Pennsylvania Car Seat Laws – How to Be the Best Parent?

As we already know, children are incredibly prone to severe injuries due to car accidents on various roads.

Speaking of accidents, in the USA since 2016, more than 128,000 children have suffered severe injuries in car crashes.

Moreover, 723 of them who were younger than 12 lost their lives.

Furthermore, the CDCP estimated that approximately 618,000 children rode in the cars without appropriate child restraint safety systems.

If you ask me, it's high time we changed something!

Thus, Pennsylvania proposed specific child passenger Pennsylvania car seat laws to prevent car accidents, reduce the number of injuries and fatal consequences among the youngest population, and keep them safe on the road.

So, let's see what the laws are, and we should behave!

Pennsylvania Car Seat Safety Law

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The state of Pennsylvania and its General Assembly Title 75 have enlisted specific safety laws to protect children's passengers.

According to these laws, all children younger than four must use a child restraint safety system - various car seats and seat belt systems.

All drivers must check whether the system works properly and to buckle up the children correctly.

These regulations must be followed and applied in every position the children take, regardless of the motor vehicle.

As the law indicates, the children's safest place is the back seat; however, any center with the secure seat belt system will work in their favor.

Additionally, the law implies various provisions depending on the children's ages and development.

If you break this legislation, you will have to pay a minimum of $75 fee, but you need to add more taxes, administrative, and court costs.

Since the state of Pennsylvania has a relatively high use of the seat belt systems - 88.5% estimated in 2018, the government officials and safety representatives want to keep this rate steady and even increasing.

That's why they proposed strict laws to keep kids protected.

1. Pennsylvania Car Seat Safety Law for Rear-Facing Car Seats

If you have a child/children between zero and two years old, you must install and place them in the convenient infant rear-facing car seats.

They should remain in these seats until they outgrow the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations, which will be when they weigh around 35 pounds.

Of course, you can also use convertible car seats during this period as these seats are another option for kids of these ages.

2. Pennsylvania Car Seat Safety Law for Forward-Facing Car Seats

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Once your child has outgrown the producer's recommendations and the rear-facing car seat's size, it's time to use another car seat - a forward-facing car seat.

It would be best to keep your little ones into forward-facing car seats until they outgrow the seat's dimensions or reach the weight limit between 40 and 65 pounds.

Moreover, the cores must have a one-point harness system.

Concerning ages, kids should be between two and four years old.

3. Pennsylvania Car Seat Safety Law for Booster Car Seats

You know it's time your children used the booster car seats once they outgrow the forward-facing proportions and the recommended weight and height limit.

Children should stay in convenient booster car seats until they reach four feet nine inches height, and are from eight to twelve years old.

4. Pennsylvania Car Seat Safety Law for Seat Belt System

After the children reach the limits concerning booster seats, they can ride with seat belts only.

However, they should use them correctly. How so?

First of all, they need to use both shoulder and lap belts, and never only one.

Further, their lap belt must cover the upper thighs, never the stomach.

Finally, the shoulder belt must cover their shoulders and chest, and never their neck or face.

When Can I Place My Child in the Front Car Seat in Pennsylvania?

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As the safety law indicates, rear-facing car seats should not be placed in the front seat near the airbags.

In the case of a car accident, children might be seriously injured, and centers destroyed due to the pressure and force needed to activate the airbags.

However, the PDT - Pennsylvania Department of Transportation recommends that your kiddos stay in your motor vehicles' back seats until they are thirteen years old.

Am I Allowed to Leave My Kid/kids Unattended in the Car in Pennsylvania?

As the Pennsylvania General Assembly Title 75 states, you are not allowed to leave your kid/kids under six years old in a motor vehicle under any supervision.

The law also states that persons who violate this law commit a summary offense, regardless of leaving a child/children alone.

Am I Breaking the Law if I Smoke With a Child Passenger in a Car in Pennsylvania?

There is no official legislation that would prohibit smoking in motor vehicles with a child passenger present.

However, you don't have to be a doctor or an expert to know that it will ruin their health and that you shouldn't do it in their presence.

If you want to be a responsible parent, you should always bear in mind this fact.

Taxis and Car Seat Safety Law in Pennsylvania

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According to the safety Occupant Protection law, taxi vehicles and companies must follow the regulations as they are included in the Pennsylvania car seat safety laws!

That means they have to obtain appropriate car seats, the following equipment, and other child restraint safety systems.

This is a huge benefit for parents since they won't have to rent cars whenever they set off on shorter or longer trips, plus their children will be safe.

Another advantage is that they don't have to take their seats with them; they can always seek the right one, and the taxi drivers will satisfy children's needs and demands.

Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorneys

If you suffer an injury due to negligent behavior on the road, and you think you're damaged, you can call personal injury lawyers to help you solve your problems.

You can contact Munley Law and their representatives at (844)-385-7535 for a free consultation on what you should do next.

Or, you can contact Justia Lawyers at (888)-536-2426 and see what should be your next step. In both cases, they will satisfy your demands.

Final Thoughts

You had an opportunity to see Pennsylvania car set laws and regulations and how you should behave on the road to keep the kiddos safe.

On the other hand, you saw the numbers regarding the injuries and death rates among their population.

No matter whether you're a Pennsylvania citizen, or you're only a passer-by, the legislation is the same for everyone, and we all must follow the regulations and rules.

In the end, we can only be more responsible drivers and parents and do our best to protect our precious little beings.

Finally, if something is left unsolved or unanswered, send me your email, and I will gladly explain everything step-by-step.

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