the setup process is the same as the Cosco Scenera Next car seat.

Placing and strapping your kids into the WAYB Pico is almost similar to any other car seat; however, there is a crucial difference.

Namely, when you want to tighten the straps, the chest clip remains the same, but you don't have to pull on a single strap between your kiddos' legs.

Instead, you can find the trouble-free tugs on either side of their hips. It would be best if you pulled each of them to finish off this slack.

The only possible issue that families may have with this car seat is the padded strap.

Some kids might complain that the straps irritate their necks because they are not as soft as many other car seats.

But you can solve this when you moderate the straps to fit their body parts and avoid complications. At least, that's what I do when we set off our journeys to prevent problems and cranky kids.

WAYB Pico & The Air Travel

The WAYB Pico is an FAA-approved car seat; therefore, you can use it as a plane seat that follows the FAA regulations.

All airlines which are not part of the USA have their own rules; hence, you need to check the rules and if the company permits you to use and set up forward-facing seats.

When you use the car seat in the plane, you can put the seat belt into both seat belt guides and pull the seat belt's back end to fasten and strengthen.

Another great plus is the breathable mesh in front of the frame. Thus, the seat belt's buckle won't irritate or pinch the kids in the back. Excellent, don't you think so?

You cannot install the WAYB Pico using an expandable seat belt, either on an airplane or a motor vehicle.

Some planes have an airbag or expandable belts with the seats that have the extended seat flip.

WAYB Pico, Uber, Lyft & Rental Cars

wayb pico reviews

The WAYB Pico is an ideal option for rideshares with Uber or Lyft when you travel with your kids.

Except for individual cities that contain the Uber Family Service or Uber Car Seat, it is impossible to ride in an Uber or Lyft without bringing your home car seat.

It might be hard for you to do so if you don't have any storage space for your car seat, especially if you are doing the sightseeing.

However, this may not be the problem with the WAYB Pico seat. The car seat comes with the travel bag to store it in, and take the Pico seat wherever you travel.

It's lightweight enough so that you could carry it around on your back, so the storage is not very necessary.

Although I wouldn't recommend it for the family/parents that spend the whole day outside, it is an excellent choice for Uber or Lyft rides.

Additionally, the car seat is perfect for rented cars since you can place it in the vehicle's back seat, primarily if those don't feature the rented car seats.

Therefore, you can effortlessly install the Pico and make sure your children will ride safely and comfortably in the back.

WAYB Pico & The Use at Home

Before you obtain a travel car seat, you need to check how it will serve you at home. Be confident that the WAYB Pico does.

Parents can be assured the Pico seat will offer many various possibilities at home as well.

My children and I use it regularly, and it's excellent, just like the Cosco Scenera Next was before the Pico seat.

What is more, the WAYB Pico is an ideal option for space-saving for all families with a narrow fit in the back of their motor vehicles.

However, once the parents install the Pico seat, it opens the rest of the back seats for more kiddos to sit in the back because the car seat is narrower than the regular car seats.

It fits three across in most motor vehicles; ask any family for confirmation.

Of course, the WAYB Pico is impressive because babysitters or grandparents can use it too when they occasionally look after your son or a daughter.

My mom was astonished by the Pico's possibilities when she looked after my daughter when I had the training sessions with my students.

Thus, you can be confident it will match all other persons who can help you with your children.

Why Should You Select the WAYB Pico Instead of Other Brands?

Selecting the best forward/rear-facing infant car seat or booster car seat is not an easy task.

You need to consider various elements when choosing the right car seats; otherwise, you could have multiple problems with the products.

So, let's see other benefits the WAYB Pico has so that you could select this car seat straightforwardly.

1. Safety Features

wayb pico travel car seat review

As I have previously mentioned, the WAYB Pico family travel car seat meets and exceeds all FMVSS safety regulations.

Thus, it passes the safety testing, and you can be assured that nothing will go wrong with the Pico seat.

Moreover, the safety tests also relate to air travel; thus, the seat is FAA approved, so you can use the plane seat when you travel worldwide, and it will fit all the standards and procedures related to the air companies.

Finally, the 5-point harness system will provide additional stability and protection for your little ones when they use the car seat.

2. Material

Of course, it's inevitable to choose a car seat with high-quality material. The WAYB Pico is precisely the seat you're looking for!

The breathable mesh material full of polyester and wool will keep the children calm and comfortable and prevent sweat stains.

