Take an in-depth Look at Best Nuna Car Seat Reviews: The 2022 List!

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If I had a dime every time someone said that Nuna is the best car seat brand, I would be one rich mom by now!

But, with years of experience as a CPS technician, I realized that nothing beats a good quality seat, no matter the price!

Safety is a top priority when it comes to child transportation. But, other inevitable features like looks, maneuverability, and overall compact size should not be neglected!

Although Nuna is considered one of the high-end car seat brands, many parents are chosen to invest their money and trust in their car seats.

Were they right to do so, or should they have picked a better alternative?

Let's find out together in this Nuna car seat reviews because I will be reviewing the top 6 Nuna car seats for every age and stage today!

About Nuna

nuna 360 car seat reviews

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Ever since the Nuna brand was introduced to us in 2010, it has been delivering high-quality baby gear products and car seats and strollers that fit the needs of every parent.

Currently, Nuna is the most talked-about brand. And, when it comes to longevity, they know what they are doing.

One of the reasons why so many moms opt for a Nuna car seat or a stroller is that the brand always manages to blend in luxurious style and functionality. Nothing can beat this combo!

Nuna offers car seats for every age and stage of your little one.

With safety as a priority, Nuna delivers several types of infant car seats from their well-known Pipa line and incredibly maneuverable car seat bases.

The company is currently headquartered in Leiderdorp, Netherlands.

One of the most valuable certifications you will find from Nuna is the Greenguard and the OEKO-TEX.

In addition, Nuna is partnered with UNITAR, and with that, it prioritizes child road safety.

Who Will Benefit From Nuna the Most?

Finding a plain and straightforward car seat with ultimate quality can often be challenging. This is where Nuna steps in by delivering minimalist design with an incredible quality support system.

If you are not a fan of the crazy prints and bright colors, then Nuna is the best choice. Additionally, Nuna offers two of the most lightweight car seats you can find.

While the car seat bases are heavier, infant car seats like the Nuna Pipa Lite and Nuna Pipa Lite R only weigh around 5.5 pounds.

If you are moving the car seat from one vehicle to a vehicle, then you are the perfect candidate for Nuna.

Nothing compares to a lightweight design that a single mom can easily manage!

Best Features You Will Get From Nuna

1. Easy Installation

Most car seats from Nuna are installed in under 5 seconds! Thanks to the LATCH system, you won't have to hassle with challenging installation.

Additionally, some Nuna Pipa car seats can be installed without a base using the vehicle belt. If you are a city dweller like me, this will make taking public transportation a breeze.

Nuna also offers two car seat bases to make your life much easier!

The regular PIPA base includes a bubble level indicator indicating whether you have achieved a correct installation.

The new RELX base does not have a bubble indicator, but it does let you install the base with a push of a button.

2. Numerous of Safety Features

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In addition to outstanding crash test results, Nuna offers premium features that make safety the best quality.

Nuna offers a load leg for their bases that protects the baby in case of a frontal crash. You will also benefit from the anti-rebound bar that promises a fast installation.

Many do not call the Nuna Dream Drape a safety feature, but I do!

Of course, protecting your little ones from bugs and dangerous UV rays should be a must for all car seats. Luckily, Nuna includes the drape that keeps my mind sound and worry-free!

The Nuna car seats are made free from flame-retardant chemicals and other breathable materials such as merino wool, cotton, and jersey cover.

