Best Britax Car Seat That Will Make Your Life Super Easy! (2021 Update)

As a mom of two and a safety technician, I always choose only the best car seats! I need to be sure that my little ones are safe and comfortable; otherwise, I have to improvise, which is not always the right solution.

That's why I choose the Britax brand! The Britax has a strong dedication to safety and protection. I've been using Britax car seats for my kids - from infant to booster - and we love them!

But what are the other benefits? Stay tuned, and learn why you should never miss the best Britax car seat.

Top 3 Recommendations

Best Britax All-In-One Car Seat

Britax One4Life ClickTight All-In-One Car Seat - Car Seat For All Kids

And, we're about to start this voyage through Britax car seats with the cream of the crop! It's a great Britax car seat, unique for many reasons!

The dimensions withstand all children - from 5 to 120 pounds! Wow, regardless of your children's age, all of them can use this car seat freely!

The installation part has never been easier! Due to the ClickTight installation system, you'll know your kids gave maximum safety when you complete the three easy steps: you need to open it, thread and buckle, and then click to close it.

This Britax One4Life ClickTight car seat easily converts from a rear-facing to a forward-facing mode with a 5-point harness system, finally to a high back belt-positioning booster seat.

Your children will be relaxed and comfortable due to the breathable and cool flow mesh content. There won't be any sweet stains either on the kiddo or on the car seat.

The maximum safety is possible thanks to the side-impact protection and the energy-absorbing crumple zone. Also, the high-strength steel base works as a shield and provides additional security.

You'll find the patented V-shaped tether, easy-to-read level indicators, quick-push nine reclining positions, easy-pull harness adjuster, and the two cup holders - all for more convenient and comfortable rides!

Excellent car seat, don't you agree?

  • Excellent safety features
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • Quick setup
  • No an anti-rebound bar

Best Britax Infant Car Seats

Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat - Rear Facing - Maximum Safety Standards

"What is the best Britax infant car seat?" Undoubtedly, this one! It has so many benefits, and I'll show them to you instantly!

This Britax B-Safe 35 infant car seat has excellent safety features! As the rear-facing car seat consists of a sturdy steel frame, a layer of side-impact protection, and the impact-absorbing base, it is surrounded by safety! Absolutely fantastic!

For additional stability of your children and easy installation, you can use the regular car seat belt system and lock-offs in the motor vehicle, or, better, the LATCH system and connectors. The infant car seat won't move around during the ride and will provide maximum security.

Due to the indicators and adjustable spring-assisted recline, you can easily find the suitable installation angles and place the rear-facing car seat according to your baby's needs. Your kiddo will also recline in the right position; therefore, the car seat guarantees the ultimate comfort.

If you plan to travel worldwide, YES, you can do that with this Britax B-Safe 35 rear-facing car seat since it's an excellent travel buddy. The seat is compatible with be free, be agile, be ready, be mobile strollers when you use the built-in adapters, or with the bob single or dual-lie strollers. But, you must buy the adapter separately.

Finally, the proportions fit the baby between 4 and 35 pounds of the maximum weight. And, of course, the ergonomic handle will make the use quick.

  • Easy to install
  • Ease of use
  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Comfortable
  • Poor customer service

BRITAX B-Safe Endeavours Infant Car Seat - Rear Facing - Best For Protection

Whenever you think about safety, you should think about this B-Safe Endeavours infant car seat! Read below and find out why.

Your little ones' ultimate protection is now possible thanks to the dual-layer side-impact protection, impact-absorbing base, steel frame, and quick-adjust head protection. Thus, even during the car collision, your kiddo will remain untouchable and their bodies secure.

Moreover, there's the anti-rebound bar that minimizes the force during the accident; therefore, the infant car seat will be stable when you install it in a rear-facing mode.

You can install the Britax B-Safe Endeavours rear-facing car seat with or without the base; you have to follow the European seat belt guides.

More vitally, it's easy to install the rear-facing car seat with the regular seat belt system or LATCH system and attachments for extra stability. Thus, it won't change the primary position, and the base will stay immovable.

When you want to travel, you can try various stroller modes - be agile, mobile, free, ready, bob single or dual-line strollers, for a fantastic travel experience!

Since the B-Safe Endeavours rear-facing car seat has a no-rethreading system, it contains the two buckling positions for a more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere and the right fit as your kiddo grows.

Additionally, the indicators and spring adjusted recline enables various installation angles; hence, you can install the rear-facing seat as you like. And, the dimensions hold up the children 4 - 35 pounds of the weight limit.

  • Excellent safety features
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Easy installation
  • Ease of use
  • Minor design flaws

BRITAX B-Lively Travel System with B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat - Travel-friendly

And now, I have something extraordinary for travel families! It will make your voyage easier! Stay with me and read more.

