The Best Cosco Scenera NEXT Reviews: Everything You Need to Know

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A baby car seat is possibly one of the most important things you can get for your child as responsible parents. And thus, it’s likewise vital that you have a good seat that helps keep your child comfortable, and you rest assured. The Cosco Scenera NEXT Car Seat is precisely just that and more. 

Affordable, lightweight, and compact, this car seat will accompany you and your child on all travels. A happy child makes a happy parent and a happy family!

Now, let’s check out our Cosco Scenera NEXT reviews and go over the various aspects of this terrific baby car seat

Cosco Scenera NEXT Review

1. Design

cosco scenera next convertible car seat reviews


Let’s talk first about the design. Cosco Scenera NEXT is a beautiful car seat, even by grown-ups’ standard. It features a lot of different colors and patterns, such as broadway dots, lime punch green, otto, etc.

Although they might not all be available simultaneously, you at least can feel at ease that fulfilling your child’s wishes of aesthetics for their car seat is not a difficult task.

Specifically, the seat is reasonably compact and narrow. When used with optional patterns and covers, it can deliver both a modernistic and a childlike appeal, fitting for the modern family’s little member.

There’s nothing called too soon when it comes to fashion, and the Cosco Scenera NEXT Car Seat proclaims it proudly.

2. Child Safety

The Cosco Scenera is designed for safety, with built-in Side Impact Protection. It's able to meet or exceed all federal safety standards. Do not worry that this car seat sacrifices safety for style because it can do it all.

If there is one thing to say about the Cosco Scenera NEXT, it's great for the families. Parents all want the utmost safety for their kids, and this car seat certainly will satisfy that need, with its durable construction and smart design geared towards newborns.

3. Lightweight

This car seat is the lightweight travel option that all parents are looking for.

The car seat not only makes up a cozy and safe space for your child to relax and play in, but it also goes well with a travel-light attitude.

The portability of the Cosco Scenera NEXT can’t be understated. If you’re struggling to bring your child along on your trips or anywhere, the car seat will for sure assist you tremendously in this regard and help to reinforce a sense of togetherness between family members.

Again, a happy child for a happy family.

4. Best Fit

Cosco Scenera NEXT is purposefully made with all measurements calculated to match your child’s sizes. It features five adjustable heights and three buckle locations to guarantee the exact, best fit for your kids. The seat can also have either the rear-facing or forward-facing position, which is great for when you need more room in the car.

For families with multiple kids, the compactness of the Cosco Scenera NEXT comes in handy even more. You can easily fit three side by side in the back seat by utilizing the NEXT. The installation is effortless, too, so your kids can feel comfortable with their new designations almost right away.

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5. Made for Aircrafts

If your transportation service of choice is an airplane, the Cosco Scenera NEXT is the right product for you. It is designed for use on aircraft, and thus with this seat, you’ll be able to give your child a space of rest that they are familiar with even up in the air!

Moreover, it is lightweight and compact, which means that you can get the seat through the airport with ease.

This baby seat is something a family of air adventurers can’t miss out, more specifically, if they want to bring their young child along.

6. Easy to Clean

cosco scenera next safety review

It’s straightforward to clean the Cosco Scenera NEXT. Not only does the seat pad come in a wide variety of styles and colors, but it’s also removable for when you need to take it out for a wash. Both the pad and the seat are compatible with washing machines and dryers, so rest assured that you’ll keep it fresh as new even after long term usage.

The detachable cup holder that comes with the package is also dishwasher safe, a fitting, perfect finishing touch to the seat’s leanings for durability and clean presentation.

7. Price

Cosco Scenera NEXT is a highly inexpensive, money-saving option for households that prefer both quality and low prices for their products. Compared to its competitors, this seat has all the best features but none of the extra costs. 

Great seat for a great cost. There’s not much else to say besides that writing the Cosco Scenera NEXT onto the purchasing list for your kids will be a decision they will appreciate.

Pros and Cons

  • Highly affordable
  • Modernistic design with versatile color and pattern options
  • Reasonably lightweight, compact, and narrow
  • Features rear- (from 5 to 40 pounds) and forward-facing (from 22 to 40 pounds) positions
  • 5-point harness and three buckle locations
  • Side Impact Protection
  • Certified for use on aircraft
  • Easy to clean with washing machines and dryers
  • Comes with a dishwasher safe, detachable cup holder
  • Poorly designed strap mechanism
  • Limited recline capability
  • Can be wobbly


As with almost anything, one can’t determine something unless one tries it out firsthand. This is all the more so regarding baby seats, and in this case, the Cosco Scenera NEXT. We’ve specified the many strengths and rare weaknesses of the seat. The rest is for you to test it out and see if it’s as perfect a seat for your child as described. 

We hope that with this Cosco Scenera NEXT reviews, we’ve given you a thorough examination of the product and helped you assess your buying options better. And again, a happy child makes a happy family. Cosco Scenera NEXT for sure can help provide a positive to your family.

Thank you for reading.

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