How To Find The Best Backless Booster Seats? Top 11 Picks That Will Wow You

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Are your kids growing out of their high back boosters?

It's time to replace the one you have for a more suitable option for their age and height. Enter backless booster car seats.

They are just as comfortable, easy to install, and, most importantly, safe.

To help you pick the right model, we have chosen the top 11 picks and a thorough buyer's guide if this is your first time buying booster car seats.

We hope you enjoy the article and find the best backless booster seat 2022 market has to offer.

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Top 3 Recommendations

The Best Backless Booster Seats In 2022 - Top 11 Choices

Chicco GoFit Backless Booster Car Seat - Runner Up

When it comes to Chicco, you can never get disappointed.

From baby bottles to car seats, they have it all, and we are here to review one of the most popular models of backless booster seats.

The Chicco GoFit backless booster seat is a fantastic deal if you are often doing carpools.

One of the nifty features is the handle on the back, which allows the kids to carry their boosters with ease. Not to mention the consistent belt fit that keeps the parents with a sound mind and children comfortable.

Cup holders or "cupfolders" as Chicco named them, offer a unique design. As the name suggests, the holders are foldable and machine washable.

You can notice that the Chicco booster is not exactly a perfect option for three seats across, so every space-saving feature is a plus.

One of our personal favorite features is the accessible belt.

The GoFit has a helpful indentation at the back of the booster. Although it may seem an irrelevant feature, it has proved to be one of the most convenient features Chicco offers.

When the belt buckles are tricky to find, kids have to reach them down, losing precious time when you are in a rush. Well, say goodbye to that.

The GoFit convenient shape allows them to safely buckle up, even if you cannot check it yourself.

Another handy feature Chicco added is the ErgoBoost padding. It keeps the child safe and comfortable with its double foam padding while the underside protects the seat from severe damage.

The backless booster model is suitable for over four-year-olds, weighing up to 110, no taller than 57 inches.

  • Foam Padding
  • Suitable for carpools
  • No straps to secure it to the car 

Graco TurboBooster LX Backless Booster Car Seat - One-Hand Latch System Convenience

Do you hate when you spend all that money on a product that just you can't seem to install correctly?

If the answer is YES, let us ease your mind with this tremendous backless booster car seat. You won't find any installation issues here, only convenience and safety.

The Graco TurboBooster LX booster seat is one of the favorite products loved by parents and kids worldwide.

You wonder why? Let us review some of the impressive features the LX models have to offer.

For starters, one of the most popular features in the TurboBooster LX model is the one-hand adjust latch system. Parents who struggled with booster seat installation will be amazed by the convenience of the system.

The smart LATCH system allows you to safely install the booster to the car seat, resulting in a safe connection during bumpy rides.

The Graco manufacturers know kids get messy all the time. During all those long rides, you are bound to find a few snack stains on the seat. However, the booster is easy to dismantle when it needs a thorough clean.

As for the target audience, this backless booster seat can be used by kids tall between 40 to 57 inches, weighing between 40 to 100 pounds.

We also loved how the no back booster is easy to adjust to fit the kid's body type. If the seat belt needs tightening or loosening, you can conveniently do so while securing the child comfortably in their seat.

The Graco TurboBooster LX no back booster teaches your child responsibility.

It allows them to learn how to buckle and unbuckle themselves when playdates come around, and you aren't there to check on them.

The booster has been tested for several safety standards, delivering only the best for your children's secure transportation.

  • Safety tested
  • One-HandLatch System
  • May not fit in all car types

BubbleBum Inflatable Backless Booster Car Seat - Travel Must-Have

Next up, we are presenting you with another travel-friendly backless booster car seat.

The BubbleBum booster falls under a similar category with the mifold one. It is narrow and light enough to fit in your travel bag.

Let's see why this inflatable backless booster is potentially your best pick.

The BubbleBum booster car seat is just as safe as any other model we reviewed in the article. The booster has been carefully tested, bypassing the crash tests even when it's deflated.

The whole concept of an inflatable booster is designed to keep the child safe and comfortable by lifting them a few inches to the seat belt.

Contrary to popular opinion, the inside of the booster is not just air-filled. It consists of memory foam padding, maintaining the whole structure in place.

