Best Nuna Exec Car Seat Reviews 2022 to Make Your Life Easier!

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If you don't want to spend too much money on various car seats for multiple ages and stages, you will need something practical to last longer. So, what can you do?

Well, you can always select an all-in-one car seat, covering your kid's infancy, school age, preschool, and school period, until they're ready for seat belts.

However, you cannot simply find only one solution, as there are numerous options on the market.

So, today, we're going to examine the great Nuna Exec all-in-one convertible car seat, as it offers a specific design suitable for more kids at the same time and at different ages.

But, what are other benefits? Let's find out!

The Nuna Exec all-in-one car seat is a fabulous unit for all parents who want to use one car seat for an extended period.

Quick Summary

- Safety features: 5/5 - Aeroflex side-impact protection system as the extra layer

- Material quality: 5/5 - Low chemical emissions

- Ease of installation and use: 5/5 - Simply Secure Installation

- Easy to clean and maintain: 5/5 - Machine washable covers

What I like
  • no added fire-retardant chemicals
  • Merino wool and GOTS-certified organic fabrics
  • magnet harness keepers
  • no-rethread five-point harness system
What I dislike
  • too expensive
  • too bulky

Bottom Line

Overall, I really like the Exec seat model due to its brand-new, improved design.

Unlike other all-in-one car seats, the Exec is noteworthy for its high-quality, flame-resistant materials, merino wool, infant insert, leg rest for maximum comfort and softness, and advanced side-impact protection.

So, you can combine well and make your little one safe on the road.

And, you can get the best deal HERE (for less than $700).

Now, I know that the price is somewhat unreasonable but remember - this is the brand-new model, with more advanced benefits compared to the previous models, so that you can count on its safety and maximum quality.

Think about it.

So, The Nuna Exec Car Seat: Is It the Best Solution for You?

nuna exec convertible car seat reviews

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1. Overall Design

Straight from the box, I noticed the car seat was robust.

However, as you can find, the seat weighs 26.6 pounds, so many parents find it unreliable for travel systems. Well, it's not.

You cannot really use it for travel systems and all travel types, as the car seat has an entirely different purpose.

It would be best to remember when I told you last time it was better to have a bulkier car seat for reduced risk of car accidents and injuries.

Well, this car seat review tackles exactly that point!

The Nuna Exec adds more stability and protection to your child, regardless of the mode, keeping them secure and fixed while on the road.

This way, even in the case of a car crash, the seat will be immovable, and it won't hurt your baby. I always lean on total car seats, ever since my daughter survived due to the heavy seat she was in. 

So, don't worry, you will get the best stability and security.

In addition, the Nuna Exec might be the only car seat you might ever need! The model offers three using modes:

- rear-facing mode

- forward-facing mode

- booster mode

Now, it's crucial to remember that the unit covers all kid's ages and stages, but it has different size and weight limits. Thus:

- rear-facing mode with a seat belt supports kids between 5 and 50 pounds, but with the lower anchor belt 5-35 pounds, up to 49 inches of maximum height, and they should be seated until they're two or even more

- forward-facing mode with a seat belt accommodates kids 25-65 pounds but with the lower anchors 25-40 pounds kids, up to 49 inches of maximum height, and at least two years old or older

- booster mode - belt-positioning booster seat secures children from 40 to 120 pounds, between 38 and 57 inches of height, and they should be at least four years old or even older to use it properly.

So, as the belt-positioning booster mode offers better support for your child, you don't have to obtain a separate rear-facing infant car seat.

So, the Nuna Exec convertible car seat will last longer; it has a 10-year expiration date, and I really like it for its convertible system.

Of course, you can try its alternative - Nuna Rava convertible car seat, but the Exec model offers a booster mode, so it will definitely serve you more extended, and the all-in-one car seat will be easier to adjust to your needs and demands.

So, it's undoubtedly worth trying it, trust me. Besides, the Rava weighs even more - 27.2 pounds.

Finally, its overall dimensions measure 22.5 x 18.5 x 26-33 inches (depending on how you adjust the headrest).

Therefore, it's a great seat, supporting your baby in all stages and offering excellent comfort features for less pressure and more convenient rides.

However, don't forget that the AAP recommends your kids should ride rear-facing as long as possible, so do not switch them to the next position if they're not ready yet.

It will cause severe injuries and have fatal consequences.

The same goes for the forward-facing and booster posts - keep them restrained adequately for maximum security and safety.

2. Maximum Safety Standards

I love Nuna car seats generally, as they pay attention to details and are dedicated to the overall phenomenal product quality and highest security features.

