The Best Nuna Aace Review in 2022 – Pro Guide for Super Parents

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It becomes challenging to find the proper car seat as your child grows.

It seems as though they are growing minute by minute, and before you know it, your little toddler is no longer fit for the forward-facing car seat!

If you have a preschooler, it's time you consider booster car seats. But, where do you start?

The market is full of them, and how would you know you have picked out the proper booster that follows the growth of your kiddo? I got you!

Rapid growth can present the task for parents trying to find the ultimate grow-with-me booster seat.

Luckily, brands like Nuna are here to deliver one of the best adjustable booster car seats for growing kids! It's easy to use and has a long life span, saving your budget and time!

With numerous customizable features, Nuna created one of the best booster seats for tall and big children.

Take a look at what this Nuna Aace booster seat review has to offer.

Quick Summary

The Nuna Aace is a booster car seat that can be used from 40-120 pounds, offering a long lifespan and use!

Installed both as a backless booster and a highback belt-positioning booster, the Nuna Aace offers older children the independence of riding with a seatbelt and boosting them up for a proper fit.

With the 3D growth system, your preschooler will grow into a pre-teen with the comfort they deserve!

Each of the positions is easy to adjust to following the child's growth.

1. Adjustability: 5/5

Nuna Aace is one of the best adjustable boosters that follows your child's growth.

Your growing kiddo will always be adequately supported with the adjustable seat depth, adjustable headrest, and shoulder width.

2. Comfort: 5/5

The padding of the Nuna booster is thick as it is lined with energy-absorbing foam. The cover is breathable and allows air circulation, which is crucial for longer rides.

3. Value for Money: 4.5/5

This booster seat is on the pricey side.

However, considering it has a long lifespan and multiple adjustable features for the growing child, the price fits well with the overall quality.

4. Easy to Use: 5/5

The highback/backless booster is user-friendly and easy to install.

In addition, it's packed with parent-friendly and a 3D growing system that accommodates children of young age and even pre-teens.


Price: Under $300

What I Like
  • Adjustability
  • Includes a dishwasher safe cup holder
  • Can be installed with lower anchor connectors
  • Includes side-impact protection pods
  • Flame-resistant material
What I Did Not Like
  • The cover is difficult to take off
  • Bulky design
  • Heavy
  • Not suitable for traveling
  • Pricy

Bottom Line

Nuna Aace is a pricey but worthy investment for those who want years' worth of use!

It has an expiration date of ten years and is designed to accommodate the rapid growth of preschoolers and pre-teens.

By including UAS design, the booster is a perfect fit in most vehicles!

With one hand, you can easily adjust all the features Nuna offers and not deal with stressful installations ever again.

These are only a few of the customization features that make this booster stand out among similar alternatives you can find on the market.


nuna aace booster review

Source: Youtube

When I first found out that Nuna was coming out with a booster seat, I knew I had to get my hands on it!

Previously, my kiddo enjoyed the Nuna Pipa infant car seat; then we moved to a forward-facing one, so when it was time to switch to a belt-positioning booster, I was so excited we could use Nuna again!

The Nuna Aace is a highback booster with a removable backrest with a fantastic lifespan! It can be used from four until your kiddo is at least 12 years old!

In addition, the Nuna Aace seat takes great pride in being one of the most adjustable boosters on the market, designed to offer the utmost comfort for the growing child.

It has more than a few unique features when it comes to adjustability, but we will discuss them extensively below.

However, what impressed most parents, myself included, were the excellent safety features found in the booster!

Although Nuna Aace is on the heavier side, its weight being 15 lbs, it does have excellent features for those long travels.

Such is the removable cup holder that's easy to clean and safe for the dishwasher.

For some reason, my kid always gets the most excited about the cupholder. It keeps his Paw Patrol cup safe and snug while we ride, and he cannot help but sneak in a few candy pieces in there!

Overall, I'm pleased with the quality built of this highback booster. It's sturdy and stable once installed, and there is no flimsy business!

So, let's dive into details and see what else this booster has to offer.

Important Information

FAA Approval

Like all booster seats that are belt-positioned, the Nuna is not approved for the aircraft. The label can be found on the bottom seat base.

If you plan to take Nuna on your vacation, I recommend you safely pack it up and check it.