This backless booster car seat is adequate for children from 4 to 11 years old, weighing no more than 100 pounds.

As for the installation process, it's as easy as it gets.

Step one is inflating it. Make sure, however, that you don't over-inflate it. Some of the parents have commented that it's not as comfortable and unstable in some manners. But, this is purely because if you do over-inflate it, it's bound to feel like an air bubble.

Step two would be placing the booster on the vehicle seat and securing the child with a seat belt.

We were impressed by its size. It's small enough to fit into any vehicle, and you won't have any trouble securing other passengers in the back seat.

Overall, the inflatable booster car seat sure caught us by surprise. This is our travel must-have from now on.

  • Travel-friendly
  • Easy installation
  • Fits in any vehicle type
  • Not so comfortable for the long trips

Graco TurboBooster Backless Booster Car Seat - Best Pick

In our best backless booster car seat review, you will find that we have picked out two Graco models. Both fantastic in pricing and safety but very different when it comes to details.

The Graco Backless TurboBooster model does not offer a LATCH system like the LX one. However, that does not mean the booster is wobbly during the ride. A latch system is good to have, but you will find a lot of models lacking one.

The deluxe fabric lines the entire booster seat while giving it a luxurious look.

Like in the LX model, Graco takes into consideration the messy part of the rides. You can easily take the machine washable cover and ensure your child always has a clean seat for the next ride.

For those long trips, cup holders are there to store refreshments whenever kids need it. Since they are removable, you can even keep snacks in the holder and wash it when you get to your destination.

Moreover, this model comes with an adjustable armrest that offers a comfortable ride to the youngest ones.

One of the most precious features to have is an easy installation.

The booster seat is designed to stay in place once you adjust it. It means that each time the child needs a booster, reinstalling it a breeze. Not only is it easier for the parents, but it keeps the child in place and secures during long rides.

The Graco backless booster is engineered and thoroughly tested to fit all the safety standards. With the combination of the most rigorous tests, the child is protected during the rear, rollover, or side crashes.

The model fits kids from 4 to 10 years old, weighing up to 100 pounds and no taller than 57 inches.

  • Easy installation
  • Machine washable cover 
  • Cup holders
  • May not fit all types of vehicles

Peg Perego Viaggio Shuttle - Best for the integrated LATCH system

Have you ever thought about the Peg Perego backless booster? The booster seat will blow your mind.

The Italian backless booster is an excellent car seat model, supporting bigger size and weight limits. So, your kids can use it for an extended period.

Thus, the seat supports and accommodates all children up to 120 pounds and 63 inches of maximum weight and height limits. In addition, it will make them comfy for a prolonged time.

Due to its rigid and solid LATCH system, you can quickly install and lock the booster car seat in the back seat of your vehicle. In addition, the system will secure it when the child is not present.

And, it cannot move around - it will be fixed and well-positioned for a stable application.

However, the system uses advanced LATCH system technology. As a result, you can see that the integrated reliable LATCH effortlessly slides back into the backless booster seat.

So, you can use it even in vehicles that do not have the LATCH installation points.

As you’ll find, your little one will also be secure and fixed within the vehicle and ready for short or long-distance trips.

But, this is not the end. The intelligent LATCH technology provides the unique Blind-Lock system.

The mechanism is unique and crucial for your child’s safety. Namely, it protects the backless booster seat from accidental release.

Thanks to its material, the backless booster seat is an ideal option for your children, as it offers comfortable and soft materials.

It won’t create pressure, pain, or sweat, even for extended use.

In addition, the package also contains a cup holder. You can quickly remove and wash it to keep it clean for subsequent use.

Your little ones can place their favorite beverage inside for endless fun on the road.

  • Durable
  • Stable
  • Quick setup
  • Padding issues

Cosco Topside Backless Booster Car Seat - Best Padding

Every parent with a toddler needs a lightweight backless booster seat you can take along your family trips.

The Cosco Topside booster makes it into a light category by weighing only 2 pounds. This will become your child's favorite travel buddy.

The booster seat gives the child a proper lift with the plush padding. In this way, it offers the necessary height when you need to adjust the belt-positioning.

If you are wondering, the belt-positioning booster is suitable for kids weighing between 40 to 100 pounds and no taller than 57 inches. 