If you opt for this travel-pack, you'll get the rear-facing infant car seat and the BRITAX B-Lively stroller car seat combo, including the adapters. Wow, the package includes absolutely everything you need!

You don't have about your children's protection, and safety standards since the rear-facing car seat contains one layer of side-impact protection, the safe-cell impact-absorbing base, and the sturdy steel frame. When you want to loosen the harness straps, you can press the button and release them.

Concerning extra benefits, let me tell you that the rear-facing position car seat easily converts into the stroller position in one quick fold for ease of use.

Also, the canopy has the SPF 50+, and the air-ventilation is at its maximum. Thus, your little one will have the ultimate comfort and relaxation while in the rear-facing position/stroller position.

For easy installation, you could attach the safe-center connectors to the base since they secure and tighten it for more stability.

The rear-facing infant car seat withstands kids between 4 and 35 pounds of minimum and maximum weight limit regarding the proportions. However, when in the stroller mode, the weight limit changes from birth to 55 pounds.

Impressive, don't you think so? If you agree, don't waste your time anymore - purchase the seat now, and make your life easier!

  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Easy installation/use
  • Sturdy
  • Maneuverable
  • Lightweight
  • Poor customer service

Best Britax Convertible Car Seats

Britax Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat - Highest-quality Material

This Britax car seat review shows many benefits! Let's see which ones, and why it should be your top choice!

First of all, the Britax Boulevard ClickTight convertible car seat has easy installation. We talk about the ClickTight building that makes the installation a breeze, as buckling the seat belt would be.

The protection system is a non-rethreading one, with 14 different adjustable positions of the harness system. When you hear the click sound, it means that the safe-snug indicator assures you that you have buckled up your baby tightly.

Of course, the harness system has five points for extra stability and safety features - two for shoulders, two for hips, and one between the legs for better body posture. Thus, your child won't slip away in the Britax convertible car seat.

Moreover, another click sound regarding the harness system shows up when you tighten the harness indicators correctly. So, you can never miss this Britax convertible car seat. Nothing will go wrong with your kiddo!

Concerning safety and protection, it's vital to remember that the convertible car seat has two layers of side-impact protection, an impact-absorbing base, and a durable steel frame. Thus, in the case of car accidents, your children won't get hurt.

When speaking about dimensions, this Britax Boulevard ClickTight convertible car seat can hold up kiddos between 5 and 40 pounds when in a rear-facing mode and 20 to 65 pounds when in a forward-facing manner.

  • Durable
  • Excellent safety system
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable
  • /

Britax Marathon ClickTight Convertible Car Seat - The Most Comfortable Seat

The following Britax forward-facing seat has various advantages, and you will learn what they are in seconds! I guarantee you'll love the seat as much as I do!

You can use it in two modes: rear-facing mode for children from 5 to 40 pounds; and forward-facing position for toddlers between 20 and 65 pounds.

Thus, you'll get two-in-one, and the Britax Marathon ClickTight forward-facing convertible car seat will serve you for more extended use.

Don't doubt the comfort and adjustability benefits. Your kiddos will enjoy every moment they spend in the forward-facing convertible car seat. Why?

Marathon ClickTight has seven different reclining positions; hence, you and kiddos can choose the right one and adjust the seat to fit their body postures. These reclining options enable you the easy installation as you can select the correct angle and place the forward-facing convertible car seat in your motor vehicle's back.

Speaking of quick setup, the ClickTight installation enables the installation process effortless one and as simple as the buckling up the seat belt is.

As the 14 various harness positions ensure that your little ones are stable and protected during the ride, they won't slip away or drop. Furthermore, the forward-facing seat has two buckle positions and follows your kiddo as they grow and develop.

You don't have to worry about protection since the steel frame, the side-impact protection, and the impact-absorbing base won't let anything wrong happen to your child on the road. Amazing forward-facing seat!

  • Durable
  • Easy to install/use
  • Load leg
  • /

Britax Allegiance 3 Stage Convertible Car Seat - The Most Durable Seat

Are you tired yet? I'm not. And wait till I show you what this convertible car seat can do!

A Britax Allegiance 3 Stage car seat can serve both as a rear-facing and forward-facing seat for children between 5 and 6 pounds - you just have to check the weight limit and minimum for each use.

Due to its non-rethreading system, the convertible car seat has ten different adjustable harness positions that follow your little ones' development and growth. Thus, they will have the ultimate comfort and relaxing atmosphere wherever they travel.

The cleaning part is effortless since you can quickly remove the cover without removing the harness. Thus, the convertible car seat will always be ready for even more extended use.

Its design has maximum safety features!

You can see that there's the side-impact protection along with the forward movement that reduces the V-shaped tether, and, of course, the impact-absorbing base. Hence, nothing wrong will go with your little ones in the case of a car accident.