It's excellent that both parts can be separated so you can check one and put the other one in the overhead bin.

Expiration Date

This information label can also be found on the bottom backless seat portion. Nuna has a long lifespan of 10 years from the date of manufacture.

Grows With Your Kid!

Nuna Aace would be nothing without its unique feature-the 3D growth system! 

No other competitor on the market has these customizable features all in one. Nuna is a unique find you will love!

The 3-D growth system is the most significant selling point that amazed many parents, so let's check it out.

What is the 3D growth system?

The Nuna Aace's biggest pride is adjustability.

As your kid grows, the seat allows you to adjust three parts: height, width, and depth! Yep, you read that correctly.

1. Grow Up System

This one includes the height-adjustable headrest and up to nine positions you can choose from. All of them are easy to adjust just with one hand and accommodate tall toddlers and preschoolers!

In addition, the height-adjustable headrest can be moved up and down so older can have a proper fit.

2. Grow Out System

nuna aace safety review

Source: Youtube

The grow-out system is terrific for bigger children as it allows for the shoulder width to be fully adjusted and expanded.

Plus, while adjusting the headrest, you will simultaneously expand the shoulder width as the two work together.

3. Grow on System

The grow-on system is there to make sure your kiddo has a spacious seating area as well as more room for growing legs!

The seat has three seat depths you can choose from, and they offer plenty of support!

The lever for the depth adjustments is located right underneath the cover flap.

People often mistake it to be a lower-latch anchor but don't get those two mixed up. Instead, it works by squeezing it and moving it into three positions.

nuna aace car seat reviews

Source: Youtube

Overall Thoughts?

All in all, I enjoyed setting up all of these features as my kiddo grew up.

I talked to several parents who tested out the Nuna Aace, and the experience was just as positive as I hoped it to be.

The fabric of the booster seat is breathable and soft, which is key for those long summer rides.

Long-term Solution

I know, I know, seeing your little one outgrows their forward-facing seat can bring some tears to your face.

The realization that they are not a kid anymore and ready for a seat belt restraining can become a bit of shock.

However, the Nuna Aace seat is the perfect long-term solution! It does cost more than its booster competitors, but it will last you for quite a while.

This is a 2-in-1 design. It can be used both in the high back and backless booster modes. The back can be easily attached and removed when necessary.

All of the features are user-friendly, so you don't have to spend hours trying to get the proper installation.

One of my personal favorites is the spacious design for growing legs! It's often a challenge finding a seat suitable for tall kids, but this one was just the right pick.

Plus, the arm rests offer relaxation, which is not a common feature seen in booster seats!

Installing the Nuna Aace Booster Seat

The Nuna Aace may be the only booster seat you will ever need until your child can independently ride with a seat belt!

Hear me out, and the 120-pound upper weight limit will allow for the kid to ride in the backless booster at least until they are 12 years old and follow all the requirements.

Furthermore, it can be installed in nearly all vehicles (Tesla included), thanks to the UAS connectors.

Nuna offers an additional belt positioned clip which is great for kids who have not yet reached the proper shoulder height.

But, unfortunately, this is not something you see a lot these days, especially in booster seats.

We have a long way to come until we say goodbye to the Nuna Aace, but let's discuss how you can install it both as a highback booster and a backless one.

1. High-back Booster Installation

nuna aace car seat review


I had no trouble installing it as a highback booster. However, I noticed that some parents complained about the compatibility and how the booster interfered with their non-removable headrests.

For this reason, I would recommend you to visit your local car seat store and ask them if you can try out the high-back booster in your car.

Most of them will let you do so if you leave an ID at the counter to be sure.

I did this with most of the car seats we purchased as it was often unsure whether they would be a good fit in our vehicle seat.

This high-back booster includes a universal anchorage system that clips onto your car's lower anchor connectors.

Now, when installing it with a universal anchorage system, you need to make sure that the booster seat's back is touching the car's seatback.

Following this, you might notice a slight gap between the bottom of the booster and the car's seat, but don't panic!

Only make sure the high-back mode back is aligned and you are good to go.

In addition, the highback can be reclined in eight positions, but you should only do so if you have installed it with the UAS. 

