Best Nuna Rava Car Seat Reviews for Your Little Ones: 2022 Edition

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Another excellent car seat from the Dutch company Nuna will be reviewed in the following lines. So, parents, if you loved Nuna Pipa infant car seat, you will adore Nuna Rava convertible car seat!

What's so unique about this convertible seat?

Well, it will astonish you as they pay much attention to details, and lots of benefits to comfort. Above all, the convertible car seat is safe, crash-tested, and secure for more extended use.

So, check the Nuna Rava review and find the convenience features parents look for!

Quick Summary

The Nuna Rava car seat is one of the leading on the market, worldwide famous for its price, style, highly functional, and user/eco-friendly benefits.

- Safety features: 5/5 (durable shell with the SIP pads)

- Comfort: 5/5 (10 recline positions and extendable legroom)

- Content: 5/5 ( flame-resistant, easy to clean and maintain)

- Reliable: 5/5 (steel frame, crash-tested for longer use)

What we like
  • durability
  • safety
  • comfort
  • easy to clean
  • easy to install
What we don't like
  • too bulky
  • not for traveling
  • too pricey
  • not recline angle indicator

Bottom Line

Overall, the Nuna Rava review shows the highest points of the seat!

Although it may not be the only car seat you may need once your child grows up - you will need a booster seat, it still has exceptional benefits.

As you will see, the seat is easy to install, clean, and maintain, comfortable, safe and secure, and effortless to manage.

Moreover, the seat is FAA approved, but you still have to check the rules before getting to the airport. And, the content has soft goods - FR-free, so it's user-friendly.

Still, the Nuna Rava car seat definitely matches its price and premium-quality benefits. So, you can find the best deal here and obtain it for around $500.

Why Should You Opt for the Nuna Rava Car Seat?

nuna rava car seat safety reviews

Source: Instagram

The Nuna Rava seat was firstly introduced in 2016 by a Dutch company Nuna.

Their first baby equipment creation was a well-known ZAAZ high chair in 2007 to bring babies closer to the dining table.

Therefore, the policy expanded, and nowadays, we can find a variety of numerous baby gear products, including car seats, strollers, and other articles.

1. Supreme Content

To start with, let me briefly comment upon its materials. As you will find, its content is full of flame retardant chemicals that are FR-free.

You probably know that most car seat brands must meet and exceed numerous requirements regarding flame retardant materials.

Still, this brand uses naturally flame-resistant elements, and in most cases, they use wool blends.

In addition, you can find numerous color options, primarily gray - granite, frost, caviar, lake, but there is rose as well if you have a girly girl.

So, the colors may not be the best choice, compared with its alter ego Clek Foonf convertible car seat.

2. Proportions: Yes or No?

I'm certain you're interested in the overall dimension and other measurements the seat provides.

So, you should know that the car seat contains a steel-reinforced frame, so it's already very bulky - 27 pounds.

Therefore, in the case of a car accident, you need a bulky car seat (don't ask how I know) since it will best protect your baby.

So, the Nuna Rava seat is the best car seat for protection and safety.

However, the Nuna Rava seat may not be the perfect option for car travel carpooling and parents that use two or more motor vehicles.

It's extremely hard to move it around, especially when you add your kiddo's weight, but for cars, car accidents are more advanced than all other convertible car seats!

When you compare it to the Clek Foonf, the Nuna car seat is lighter, as the first model weighs 33 and 38 pounds (rear-facing and forward-facing mode).

However, the Nuna Rava car seat is an FAA approved seat. It has a ten-year lifespan, but you must replace it after a car crash, even if it doesn't show any visible damage.

Regarding limits, the lower anchor maximum is 35 pounds for rear-facing and 40 pounds for forward-facing use.

Also, you can install the Nuna Rava seat in the center position if the vehicle manual offers that possibility. In that case, you will use anchors from either side.

However, the seat is not allowed to be used with inflatable seat belts and sloped vehicle seats. You may find these as airbag belts if you search for them in the manual.

3. Safety & Security Standards

nuna rava car seat safety ratings

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Don't worry about your little ones' safety! The Nuna Rava seat never compromises the stability and security of your kiddos.

However, the seat is fantastic since it meets and exceeds numerous car crash tests and shows the best results.

As you might find, the seat offers an ideal combination of chest and head sensor results.

Consequently, it meets all FMVSS and NHTSA regulations and provides an extra margin of safety & security benefits regarding basic and side-by-side crash tests.

Hence, the seat has G-force test results, including HIC sensors, head, and chest sensors, so it offers an extra layer of protection.

But, its doppelganger Clek Foonf shows better results in chest sensor with 30, while the Rava seat has 40.

However, you will love the seat since it offers an additional layer of side-impact protection on both sides in the head region.

Therefore, the side-impact protection includes the energy-absorbing EPS foam that absorbs and reduces the energy of external forces, pressure, impacts, strength, and other crashes that might hurt your children.

Even if the shell breaks or cracks, your kiddo will be intact and stable in the seat, and they won't get hurt. Thus, the seat will offer more security and stability for an extended period.