Thus, the children will have the ultimate comfort while traveling in the car seat.

Moreover, the aerospace-grade and Aero-Wing aluminum frame offer the lightweight design system technology suitable for carrying it wherever traveling parents go.

The foldable bag that can serve as a backpack also contains durable material, such as recycled polyester, so the gear includes the ultimate wear and tear design.

3. Foldability

As mentioned previously, the WAYB Pico forward-facing seat is foldable and compact enough to fit the overhead bin, for stow, and easy to carry.

You can fold it in the bag that comes with the package and bring it around whatever your destination may be.

Since it's lightweight, it won't create additional pressure for your hands or back, so it's an excellent travel item.

Is the WAYB Pico Too Expensive?

Some parents say that the Way Pico has a high price and regard this as a disadvantage; however, my opinion is that the high price offers many possibilities.

You can find various rear-facing or forward-facing products and items, even different travel booster seats, for a much higher or lower price.

But you need to ask yourself whether these products are easy to install, easy to use, foldable, lightweight, if you can carry them to the airports and airplanes, and, crucially, whether they are safe.

I agree that the higher price doesn't necessarily guarantee the highest quality of the car seats; however, it does most.

I think you should check the benefits first, and then check the price.

picoway review

WAYB Pico or Cosco?

When it comes to this comparison, I must say that I have used both car seats. Both of them are excellent, and both offer immeasurable possibilities and benefits.

However, I would give a slight lead to the WAYB Pico since it's not as heavy and cheap as the Cosco Scenera Next or Cosco APT 50 might be.

Moreover, it's a lightweight and foldable car seat suitable for all means of transport, the highest use position, and the storage position.

You can store it away in the overhead bin and enjoy your journey. That's why traveling parents adore Pico, myself included here.

Is There a Room for Possible Refinements and Enhancements?

Of course, there is.

Some claim that it would be better if the frame had a shaft to grab; thus, it would be more convenient to carry the car seat.

I agree that there isn't a place to take the construction when grabbing. So, adding a grabbing shaft would help a lot when installing and moving the airplane's car seat.

It might also be better if there was an extra leash of the additional material at the back of the car that would serve as a baggage handgrip mobility.

Thus, a family wouldn't have to fold it and carry it in the bag.

However, the opinions are divided since some claim it's easier to fold it, and others want a different-upgraded construction.

WAYB Pico - Yes or No?

Wow, that's a lot of information for you. But here are general pros & cons to help you decide quickly:

  • Remarkably lightweight
  • FAA approved – for air travel
  • Safe for four or 5-year-olds
  • Fitting three across
  • Durable
  • Ventilation system
  • High-quality material
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Expensive car seat

So, if you have read my WAYB Pico car seat Review, please, order it now, and make your family happy wherever you travel!

WAYB Travel Accessories - Top 3 Picks

Deluxe Pico™ Travel Bag - Best For Ergonomic Design

The review shows that the Pico travel bag is essential due to the lid-style opening that makes it easy and quick to stow and remove the car seat when you don't use it.

You can just fold it and put it in the bag and on your back for more convenient carrying.

Moreover, the Deluxe Pico™ travel bag has three external pockets: two sides slip pockets and the hidden zippered top pocket for your wallet, phone, keys, and all other gadgets that you need when traveling somewhere.

You won't need to bother about the uncomfortable touch and straps since the ergonomic design will moderate and adjust to your needs; therefore, the straps will create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere when you carry the bag.

The outer material is water-resistant and wipeable, so it's suitable for all weather conditions, and the material is also durable, consisting of high-quality recycled polyester.

You can also find the integrated and upgraded ready-to-roll luggage sleeve for the ultimate travel experience and a comfortable fit.

However, you mustn't clean it in the washing machine or use dry cleaners. Thus, if you want the perfect travel solution, this is the right option for you!

  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • High-quality content
  • Expensive

Vehicle Seat Protector - Best For Protection

You cannot imagine your trip without this product! This is one of the best items you must have when setting off a journey.

It's a perfect solution for your car seat protection!

As you can see, the water-resistant polyester and the light padding protect your car seats' upholstery from spills and indentations.

The high-quality content consists of the microfiber material that absorbs and soaks up the spills. Thus, your motor vehicle's seat will always be dry and clean.

Because it contains the Velcro loops, the vehicle seat protector directly attaches to the Pico car seat frame.

