Select the Best Convertible Car Seat in 2023: Clek Foonf vs Nuna Rava

If you want to keep your little one's rear-facing longer, you'll need an extraordinary convertible car seat to comply with your safety standards.

So, you must enter the convertible car seat market.

Many parents switch to such seats as they are money-saving options, offer exceptional safety and security, and are quick to install and use.

Thus, we will compare two popular convertible car seats from the high-end categories: Clek Foonf vs Nuna Rava.

Both car seats are ideal for your growing kids in all factors. But, who's better? Stay tuned.


Clek Foonf vs Nuna Rava Debate: A Wholesome Overview

1. Design and configurations

The Clek Foonf and the Nuna RAVA models are convertible car seats. They offer two modes of use:

- extended rear-facing use for kids 5 (14) - 50 pounds

- forward-facing position for kids 22-65 pounds.

As you can see, the two convertible seats are not all-in-one seats, so they do not provide a booster car seat mode.

However, you can differentiate rear-facing mode weight limits.

Namely, the Nuna RAVA supports kids from five pounds in the rear-facing mode, while the Clek Foonf supports kids from 14 pounds as the minimum weight recommendation.

Therefore, the Nuna RAVA is a better convertible car seat in these terms, and you can use it earlier.

However, the Clek Foonf measures ‎17.5 x 16.9 x 28 inches and weighs 38 pounds.

The Nuna RAVA dimensions, on the other hand, measure 16 x 19 x 25.2-31 inches and weigh 27.2 pounds.

Both convertible car seats are bulky for constant movement between more vehicles, and you may have specific issues when traveling.

However, both seats offer the best stability in car accidents. So, the Clek Foonf weighs even more, showing maximum security and fixation in the crash.

Heavier car seats are always better in collisions. If you want a more stable model, you should pick the Clek Foonf. But, both might be tricky to remove quickly.

is clek foonf comfortable than Nuna Rava


2. Safety features

Both models are safe and secure for extended and more robust use. Otherwise, they wouldn't be available on the car seat market.

The Clek Foonf and the Nuna RAVA both comply with, meet and exceed all car seat laws, AAP, NHTSA, FMVSS 213, IIHS, and similar safety standards and regulations.

They both use the extended rear-facing infant car seats and execute all safety experts' rules.

However, they offer top car seat safety features that no parents can resist. Let's see.

The Clek Foonf, and Clek seats, in general, are among the highest-rated safety seats on the market. The main reason for such ratings is the famous car seat construction.

As you'll see, the Clek Foonf contains the REACT system - the Rigid-LATCH Energy Absorbing Crumple Technology.

Clek makes car seats with safety features in mind, so the innovative convertible car seats have the aluminum honeycomb as side-impact protection and an overall high-quality frame.

The energy-absorbing foam crumples when absorbing energy, resulting in less force, impact, and pressure reaching your child rear-facing and forward-facing.

Also, the Clek Foonf uses the anti-rebound bar as an additional safety standard for the rear-facing mode. It will protect your child's head, neck, and torso in rear and frontal crashes.

The headrest also has advanced energy-absorbing foam, attaches to the steel frame, and transfers the headrest's movements.

In addition, unlike other car seat manufacturers, Clek includes specific crash tests available to the public. As a result, you can confirm the safety standards and find data regarding security.

On the other hand, the Nuna RAVA also features an all-steel car seat frame, the all-steel anti-rebound bar (comes separately), and exceptional side-impact protection.

Its SIP is full of premium EPS energy-absorbing foam with multiple layers to absorb and redirect the impacts, forces, and pressure in the car collision.

Thus, the seat frame makes your child intact, stable, and fixed in the rear, frontal, and side crashes.

Heavy car seats generally support your children better, so the Nuna RAVA's safety is on another level.

Although it doesn't come with the anti-rebound bar and the advanced REACT technology the Clek Foonf offers, you still can use the anti-rebound bar in the rear-facing infant seat.

You can ensure the best rear-facing seat position and ensure your child is immovable in crashes and similar road troubles.

But, as it lacks the advanced safety system, I vote for the Clek Foonf car seat.