The Cosco booster is designed to keep children safe throughout while accommodating the growth period and following all the Federal Safety Standards.

A feature we appreciate is the convenience the booster seat has to offer.

When it's your time of the week to carpool, you won't dread it this time because the booster fits perfectly in the back seat. It is also an excellent option for families on the go; it leaves the seats unmarked while the installation process could not get any easier.

However, we did have an issue when it comes to seat belt adjuster.

The fact is, the Cosco booster does not have one. It may present a problem for some, so we have to address it.

The Topside model does not have an adjustable seat belt to fit the shoulders. In this case, we suggest you hold on to using this type of booster seat. It's more appropriate to wait until the child grows enough and does not need a belt adjuster.

All and all, this is a suitable budget-friendly option for parents who are traveling all the time.

You can choose from several fun color designs and offer a safe ride to the little ones for a fantastic price.

  • Plush padding
  • Lightweight
  • No belt adjuster

Diono Solana 2 Latch XL Space Backless Booster Seat - Accessories Pick

The Diono Solana brand has brought several solid boosters seats over the years. We are currently reviewing the impressive two latches XL Space backless booster seat, which is one of the most popular boosters the brand offers.

For starters, the backless booster seat is packed with features.

On the side, you can find cup holders, which are the accessory loved by both children and parents. Since the seat is larger, the manufacturers smartly designed the cup holders by making them foldable.

When the child is not using them, simply slide them back in, and you have some extra space in the back seat. But, the magic goes beyond having cup holders included.

The Diono backless booster seat has lower anchors that secure the seat in place. This is an excellent feature since we found that many boosters lack the security to the car seat vehicle.

We cannot even begin to discuss the number of times the booster slides off the car seat, not to mention the hazard risk behind it.

With the Diono car seat booster, you can secure the booster with the latch anchors and make sure it does not move during the ride. It gives you a sound mind and safe transport for your child.

The ones with smaller cars may not enjoy this booster car seat so much. By being 18.5 inches wide, the Diono Solana booster is pretty broad compared to other models.

So, if the vehicle is relatively narrow in space or if the seats are heavily countered, we would advise you to choose some different, more suitable model.

For the messy part of the trip, you can take the machine washable cover and ensure your child always rides in a clean environment.

  • Latch Anchors 
  • Machine Washable cover
  • Cup Holders
  • Not suitable for smaller cars

KidsEmbrace Backless Booster Car Seat - Great for Occasional Use

Here comes a car seat that all DC Comics fans will love!

If your kid refuses to use the backless booster, I bet they won't be able to resist riding in this one.

Not only does it have one of the best designs on the market, but it's also safe and comfortable for kids between 40 and 100 pounds.

In addition, it's rated as the "Best Bet Booster" by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, so I just knew I had to test it out.

What I appreciate the most when first trying out the booster is that they offer shoulder-belt-positioning clips. It provides maximum safety for your kiddos riding in the back.

As much as I value safety in backless boosters, I also want my kid to be comfortable. So this one includes a contoured base as well as a padded cover.

Let me tell you; the rides have been a lot more enjoyable since the tiny passenger in the back does not complain of the uncomfortable booster.

Furthermore, the booster seat includes a cup holder!

Cup holders are a hidden gem for me! My car does not include one, so I was glad that at least my kid has a place to hold his juice or a few snacks.

Oh, and get this, the cover is machine washable!

As you probably saw, I was impressed with the Clek Olli Backless Booster Car Seat with Rigid Latch booster but disappointed that it did not include a machine-washable cover.

You get it; I love the car seat, but are there downsides? There sure are. For instance, the booster seat does slide slightly, so it's not as snug a fit as I would prefer it.

It's not suitable as a regular booster, but you can use it for occasional carpools.

  • Easy to install
  • Comfortable padding
  • Includes a cup holder
  • Certified safe
  • Slides a bit on the car seat

Hiccapop UberBoost Inflatable Booster Car Seat - Best Value Pick

If you thought that BubbleBum was the only inflatable booster seat on the market, you are yet to be introduced with the impressive Hiccapop UberBoost.

Similarly to the other inflatable model, the Hiccapop is just as convenient and easy to carry on wherever you are.

This is a budget-friendly alternative to the BubbleBum with a few different features that make it a perfect travel accessory.

The main difference is the insides of the booster.

