Which Chicco Backless Booster is Best for You: Chicco GoFit vs GoFit Plus?

Over the years, Chicco has delivered us a variety of car seats, strollers, and boosters! One of their most recognizable backless booster car seats is from the GoFit series.

However, there is a new kid on the block! The Chicco GoFit Plus is here, and I am ready to dish out all the details! But, most importantly, we will compare these two boosters side by side and see what differences and similarities they share.

The newer version did not get the "Plus" tag for no reason. So let's see how the traditional Chicco GoFit backless booster has been upgraded in this Chicco GoFit vs GoFit Plus review.


General Specifications
difference between chicco gofit and gofit plus

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Chicco GoFit

Chicco GoFit Plus

Product weight

5 pounds

5.5 pounds

Weight limit

40-110 pounds

40-110 pounds

Child's height limit



Car seat type

Backless booster car seat

Backless booster car seat

Carry handle



Cup folders



Machine washable fabrics



Installation type

Lower anchors

Quick release LATCH system

Chicco GoFit Backless Booster Car Seat Overview

The Chicco GoFit backless booster car seat is a fantastic travel buddy! It's lightweight at only 5 pounds and has a built-in carry handle for easy transport!

This vehicle seat belt-positioning booster seat installs easily in all vehicle seats! So, no matter if your vehicle is big or small, or if you plan on installing more than one booster car seat in the back, this one will save space and offer a perfect fit.

It's suitable for kids weighing between 40-110 pounds. However, consider that the American Academy of Pediatrics does recommend kids use belt-positioning booster seats around the age of eight.

With that in mind, even though Chicco is safe for younger ones, I recommend you wait until your kid has fully outgrown their high-back booster seat before they move to a backless version.

1. Installation

You will be astonished at how easy and effortless it is to install the Chicco GoFit backless booster car seat! It comes with a shoulder belt clip and integrated lap belt guides. In addition, a highlight mark allows you to reach the perfect fit for the growing child!

Ensure the shoulder belt goes across the child's shoulder and does not cut into the neck.

Additionally, the Chicco GoFit backless booster car seat is lined with a smooth underside so that it won't damage your vehicle seats!

As this is a common issue with backless booster seats, I give Chicco GoFit a big plus!

chicco gofit plus instructions

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2. Convenience

A standard Chicco Go Fit booster is packed with convenience! For starters, the Grab and go convenience carry handle allows you to bring your booster seat anywhere!

Since it's super lightweight, kids can carry it to their carpool sessions!

Speaking of carpools, we all know how messy they can get! This is why you must get a backless booster seat with machine-washable fabrics. Luckily, Chicco offers them!

You can find machine-washable fabrics with both Chicco GoFit and GoFit Plus!

Oh, and did you know that the Chicco GoFit comes with two cup holders, or as Chicco likes to call them "cupholders"? That's right! The cup holders are attached to each side of the booster, allowing your kiddo to reach their favorite beverage at all times!

Plus, they are dishwasher friendly, so you don't have to clean them before each ride manually!

3. Comfort

Chicco is known for its comfort, which is the case with this backless booster seat!

The standard version is lined with ErgoBoost double foam padding, making every ride twice as comfortable!

In addition, the contoured ErgoBoost seat follows the body in all the right places, offering proper support for the child.

Chicco GoFit Plus Backless Booster Seat Overview

The Chicco GoFit Plus is a vehicle seat belt-positioning booster seat with double foam padding and incredible design! Some would say it's remarkably similar to the traditional version, and I'm guessing they are not wrong.

These two models share the same qualities, but one crucial difference sets them apart.

Like the standard GoFit booster, the Chicco GoFit Plus is suitable for kids between 40 and 110 pounds. It's great for big kids transitioning from a high-back booster seat but not so much for those who have just stopped using a forward-facing harness seat.

1. Installation

Here is where the difference lies!

While the standard Chicco booster is installed with lower anchors, the Plus booster includes a quick-release LATCH system.

The quick-release LATCH system includes a one-hand release for grab-and-go convenience that lets you install and uninstall the booster in under a few seconds!

Thanks to the built-in carry handle, the GoFit Plus's quick-release LATCH design works even better when traveling or carpooling! As a result, it's easy to transfer GoFit Plus wherever you go!

Additionally, integrated lap belt guides allow you to position the vehicle seat belt for proper use in any vehicle.

2. Convenience

what is the difference between chicco gofit and gofit plus

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All of the convenience features introduced with the regular GoFit booster are duplicated on the Plus model.

The GoFit Plus booster seat includes dishwasher-safe dual cupholders! Thanks to these dishwasher-safe cupfolders, you will have to worry less about the maintenance of the booster.

Plus, they can save space since they are foldable from all sides!