However, both seats feature a five-point harness system to ensure extra stability and security of the crucial body parts, so they're practically similar to some extent.

3. Installation process

You know that the safest place for installation is the central/middle position in the vehicle's back seat.

As these are the most accessible convertible car seats to install and use on the market, you won't have any issues with the placement and positions.

Both car seats can be installed safely in the rear-facing and forward-facing modes.

But, you must consult the car seat instruction manuals to find the step-by-step processes for forward-facing installations and rear-facing installations.

The main difference is that the Clek Foonf uses the LATCH connection and system to make your kid ride backward until they weigh 5 pounds.

Once they overgrow that weight, you must use the vehicle seat belt system for the child facing forward.

And, the LATCH system might be complicated for newbies, especially if your car doesn't have the LATCH attachments.

The forward-facing installation instructions state that you must remove the seat cushion, thread the belt through the belt paths (either with LATCH connectors or without - for the seat belt installation), and fasten the belt.

When installed rear-facing, you still have to remove the Clek Foonf seat cushion to install the anti-rebound bar and a wedge-shaped base providing a proper recline angle.

Of course, thread the strap and connect all LATCH connectors with the car's vehicle seat attachments and lower anchors.

On the other hand, the Nuna RAVA offers the seat belt system as the primary installation for the rear-facing infant car seat and forward-facing recline positions.

To install the Nuna RAVA forward-facing, you must attach the tether cord to the vehicle's back seat, thread the seat belt through the belt pats, connect the parts, and close them.

The forward-facing RAVA involves the same procedure as the rear-facing method. But, first, lift the seat padding and find the Nuna RAVA True Tension Doors at the seat's bottom.

The doors are color-coded to distinguish between the rear-facing and forward-facing installation process.

So, you also have to thread the seat belt through the belt paths under the door and buckle it. Next, please lock the belt, close the doors, and your seat is ready to go.

Ensure the shoulder belt covers your children's shoulders correctly in both seats, do not forget to install the top tether in forward-facing car seats.

The final result shows that the Nuna RAVA is the winner, as you cannot get confused about when to use LATCH and when to use the seat belt. Thus, to avoid complications, I vote for the RAVA.

4. Comfort and convenience

is clek foonf really safer Nuna Rava


The Nuna RAVA headrest has more recline positions than the Clek Foonf.

The Clek Foonf has two forward and two rear-facing recline positions. The Nuna RAVA recline lever uses ten recline options, five rear and five forward-facing.

The Nuna RAVA harness also uses two crotch buckle positions, so you can adjust the harness as you like.

So, the Nuna RAVA rethread harness is a no-rethreading one, and you don't have to re-install and re-attach it to fit your growing child.

The Clek Foonf harness, on the other hand, is a rethreading one, so it requires constant adjustments, re-installation, and adjustments to fit your little ones. As a result, it's tiresome and complex.

You can move the Nuna RAVA easier due to the Nuna RAVA product weight, and due to its dimensions, you can place it with two more seats in the back seat.

Clek also uses narrow dimensions to install three Clek seats in the vehicle's back for more fun.

But, the Nuna RAVA leg rest and the seat pad offer more comfort to your growing children, so it generally seems more advanced than the Clek models. But, unfortunately, they don't have such a benefit.

And since Nuna advocates superior comfort, I prefer it more than the Clek Foonf.

In addition, the RAVA has a removable infant insert as extra support for your minor child.

Once they don't need it, you can remove the infant insert and create more room for your older kiddo.

Finally, the RAVA uses all-natural materials with no flame-retardant content and built-in ventilation panels and channels to make your little ones cozy, calm, cool, relaxed, and unpressured in the seat.

5. Extra features

When it comes to extra accessories, there's nothing better than the Nuna RAVA. Featuring two cup holders, it offers superior convenience when you're traveling with more kids.

The Nuna RAVA cup holders are removable and foldable, so you can easily remove and wash them for dirty and messy kids.

Once you fold the cup holders, you'll get more room for other car seats in the back of the car.