But, of course, after the accident, please replace the seat with a new one.

4. For Newborn Infants?

Err, not really.

It's crucial to remember that you can use the car seat for an extended period, both in rear-facing and forward-facing mode.

In addition, the car seat offers an infant insert for extra legroom, a comprehensive rear-facing manner, and more comfort for your little ones.

But, I need to tell you that the Nuna Rava rear-facing mode is not really my favorite infant car seat.

Why? Simply because it doesn't actually fit newborns and preemies.

So, for all brand-new parents, although the rear-facing and forward-facing car seat states that you can place your three-month-old baby inside and use the infant insert for better support, I suggest you still seek for an alternative or at least other convertibles that actually support your newborn baby.

However, there are no mistakes with the forward-facing mode, so you can freely use it for young children between 22 and 65 pounds and up to 49 inches in height limit.

So, you can compare it with the Clek Foonf; the Nuna Rava seat is slightly advanced, as you don't have to purchase the infant insert separately. But, all other features are more or less the same.

5. Installation Process

nuna rava convertible car seat reviews

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Regarding this part, Nuna Rava uses LATCH connectors for the safest and most secure setup process.

However, it also allows the vehicle seat belt installation for all kids and all cars to reduce the confusion regarding lower anchor installation and weight limits.

So, what did they do?

Well, the experts came up with the Simply Secure installation via true tension doors. The true tension doors have two modes: for rear-facing installation and forward-facing setup.

In addition, the car seat comes with high-quality push-on lower anchor attachment points, yet numerous labels don't approve of their use and promote vehicle seat belt installation.

So, what can you do as a parent?

6. Rear-facing Installation

When you use the seat belt, the trickiest part is to tuck and unsnap the cover out of the way to disclose the True Tension Doors.

But, you will also have to flip up the integrated cup holders to reach the rear-facing seat belt path.

Finally, once you complete the setup, you can quickly flip the cup holders back down.

The next step is choosing the best recline angle for your baby and the vehicle. If you have a newborn baby, I recommend you select the deepest possible recline.

So, loosen the harness, raise the headrest to its top position, and unsnap the car seat cushion to disclose the true tension door where the baby's bottom would be.

Then, push the button, open the compartment, thread the belt through the rear-facing belt path, and buckle the vehicle belt.

Next off, instead of closing the true tension door, you must also lock the vehicle belt -pull it out of the retractor and feed it back in. Finally, close the true tension door. There you go!

The installation might be complicated at first, but the car seat is easy to install after you try it.

They are under the rear-facing true tension door with lower anchors, and you follow the same principle.

Next, the lower anchors go through the rear-facing belt path; you remove the slack and close the true tension door.

And, this is a more complicated installation, which was the entire Nuna's plan - to discourage you from using lower anchors and use a seat belt instead.

And, the level indicator will show that the lower anchor limit is 35 pounds.

7. Forward-facing Installation

The process is relatively similar to the rear-facing one.

You have to select the best among the recline multiple positions, raise the headrest, loosen the harness, unsnap the fabric and discover the true tension door.

Open it, thread the belt through the forward-facing belt path, lock the vehicle belt tight, and shut the door. Remove slack and attach the rope. Extremely easy to install!

The lower anchors are the same as with the rear-facing setup, so you have to pull them out of the door, open the seat cushion, simply pull the lower anchor strap through the forward-facing seat belt path; remove the slack, and close the door.

The next step is to remove the margin and attach the top tether.

However, with the forward-facing setup, the weight limit for lower anchors is 40 pounds.

8. More About True Tension Doors

They only closely resemble seat belt lock-offs, but they are not the same.

So, according to the NUNA expert team, there is not an actual set rule for seat belt thickness, and numerous high-end brands come with extremely thin seat belts.

Therefore, they worried that if you had to open or close the door, the belts would be too thin to be completely locked off, and they didn't want to endanger your family's safety and security.

For this reason, even though the doors offer impeccable assistance in the installation process, making it effortless and straightforward, you still must switch the retractor to the locking mode before you close the doors.

In addition, it would be best to lock it prior to completing the door so that you don't forget this crucial step.

Unfortunately, many parents forget this and have huge issues, so please, pay attention to this part and your kiddo's safety.

9. Comfort and Quality Benefits

Regarding these two benefits, the seat earned first-rate quality points and the highest score in the experts' tests.

Thus, the unit is of higher quality with benefits for longevity and comfort and is more advanced than competitive car seats.

This way, the unit offers medium to firm pads, comfortable and supportive for your little ones.

You will also notice that the seat cover is removable and detachable; hence, it can be machine washed for effortless maintenance and cleaning process.

The seat offers a quick cleaning process, free of dirt and grime, thanks to the solid and hard plastic shell back.

And, the content fits the surface without looking undone or too frumpy. Therefore, the seat offers a clean and smooth finish without rough edges to harm your vehicle's interior.

However, the EPS foam may not be as environment-friendly as the EPP would be, so there is still little room for improvement.