Thanks to the LATCH system and attachments, you can quickly connect the lock-offs and set the convertible car seat at the right position in your vehicle's back. As you can find, the installation of Allegiance 3 Stage convertible car seat has never been easier!

So, if you have read all this, please, hurry up and obtain your convertible car seats today! They will change your life! (They have changed mine.)

  • Sturdy
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent safety features
  • Quick setup and use
  • Not FAA approved

Best Britax Booster Car Seats

Britax Grow with You ClickTight Harness-2-Booster Car Seat - Best For Ventilation System

I have to tell you that the following Britax Grow with You booster seat is undoubtedly a revolutionary car seat! It has a newly upgraded system! So, let's check it!

As the booster seat contains the ClickTight installation system, you can set it up in three quick steps - open it, thread and buckle, then close it. Voilà! Your car seat is ready for use! Amazing!

The car seat effortlessly transits from the forward-facing harness mode system to the belt-positioning mode booster. Thus, it follows your kids' growth and development and provides extra space as they grow. Therefore, your kids wouldn't feel any pressure in the booster car seat, as it gives enough room for their development.

Whenever we speak about the Britax booster, we need to mention its highest-quality material.

This is essential since the car seat contains cold flow and breathable mesh. The mesh allows airflow and air circulation, keeping your little one calm and comfortable. Moreover, it prevents sweating; hence your baby won't have any sweat stains.

You can find the soft pads for extra comfort, which prevent your kiddos' necks from rubbing against the harness system straps. Thus, they will enjoy every minute in the booster car seat.

Naturally, the booster includes the two-layer side-impact protection, high-strength steel frame, patented V shape rope, and two reclining positions. So, your kids will be both safe and cozy on the road, which is impressive!

  • Load leg
  • Comfortable
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Excellent safety
  • Straps issues

Britax Skyline 2-Stage Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seat - The Sturdiest Car Seat

Britax Skyline 2-Stage is also a two-in-one booster seat.

The car seat straightforwardly transforms from the high back booster to the backless booster car seat in seconds, keeping your child safer for an extended period. Thus, it's convenient for kids between 40 and 120 pounds and up to 63 inches tall.

Due to the plush foam padding, and the built-in armrests, the booster car seat provides ultimate comfort! Your children can lean back and enjoy the ride! The high back will follow their body postures and keep their heads and necks comfortable.

You can find the removable cover to wash quickly and keep the seat ready and clean for the next use concerning the cleaning part.

Moreover, the two cup holders on both sides are also washable; thus, you can remove and clean them as well between the rides. They serve as storage for snacks, food, and beverages so that the driver can focus on the road, and your kids will store the snacks there. Fantastic, don't you agree?

You don't have to worry about safety and protection since the Britax Skyline 2-Stage booster car seat provides the double layer of side-impact protection, the foam-lined headrest for a more cozy atmosphere, and the energy-absorbing shell. Thus, even if a car collision occurs, your child will be safe and protected!

I didn't waste my time when I obtained this booster seat! I hope you would do the same!

  • Maximum safety
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Not FAA approved
  • Doesn’t have a top tether

Britax Midpoint Belt-Positioning Booster Seat - The Most Adjustable Car Seat

The first benefit considering this booster seat is, of course, the fabric. As it contains moisture-wicking and double comfort-breathable content, it provides a more relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for your children. Thus, the car seat reduces the moisture up to 25% faster and keeps them dryer.

For the safety and protection part, the booster seat has two side-impact protection layers, the energy-absorbing foam-filled armor, and the easily adjustable head protection. What else can you find?

You can find that the Britax Midpoint booster car seat also includes a commodious style and pattern with cavernous side walls for ultimate neck, head, and other upper body parts side-impact protection. Thus, even when the external forces seem to harm the car seat or the child - don't worry - they cannot hurt your little one!

Concerning the seat belt system, it is extra safe and secured thanks to the secure seat belt guard positioning clip that ensures the correct security and position of the lap seat belt.

For more comfort, there are ten various positions of the temporary and adjustable head restraint. Thus, the Britax Midpoint car seat will keep your child's body posture correctly, and it will adjust to their needs.

As an extra advantage, you have the two cup holders next to the seat, and your children can store away their favorite snacks, drinks, and food. Thus, they won't get out of the car seat if something drops to the ground, and the driver can direct the attention to the road.

Naturally, the proportions fit the children from 40 to 120 pounds, so the booster car seat is convenient for even more robust kids. Remarkable!

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to install/use
  • Maneuverable
  • Minor design flaws

Have you seen the Britax seats reviews yet? If you have, choose your seats immediately!

What Makes Britax the Best Brand, and Why Should You Choose It?

As a CPST, I have tried various car seats and their benefits. However, not a single one of them was like Britax. You may ask why.