Unlike BubbleBum, this one does not consist of memory foam padding. However, the air bladder is durable and robust for children up to 110 pounds.

You won't even have the impression of an inflated booster when you press down on it; it feels like a conventional booster rather than an inflatable one.

The bottom of the no-back booster is covered with gritty material, ensuring the seat does not move or slide in the vehicle.

Adjustment of the belt is the easiest task if you ask us. The belt guides have a clamp style anchor, so you can adjust them to fit the child better.

The backless booster seat's cover is made out of durable fabric with a zip on the side. From our experience, a machine washable cover is a must when you are traveling with children.

The Hiccapop booster seat consists of a durable vinyl bladder. When it comes to inflatable booster seats, we are worried most about the deflating and safety.

However, the company claims that it is "Designed To Prevent Popping Open And Deflating." Only recently, the Hiccapop booster has been given the Best Bet rating from IIHS.

  • Affordable
  • Clamp belt guides
  • Machine washable cover
  • Not as comfortable for long rides

Clek Olli Backless Booster Car Seat with Rigid Latch - Best for Carpooling

What better choice for a backless booster car seat than an award-winning pick?

This Clek Olli booster has a significant weight limit, comfortable design, and is safe for older children.

The very first feature you should know about this car seat is for whom is it suitable?

The Clek Olli backless booster suits kids four and older and has a weight limit of 40 to 120 pounds. With these dimensions, it can raise the kid by at least four inches to be secured with a seat belt.

With the rigid LATCH connections, the booster seat fits perfectly in every automobile. I like to recommend this one for carpooling as the quick-release system is all you need when you are in a rush.

In addition, it also features a carrying strap, so it makes portability from home to the car much easier. Not many booster seats include cupholders, so I was surprised when I saw that Clek does!

The cup holder is removable and machine-washable, so you can always have it clean when you travel.

If you are a clean-freak like me, you will love the fabric of this booster car seat! It's removable, so you can wash it by hand or do simple spot cleaning for smaller stains.

I have to admit I was disappointed when I saw that the fabric was not machine-washable. It would have made the task of cleaning so much easier.

But, what's more important is that Clek includes a Greenguard Select-certified fabric. It's odor-resistant, protects against moisture, and offers a safe environment for your kiddos.

It lasts up to 9 years, and you can always check the expiration label underneath the seat.

  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for carpooling
  • Rigid LATCH
  • Double layer of padding
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Removable cup holder
  • The fabric is not machine-washable

mifold Grab-and-Go Car Booster Seat - Best Foldable Booster

Forget everything you think you know about on-the-go booster seats; you are in for quite the surprise. The mifold Grab and Go backless booster is like no other, designed for the parents on the go.

We were just as astonished as you by how conveniently small the design is. It is an ideal solution for parents who are always traveling with children, carpooling, or taxi rides.

Besides the dimensions, there is another significant feature that makes mifold different from other backless booster seats.

While the traditional booster is designed to give the child life, this booster does the opposite. The mifold seat is designed to pull the shoulder seat down and offer a comfortable fit.

Also, it features a belt and clip system that secures the mifold to the seat belt, ensuring it fits the height of the child.

The installation can be tricky at first, but it's only fair because this is the first time we encounter a booster like this.

All you need is patience making sure you follow the instructions carefully.

If you doubt its safety because of the size, let's stop you there. The model's slogan is "10 times smaller and just as safe", meaning the booster is thoroughly tested and safe to use.

Now, you have to pay attention if you plan on using the booster in the middle seat.

Some parents have commented that the central belt is not compatible with this backless booster seat, and you need to check the belt beforehand.

It may not provide the world's snuggliest feel, but safety beats comfort in this case. Because it does not give kids a "boost," it is not thickly padded. However, kids get used to it over time with frequent uses.

  • Great for traveling
  • Convenient
  • Not as comfortable 

Buyer's Guide For The Best Backless Booster Car Seat

With numerous backless booster seats on the market, it can be an impossible task for parents to choose the safest option.

We have narrowed down to the top 11 picks, and now it's time to see what you should look for in a backless booster seat. More importantly, how to determine the safety of one.

Remember, backless booster seats are only recommended if your car has an appropriate headrest.