It also folds easily and quickly with the Pico for more convenient transport.

Of course, there is a stretched shoe keeper covering that protects your seat upholstery from scrape stains, keeping it always dry, clean, and ready for use.

You will find the secure coating that will keep the Pico Vehicle Seat protector securely in the proper place for additional stability, where it should be.

Of course, to save your time and energy, you can clean the protector in the washing machine and keep it ready for the next use. Don't bleach it.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • /

Pico™ Travel Bag - Best For Comfort

The Pico™ Travel Bag contains a specific design for traveling families! How so?

Well, the bag is versatile; therefore, it offers various options for you to use and moderate according to your needs.

Namely, the reviews show that you can carry it in three ways - on your rolling luggage, grab the handle and go, and as a backpack.

According to the review, the bag will adjust to your back since it's very comfortable; it consists of premium materials, so it is adjustable for your shoulders and back.

It won't create any additional pressure or unpleasant feeling.

The review also indicates that the bag is always ready to roll. As you might find, the luggage sleeve easily slips over the handle of a rolling suitcase.

The Pico™ Travel Bag contains a superior design made of recycled polyester, which is very sturdy and durable; thus, it won't damage easily.

Of course, you'll find the internal mesh pocket that matches your cell phone, keys, favorite toy, even a diaper; thus, it's an ideal option for all traveling families.

Finally, you can easily clean it due to the wipeable content; hence, you can use a mild detergent and warm water for the spot-cleaning part.

  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile
  • High cost


I've described everything you need to know about WAYB Pico above. But I think it is detailed and it takes time to grasp the main points.

To keep things simple, I will add a few brief FAQs below.

So, here you go.

What is the WAYB Pico car seat?

It's a forward-facing seat, too foldable and lightweight, suitable for children between 22 and 50 pounds, 30 and 45 inches tall; approved by FAA and FMVSS.

Is WAYB Pico safe?

YES, it is! WAYP Pico car seats meet and exceed all FMVSS and FAA safety regulations, and thanks to the 5-point harness system, your children will be stable, safe, and protected wherever you install the Pico seats.

Is WAYB Pico approved in Canada?

According to the car seat laws and similar safety regulations and standards, the WAYB Pico is only approved in the USA. It's not approved either in Canada or Europe.

However, it meets and exceeds all FMVSS 213 regarding the USA car seat laws and regulations, so it's safe to use in all 50 states.

Can I use WAYB Pico in Europe?

No, you cannot.

The European cars might slightly differ from the American models. It means the motor vehicles might not have the necessary hardware to correctly install and use the car seat.

However, you can select multiple other car seats suitable for traveling across the ocean or to Canada without any trouble or similar worries.

Can WAYB Pico be rear-facing?

No, it cannot.

The WAYB Pico only has the forward-facing car seat mode and comes with a safety harness. You cannot use it in a rear-facing manner since it doesn't support infants and babies.

On the other hand, it doesn't support older kids, so you can't use it as a booster car seat either.

It's only suitable for middle-sized kids, from 22 to 50 pounds. As you see, it doesn't offer the maximum weight limit of 65 pounds like other forward-facing seats.

So, it also might be somewhat limited. But, it's an FAA-approved seat due to its harness system, so it's convenient for all travel types.

wayb pico car seat review

Has WAYB Pico ever been recalled?

Yes, there was a car seat recall in 2019.

The main reason for such an action was that numerous parents complained the aluminum tubular frame on the headrest of the WAYB Pico car seat quickly broke.

So, it allowed the headrest to detach.

But, the company stated they would fix the problem and replace the headrest with new, more robust content free of charge, ensuring your kids were fully supported, safe and sound on the road.

Who should use the WAYB Pico?

Traveling families and their children who travel by planes or any other means of transports.

Is WAYB Pico suitable for daily use?

Yes, the car seat is suitable both for travel options and everyday use.

How to install WAYB Pico on a plane?

Follow the steps below:

- Place both belts through the read belt guides

- Click together and tighten 

- Shake it to see if there's something wrong. If not, you're ready to go

How can you get a WAYB Pico?

You can purchase it on Amazon or directly from the WAYB website.

PRO TIP: Buy direct for the best selection and frequent WAYB Pico sale options!

How long is WAYB Pico good for?

Regarding its specifications, the forward-facing car seat has a six-year-long lifespan from the date of manufacture.