The Exec also features all these, and I'm really fond of it.

So, to cut the story short, you will find the energy-absorbing EPP foam, the Aeroflex side-impact protection system, and the all-steel frame with the reinforced belt path for both rear-facing and forward-facing usage, and maximum security & stability of your child.

As you see, the side-impact protection has an extra layer, keeping your baby intact and untouchable inside the seat, so your baby stays safe and sound on the road.

Unlike many car seats that offer only one or two of the protection points, the Exec model covers them all and provides a more secure ride and better safety points.

Of course, you can try with numerous other car seats, less expensive, with similar side-impact protection benefits, but they will always lack these advanced benefits.

The Exec's all-steel frame, construction, and the shell will all absorb and regulate the impacts, energy, and forces, along with the foam, so the surface cannot crack so soon.

But, on the other hand, other car seats may not be this advanced to break quickly. So, pay attention to that as well.

However, don't forget that the Exec also includes the anti-rebound bar.

When used as a rear-facing car seat, this anti-rebound bar is an excellent security point and becomes a footrest when you use it as a forward-facing car seat.

And, as a bonus, you can also place the instruction manual inside.

The main benefit is that the anti-rebound bar keeps the seat stable in the case of a car accident, not allowing it to move around and be unstable.

But, on the other hand, it also serves as extra legroom, extending from the seat in the forward-facing method only.

And, you can also add it for the leg support for more excellent legroom and more comfort. So, you can combine well.

nuna exec all in one car seat reviews

Source: Youtube

3. Premium-quality Materials

I embrace the Exec model also for its premium-quality materials.

Namely, the seat has all flame-resistant content, without added fire-retardant chemicals and others.

Moreover, the head and body inserts are made of Merino wool with the additional GOTS-certified organic cotton insert.

Thus, the GOTS certified organic cotton, infant insert, head inserts, and body support offer premium-quality materials suitable for your baby's correct body posture, keeping them cozy and comfortable in the seat.

Once again, the Exec model has won my heart, as kids can feel first-class travel, and you will find why.

4. What About the Installation?

As you already know, the Exec seat works as the rear-facing infant car seat, forward-facing, and booster seat.

So, you will learn different installation methods for all types and see why it's effortless to place and install it in the back vehicle seat.

a. Rear-facing installation

Unlike other convertible car seats, the Exec model comes with easy-to-reach seat belt paths, specifically shaped and full of plastic, not to cut your hands.

So, to access them effortlessly, you have to reach the true tension doors, raise its headrest and unfasten the cover to get and discover the belt path.

However, bear in mind that you must lock the vehicle seat belt in addition to using the true tension door. And the true tension door is not a regular but rather a specific lock-off.

Once you open the package, you will notice the label stating that the vehicle seat belt installation is preferred when setting the seat!

The card is in the compartment, so the labeling is pretty simple, clear and the instructions are pretty straightforward.

To use the true tension door properly, you have to:

- raise the headrest until you reach the highest position, unfasten the cover, and fold it towards the seat's front

- lift the releasing button for the necessary doors - in our case, it would be rear-facing

- open the door and then pull the seat belt through the reinforced belt path for a proper belt routing

- please close the door by pressing it down firmly until it's attached and fixed in its proper place

- finally, replace the inserts and seat cover if you have used them previously.

b. Vehicle seat belt

Set the seat on the vehicle seat with the harness mode facing the vehicle's back.

Next, raise the headrest to the maximum posture and unbuckle the seat cover.

Next, place the seat cover down and expose the belt path. This way, you'll uncover the true tension door. It has a blue label on the bottom seat part.

Next, you must release the door by pulling them up and threading the vehicle seat belt through the proper belt path and inside the door.

Also, you have to remove the slack from the seat belt, close the door, and secure the seat belt for the proper seatbelt installation.

Finally, it would be best if you locked the seat belt.

c. LATCH installation

Don't forget that the manufacturer highly recommends a seat belt installation system!

But if you prefer LATCH, turn the seat in the rear-facing position. Again, raise the headrest to the highest point, and unbuckle the cover. Then, pull it down to discover the belt paths.

Once you expose the true tension door, lift the release to find the lower anchor connectors.

Next off, remove the webbing, pull them through the Nuna Exec rear-facing belt path, and thread them under the cupholder.

Again, it would be best if you incorporated it under the door.

Next, please press the button and pull the webbing's tail to extend its length until it's long enough to reach the lower connectors and anchors, but across the seat too.

Once you remove the slack and pull the webbing's loop, close the door for more stability.

d. Forward-facing installation

Place the seat in the forward-facing position on the vehicle seat to install it correctly.

