Britax Advocate vs Boulevard: Who’s the King? The Best 2022 Contrast!

Britax car seats are one of the best car seats on the market. Due to their high-quality, advanced performance, and safety features, they surpass all other competitors.

However, the party begins when you pick the best Britax convertible car seats! But, it may be challenging to choose the best Britax car seat.

So, we have prepared the ultimate Britax Boulevard vs Advocate ClickTight car seats to help you pick your favorite model.

Ready? Buckle up!


Britax Boulevard vs Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seat: The Ultimate Battle

We have reviewed and compared Boulevard and Advocate seats in multiple categories to narrow down your search. So, examine them thoroughly for the full details.

1. Design and Specifications

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Both the Britax Advocate and Britax Boulevard ClickTight convertible car seats offer the same design and functions.

The two car seats are convertible, offering two car seat modes - rear-facing infant seat and forward-facing mode.

You can use the rear-facing infant car seat for kids between five and 40 pounds and forward-facing mode for kids between 22 and 65 pounds of the forward-facing weight limit.

Both the Boulevard and Advocate convertible car seats will support your children from their birth to older years - four, five, or even six if needed.

However, the NHTSA and AAP experts strongly recommend keeping your little ones in the rear-facing child's car seat as long as possible, as it's the safest car seat for your babies.

Remember that these child car seat models are not booster seats. They cannot convert to any of the booster modes, as they require seat belts.

But, our models only include the 5-point harness systems. So, you can use them only in the forward or rear-facing position, depending on the child weight limit.

In addition to the overall convertible design, the car seats have the same height and weight limits. However, their proportions slightly differ.

The Britax Boulevard ClickTight convertible car seat measures 23 x 18.5 x 23.5 inches, while the Britax Advocate ClickTight convertible car seat measures 23 x 20.5 x 23.5 inches.

The Britax Boulevard convertible car seat is a bit narrower. So, it will be ideal for multiple kids at the back of your vehicle and fitting three across.

In addition, the Britax Advocate ClickTight convertible car seat has a higher weight - 30. 1 pound, while the Boulevard weighs 27 pounds.

Both Britax seats are ideal for different travel types, shorter and longer distances. But, many parents agree that the bulkier seat will provide more stability than the lighter model.

So, many choose the Britax Advocate ClickTight car seat due to its more significant proportions.

Still, the Boulevard ClickTight convertible car seat is also exceptional and stable so that you can choose according to your preferences.

2. Safety Features

Regarding the Advocate vs. Boulevard seats and safety features, we can notice an essential difference between the car seats.

The Britax Boulevard car seat is equipped with two layers of side-impact protection and the SafeCell composition.

Thus, the safety features will keep your child's neck, head, spine, and torso stale and intact in a car accident.

In addition, the SafeCell composition will prevent any forward movement in the collision.

And the energy-absorbing foam will collect and redirect the external forces, pressure, and impacts, keeping the Britax car seat optimal and your child safe and protected.

However, the Britax Advocate convertible car seat goes a step further and shows a better car seat safety feature.

The car seat offers three layers of side-impact protection, with the energy-absorbing foam and the SafeCell impact cushion technology.

Although both car seats include the V-shaped tether to slow and reduce the pressure to make the seats more stable and secure in the back, the Britax Advocate is slightly better.

The V-shaped impact-protection tether will also reduce and prevent forward movement in the case of an accident. So, your Britax convertible car seat remains fixed and intact.

All experts will tell you the same - the more layers of the side-impact cushion technology, the better they will protect your child's head, neck, and other crucial body parts.

When we compared these seats with the Britax Marathon ClickTight convertible car seat, you've seen that the Marathon offered only one layer of side-impact protection.

So, the Boulevard and Advocate seats are more advanced than the Britax Marathon model.

Both models have a solid and durable steel frame, reinforced to keep the car seat safety standards optimal and your child stable and secure while in the back vehicle seats.

In this category, the Britax Advocate seat wins!