And, if you have a car collision, you must replace the car seat immediately. Although there might not be visible external scratches and damage, you cannot see the possible inner damage.

The safety experts and technicians strongly urge parents to replace the seats for safety reasons instantly.

On the other hand, it's suitable for kids 22-50 pounds, preschoolers. Once they outgrow the maximum weight and height limits, it's time to put them into good booster car seats.

Is the WAYB Pico safe to use on a plane?

Yes, since it contains the FAA approval. You can place it on the plane seat, attach it to the seat, and put your little ones in the seat.

Nothing wrong can happen.

How do you install a Pico car seat?

Check the pocket - read the manufacturer's manual in the Pico's back pocket.

Set up the WAYB Pico - flip and lock the car seat's bottom (for more convenience, push hard), and raise the headrest from the storage position.

Then click it for additional stability and safety. The click sound will confirm you did the job appropriately.

Install it with the LATCH system - read your vehicle's manual to comprehend the LATCH system better.

Experts prefer the LATCH system when installing the Pico; however, you can install it with the regular seat belts, the effect will be the same.

Install the LATCH system, push the lower connectors to the lower anchors, attach the top tether to the tether attachment, and tighten every part until the car seat wiggles less than one-inch front-to-back and side-to-side.

Adjust the WAYB Pico travel car seat - connect the crotch buckle to the hips attachment on both sides.

Tighten the shoulder straps not to be loose. Adjust and attach the chest clip to the armpit level. Check that the kiddo's shoulders remain below the seat back and ears below the headrest.

Uninstall - follow the steps in reverse.

For additional help, watch the video.

How do you tighten a WAYB Pico?

You can follow the steps below to ensure the correct tightness and proper placement of the WAYB Pico car seat:

- Remove all of the unnecessary slack downwards. It should be directed towards the buckle.

- Tighten the harness straps at the hips - each of them. 

- Make sure there isn't any excessive slack in the five-point harness system. You must check it but don't pinch the vertical harness webbing.

- Finally, adjust the chest clip and moderate it at the armpit level to fit your little ones. If everything's tight and stable, you're ready to go.

How do you clean a WAYB car seat?

You will use the warm water with a wool-safe and mild detergent or soap to clean fabric pads, including harness pads, buckle pads, and seat pads.

On the other hand, before re-using or storing, you should air-dry the car seat entirely for the best use. In addition, you should dry it away from direct sunlight.

And, you mustn't machine-wash, iron, or bleach the car seat content, so as not to lose its quality or shape.

Cosco Scenera Next vs. WAYB Pico: Which one should I use?

Ouch, this is a tricky question since there's not really a definite, correct answer. The leading choice will depend on your demands and your kiddo's needs.

The Cosco Scenera Next has both rear-facing and forward-facing convertible car seats, whereas the WAYB Pico doesn't have such a mode - it's only a forward-facing seat.

In addition, the WAYB Pico supports kids up to 50 pounds, whereas the Cosco is limited to only 40 pounds.

Both car seats are FAA approved for long distances, yet the WAYB pico seems to fold easier than the Cosco.

But, the Pico model costs way more than the counterpart Cosco, and you will have to pay extra money to obtain a rear-facing seat since it cannot be your first choice.

The Cosco Scenera Next car seat costs less than the competitor, and you can use it as your first and second choice before your little ones are ready to move into a booster car seat.

And it offers a longer lifespan than the WAYB Pico. Therefore, calculate all the variables before you make the final decision.


Here we are! What can I add?

You saw various benefits the WAYB Pico car seat contains.

This Wayb Pico review presents the easiest installation part due to the crotch buckle and other attachments, the maximum foldability, the top safety features, and the highest quality material to keep your children comfortable.

Will you try it?

WAYB Pico Travel Car Seat with Standard Carrying Bag - Lightweight, Portable, Foldable - Perfect for...*
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  • DESIGNED FOR SAFETY: Pico meets all U.S. safety standards regulated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Aviation Administration, so it’s ready for road or air...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Weighing just 8 pounds, the Pico travel car seat makes it easy to travel light. Our AeroWing aerospace-grade aluminum frame offers lightweight strength, and the AstroKnit...
  • FOLD & GO: Pico is easy to carry and stow! Folding down to a compact 11.6" L x 14.5" W x 18.9" H, the Pico car seat can fit into overhead bins and is easily carried while walking through the airport...
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