Again, raise the headrest to the highest position, and unfasten the cover. Pull it down and discover the belt paths.

You'll also expose the true tension door. They're at the back, where the child's back would be positioned.

Press the door release, pull the belt through the forward-facing belt path and inside the door. Remove the slack from the belt, close the door, and secure the strap.

In the end, lock the belt.

e. Extra tips: The LATCH system

nuna exec car seat review

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Although the manufacturer recommends you use seat belt system, if you like LATCH more, follow these points:

  • connect the top and vehicle tether very closely
  • set the seat in the forward-facing position
  • raise the headrest to the maximum posture, and unbuckle the cover
  • pull it down and discover the belt paths
  • find the tension door
  • lift the release and open them
  • when the webbing stays in the rear-facing path, move it to the forward-facing by sliding it inside the course, thread it outside the seat, through the forward-facing belt path
  • place the lower webbing under the door, attach the lower connectors to the lower ones in the vehicle
  • remove the slack and close the door
  • Finally, pull the top tether tight, and check your work with a firm handshake of the belt path. Ensure it doesn't move at all, or less than only one inch in all directions.

If you cannot handle the installation properly, please, refer to the vehicle owner's manual, contact your authorized CPST, or watch numerous videos on YouTube with experienced parents and safety technicians guiding you through this process.

5. Booster Mode Conversion

If you want the Exec in the booster mode, you have to store the harness. Next, you have to loosen the harness, open the crotch buckle and chest clip.

Also, raise the headrest to its highest posture, and unbuckle the covers to discover the belt paths.

Finally, slide the harness straps under the harness storage compartment without forcing or bending the compartment cover during this process.

Ensure that the buckle tongues and chest clip remain inside the harness storage compartment.

So, you will slide the crotch buckle through the slot in the rear-facing door and the harness buckle in the lower anchor storage compartments.

Finally, you can reattach the cover, moderate the purple recline position, and voila - you will get the booster mode instantly!

6. Shoulder Belt Guide

The shoulder belt guide is convenient and satisfying, with a bit of lever keeping the belt in its proper place without sliding out.

Still, it might be short-lived with 18.5 inches of topping out. It's not such a big deal, but still, it's on the short side for a booster seat.

So, I would really like to find a top shoulder belt position, at least an inch taller, for better comfort, more fixation, and stability.

7. Fitting Three Across

nuna exec car seat install

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I like the Exec model as it has a specific narrow design, with 17 inches width, so it's an excellent option when you have multiple kids in the seat's back.

So, it will be convenient to place it with two narrower or slightly wider car seats for the ultimate fun on the road.

Also, it fits numerous mid-sized vehicles.

8. Comfort Benefits

The Exec will definitely not let you down, as you can find eight different recline positions and twelve positions of the head support.

So, once you find the correct body posture for your child, you can quickly moderate the reclining units, making them comfier on the road.

However, the seat will also astonish you with the multipurpose and adjustable anti-rebound panel and leg rest.

So, when you use the seat in the forward-facing position, the adjustable anti-rebound panel acts as an adjustable leg rest.

So, children will love it since you can always extend it for kids with longer legs. And the leg rest won't cause numbness, extra pressure, and discomfort for kids.

Yet again, in the rear-facing method, the anti-rebound panel works the same as the anti-rebound bar, keeping the seat stable and secure.

So, it only increases safety benefits, and I think well of it.

Additionally, the seat will win your heart since it has merino wool, which is breathable and soft enough to keep your child cozy and quiet, pressure and sweat-free for an extended period, especially during a longer trip.

Furthermore, Merino wool has breathable panels, offering maximum airflow and circulation for ultimate comfort.

And, the airflow advancing ventilation panels will prevent discomfort, sweat, and pressure, keeping your little ones relaxed and cozier for an extended period.

9. Extra Convenience for Parents

a. Magnetic harness holders

These units are perfect, located on both seat's sides, with one essential function - to keep the buckles away from the seat when you place your child inside.

They're quick and easy to moderate and operate upon, and I love them!

b. Dual-flip open cupholders

They are ideal options for your kids to store snacks and drinks inside, to keep them occupied on the road. Also, you can better focus on the road.

And, if they become too messy, you can easily clean them for subsequent use. In addition, these are easy to flip down in case you don't need them.

c. No-rethread 5-point harness

The harness system is an excellent safety unit, as it makes sure your kid is appropriately restrained, keeping their crucial body parts safe, making them more stable and less vulnerable.

And let's face it - all moms work with one hand, so the harness is also suitable for one-hand use, to moderate it as you like.