In the following part, you'll witness various reasons to support my opinion. Stay with me and see why you should NEVER skip any Britax car seat!

1. Safety

best britax car seat 2020

All Britax car seats provide the distinctive SafeCell side-impact protection. The system contains the safety components that meet federal safety regulations and standards.

Therefore, Britax car seats offer cutting-edge defense features that are energy-absorbing and limit movement in an impact. This way, the Britax company provides more than just safe car seats.

2. Stability and LATCH system

Naturally, all Britax car seats have a 5-point harness system for additional stability of your little ones. They can move freely; however, they won't slip away or drop when in car seats.

Also, in general, the LATCH attachments and system add more stability and security when you place Britax car seats in vehicles, so they won't move or fall onto the ground.

3. The Highest-quality Content

Britax car seats provide only the best content - a premium breathable padding. It's pressure-free and comfortable padding that creates a pleasant feeling for your kids.

But, their CoolFlow collection of car seats even provides the wicking fabric that keeps your little one calm and prevents sweat and stains.

4. Quick Installation

best britax car seat for 1 year old

Thanks to the ClickTight installation, there's no room for human errors!

Compared to many car seats that are wrongly installed, Britax car seats have a unique setup system, and when you finish the installation process, you'll know you did it right after the click sound and all the checks.

Thus your kids will have additional stability and safety on the road.

5. Durability and Sturdiness

As all car seats serve for wear and tear, they must last for an extended period.

Luckily, all Britax car seats are durable, reliable, and sturdy enough to endure all the possible risks and misuses.

Moreover, Britax car seats will keep the children unchanged even if they are damaged, so there's no need to worry about this issue.

6. Comfort

Of course, you'll need comfortable car seats; otherwise, your kiddos may become grumpy, and you WANT TO AVOID THAT!!! (telling from my horrible experience three years ago in NYC.)

Fortunately, this is not a problem, as the Britax car seats have the most comfortable content and reclining options.

The recliners adjust to your baby's needs and body postures, and once they slump, they will enjoy the ride in a relaxing and pressure-free atmosphere.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the safest car seat on the market?

The answer would vary and depend on various factors, such as what you consider safe and stable.

In my opinion, it is again Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat - Rear Facing as the safest on the market because of its safety system and additional security features that it shows.

Is Britax a good car seat?

YES, DEFINITELY! You can find different reasons to believe so, such as safety, comfort, stability, etc. Check it for yourself!

best britax car seat for 6 year old

Is the Britax car seat the safest one?

All the Britax car seats are safe and reliable (don't doubt it); however, the safest seat would be Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat - Rear Facing.

This seat has the ultimate safety and protection features since it contains side-impact protection, 5-point harness protection, and the LATCH seat belt system for extra security.

Which Britax car seat is the best one?

That would undoubtedly be my top choice or Britax One4Life ClickTight All-In-One Car Seat.

Thanks to its convertibility, durability, and sturdiness, this Britax all-in-one car seat is an ideal choice for all children and will last for an extended time.

It will be as safe as any other car seat would be.

How long are Britax car seats suitable for?

It depends on the children's age and weight and the manufacturer's recommendation.

Infant car seats last for six years, convertible car seats for seven years, ClickTight convertible car seats for ten years, harness-2-booster car seats for nine years, and belt-positioning booster car seats for six years.

However, if children outgrow the seats, you MUST CHANGE CAR SEATS IMMEDIATELY!

How to install Britax car seats?

The complete guide on how to do so, you can find it here.


There are different reasons listed why you should choose Britax car seats! They provide the best safety, stability, ultimate protection, and comfort! So, don't waste your time and become a happy Britax customer! I'm sure Britax car seats won't disappoint you!

The top Britax car seat is the Britax One4Life ClickTight All-In-One Car Seat, thanks to various possibilities!

What else do you need when this seat provides everything? You can only purchase it and see how it works!

Britax One4Life ClickTight All-In-One Car Seat – 10 Years of Use – Infant, Convertible, Booster...*
  • 10 years of use: One4Life convertible to booster car seat grows with your child from 5 - 120 lbs and up to 63" Tall
  • Install confidently: With ClickTight Installation, you'll know it's right in 3 easy steps: open, thread & buckle, click it closed
  • One4Life: Coverts from a rear-facing infant Car seat, to a forward-facing 5-point harness, to a high-back belt-positioning booster
  • Cool flow mesh fabric: Improves air flow to keep your child cool and comfortable
  • Britax safety: High strength steel frame & Crumple zone help absorb crash energy; patented V-shaped tether

Kathy Warner

Kathy is a busy mother of two and a CPS technician for more than eight years. Her mission is to awaken parents to the importance of child passenger safety and show them the right practice. You can read more about her here

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