Nuna Rava Vs Nuna Exec: How to Make the Best Deal 2022?

So, now you have chosen Nuna as the primary brand for your little one and want to select a perfect car seat for their needs.

And, you're in a dilemma: which one to choose?

As you know, the prominent representatives are Nuna Rava and Nuna Exec car seats. But, what are the similarities & differences, which one is better and how to choose?

Luckily, we're here to help you and guide you through this process!

So, pay attention and take notes. You're going to need them for the ultimate comparison!


Nuna Rava vs Nuna Exec car seat: Basic features

is the nuna rava worth the money


can nuna rava be used for newborn



Nuna Rava car seat

Nuna Exec car seat


16 x 19 x 25 inches

22.5 x 18.5 x 26-33 inches


26.6 pounds

27.2 pounds

As you can see, the two car seats are similar, yet different in both weight and size. The Nuna Exec car seat is bulkier and heavier in comparison with the Nuna Rava.

However, both Rava and Exec may not have only travel purposes - they add more stability & security to your child while on the road.

So, in the case of an accident, the car seats cannot move around quickly, and the kid will be stable and fixed.

Although the Nuna Rava is smaller and more compact, it shows the same stability features as the Exec model, but the latter has an advantage the former lacks, and I will explain further in the text.

Nuna Exec vs. Rava: Overall design

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Now, this is a crucial difference between the Nuna Exec and Rava car seats.

As you can find, the Rava is a convertible car seat. In other words, it offers two modes of use:

- rear-facing infant car seat - supporting kids between 5 and 50 pounds

- forward-facing car seat - accommodating children between 25 and 65 pounds,

Whereas the Exec car seat offers three modes of use, it's an all-in-one car seat model. Therefore, you will find:

- rear-facing infant car seat - for kiddos from 5 to 50 pounds

- forward-facing car seat - suitable for children between 25 and 65 pounds

- belt-positioning booster seat - for kids up to 120 pounds.

So, the car seat comparison shows more extended use of the Exec model, and you don't have to obtain other car seats once your kiddo is ready for a booster mode.

On the other hand, the Rava is an excellent convertible car seat, but lacking a booster mode, you will have to purchase another booster seat once your little one outgrows the previous stage.

So, pay attention to that. In my opinion, it would be more economical to opt for the Exec model.

Rava vs. Exec: The price point

Let's face it - both Rava and Exec car seats are extremely expensive!

I'm not very fond of their price points; however, their design and overall quality definitely match the cost, and no one can deny it.

I tried both seats and was thrilled to see my kids comfy and enjoying every single ride, even longer distances.

Still, these highest-quality car seats require an over-the-top budget, so you have to pay $499.95 for the Nuna Rava model. In addition, the Exec model is even more expensive, with a cost of $699.95.

Wow, $200 can really make a difference in your purchase.

First, however, you need to know precisely what you want precisely.

For example, if you can afford one convertible car seat + later a booster seat, make calculations and see the amount of money you need to provide.

But, if you're ready to pay more for the all-in-one car seat, and use it longer without changes, then I recommend you go with the Exec model.

Thus, you don't have to change the car seats, you can install it once, and it will grow with your child as long as possible.

This is the main reason why the Exec model is so expensive - it's the only car seat you will need for your child.

So, when you don't want to purchase two or even three car seats, the Exec can save you hundreds of dollars.

Remember, I'm not underestimating the Nuna Rava model - it's an exceptional car seat; just think a bit about what you would like and what your possibilities are.

Anyhow, the price matches the quality, so whatever choice you make, you won't go wrong.

But, I would still go with the Exec model to avoid later complications.

Rava vs. Exec: Safety features & quality benefits

nuna exec vs nuna rava

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nuna rava vs executive

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Regarding these benefits, there is not much difference.

Both the Rava convertible car seat and Exec all-in-one car seats have maximum safety standards with supreme protection benefits.

Thus, the car seats include the EPS and EPP energy-absorbing foam, with side-impact protection pods, an all-steel frame, and the highest stability.

Furthermore, the side-impact protection comprises three layers, so even if the shell breaks, your child won't suffer at all. How convenient!

I've told you that both the Rava and Exec Nuna car seats are robust and bulky - so they add more fixation and balance when in the vehicle seat.

So, even in the crash, your kid won't move around, and the car seats will protect them, keeping them intact and unscratched.

But don't forget that the Exec car seat offers an anti-rebound bar that the Rava lacks.

