North Dakota Car Seat Laws: What You Need To Know

If you take a look at various databases, you'll find that for North Dakota, the year 2018 was the worst concerning car accidents and passenger deaths.

Namely, you'll discover in official research that there were approximately 15,242 car crashes, and due to the injuries, 104 people lost their lives.

You'll agree with me that these numbers are indeed alarming.

Moreover, Elizabeth Alicandri published her study called "Human Factors of Highway Safety" to support the North Dakota State Government to explain why there occur so many car crashes.

The main reasons are speed - 45%, alcohol - 32%, and non-wearing seat belts - 48%.

Therefore, this data corresponds to her claim that 94% of crashes and deaths are human-oriented.

Do you think that we can do better on the roads? How can we protect our little ones?

Let's find out further in the text after we learn the North Dakota car seat laws.

North Dakota Car Seat Safety Law

rear facing car seat laws north dakota

As the North Dakota Car Seat Safety Law indicates, all children younger than eight years old must use a child restraint system (car seats or booster car seats).

Of course, the child restraint system must be per the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations.

Concerning seat belt systems, all kids younger than eight, and at least four feet nine inches tall must use them correctly.

Furthermore, all children aged between eight and seventeen must use an appropriate child restraint system - various car seats or seat belts.

Next, all kids younger than eighteen years old must use convenient child restraint systems, regardless of their motor vehicle position.

If you violate the safety laws, you will have to pay $25, and you might lose your driving license.

The principal obligation for a driver is to ensure that all passengers use the correct child restraint systems.

1. North Dakota Car Seat Safety Law for Rear-facing Car Seats

If your children are infants, or between zero and two years old, they should use rear-facing car seats. You can select between two types of these car seats:

- Infant rear-facing car seats - that you can use for children who weigh between 22 and 35 pounds.

It would be excellent if you continued with these until your children reach out to the maximum limit recommended by the manufacturer, or until their head is one inch over the top of the car seat.

- Convertible car seats - that you can use for your kids as rear-facing or forward-facing car seats. If they weigh between 30 and 40 pounds, you can use them as rear-facing car seats.

It would also be perfect if you placed them until the children's development outgrows the producer's instructions.

2. North Dakota Car Seat Safety Law for Forward-facing Car Seats

north carolina car seat laws for 1 year old

When your little ones reach the age of two and outgrow the size approved by the manufacturer, you can place them in forward-facing car seats.

These car seats must have a one-point harness system.

Children can stay in these car seats if they weigh between 40 and 100 pounds.

Also, they should remain in these seats until they outgrow the maximum limit proposed by the producer.

3. North Dakota Car Seat Safety Law for Booster Car Seats

If your kids outgrow the forward-facing seats, you should place them into booster car seats.

Your children should weigh at least 40 pounds and at least four years old to use these car seats.

The law further proposes that children should remain in these until they're four feet nine inches tall, or until their growth enables them to use the seat belt system properly.

Most booster seats can hold up children between 80 and 120 pounds.

4. North Dakota Car Safety Law for Seat Belt System

After your kiddos have outgrown the booster car seats, they are ready to use the seat belts.

However, the seat belt must fit their bodies correctly.

Namely, the lap belt must cover the upper thighs, and never the stomach.

Additionally, the shoulder belt must cover the shoulders and chest and never their neck.

When Can Parents Place Their Kiddos in the Front Car Seats in North Dakota?

north dakota child car seat laws

Concerning this question, no official laws are telling you when it's precisely the time to place your children in the front car seats.

The official regulations state that children older than eight and taller than 57 inches can sit without any car seat.

Moreover, if they can conveniently use seat belts, they can sit in the front.

However, the ND Department of Health and the AAP - American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that kids remain in your car's back seat until they are thirteen years old.

Can/Can't I Leave My Child Alone in the Car in North Dakota?

Currently, there are no laws concerning this branch.

However, the unfortunate event in which the two little girls were seriously injured alone in a van in the twin cities area, you should think twice before you leave your little ones unattended in motor vehicles.

Parents never know what may go wrong, and you should keep an eye on them all the time.

Am I Breaking the Law if I Smoke in the Car With Kid/kids in North Dakota?

In 2019, North Dakota's House considered a law in which they would prohibit smoking in motor vehicles with passengers younger than nine years old.

As the statute indicates, the police officers will pull over everyone they see smoking with a young passenger, and drivers will have to pay a $25 fee for violating the law.

Taxis and Car Seat Safety Laws in North Dakota

north carolina car seat laws

According to the safety law, taxi companies and vehicles are exempt from the safety law.

Therefore, parents who find this type of transport unsafe should take car seats with them or use rent-a-car as another option if they consider this transportation method better.

Car Seat Replacements After Accidents in North Dakota

According to NHTSA and Safe Kids Grand Forks, you should replace your car seats after the car crashes.

As they might be harmed, they may not protect your babies as they should; hence, you should opt for the new ones, and never the second-hand ones.

Personal Injury Lawyer in North Dakota

If you suffer injuries after the car accident due to the other driver's negligence and want compensation for your pain, you should call a personal injury lawyer

You can contact them on (701)-572-3966, or send them an email, and they will answer and provide the necessary explanation for everything as soon as possible.


As we have seen, there are many car crashes in North Dakota.

Of course, it's always the driver's fault.

However, in most cases, fatal consequences do not avoid the little ones.

As you could have seen, the numbers are alarming, and we must do something to prevent these events and reduce the percentage of death among the youngest population.

Let's follow the North Dakota car seat laws and be the best possible parents! Do you agree with me?

Suppose you do, please, let me know via your email, and I will solve your unanswered or unexplained questions.

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