Georgia Car Seat Laws – What You Need To Know

Georgia seems to be one of the leading states with the biggest problems with car accidents and injuries, often with fatal consequences.

As the CDC's research indicates, from 2016, more than 700 children died in accidents due to injuries, and more than 128,000 were injured.

As the officials state, the main problem is improper use of car seats.

Therefore, the NHTSA conducted research, and it showed that we could reduce accidents and injuries up to 71% if we use car seats appropriately.

Therefore, this state has prescribed Georgia car seat laws in order to prevent injuries and keep the children safe during the travels.

Let's review it together and see how we can protect our precious ones!

Georgia Car Seat Safety Laws

georgia car seat laws 2022 rear facing

This state obeys legislation that states that children passengers must ride in child restraint systems when in various motor vehicles.

According to GGOHS - Georgia Governor's Office of High Safety, all children who are younger than eight years old must be in appropriate child restraint systems.

The drivers must obtain convenient car seats and other protective equipment to keep them safe and stable during the rides.

The positions must be according to the kids' weight, development, height, and approval by US government officials.

1. Safety Law for Babies/Infants

If your kiddo is younger than one year, you should obtain the rear-facing seat.

The AAP - American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that children should ride in these car seats until they're two years old as the places will protect their neck, shoulders, and spine from car crashes.

As there are many rear-facing seats, parents have multiple options to pick the right ones for their little ones.

For instance, they can use infant-only places as rear-facing ones only.

They can also use the so-called convertible "3-in-1" seats as they have a more significant limit for height and weight for the rear-facing position.

Hence, the children can sit there for an extended period, even during long journeys.

2. Safety Law for One-to-Three-Year-Olds

This is the period when children should still use rear-facing seats since this is the best way to keep them safe and protect them.

The recommendation is also to keep the kids in these seats until they're high and heavy enough to use forward-facing seats.

Once they outgrow the recommended seats, they can freely use the forward-facing ones.

So, keep an eye on their development and growth and check when they're ready for another adventure level.

3. Safety Law for Four-to-Seven-Years-Old Kids

georgia car seat laws height and weight

Until your child outgrows the forward-facing seats, he/she should use them continuously.

However, if your kid outgrows the weight and height approved by the manufacturer, it's high time he/she started using booster seats.

But, parents should know that they must put these seats in the back.

4. Safety Law for Eight-to-Twelve-Year-Olds

Parents should keep and place their children in booster seats as long as possible.

However, when children outgrow the recommended limit approved by the producers, they should sit in the cars using the seat belts only.

However, they should use them properly.

The seat belts should cover the upper thighs, not the stomach.

Also, the belt should cover the shoulders and chests, not the neck and face.

Bear in mind that children should sit in the back seat even if they're using seat belts.

More importantly, they can't use seat belts if they're not four feet nine inches high.

When Can Children Sit in the Front Car Seat?

According to Georgia laws, all children must sit in the back seat until they're eight years old.

Therefore, after your child is older than eight, you can place it forward, in the front seat, next to you.

However, this is not recommendable.

As the experts suggest, children should sit in the back seats until they're thirteen and capable of using seat belts appropriately. 

May I Leave My Kid Alone in the Car in Georgia?

georgia car seat requirements

The Georgia safety law does not disable parents to let their children alone in the cars while they're away.

However, the potential risk of injuries and accidents is still possible; therefore, the recommendations are that parents shouldn't do that.

Am I as a Parent Allowed to Smoke in the Car With Children?

As far as we're concerned, there is nothing wrong with smoking in cars with children and other passengers.

However, the state of Georgia is trying to change this.

Nowadays, they attempt to adopt legislation - House Bill 17, where they will ban smoking in motor vehicles with children.

Taxis and Safety Laws in Georgia

As is a common fact, all motor vehicles should have many car seats related to children's needs and demands.

However, there are certain exceptions, one of them being taxi companies.

So, as you may find, cabs in Georgia do not have to obey the law; hence, they don't use the car seats.

For this reason, many find them unsafe to travel with, especially for children.

But what can parents do to solve these issues?

You can call a rent-a-car-company since they have and install car seats in the cars, so our babies will be secure and stable during the longer/shorter travels.

You can also try with rent-a-seat-companies, check if there is any, and see if they can send you the appropriate car seat for your kiddo.

Where Can We Replace the Harmed Car Seats After a Crash?

georgia car seat laws 2022

After car accidents, you don't indeed have a law that indicates where you can replace the damaged seat.

In most cases, you can look for the car instruction manuals and see what the manufacturers say.

As there are various accident types, you can contact the manufacturers to learn more and find out what to do next.

Or, you can follow the NHTSA's recommendations related to the car seats use after the accidents. 

Car Accidents Injury Attorney in Georgia

If you had an accident and want to solve future problems since you think you may be in an impaired situation, there are injury attorneys who can help you solve them.

One such is Kaufman Law, based in Atlanta. Contact (404)-355-4000 to learn more info.

On the other hand, you can check the official sites with other attorneys, check their work fields, and choose the best ones for your demands and needs.

Final Thoughts

As you could see, there are various laws regarding children's safety and protection.

As the numbers are alarming, parents and drivers should obey the official legislation if they want to avoid car accidents and injuries that may have extreme consequences not only for them but also for the kids.

So, please, follow the laws, and use all you can to prevent your babies from getting hurt.

Use the car seats appropriately, and if you don't know how, please call safety technicians/instructors to help you install them.

Since they've worked million times with various parents and children, they can provide you with the best possible knowledge.

Also, please watch multiple videos and find out all you need to know about car seats.

Keep your little ones safe and secure 24/7!

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