1. Safety Regulations

best backless booster seat for travel

The only way to check if the booster seat has been tested is to check for safety certifications.

It's sometimes not as easy getting one because it's not a one-person job.

Not only does the car seat manufacturer has a saying, but a third party is also essential in obtaining the certification.

Therefore, when you find backless booster seats with the safety certification, rest sure knowing that it has been crash-tested according to US and European regulations.

A backless booster is sometimes more hazardous than high back ones because buyers neglect vehicle headrest. It is crucial to check for them and make sure the booster has a safety certification.

2. Accessories

Before you go on and pick your favorite model, have in mind what is it that you want out of a backless booster seats?

Does your child need cup holders or storage compartments? 

Take into consideration what can make the long trip easier on the child and you.

If the child cannot bear the thought of not having their favorite juice or a snack by their side, consider a model with cup holders.

Although the accessories may not be as essential to some, we found that they play a significant role in whether they like the booster seat.

Make it a pleasurable ride, whether it is a long one or just a short trip to the supermarket.

3. Age & Height

best backless booster seat with latch system

As you can notice, most of the backless boosters can support children weighing from 40 to 110 pounds, ages from 4 to 11 years old. There are some options for backless booster seats that support heavier kids of over 120 pounds.

Hence, always check with the car seat manufacturer what age group and height it is suitable for?

This is crucial for two reasons: comfort and safety.

For a child to be safely secured in the backless booster, it's essential to adjust the belt-positioning, and you can't do that if you did not pick the right model.

If the child fits snugly in the seat, it means they won't wiggle around trying to get in a comfortable position.


Can a child use a backless booster seat?

Booster car seats are reserved for children who have outgrown their forward-faced seats. As you know, there are high back and backless booster seats.

We advise you to consult the car seat manufacturer to check if the child has reached the appropriate criteria for a backless booster.

Each backless booster has the age limit mark on them, so make sure you also inform.

Are backless boosters safe?

Well, they are safer than no booster at all. However, they can never be as safe as high-back booster car seats. This is because they lack the whole body and spine support.

Still, many parents choose these car seat versions as they are less expensive than full-body boosters.

Some of them cost less than $20, so it’s understandable they opt for these units. But, it would be better to go for the high-back, safer models. Experts agree as well.

Are backless booster seats legal?

Yes, they are. The backless booster car seats are still considered legal. They meet and exceed all Federal Safety Standards and similar requirements.

However, your child must be over the specific height and weight to use the car seats correctly. Thus, they will comply with the car seat laws.

If not, children can not use these car seats.

Are backless booster seats legal in Australia?

No, they are not. They are legal and allowed to be used in Australia.

However, they are no longer manufactured in this country. The main reason for this is that these booster seats do not have any back support.

For this reason, multiple car seat safety experts strongly claim that it would be best to use the complete protection seats - high back boosters.

They provide complete protection to your children’s head, neck, back, and spine in the case of an accident, preventing severe injuries.

Can you use a backless booster seat in the UK?

best backless booster seats 2020

Yes, they can. But, there were considerable changes in the UK car seat laws.

The previous car seat laws allowed children slightly over 15 kg to use the backless booster car seats.

However, concerns over safety standards increased, so the authorities changed the laws.

From March 1, 2017, children weighing more than 22 kg and taller than 125 cm are allowed to use the newly produced backless booster seats on the car seat market.

All those who do not meet the regulations and safety standards can not use these car seat models.

How is the backless booster seat law in California regulated?

According to the California car seat laws, all children should be placed correctly in the correct child restraint safety system until they’re old enough to use the seat belt.

All kids under 40 pounds and 40 inches tall must be in the correct rear-facing seats. If they weigh more or are more elevated, they use the proper forward-facing seats.

All children under eight must be in the car or booster seat regarding boosters.

Using a seat belt system, those eight years old or/and four feet nine inches tall must be in the correct booster seat.

What are the advantages of having a backless booster?

Having a backless booster seat or a high back one is necessary if you want the child to have a safe ride.

While a high back booster is more suitable for younger passengers, a backless booster is a better option for older ones. They are an excellent transitional device until a seat belt becomes their only restraint system.

When the child is not fully grown to be secured via a seat belt, this is where we find backless boosters to be perfect protection.