And, since it's a no-rethread model, you don't have to install and re-install it again and again for your child. It will grow and follow your child's development and growth without any issues.

And it is easily stored in the booster mode inside the seat. Very convenient, I would say!

In addition, the seat includes a considerably hard set of crotch buckle pads, crotch cover, hip and shoulder pads. It also has an additional set of pads.

And, it would be best if you used them for the Nuna Exec rear-facing child. The harness pads are necessary!

d. Easy cleaning and maintenance

Another benefit that I love is that I can easily clean the Exec seat.

Namely, the seat has machine washable parts, so it will be effortless to maintain and keep fresh for subsequent use.

Thus, you will find the machine washable infant insert, head inserts, harness covers, harness pads, seat cover, and other parts for more robust use and a more detailed cleaning procedure. So, your kids won't be dirty but fresh and soft inside the seat.

Remember: Not all booster seats have this advantage, which is why I appreciate the Exec seat even more.

nuna rava vs nuna exec car seat

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10. Additional Info & Where to Find It

a. Expiration date

If you want to check the seat's expiration date, you can find the label located on the back of the seat's shell.

So, you will find that the seat expires after ten years, and you can find the info on the label and in the manual.

However, if your seat was in a car accident, you must replace it immediately!

You cannot find the inner cracks and breaks in the frame and shell, so you can put your kid in danger if you don't remove it.

b. FAA approval

Regarding the FAA approval, the Exec model is convenient for air travel, but only if you use it in the harness mode.

You know that boosters are not allowed on planes, so the harness seat is more convenient.

And, as I have told you initially, the seat is not the best option for a travel system, but many parents find it suitable for aircraft, as the seat installs quickly and effortlessly.


How long can you use a Nuna Exec car seat?

The car seat is convenient for all kids from 0 to 12 years. However, it has a ten-year expiration date, so pay attention to that as well.

And, if you have a car accident, replace it immediately!

How long can you use the Nuna Exec?

You can use it for ten years, which is stated on the label for the expiration date. Also, check in the manual the variables and if there are some exceptions.

Who would benefit from the Exec?

There are numerous people to benefit from the Exec. Some of them include:

- Grandparents - they can visit more grandchildren and accommodate all of them inside the same seat

- Parents with taller children - thanks to the leg rest, the set can extend the lower part and eliminate the numb legs. So, the leg rest is perfect for taller children. Thus, it's more convenient than the RAVA model, which lacks this benefit.

- Eco-friendly parents - if you're a frugal parent, you don't want to spend much on numerous car seats. So, you can use this one for an extended period without any issues.

- Primary caretakers and the second car - you can freely go for the Exec model when you're a busy mom and don't want two car seat bases and two convertible car seats. It will save your money, space and offer more convenience since it follows the kid's growth and development.

- Minimalists - for all those who dislike excess stuff, the Exec is an ideal solution since it accommodates ALL children.

Is the Nuna Exec washable?

nuna exec car seat crash test


Yes, it is. The car seat has machine washable parts for effortless cleaning and maintenance, such as cover, harness covers, pads, crotch cover, etc.

So, it will save both your time and energy.

Nuna Exec vs. Britax One4Life: Who is the winner?

Well, both car seats are all in one, therefore, they have similar features so that you can choose according to your preferences.

But, my winner is always Nuna Exec, as it has three layers of side-impact protection, whereas the Britax One4Life has only two, so the safety benefits come first.

It also has a high-grade EPP foam, which is not the case with the Britax model.

So, I would choose the Nuna model once again.

Also, it has better material quality than the Britax model, but it's costly. However, I think you should really pay for the quality since it's worth every penny!

To find a full comparison between Britax and Nuna brand, click here.

Why is Nuna Exec so expensive?

The Exec is one of the most expensive car seats nowadays due to its brand-new, advanced technology.

Thus, it includes three layers of side-impact protection, leg rest for more comfort, merino wool for extra softens and airflow, a maximum safety system with harness and all-steel frame, and an effortless Simply Safe Installation system.

In addition, it easily transitions from rear-facing to forward-facing to booster method within seconds, offering you all-in-one positions for your kids.

Final Thoughts

My final verdict is that you should definitely opt for the Nuna Exec car seat.

Then, although you need more money, you won't have to purchase different car seats for your kids, so you can calculate and come to the same result.

Moreover, the seat will last longer, follow your kids' growth and development, and keep them safe and sound on the road. And, if you like, you can use it on the plane.

So, what else could you ask for? I think it's the best bet and undoubtedly worth its premium quality!

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