My All-time Favorite Nuna Car Seats: Top 6 Choices

$$Nuna Pipa RX Infant Car Seat - A lightweight carrier infant car seat with an anti-rebound bar and soft lining. It's built with an FAA-certified car seat base and offers easy installations. A bit pricey.

$$$Nuna Rava Convertible Car Seat - Convertible car seat with easy installation in almost all cars, thanks to the LATCH system. It offers up to 10 recline positions, so it's suitable for growing babies. Heavy at 27 pounds.

$$$ — Nuna EXEC All-in-One Car Seat - One of the best car seats for all-in-one use! Features side impact protection and other safety features valuable to every parent and can support kiddies in a high-back booster position for up to 120 pounds. Not that suitable for smaller cars.

$$$ — Nuna REVV Rotating Convertible Car Seat - The Nuna Revv is a revolutionary 360-degree rotational car seat that can spare you quite a lot of time getting the baby in and out of the car. Features a reinforced steel frame and magnetic vehicle belt holders.

$$ — Nuna Aace Booster Seat - The Nuna Aace booster seat has received high safety scores while accommodating a growing child. It can be installed as a high-back booster or a lightweight backless alternative.

$$$$ — Nuna Tavo Next and Pipa RX Travel System - One of the best travel systems Nuna offers. It includes a well-known Nuna Pipa car seat while the stroller folds easily, so it's great for city parents. Pricey.

 Nuna Pipa RX Infant Car Seat - Best Infant Car Seat
  • Model Type: Nuna Pipa RX
  • Weight Of The item: 7.6 pounds
  • Weight Limit: 4-32 pounds
  • Dimensions: 25.2 x 17.5 x 23 Inches

Starting with the youngest age, the Nuna Pipa RX is the best infant car seat you can get! It puts comfort, security, and lightweight as a top priority!

The infant car seat is made for a peaceful journey as it features a padded five-point harness and a comfy jersey infant insert cover.

The insert is not irritating to the baby's skin, so it will not cause a terrible rash afterward! With the Pipa RX infant car seat, Nuna has included a well-known Dream Drape into the canopy.

The Dream Drape provides full coverage, but it also protects your little one from the harmful UV rays.

Additionally, this infant car seat includes a peek-a-boo window and a UPF 50+ canopy. For city dwellers' parents to be, this is an absolute must!

The Nuna Pipa RX infant car seat comes with a new RELX car seat base, including up to four recline positions! You can easily adjust the bass and follow the growth as your baby grows!

  • Lightest seat for infants
  • Includes an anti-rebound bar
  • A bit pricey

Nuna Rava Convertible Car Seat - Best Convertible Car Seat
  • Model Type: Nuna Rava
  • Weight Of The item: 27 lbs
  • Weight Limit: 5-50 in rear-facing; 25-65 in forward-facing
  • Dimensions: H 25 x W 19 x L 16 in

If you are looking for infant car seats you can use after your kiddo grows a bit, there is no better pick than the Nuna Rava convertible car seat!

You can use the Rava car seat right from birth with the included infant insert!

Not only that, but the convertible car seat is suitable to use at least until your child is five years old as it supports children up to 49'' tall!

One of the many things I admire about the Nuna Rava car seat is the easy car seat installation!

Thanks to TrueTension, the doors provide a tight fit even grandparents can adjust!

Additionally, the convertible seat offers side impact protection and a bubble-free recline adjuster where you can choose between 10 different angles!

This stylish car seat includes harness holders for first-time parents, which can be a lifesaver in certain situations!

However, it can often be challenging to adjust the harness and even find the ends with a squirmy baby.

But, the Rava offers a no-rethread harness many parents value!

  • Organic cotton fabric
  • Easy installation
  • Newborn insert
  • Heavy

Nuna EXEC All-in-One Car Seat - Best All-In-One Car Seat
  • Model Type: Nuna EXEC
  • Weight Of The item: 26 pounds
  • Weight Limit: 5-50 pounds in rear-facing; 25-65 pounds in forward-facing.
  • Dimensions: : L 22.5 x W 18.5 x 26-33

Don't want to invest your money in purchasing a new car seat every year and a half? Then, have you considered all-in-one car seats because Nuna has one of the best models!

Your kid won't have to get used to the new car seat when it's time for a change since the Nuna EXEC follows the growth and offers a familiar environment.

The Nuna EXEC has a long lifespan and up to four different ways of riding!