As I mentioned, messy boosters are inevitable, but that does not mean you should stress when your kiddo's chocolate-covered hands get to the booster. Sounds easier said than done?

What if I told you that the Plus version comes with machine-washable fabric too? The Chicco GoFit Plus is an absolute master of maintenance-free design.

3. Comfort

Lastly, we have comfort and support delivered with the thick foam insert. In addition, the Chicco GoFit Plus has the contoured ErgoBoost seat padding that provides the best comfort!

The contoured seat delivers the right support to all the pressure points and is superb for those long travels. Likewise, the Chicco GoFit Plus is lined with a non-marking underside, so you won't have to worry about your vehicle seats getting damaged.

What Makes Them Different?

I have compared the booster seats by Chicco in all crucial aspects! So, what makes them different if they are practically the same?

The LATCH system, of course!

The Chicco GoFit Plus boasts a quick-release LATCH system that is easy to use even for first-time parents! You can even teach the grandparents how to use it! In addition, thanks to the lap and shoulder belt guides, you can position the vehicle seat belt just right and not worry about installation!

The fast and easy discharge mechanism allows you to uninstall the booster seat in a few seconds! It's excellent if you are in a hurry or taking an Uber with your kid. Logically, this type of mechanism and feature will cost more than the standard version.

But is it worth it? Definitely!


What is the difference between GoFit and GoFit Plus?

Although the Chicco GoFit backless booster and the GoFit Plus are practically similar, one difference sets them apart.

The Chicco GoFit Plus comes with a quick-release LATCH system, a feature that the standard GoFit lacks.

Does Chicco GoFit have LATCH?

chicco gofit vs gofit plus arm and hammer

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No, the regular Chicco GoFit does not have a LATCH system. However, if you are looking for one, you can get the Chicco GoFit Plus model.

These two backless booster car seats are similar in detail; the only difference is that the Plus version comes with a LATCH system. It's easy to install and helps to keep the booster stable with the child in it.

Additionally, it prevents the backless booster car seat from sliding over to the other side.

What makes the Chicco GoFit Plus unique?

One feature that makes the Chicco GoFit unique is the addition of the LATCH system. The previous standard version did not have one, so even though installations were secure, they were not always that stable.

With the help of the incredible LATCH system, this backless booster car seat will stick to the vehicle's back seat and will not slide away. As a result, it offers maximum safety for your child!

The Chicco Gofit Plus backless booster also comes with a carry handle that allows easy transport. Plus, the double foam padding provides comfort and support for the little one in the back.

What is the child age and size limit for the Chicco GoFit Plus?

The weight limit for the Chicco GoFit Plus is between 40-100 pounds. This will allow kids between the ages of 4 to 10 to use the backless booster car seat. In addition, the child's body height must be around 38-57 inches.

However, the American Academy of Pediatrics declares explicitly that booster car seats should be used when your child can adequately use the lap belt guides and shoulder belt clip of adult size.

They are typically ready for a booster car seat when they reach 4 feet and 9 inches in height, around the age of 8. Therefore, even though the GoFit Plus is safe to use as a belt-positioning booster, we still recommend you wait till your child reaches the body and weight limits.

How comfortable is the Chicco GoFit Plus backless booster seat?

The Chicco Gofit Plus, backless booster car seat, is super comfortable! It's lined with soft fabric and a double foam padding that offers the most comfortable ride for the kids!

Plus, the backless booster car seat even has a smooth underside that will prevent your vehicle seat from being damaged!

How safe is the Chicco GoFit Plus backless booster?

Considering this booster car seat includes a quick-release LATCH system installation and integrated lap belt guides, along with a shoulder belt clip that offers the perfect fit, Chicco GoFit Plus is a safe booster car seat.

This backless booster car seat is even declared the "Best Bet Booster" by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety IIHS and JPMA Certified.

How to install Chicco Gofit Plus booster seat?

Start by placing the backless booster car seat on the vehicle seat. Pull out the LATCH release handle and the connectors. Attach the LATCH connectors to the vehicle's lower anchors bars. Tighten the LATCH strap and secure the backless booster car seat with the vehicle seat.

Check the booster car seat installation, and see if the seat is tightly connected to the vehicle. There should be no loose spots that allow the booster to slide away.

Final Words: Chicco GoFit vs Gofit Plus

Here is where we will wrap up our comparison.

As you can notice, these two boosters are not so much different. However, adding the quick-release LATCH system with the Chicco GoFit Plus sure makes it look more desirable.

If you wish to enjoy a quick and easy installation of the booster, then paying a few dollars more for the Plus version will be worth it!

Apart from the installation, the boosters are very much alike, so you won't make a wrong choice with picking either of them. Furthermore, since they are both on the affordable side, you can try out each of them.

Leave one for home use and one for carpools!

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