By lifting them a few inches, it offers them a proper fit with the seat belt. With the latch system's help, you can secure booster seats safely to the vehicle seat and ensure a comfortable ride.

Also, the safety feature has to be mentioned.

Did you know that you lower the risks of injury by 45% by securing the child in booster seats rather than just seat belts?

Backless booster seats are our favorite travel buddies due to their convenience. They are easy to carry, install, and not to mention, super affordable! 

What is the difference between a high back booster and backless booster?

A highback booster looks like the name suggests. However, it has a high back and a headrest, whereas a backless booster does not.

Highback boosters are suitable for kids who have outgrown their forward-facing car seat and meet the requirements for a booster. Typically, this would be when they pass the 65-pound weight limit and are 4'9" tall.

Backless boosters are lighter and secure for older children who do not yet meet the height of a seat belt. It works by uplifting them a bit to be adequately secured with the vehicle's seat belt.

What are the height and weight requirements for a backless booster seat?

Backless booster seats are suitable for kids who have outgrown their forward-faced and highback booster seats.

Therefore, a backless booster's height and weight requirements are at least 40 pounds and under 4'90" tall.

It's always recommended you stick to the highback booster longer until your child surpasses the weight and height limits.

Don't use a backless booster prematurely! They are typically used between the ages of 8 and 12.

Can my 5-year-old use a backless booster seat?

All of the backless boosters seats we reviewed are suitable for children four years old and up.

However, you still have to check with the car seat laws in the state you are in and consult with the car seat manufacturer.

What car seat should a seven-year-old be in?

They should be adequately restrained in a booster car seat. All children between 4 and 7 years old (only if ready) and less than 57 inches tall should use booster seats.

However, if your child does not meet the safety standards and regulations, they mustn’t use boosters. Instead, they can use forward-facing harness car seats.

After they are ready for the next level, they will go for seat belts, but they must be over 57 inches tall and eight or more years older.

What is the most comfortable backless booster seat?

Even though this is an individual choice for everyone, our personal preference for the most comfortable backless booster seat would be Chicco GoFit Backless Booster Car Seat.

A thick foam padding is a must for a safe and comfortable ride.

What is the safest booster seat 2022?

For the safest option of backless booster seats, we have chosen the Graco TurboBooster LX Backless Booster Car Seat.

The seat has been thoroughly tested for the rear, side, and frontal crashes and extreme car temperatures.

What is the best narrow backless booster seat?

best backless booster seat for 6 year old

One of the best narrow backless booster car seats is undoubtedly the BubbleBum Hybrid Inflatable Travel Car Seat.

The backless booster is a must-have model for your long-distance trips.

Thanks to its hybrid design, providing portable and compact functions, the backless booster is flexible and quickly adjusts to your vehicle’s needs.

In addition, the seat is rigid so that it will support bulkier children with higher weight and size. And, due to its narrow design and overall dimensions, it will easily fit three across.

Finally, it leaves enough room for comfort and effortless setup of other car seats without pressure or discomfort.

What is the best backless booster seat for a big kid?

The best backless booster seat for a big kid is undoubtedly our final winner - the Chicco GoFit Backless Booster Car Seat.

Due to its compact yet solid and reliable design, the booster seat will support kids up to 110 pounds, more than other competitors.

In addition, its installation, quick-release, and machine-washable content will make it convenient and comfortable for parents and children.

It’s an inevitable seat for all trips and travels.

In addition, the backless booster seat offers two fold-away cup holders for kids to place their favorite beverages inside and enjoy the trips more.

What is the most comfortable backless booster seat for long trips?

The well-known Cosco Topside Backless Booster Car Seat might be the most comfortable backless booster seat due to its padding benefits.

The car seat adds more support to your children, increasing their overall height for the best position.

In addition, you can quickly move it when changing more vehicles, and its lightweight, compact design is the most convenient for kids and parents.

Finally, the extra-plush padding creates comfort and coziness, so kids won’t be pressured or in pain while sitting at the back of the vehicle.

Does Nuna make a backless booster seat?

No, not backless only, but the combination. Their famous model is the Nuna AACE high back and backless booster seat.

You can quickly remove the upper part to get the backless booster and support your little one.

How wide is Chicco GoFit?

Its total width measures 17 inches. But, the overall dimensions measure ‎15 x 17 x 5 inches.