The car seat is packed with crash protection program, which includes a leg rest, stability leg, side-impact protection, plush padding, and a reinforced seat belt path.

Like the Nuna Pipa car seat, this one is made free from flame-retardant treatments.

This is the right car seat for all parents who wish to use one car seat for all of the child's growing period!

In addition, the Nuna EXEC can serve your kiddo as a high back booster seat for up to 120 pounds!

  • Long use
  • Reinforced lap belt and shoulder belt
  • Safety features packed

Nuna REVV Rotating Convertible Car Seat - Best 360-Rotating Car Seat
  • Model Type: Nuna Revv
  • Weight Of The item: Not specified
  • Weight Limit: 5-40 pounds in rear-facing; 25-40 in forward-facing
  • Dimensions: Not specified

Rotating car seats have been an absolute hit for the past year! They made a parent's job so much easier, especially if you often find yourself in a time crunch.

When your little one is squirming in the car seat and you cannot get a hold of the car seat, then this Nuna Revv is perfect for you!

It rotates 360 degrees from the base, yet it's still one of the most stable car seats I have seen!

With this sort of design, getting your kid in and out of the car will be so much easier. Additionally, it includes a no-rethread harness as well as ten recline positions!

I would also recommend the Nuna Revv for new parents!

It can often be a challenge to get the installation right, but the installation is a breeze with this rotating car seat!

Thanks to the True Tension door that provides a snug and fit installation, your little one will be comfortable and safe and fit correctly as well!

  • Reinforced shoulder straps
  • Five-point harness
  • Extra padding that supports baby’s head
  • Suitable for smaller cars
  • /

Nuna Aace Booster Seat - Best Booster Seat
  • Model Type: Nuna Aace
  • Weight Of The item: 15 pounds
  • Weight Limit: 40-110 high back booster; 50-120 in no back-booster
  • Dimensions: Not specified

Next up, booster seats! Once it's time for a booster seat, you are suddenly hit with the realization of how fast your baby has grown up!

If you want a two-in-one high back and backless booster seat, I recommend the Nuna Aace!

Since the booster car seat does not use a five-point harness, other safety programs compensate instead.

Such include the side impact protection and an installation with lower anchors.

The sleek desing of the Nuna Aace booster car seat will outshine other car seats on the market! Moreover, it's made from natural materials that are not irritating.

Additionally, the Nuna seat offers plenty of support and room for a growing child.

The Grow Out shoulder system and the nine-position headrest are all there to provide the best comfort possible.

Plus, when the Nuna car seat is set in a high-back mode, your little one can enjoy it in one of the eight recline positions.

Later on, the Nuna seat transforms into a lightweight backless booster perfect for traveling!

  • Includes a cup holder
  • Large weight capacity
  • Plenty of room for the growing period
  • /

Nuna Tavo Next and Pipa RX Travel System - Best Nuna Travel System
  • Model Type: Nuna Tavo Next & Pipa RX
  • Weight Of The item: 23 pounds
  • Weight Limit: birth to 50 pounds
  • Dimensions: 28.35” x 22.44” x 43.7”

Lastly, let's take a look at this fantastic duo! If you scroll up a bit, you will see that I reviewed the Nuna Pipa car seat in the RX model.

This Nuna infant car seat is compatible with a Nuna Tavo Next stroller, so let's see how well they match.

To begin with, the Nuna Tavo Next stroller is compatible with all of the Nuna Pipa car seat models, so you can always pair it up with your favorite!

With easy transportation in mind, the Nuna Tavo Next folds in seconds!

Considering it comes with a Nuna Pipa car seat, it's well designed for smaller babies and those who need more growth room!

The stroller comes with tough and rugged plastic wheels that are great for city streets! It's not a great candidate for off-road, but it will swivel with ease on busy aisles.

The wheels are equipped with an all-suspension so that they will soften the blow from a few bumps on the road.