But, both seats use the 5-point harness system. The harness system helps you keep the child stable and fixed inside the seat.

It covers its shoulders and legs and offers additional hip straps for more security.

But, the harness comes with the specific "Click & Safe Snug harness indicator" to help mommies tighten harness straps properly.

Thus, the safety harness won't be too tight or too loose. And it will keep your baby optimal, safe, and sound on the road.

3. Car Seat Installation

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The Boulevard and Britax Advocate ClickTight seats both have the same ClickTight installation system.

The ClickTight installation system is an exceptional setup benefit, making the seats user-friendly.

The car's seat belt is used to lock and secure the children on the road with the technology.

The installation is a breeze. All you have to do is press the ClickTight button and twist it. The action will pop the seat up.

From this moment, the installation becomes even more straightforward. You can either install the preschooler/infant car seats with the LATCH or vehicle seat belt mechanism.

However, the seat belt system seems even quicker.

The LATCH system also works well, but there's too much slack to handle. Fortunately, you will pull the strap tightening mechanism once you hear the "click" sound; you're almost finished.

After all the steps are tight and snug, you need to close the ClickTight seat, and the process is done. It's a piece of cake.

And, if you choose the seat belts, ensure you thread the straps through the correct belt path to avoid twists and complicated situations.

You'll find the hidden ClickTight compartment, and you have to thread the vehicle belt system through the infant car seat or forward-facing belt path and buckle strap tightening mechanism.

Finally, click the compartment closed. That's why it's easier than the lower anchor system.

We will let you choose the seat according to your preferences; as a result, it is a tie.

4. Comfort Benefits

A typical Britax seat comes with extra plush foam padding, shoulder pads, a removable pillow, and buckle pads for advanced coziness for the child using the seats.

Both car seats have multiple recline positions, and as your child grows, you can adjust the recline level to the most suitable one for your toddler.

Both models use the same level indicator showing the correct recline angle. But, it depends on whether you're using the seat in a rear-facing mode or a forward-facing method.

Straps also include harness pads. The system will provide maximum safety and security for your little ones, simultaneously keeping them cozy and optimal.

Both seats are effortless to clean and maintain. You can remove the machine washable cover from the steel frame, wash, then air dry it for subsequent use and more freshness.

But, the Boulevard car seat still prefers hand washing rather than machine washing, so that it will be time and energy consuming.

For this reason, we still give our vote to the Advocate, as it offers a faster cleaning process.

Of course, both car sets come with a durable and breathable mesh design. It allows total airflow and circulation, making your little angels cool, calm, and relaxed while in the seat.

Besides, you can use the seats for long distances.

And since the seats follow your child's growth, you can adjust the shoulder straps according to their development to stabilize them and keep them comfy.

They are adjustable with 14 positions to prevent discomfort and even bruises. So, the car seat's straps ensure the proper height and weight limits for maximum coziness and better usage.

Again, you can decide the winner since the models are the same.

5. Extra Features and Accessories

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All the facts above were positive. But do Britax car seats have negative features? Well, yes. Let's see them.

A huge drawback the Britax seats should improve is the lack of the cup holder.

They come with higher price tags, so parents expect all-inclusive benefits.

You can always purchase cup holders separately and install them, but you will have to spend extra money. We hope the company will soon improve the overall design.

Cup holders are crucial when keeping your little one occupied on the road and providing more fun.

6. Price Tags

Both the Advocate and Boulevard car seats have a higher-end price tag. The difference between our two models is $30, but the Advocate models cost up to $400.

That's a lot of money for seats that don't have the cup holders. However, all other benefits are on the advanced level, so it's reasonable that they will have higher prices.

However, you can opt for other similar brands and seats if you want a matching car seat.

But, Britax generally offers only premium-quality models, which is why they are the top-selling car seat brand.

In addition, their customer support is always there to help you and guide you with all questions and dilemmas. They're focused on problem-solving issues.