But, the overall design is excellent, and the seat is more than convenient for more extended use.

And, I mustn't forget ventilation. Your kids can breathe freely in the car seat; they won't feel pressured, too hot, and sweaty.

The seat will provide enough airflow and circulation to keep them relaxed, calm, cool, and stress-free while inside the seat.

Finally, with numerous reclining options, you can find the best angles for adequate body posture for your babies and place them to reduce stress and pressure.

So, they will be cozy and soft for an extended period.

10. Extendable Legroom

Another great benefit is that most babies can use the Nuna Rava car seat even after exceeding 40 pounds.

Nuna Rava supports kids up to 50 pounds in the rear-facing mode. So, when your baby needs more space, you will find a flip-out panel.

Most parents don't know about this benefit, but I find it valuable and highly convenient, similar to the Graco Extend2Fit seat.

nuna rava convertible car seat reviews

Source: Instagram

11. Effortless to Use

Are you ready for the extra benefits Nuna Rava offers?

One such benefit is that you can place your baby in or out of the seat with a breeze!

As you will see, the seat has little harness holders that don't allow straps to complicate the process.

Thanks to the no-rethread harness system, you can adjust the seat height and find the best body posture for your child. The harness offers ten harness heights and two crotch strap positions.

Nuna Rava also offers ten recline positions for maximum comfort, exceptionally effortless to achieve, unlike other expensive convertible car seats that require both muscles and skills for reclining options.

However, the harness system will keep your child safe and stable in both rear-facing and forward-facing mode, and the chest clip will be sturdy and won't allow easy unbuckling.

Moreover, you can arrange the harness height as well and adjust it to your children's needs, their size, and weight limit.

Still, the seat is perfect due to the laid-back legroom calf support.

Namely, the expansion panel provides two extra inches as support to rear-facing little travelers, but it's convenient and valuable for forward-facers as well.

You know how forward-facers can be cranky when they have leg pain due to a lack of extra space as they grow.

Therefore, you will be thrilled knowing that the seat offers this additional support for more comfort and better convenience as well.

Although it might not be the best support as we would expect, it still provides extra legroom and more space for your little one when forward-facing.

12. Extra Convenience

nuna rava car seat safety ratings


If you need a cup holder for your child, Nuna Rava is an exceptional model since the seat has collapsible cup holders - one on each side.

So, Nuna Rava is an excellent seat for all parents who want to save space in the back seat for others.

But, you can also use a single cup holder, and remove the other one, if you don't need it.

In addition, the units will be easy to clean and maintain when your child makes a mess (like mine, for instance).

However, you will also notice the leg extension panel for easy tucking away and pulling, along with the side-impact cushions that you can flip in or out without additional issues.

But, that's not all, as you can find the crotch buckle and lengthen or shorten it by pushing it in and sliding it in or out.

So, the crotch buckle will be effortless to operate upon, yet it will make your maneuverability easier.

In addition, you don't have to rethread the splitter plates and webbing to use it conveniently and place your child in or out of the seat.

And, you can check numerous videos to see how it functions and overall performance.


How long can you use the Nuna Rava car seat?

According to the recommendations, you can use it for ten years, as the car seat expires after ten years of lifespan.

However, the maximum weight and height limits are 65 pounds and 49 inches of maximum height in a forward-facing manner.

So, once your child overgrows these numbers, you should substitute the seat with the booster one.

Is Nuna Rava car seat FAA approved?

Yes, it is. You can use the seat for aircraft but in a harness mode.

So, please, check with the airline whether they will allow the seat on the plane and if the seat has a label stating that it is convenient for aircraft.

Is the Nuna Rava a safe car seat?

Definitely yes! The seat will provide maximum safety and security benefits, thanks to the side protection, energy-absorbing foam, and steel-reinforced frame and base. Therefore, it will protect your kiddo in all crashes and keep them stable.

Additionally, the seat offers rear-facing support of extra two inches for kids up to 50 pounds so that it will provide the best safety.

When should I switch to Nuna Rava?

nuna rava car seat safety reviews


As experts state, the seat is convenient for kids between five and eleven pounds. The harness must be below or at the child's shoulders.

Also, you can remove or use the infant insert for more comfort whenever you like.

Can you use Nuna Rava for infants?

Technically, you can. The label states that all kids of five and more pounds can use it freely.

However, I don't recommend it for infants.

The reason is simple - the set cannot fit 100%. So it's better to switch to an alternative infant or convertible seat.

You can also try the Nuna PIPA car seat or attach it to the stroller for more extended and convenient use.

Final Words

And, that's it, folks! This is the end of our Nuna Rava review. I hope you liked it and got to know it better.

As you can observe, the seat is highly convenient, with maximum safety and security features, extremely comfortable, and easy to install and use.

Moreover, it will provide unbeatable materials and shell, so your little one cannot get hurt while in the seat. So, you can compromise with numerous things, but never with safety.

That's why I suggest you order it now and find other numerous benefits.

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