Alaska Car Seat Laws: Everything You Need To Know

According to Alaska Injury Facts 2019, this US state has the second most significant number of car injuries and deaths compared to the other 49 countries.

The researches indicate that severe injuries resulting in death mostly occur to AlaskanAfrican-American, and American-Indian children. 

Therefore, the government had to do something to protect children.

As these numbers are horrible, the officials invented various car seat laws in order to protect children and keep them safe while on the road.

Parents should follow them if they want to prevent injuries and accidents while in cars. 

The article reviews safety laws for children passengers in Alaska and how parents should behave to protect their little ones while traveling. 

Hence, if you're a parent/a parent-to-be, please read the article and find out all you should know about the safety laws if you're an Alaskan citizen.

Alaska Safety Car Seats Laws

alaska car seat laws 2022

The CDCP, or Center for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that motor vehicles cause injuries and deaths among children.

The best way to control and prevent this from happening is by installing and using car seats properly

As you can see, car seats are obligatory in all vehicles!

Car seats reduce the possibility of injury and death of 71% among the one-year-old children.

Another fact is that between one and four-year-old kids, the chance of injuries and death decreases for 54% thanks to convenient seats.

Concerning the children between four and eight years old, booster seats reduce and prevent 45% injuries.

If you want to learn more and read section 28.05.095 regarding the seat belts and safety devices requirements, you'll find that persons who drive a motor vehicle must have safety devices to protect children younger than 16 years old.

Contrary to that, if they don't fulfill these conditions, they cannot drive children and violate the law.

Moreover, they'll have to pay $50 for law abolition.

1. Safety Law for Toddlers/Infants

According to this law, the children who are younger than one age, or are older than one year; however, their weight is less than twenty pounds, must use the rear-facing car seats.

This seat will protect their spinal cord and neck, and protect from damage and injuries

Also, the AAP - American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that parents continue to use these seats until children are two years old.

2. Safety Law for One to Four-year-olds

The kiddos who are one to four years old, and weigh more than 20 pounds, should use the proper child restraints.

The seats must be forward-facing with five points, securing your child at all levels, and according to its weight and height.

3. Safety Law for Four to Eight-year-olds

According to the safety law, children between the ages of four and eight, who are shorter than 57", or 4f 9", and whose weight is less than 65 pounds, must use a car or a booster seat

If you have children who are older and more substantial than these proportions, you need to obtain an appropriate booster seat so that the seat belt can tighten and protect your kids' more reliable body parts.

4. Safety Law for Eight to Twelve-year-olds

alaska car seat requirements

The same happens with the children who belong to these age groups.

As a parent, you need to provide a convenient car/booster seat for your children and keep them safe until they're old enough to use the seat belts only.

Moreover, it would be best if you taught them how to use the belts properly.

As you know, the lap belt must be on the upper parts of the thighs, not across the stomach.

Also, the shoulder belt should cover the shoulders and chests, and never their face or neck.

When Can My Children Sit in the Front Seat?

Concerning Alaska, the law does not prescribe the right age.

You can place your children in the front seat when they're old enough to properly use the seat belt.

As we have seen previously, the belt should cover the upper thighs and not their stomach.

Can I Leave My Child Alone in the Car?

Now, this is a fundamental question.

The law states it is not forbidden to leave your children in your cars alone.

However, since they are kids, it might be better not to leave them alone.

They should have someone to watch over them while you're absent. This way, you'll be confident that nothing wrong will happen to them.

May I Smoke in the Car With Children?

alaska child car seat laws

You know that the law prohibits smoking in public places and various interior areas.

However, this doesn't refer to cars.

As you might find, the Alaska Admin Code 10.1085 claims that any vehicle that serves children's transportation should be smoke-free

Is It Safe to Travel With Children by Cabs?

You know those taxi companies cannot indeed guarantee you that the seats they'll provide will be according to your children's needs and demands.

You might also find that the recall status, seat expiration, and cleanliness may not be at the ultimate level.

However, you should know that they also go through various training sessions and educational programs to protect your children during the trip.

So, you don't have to bother about their help and knowledge.

Where Can I Get the Car Seat Help in Alaska?

As you're familiar, there are multiple places where you can search for help regarding your car seats in Alaska.

We have listed only some of them, and they are the following:

Center for Safe Alaskans

Child Passenger Safety Coalition

Monthly Clinics


Safe Kids Alaska Inspection Stations

When Do Parents Need to Call a Lawyer?

alaska state car seat laws

If, by any chance, it happens that you lose your little one wrongfully in a car accident or the injuries are fatal, you can never get the right compensation.

Nothing can ever repair or erase your loss.

However, if you or your child get hurt, you can contact an Anchorage children injury lawyer, called Ben Crittenden and his Law Office, explain your situation, and require compensation.

The consultations are free, and you can learn what your legal options are.

Final Thoughts

As you could see, various Alaska car seat laws aim to protect your kiddos.

You, as parents, should be aware of them and follow the rules.

In that way only, you can prevent car accidents and injuries, since sometimes the consequences might be fatal, and you undoubtedly want to avoid that.

Therefore, I hope I've brought the laws closer to you and learn something new for children's protection.

At last, they are the most precious little beings on the planet!

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