The anti-rebound bar is crucial in the rear-facing mode, for the ultra-secure fit and superior balance, even in a collision.

So, the Exec might have slightly advanced safety features, such as a brand-new car seat.

And, it's crucial to remember that both models meet and exceed all FMVSS rules and regulations for the US safety standards.

In terms of quality, I must tell you, both Nuna car seats have all-steel frame and construction for maximum security points, flame-retardant materials, and content with no added fire-retardant chemicals, but added layers of side-impact protection for the ultimate protection on the road.

What about the installation process?

Well, I love both seats, as they offer the True Tension Doors and the LATCH system.

However, the manufacturer recommends you install them using the vehicle seat belt system rather than LATCH, but you select the preferred method.

However, you can install them in most mid-sized vehicles, and the seats will be suitable for fitting three across.

Both models offer a narrower base, so if you have multiple kids in the back, you don't have to worry about the fun on the road.

Instead, everybody will have their personal space and enjoy a comfortable ride for a longer time.

And, if you opt for the seat belt installation, you will find the True Tension doors, reinforced belt paths for proper belt routing options, storage for lower anchors, connectors, etc.

So, whatever choice you make, just check whether the seat moves around to change and tighten the fixation for better stability.

Also, for the booster car seat transition, the Exec model is effortless and most convenient for the task, as the harness is easily stored inside the booster seat, and you don't have to worry about its loss or some other issue.

So, you can keep everything organized and easy to access.

Comfort benefits

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You might find only some different points regarding comfort, but they may change your whole perception regarding these seats.

Namely, the Nuna Rava is slightly advanced as it offers five recline positions, whereas the Exec model provides only 4.

However, the Exec advances head support positions with 12 recline positions, while the Rava has only ten head support positions.

And, since the Rava is only a convertible seat, it won't be suitable for a taller child. Thus, only the Exec can support a taller child compared to the Nuna Rava.

The main reason for this is the adjustable anti-rebound panel, serving as an adjustable leg rest. Unfortunately, not all booster seats have an anti-rebound panel, so the Exec all-in-one is unique.

So, you can extend the leg rest and create more comfort for your kiddo, for a pressure-free atmosphere and more relaxation while inside the seat.

Hence, the Exec will support more weight limits and bigger children, and the Rava is somewhat limited due to design.

And, you can always add the infant insert when your kid needs more support or remove it for more space and better comfort benefits.

Extra stability features

Another high contrast between the seats is the harness system.

Namely, both models include a no-rethread harness system, so you can only adjust it as your kid grows, and moderate the straps to avoid slack, and make it stable for your little ones.

Of course, you don't have to install and re-install it whenever you place your child in and out of the seat, as the straps are easy to operate and use, offering you limitless actions and a proper fit for your child.

Both seats have 5-point harness systems, covering their crucial body parts, and the kids cannot escape or slip away from the seats, so you don't have to worry about accidents and injuries.

But, the difference is that the Exec model has magnet harness keepers while the Rava has fabric pockets, although both models have harness buckle holders.

So, they will keep the straps out of the way for effortless installation in both seats, and you can rest assured nothing can go wrong with the setup procedure.

Easy cleaning and maintenance process

nuna rava vs. exec


I embrace both seats since they have the most straightforward cleaning procedure.

Namely, both seats are machine washable, with the same content and cleaning parts.

Thus, both seats have head inserts, infant inserts, harness covers, and a seat cover that are machine washable and quick to maintain.

Hence, you can keep the models fresh and ready for subsequent use and use them wherever you like.

In addition, the models have dual flip open cupholders, earning more space if you need it in the precious cargo area, also quick and effortless to clean if your kids are messy.

However, the cupholders are an excellent storage option for their drinks and snacks, making them occupied on the road to let you focus on the road better.

Expiration date and FAA approval

Both seats are suitable for prolonged use with a 10-year lifespan.

However, since the Exec is also an all-in-one and booster seat, your kid can use it longer until they're ready for a belt system.

Yet, if you have a car accident, you must replace the seat instantly!

You cannot really see the inner issues and hidden cracks, so you should obtain a brand-new seat to avoid fatal injuries and consequences.

And, you can find the label with the expiration date at the back of the shell.

Moreover, both models are FAA-approved, but you have to use the Exec in the rear-facing or forward-facing harness mode.

You know that airlines do not approve boosters, only convertible car seats with harness systems.