  • Easy to fold in a few seconds
  • Locks when folded
  • Durable
  • Expensive


What is so good about Nuna?

nuna revv car seat reviews

Sources: mbeans.com

Unlike other car seats that only follow the US. safety standard, Nuna brings in a lot of other beneficial safety features.

Such include the frontal crash protection, which is included in the well-known Nuna Pipa car seat base and a RELX base.

Additionally, Nuna passes all of the crash test results with a high score, so it's only logical it keeps the reputation of being one of the best car seats on the market.

With that in mind, Nuna delivers high-quality, lightweight, user-friendly, and safe car seats for every age and stage.

How long is Nuna car seat good for?

The longevity of Nuna car seats will depend on the type of car seat you have chosen.

For instance, the Nuna Pipa car seat can support your baby for an entire year, but it has an expiration date of whole seven years!

The expiration date of all Nuna car seats is usually located on the back of the seat.

Is Nuna a luxury brand?

Yes, Nuna is considered a luxury brand both in terms of the standard of the price and quality.

Although Nuna is a pricey investment for some, it pays off since all the car seats are made with care and safety.

All of their seats follow the safety regime and introduce comfort to the young users.

Can you use Nuna car seat without a base?

While most Nuna infant car seats are used with the base, two models can be installed base-less!

Such include Nuna Pipa car seat and Nuna Pipa RX. These car seats can be installed with a vehicle belt, so they are perfect if you live in the city.

When taking public transportation such as a taxi, there is no time to install a base, and these car seats can be a lifesaver!

Can the PIPA Lite R be used forward facing?

nuna aace car seat reviews

Sources: mbeans.com

No. The Nuna Pipa Lite R car seat can only be used as a rear-facing infant car seat.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, babies should be kept riding in the rear-facing position until the age of two.

Where are Nuna car seats made?

The Nuna car seats are made in their factory in China with the latest eco-friendly equipment.

Nuna is currently headquartered in Leiderdorp, Netherlands.

What strollers are compatible with Nuna car seat?

All of the Nuna Pipa car seat models are stroller compatible with all Nuna strollers.

Additionally, if you want to pair the Nuna car seat with other brands, you can do it with Babyzen, BOB, UPPAbaby, Baby Jogger, and more!

Can you wash Nuna Pipa car seat?

The Nuna car seat's plastic parts can be wiped over with a damp cloth.

You can take out the insert or the cover for specific car seats and wash it in a gentle machine wash cycle with mild detergents.

Do all Nuna car seats use the same base?

All of the Nuna seats can use the same base. Nuna offers two car seat bases-the original Nuna Pipa base and the adjustable RELX base.

How do you adjust straps on Nuna Pipa car seat?

Start by buckling in the chest clip and the harness. Pull on the strap to tighten to the desired fit.

You can do this by pressing the harness adjustment button while pulling the harness strap simultaneously.

Is Nuna worth the money?

is nuna the safest car seat

Sources: mbeans.com

A question that bothers the minds of many parents is whether Nuna is worth paying for?

Let's face it; this is one of the most expensive car seat brands on the market. So, can you find an alternative for a lower price?

Yes, you definitely could. But then you wouldn't be so secure and carefree as you would with Nuna.

Nuna is one of those brands that speak to you! It knows how to support babies, toddlers, and even preschoolers with innovative vehicle safety programs.

Moreover, it does not compromise quality for the price, so it is worth paying more.

Nuna truly has it all! From several recline positions to incredible safety systems that follow the growth of your little one!


As a busy mom of two, I don't have time to share my trust in unreliable brands. This is why Nuna has always been my number one choice!

With Nuna, I always know what I'm going to get; no funny business! What Nuna promises, Nuna delivers.

Therefore, if you are a parent-to-be and looking for a reliable brand to invest your money in, you know what to do!

I have reviewed a few of my favorite car seats for every age, but as Nuna offers plenty of other models, you won't make the wrong choice!

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