Chicco vs. Graco backless booster seat: which is better?

Well, the ultimate choice is quite complicated. Both car seats have similar functions and overall design and purpose.

However, many parents still choose the Graco car seat models as the better option due to overall quality.

Namely, many complain Chicco backless booster seats do not have as much comfortable padding as the Graco models do.

So, they choose Graco units rather than Chicco.

Still, both brands are extraordinary in terms of safety and similar features, so it isn’t straightforward to choose the best one. It depends on your preferences.

Does the backless booster seat have a cup holder?

Once you examine the overall design and construction features, you can refer to a particular category - accessories, and see whether the backless booster comes with or without the removable cup holders.

But, for instance, our Chicco GoFit backless booster does come with a removable cup holder. So, it will be an inevitable part of every family trip!

Does a backless booster need LATCH?

Many of the backless boosters do not need a LATCH to be secured.

You can also secure them with a seat belt, but as this process is more challenging, many parents prefer LATCH anchors instead.

Most backless boosters, such as Clek, use only lower anchors or rigid LATCH for installations.

How to install Graco backless booster seats?

Follow the safety procedure below:

- Before installing the backless booster, ensure you read both the vehicle ad car seat instruction manuals to ensure they are compatible

- When fitting the backless booster using the vehicle seat belt, pul the best across your child’s body, ensuring the lap belt is threaded through the belt guide under the armrest and inserted into the buckle 

- The shoulder belt must also go under the armrest on the buckle side

- Adjust the shoulder belt, so it runs clearly across the chest

- Ensure there are no twists in the belt and tighten off any slack.

Do backless booster seats need to be anchored?

Yes, they do. You must correctly anchor them to avoid accidents, releasing, and shaking.

However, the system mainly depends on the motor vehicle you are using. LATCHING the car seat in the proper place is the primary reason for anchoring the booster seat.

However, it would be best to refer to both vehicle and car seat instruction manuals to see the installation and anchoring factors.

Many motor vehicles will not allow you to anchor the booster seats.

How to secure a backless booster seat?

To secure and install a backless booster seat properly, you can follow the process below:

- Thread the seat belt through the belt path and across the hips

- Ensure the seat belt is not twisted or tangled, and make sure it lies flat 

- The seat belt must be positioned below the arrests of the backless booster seat 

- The shoulder strap goes under the side closest to the buckle, over the kid’s shoulder, and across the chest.

Are backless booster seats acceptable on planes?

Only to transport them. Otherwise, you can use the correct harness car seat. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as an airplane booster seat.

You can check multiple FAA-approved seats and find specific boosters, but aircraft require harness seat types only!

How long does the backless booster seat expire?

Similar to "regular" car seats, backless booster car seats also have the same expiration date - 6 to 10 years from the manufacturer date.

You can find the serial number and the expiration date in the labels or instructions manual to see more details.

In addition, you should use them after the expiration date. Follow the procedure for your little ones’ sake.

Final Words

When it comes down to the best backless booster seat, my favorite is the GoFit Backless Booster Car Seat!

It's one of the best-rated backless boosters on the market and a favorite to many parents (including myself as well).

It's comfortable, has thick padding, and is a safe transportation means for your little passenger in the back!

Chicco GoFit Backless Booster Car Seat, Travel, Portable Car Booster Seat for children 40-110 lbs. |...*
  • BOOSTER CAR SEAT FOR 40 LBS AND UP — GoFit is designed for children who are at least 4 years old, between 40-110 lbs. and 38-57 inches tall and who can sit relatively still in the same seated...
  • BELT-POSITIONING BOOSTER — Integrated lap belt guides and a shoulder belt clip ensure a proper fit with the vehicle seat belt for your child.
  • CONTOURED SEAT — The ErgoBoost contoured seat with double foam padding provides support in all the right places for big kid comfort.
  • EASY CARE — The GoFit portable booster seat features 2 dishwasher-safe, fold-away cup holders, a machine-washable seat pad and pop-out armrest covers for easy cleaning. The foam insert may be hand...
  • CARRY HANDLE — Built-in carry handle makes it easy to transfer the child booster seat from vehicle to vehicle. This model of the GoFit does not have LATCH attachment. See GoFit Plus Backless Booster...
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