So, as long as you follow the rules, you can travel by plane.

My advice is to call your airline and check once again if you're allowed to use these models to avoid further complications and issues.

I'm sure you don't want to wait at the airport for your check control and hear, "Errr...Excuse me, but you cannot pass."

So, examine the size and weight limits, general rules, and safety regulations before you get to the airport.

Also, you can find the FAA approval label at the back of the shell.

Colors and available accessories

Unlike other convertible car seats, the Nuna Rava model is more advanced and has a broader range of available colors. These include Rose, Oxford, Lake, Granite, Frost, and Caviar.

However, it's slightly improved compared to the Exec as well, as the all-in-one car seat has limited-edition options, such as Riveted, Timber, Lake, Granite, and Caviar.

But don't forget that this model is a newer one and that they have added more colors to make it similar to the Rava.

Finally, these two models come with the Nuna wheeled travel bag as the main accessory so that you can make considerable use of it.

Is there room for improvement?

nuna rava vs exec dimensions

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Well, of course! Bear in mind that these seats are not ideal.

They're more advanced than other infant car seats, convertible, and boosters, but they're not so perfect.

Regarding the Nuna Rava, parents often complain that chest clips are not as sturdy and reliable as they should be.

This way, even the babies can play with them and press the buttons to unbuckle themselves.

So, the parents are concerned about the safety issues and standards, as these things are forbidden, especially when you have a child in the back seat of your vehicle.

And customer support might be slightly better, offering concrete solutions instead of a simple refund, but we hope to see some progress soon.

Or, at least, making stronger chest clips and not so easy-to-open buckles and buttons.

Concerning the Nuna Exec model, parents don't really like its short-lived booster method, although it might be too familiar among the multipurpose car seats.

Also, the straps might be shorter than expected, so pay attention if your child fits comfortably in the booster.

Additionally, being an all-in-one car seat doesn't mean it's incredible.

Namely, different car seat laws provide other combined weight and size limits; therefore, you may not use it in all US states, so check this as well.

Finally, the price issue refers to both models, as parents believe they're too unreasonable.

Now, there may be slight changes, but we will have to wait for quite some time to see if there is some news regarding these issues. But let's stay positive.


How long can a child use Nuna Rava?

Nuna Rava has a ten-year expiration date, and your child can use it in a rear-facing and a forward-facing method, but not a booster mode.

So, when your kids are 65 pounds, you should obtain a booster seat for them, as a next car seat stage.

When should I switch to Nuna Rava?

Well, the Rava and Exec are not exactly the best options for newborn babies. So, I suggest you switch to some other alternatives when your baby is too little.

Once they can keep their body on their own, they can use the Nuna Rava seat.

To use it rear-facing, your kids must be between 5 and 50 pounds, or even more, if they're too skinny and small.

Remember, the AAP recommends your child sit rear-facing as long as possible, so don't rush and place them in forward-facing mode if they're not ready. You will cause fatal injuries.

So what are the main differences between Rava and Exec?

nuna exec car seat vs rava


nuna exec vs rava


The main differences are:

- design: Rava is convertible, while the Exec is an all-one car seat

- colors: Rava has more options than the Exec

- dimensions: Rava is smaller and lighter than the Exec

- comfort: Rava doesn't have the leg rest that the Exec has

- safety: Rava doesn't have the anti-rebound bar the Exec benefits from

- price: Rava is way more affordable than the Exec

Can Nuna Rava be used as a booster?

No, it cannot. The seat has only modes of use - rear-facing, and forward-facing, but lacks a booster method.

How long can you use a Nuna Exec car seat?

You can use this all-in-one car seat from infancy to school ages. It has ten years of lifespan, but your kids can use it until they're ready for the seatbelt system.

However, if you have a car accident, make sure to replace the seat immediately and keep your little one safe.

Final verdict

And, here we are! Have you chosen your fighter?

It's OK if you need more time, take it easy, and see all the possibilities and benefits, but drawbacks too.

Once again, I'm telling you that both models are exceptional, their prices match the given quality, and they will serve you longer.

Both have improved side-impact protection with energy-absorbing foam, maximum comfort, ultimate security standards, premium-quality materials, and meet all safety regulations.

However, as a final winner, I would still choose the Nuna Exec since it's the only car seat you might need, so it will definitely save you money.

Furthermore, the same car seat can be used for all stages and offer you more possibilities, contrary to Rava.

Still, think about it and once you decide, let me know.

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