Laws You Need to Know as a Parent: Vermont Car Seat Laws

As you are probably familiar with, kids are the most vulnerable traffic participants.

If you happen to get in a car crash, unrestrained kids will almost certainly end up severely injured or even fatally hurt.

All around the globe, organizations are working hard to raise awareness about this issue and educate parents on how to protect their most beloved ones in traffic.

In the U.S., every state has its own strict laws and regulations about car seats.

Hence, it is sometimes hard to follow the updates.

This article covered the current Vermont car seat laws in detail, so you should definitely read it if you live there or plan to visit the place.

Stay tuned and learn all there is to know about Vermont car seat laws!

Vermont Car Seat Law

vermont car seat laws 2022

As stated in the Vermont laws, under the section 23 V.S.A. § 1258, all passengers in a car under the age of sixteen must be adequately secured in either a federally-approved restraint system or with a safety belt.

1. Vermont Rear-Facing Car Seat Law

Furthermore, according to the Vermont Car Seat Law, all children younger than one or weighing less than at least 20 pounds have to be restrained in a rear-facing and federally-approved restraint system.

Additionally, the law commands that this restraint system must not be installed in the front seat.

2. Vermont Forward-facing Car Seat Law

The Vermont Car Seat Law requires all children more than 20 pounds in weight and between one and eight years old to be restrained in an adequate restraint system for their age and weight.

The law does not specify anything for the forward-facing restraint system; hence, we will consult the official recommendations.

NHTSA proposes the use of forward-facing child restraint systems for children older than one who can no longer fit the rear-facing system.

Nonetheless, do not rush into these transitions.

Wait until your child exceeds the constructor’s weight and height limits for the cars previously used.

3. Vermont Booster Car Seat Law

vermont child car seat laws

As with forward-facing car seats, we need to consult the official recommendations for the booster seats too.

The suggestions are to use booster car seats when your child can no longer fit the forward-facing car seats but not before the age of four.

Ideally, you should keep your child in a forward-facing car seat until seven, if his/her weight and height are within the constructor’s limits.

4. Vermont Seat Belt Law

According to Vermont Seat Belt Law, kids from eight through seventeen years of age must be secured in a car with a safety belt.

The Penalties

If you fail to comply with the provision of Vermont Car Seat Law stated above, you will be charged $25 for the first offense, $50 for the second offense, and $100 for the third offense.

The Exceptions

car seat laws in vermont

Apparently, there are no medical exemptions from this law.

However, the law does not refer to school buses type one, vehicles used for evacuating areas, or vehicles regularly used to transport passengers for hire.


Installment can be a real pain in the neck for many parents.

Apparently, more than 70% of car eats are incorrectly installed. Can you believe it?

Luckily, there are places where certified C.P.S. technicians can help you set up the car seat correctly and give you many more tips on maintaining your kid’s safety on the highest level possible in your car.

But, before we move on to the Vermont fitting stations list, check out this useful video that can solve some of your dilemmas with installment.

Or visit the NHTSA’s page for more instructional videos on installment and tips and tricks.

No matter if you got it all by yourself or you still have doubts, we recommend visiting some of the fitting stations in Vermont to have your child restraint system inspected by a professional.

Here is the list of fitting stations where you can locate the nearest C.P.S. technician:

1. Vermont Fitting Stations List

2. SafeKids Vermont Inspection Stations

3. Vermont Department of Motor Vehicle, Fitting Station

4. National C.P.S. Search Engine

Once you make sure everything is installed correctly, register your car seat to get feedback on recalls and manufacturer’s updates.

Additional Information

If you think that was the end of the journey and there’s nothing else you should pay attention to, you are wrong!

You need to continually stay updated on possible changes in recommendations, regulations, and laws when it comes to children’s safety on the road.

You can find a couple of exciting videos below, with important information that every parent should know before hitting the road with their little one.

5 car seat safety tips from a firefighter (and certified car seat tech)

Car Seat Safety By Age: Infants in Rear-facing Seats

How to Buckle Your Newborn in a Car Seat

Car Seat Guidelines for Your Child

Free Car Seats

If you haven’t heard by now, there are organizations throughout the state providing free car seats for families in need.

If you are not in a financial situation to afford an adequate car seat for your child, you should definitely consider some of these programs.

More about it you can read in our article about free car seats.

Additionally, we also covered the topic of C.P.S. programs, so if you are interested in becoming a certified C.P.S. technician, check out this article of ours.

Final Thoughts

Parenting is a lifelong commitment.

Until your kids become adults, there won’t be a time when you can stop worrying about their safety and wellbeing.

However, that is the beauty of it all!

You can help a little bud flourish into a beautiful flower with the right amount of care and nourishing!

Don’t be afraid of the path before you; start with the small but essential steps; get an adequate car seat for starters.

It has often been proven that correctly installed car seats, especially rear-facing ones, can prevent injuries in the case of an accident.

The same principle works in a plane, so you might want to forget about flying with your child on the lap.

That was all, and I hope you’ll have fun, and don’t forget to follow the Vermont car seat laws!

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