So, you can choose according to your budget - the Boulevard is less, and Advocate is more expensive. But, you will get what you pay for, don't worry.

In the end, the result is a tie.

The Britax Boulevard: Pros & Cons


- ARB system for additional protection

- Durable, sturdy, and solid

- Stylish design

- Premium-quality materials

- Comfortable


- Too bulky to move between the vehicles

- No cup holders

The Britax Advocate: Pros & Cons


- SafeCell crumple zone

- Effortless installation

- An additional layer of side-impact protection

- Reliable, solid, and durable

- Attractive design with multiple colors

- Highest-quality materials

- Maximum coziness


- No cup holders

- Too robust for quick movement

- Pricey

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Britax Boulevard and Advocate?

There are two crucial differences between the two models.

The Boulevard offers only two layers of side-impact protection with the SafeCell crumple zone technology.

On the other hand, the Advocate offers three layers of side-impact protection with the same SafeCell protection system.

So, it will offer better support and safety standards for your little ones in the accidents. In addition, the difference is not that crucial, but it might be if you're active parents.

Finally, the Boulevard has slightly smaller dimensions and weight than the Advocate.

But, both are pretty challenging and bulky to move around quickly. The rest is pretty much the same.

Is the Britax Advocate worth it?

Yes, it's definitely worth it. The seat offers three layers of side-impact protection, which is the highest in the car seat industry.

Also, it features premium-quality materials, a steel frame, and advanced performance to keep your children stable, optimal, cozy, safe, and sound on the road.

Finally, it doesn't have cup holders for the given price tag, yet it shows maximum safety standards. And that's the crucial point when choosing a car seat.

How much does the Britax Advocate weigh?

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Its overall weight is 30.1 pounds. The main reason for this is the steel frame design, making it stable and fixed in the vehicle. But, it makes it also bulky and robust for quick movements.

The car seat is one of the heaviest in the car seat market.

Is Britax Advocate safer than Boulevard?

Yes, it is safer. The seat provides three layers of side-impact protection, whereas the Boulevard seat offers only two.

So, the Advocate will be more optimal, with stronger kids' support in the case of an accident. Hence, it's a safer option for a more extended period.

How long is Britax Advocate good for?

Its expiration date is ten years after the date of manufacture.

How do you use the Britax Boulevard Clicktight?

You can use it as both an infant and toddler car seat. The seat offers both the rear-facing position and the forward-facing mode for kids 5-40 and 22-65 pounds.

So, depending on your child's weight and size, you can choose the correct seat mode.

But, regarding its widespread use, it's pretty quick. You just have to open it, thread the belt, buckle all parts, and click it to close and lock the seat correctly.

Besides, the seat uses easy-to-read level indicators and a quick-push recline system. It helps you find a good angle for the vehicle and the comfiest fit for your baby.

And the two layers of the side-impact protection support and protect your baby's neck, head, and torso.

Does the Britax Boulevard need an infant insert?

Multiple infant car seats come with a minimum weight capacity of five pounds, providing an optimal fit and comfort for newborns.

Some convertible seats, including our Britax Boulevard, also come with the same minimum weight capacity of five pounds to support newborns and infants.

Thus, the Boulevard car seat already includes an infant insert, allowing your babies optimal and complete comfort for maximum protection and safety.

So, you don't need to obtain a separate infant insert, as the convertible system already has a built-in one.

Britax Boulevard vs Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seats: The Final Verdict

Wow! That's a long comparison, don't you agree? But, on the other hand, we've covered all parents' critical factors when purchasing the best seats for little angels.

So, which seat do you choose? They are almost the same, so you cannot go wrong whatever decision you make.

However, we give 5+ stars to the Advocate only due to three layers of the side-impact protection. On the other hand, the Boulevard has five stars because it offers only two layers.

Thus, the Advocate wins in our case, thanks to the advanced safety system. But, you can opt for the Boulevard due to the smaller price if you're on a tight budget.

And, don't forget to let me know once you choose the best model!

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