High-back mode booster requirements:

- Age: At least four years old

- Height: 38-60'' tall

- Weight: 40-110 lbs

2. Backless Booster Installation

If you think the highback installation is easy, wait until it's time to use the booster as backless.

The entire installation process is done in under 10 seconds as all you need to do is push the highback down, and it will lift off.

The use of the backless Aace booster will reduce the chance of challenging installation as nothing interferes with the headrests.

When installing it in this mode, make sure you use the shoulder belt positioner clip.

Some children may not just yet reach the height, so in this way, they will correctly use the vehicle seat belt.

No-back booster mode requirements:

- Age: At least five years old

- Height: 38-60 inches

- Weight: 50-120 lbs

Fabrics & Maintenance

I have to be honest, I did struggle a bit trying to get the cover off the shell, but the fact that it's machine washable made me forget those few minutes of struggle!

The reason for this is that the material of the cover is relatively thick and won't budge once installed. So, logically, it took me a couple of minutes before I managed to take it off.

But, if you have a squirmy toddler who often likes to sneak a few things under the cover, it would be practically impossible to do so!

You don't often see booster seats that are easy to clean, and most of them require to be spot-cleaned which can be a huge problem if you have a messy preschooler.

But, as I mentioned, you will also get a dishwasher-safe cup holder, which makes cleaning it much more manageable.

However, you should know that all Nuna car seats are made from flame-resistant fabric that contains no harmful chemicals.

In addition, Nuna is a proud owner of the Greenguard Gold Certified as its material contains low chemical emissions.

Safety Features

nuna aace booster seat safety rating


Don't let it slip your mind that Nuna Aace is a belt-positioning booster, meaning it's not a harnessed car seat.

The AAP recommends that the 5-point harness is the safest option for children younger than 5.

However, considering the Nuna is suitable for 4-year olds, it's a slippery field, and you have to be careful when your child is ready to transition to a belt-positioning booster.

After the child outgrows their forward-facing car seat, this booster will become their next safe environment for car transportations!

So let's see what safety features does Nuna offer!

For starters, one of the unique features is the side impact pods!

The SIP pods are there to ensure your kiddo is safe during the crash, with the side supports found on both side wings of the booster.

First, however, there is one thing you should know about how SIP pods work.

As you probably know, the safest spot to install a car seat is in the center seating position.

By installing it in this spot, you minimize the severe injuries in case of a car crash. But, not everyone can install the seat in the middle so that the next safest spot would be behind the driver.

These side-impact protection pods can be 'activated' by popping them in and out.

However, it's only acceptable to activate the side impact protection pods when installing the booster to close the vehicle door.

Therefore, they should not be used when the seat is in the center.

Lastly, as we mentioned previously, the Nuna is lined with energy-absorbing foam designed to absorb all the crash force.

Shortcomings of the Nuna Aace

Luckily, there were not too many red alerts for the Nuna booster, but there were still a few disadvantages we need to discuss.

For starters, the size! Nuna is a super bulky booster and quite heavy, for that matter.

Its weight is around 15.6 lbs which means it's not the best candidate if you often switch vehicles with your partner. If you get this one, it's best to install it in one car and leave it there.

Moving it around will be a challenge for many!

You can get a clear picture of just how wide this booster is from what I have told you.

The widest point being around 22 inches, this is not a suitable booster for three across installations

You might be able to install an infant seat or a convertible one right next to it, but if you have a growing family, I would suggest a slimmer model.

It has an expandable shoulder system, built-in armrests, and side pods, which take up quite some space in the back.

Logically, the seat will become slimmer once it's in the backless mode. For that time being, you will need to make a compromise.

Another thing is the price. This is not precisely the best budget deal for booster seats.

However, considering the long life span and multiple adjustable features, Nuna is a worthy investment.

Close Competitor Car Seats

1. Nuna Aace vs. Britax Highpoint

Nuna Aace Vs. Britax Highpoint


When I first discovered Nuna, I could not help but notice how much it reminded me of the Britax Highpoint. I was not alone; many parents noticed huge similarities between the two boosters.

Let's see how they are alike and which one is the better option.

Both booster seats can be used as a high back and a backless booster, allowing for longer use. The backs come off quickly. However, Nuna does win here.

It offers an additional seat belt positioner for those children who don't yet reach the proper shoulder height.

In addition, they include wide armrests and multiple protection layers that keep the kids safe in their seats.

Here is where they differ.

If you plan on taking your booster for traveling, I suggest you opt for the Britax one. It only weighs 12 pounds, compared to Aace, which weighs around 15.6 lbs.

However, the Britax includes dual cup holders, leaving little room for the second seat to be installed in the back.

Nuna has only one cup holder, yet it does not take up too much space.

We talked about the adjustability that Nuna offers, and I have to say it's a clear winner in this case. It's suitable both for tall and shorter children.

If price is your biggest concern, Britax retails for around $40 less than Nuna, so it's a cheaper but equal quality alternative.

2. Nuna Aace vs. UPPAbaby Alta

nuna aace booster seat caviar review

Source: Youtube

These two hold a close competition, with one quality separating them apart.

Nuna can become a backless booster while UPPAbaby Alta only sticks to the highback mode. Other than that, they are somewhat similar and differ mainly in fabrics and quality.

For instance, they both include a latch system installation that's easy to use in most vehicles, which has excellent compatibility.

Nuna does offer more advantages for a growing kid, such as multiple recline options, adjustable headrest, seat depth, and expandable shoulders.

Does Nuna Have a Cheaper Alternative?

If it weren't for the high price, the Nuna Aace seat would be the perfect model for long-term use!

But, unfortunately, it's out of the price range for many, so here are my top alternatives that are easy on the budget.

Chicco KidFit 2-in-1 Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seat

Chicco offers up to 10 headrest positions which are perfect for growing kiddies. It can be installed with a Super Cinch Latch attachment, allowing for quick and secure installation.

In addition, the seat transitions from a belt-positioning highback booster to a backless one.

Another option would be the Evenflo Big Kid Highback 2-in-1 Belt-Positioning.

It's under $50, so it's super affordable if you plan on getting a space booster seat you would keep at the grandparents or keep only for traveling.

Evenflo has a significant weight limit, and it can also transform from a highback booster to a backless one in under a few seconds!

The only complaint is that Evenflo offers fewer height positions.


Does the Nuna Aace recline?

Yes, the Nuna Aace does recline, and it features up to 8 recline positions you can easily adjust with one hand.

This is one of the unique features of the Nuna Aace seat since most car seats of this type can only stay in one position.

The customizable recline can also be achieved if it's installed with lower latch anchors.

Is Nuna Aace flame retardant free booster?

Yes, every Nuna car seat is made from fire-retardant-free materials.

The fabric used is completely flame resistant while not including harmful chemicals, so they are safe for your little ones.

It's a wise choice with kids with sensitive skin who suffer from psoriasis, eczema, or dry and irritated skin. 

How do I set up Nuna Aace?

The Nuna Aace will arrive in two main pieces - the tall backrest and the backless seating booster.

To attach both pieces, you will need to align the hooks on the bottom of the backrest to the ones on the bottom booster.

Then, slide them in, and you should hear an audible click, letting you know the assembly is successful.

As for the installation, you can install the highback booster either by using lower latch connectors or the seat belt. The belt paths are color-coded, so you don't mess up achieving a proper installation.

Nuna includes UAS connectors that are a perfect match for most vehicle seat models.

Nuna Aace vs Clek Oobr: Who is the winner?

Both Nuna Aace and Clek Oobr are excellent in reclining and offering a comfy ride for the little passengers.

However, the Nuna Aace would be a clear winner if you want plush padding and a bigger weight limit so your child can ride in their booster longer.

Clek Oobr is great if you have a smaller vehicle and are looking for a compact high back booster with an excellent safety protection system.

How much does the Nuna Aace weigh?

Nuna Aace weighs 15.6 lbs. It's one of the heavier booster seats, so we would not recommend you use it for traveling.

Final Words

So, what do you think? Will the Nuna Aace be the next great investment, or is it a miss?

I hope you got all the valuable information you have been looking for when it comes to this spectacular 2-in-1 booster seat!

It has not failed me once yet, so I can say it's worth it!

The 3D Growing System is perfect for preschoolers and pre-teens as it follows their rapid growth, but it also keeps them comfortable.

Nuna is packed with parent-friendly features and easy installments, making it worth every penny.

The bottom line, it's a terrific option if you are looking for an easily adjustable booster, so you rely on it for years to come!

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