On the other hand, the Clek Foonf has only one cup holder, but it, unfortunately, comes separately from the seat. So, you will have to pay extra money for the installation.

Thus, my winner is Nuna.

6. Cleaning and maintenance

Nuna is the absolute winner here too!

The seat comes with a removable and machine-washable cover, seat pads, and inserts. You can quickly detach them, wash them in the machine, and air dry them.

The Clek Foonf doesn't have the machine-washable seat cover and pads, so you need to hand-wash them and clean them manually. It's time and energy-consuming, so I love Nuna more.

7. Traveling: Yes or no?

Clek seems more friendly to fit three across due to its narrower design. But, Nuna also includes three across, being more lightweight than Clek.

Still, both seats are bulky, and you must minimize switching seats between cars and designate your vehicle for your kids.

But, both seats are FAA approved, yet the Clek Foonf is tricky to install on the plane.

8. Price tags

Both brands are higher-end, so you may switch to other brands if you want a less expensive model.

The Clek price is available on Amazon, and you can purchase it for $579. On the other hand, the Nuna RAVA price tag is $499, but not available on Amazon, only on the official Nuna site.

I know the Clek Foonf is a stylish convertible car seat with multiple color options and maximum safety standards, but it's too costly.

The Nuna RAVA colors are also various, not as much as Clek, but they don't come with such a high price. After all, you don't need to focus primarily on colors but on safety and installation.

So, I would choose the RAVA again.

nuna rava vs clek foonf reddit

Clek Foonf: Pros and Cons


- The safest REACT Standards

- The quickest LATCH installation

- Canada manufacturer

- Three years of warranty

- Narrow in design

- Anti-rebound bar

- Supreme materials; chemical-free and comfy for kids


- Rethreading harness

- Trickier installation than in RAVA

- Not machine-washable

- Too high - blocking the rear part for the driver

- No cup holders

- Too bulky

- Too expensive

Nuna RAVA: Pros and Cons


- The highest safety ratings

- No-rethread harness

- Extra leg room for more comfort

- Free of flame-retardant chemicals

- Machine-washable

- The fastest True Tension Door belt installation

- More recline options than Clek

- Infant inserts for more support and comfort

- Less expensive than Clek


- Two-year warranty - less than in Clek

- Not available crash tests

- No anti-rebound bar - obtained separately

- A bit wider than Clek


Is Clek Foonf a high-end model?

Yes, Clek Foonf is a high-end model. Created by the Former Automotive Industry Executive in Canada, the seat is available on Amazon for the higher price tag of $579.

On the official Nuna website, Nuna is also a high-end seat, but it costs less - $499.

Clek Foonf vs Nuna Rava: Which model is more suitable for a small car?

The Clek Foonf is narrower in width, so it might be easier to fit three across. So, it may also be more suitable for smaller cars.

Clek Foonf vs Nuna Rava: Which convertible car seat is for a broader range of ages?

Both car seats support kiddos up to 65 pounds in the forward-facing method.

However, the Nuna RAVA offers more support from five pounds to rear-facing, while the Clek Foonf covers kids from 14 pounds to 50.

So, Nuna is more suitable for smaller kids.

Clek Foonf vs Nuna Rava: Which model lasts longer?

The Nuna model lasts longer. It comes with a ten-year expiration period from the date of manufacture.

The Clek, on the other hand, comes with a nine-year expiration period, so Nuna is better.

nuna rava vs clek foonf


Clek Foonf vs Nuna Rava: Which car seat has the higher safety rating?

Clek Foonf does, as it offers advanced SIP for your child's head in collisions. Nuna is also among the top ratings, but Clek seems more refined.

Clek Foonf vs Nuna Rava: Which model is more suitable for airplane travel?

Nuna is more suitable, as Clek is trickier to install on the plane seat. But, both are good for aircraft.

Clek Foonf vs Nuna Rava: What's Your Final Verdict?

So, who do you choose? What's your criterion? Can you decide right now?

I like Nuna more for less price and overall better comfort, design, and convenience benefits. Still, Celck offers only a slightly refined SIP in crashes, so it seems better than the opponent.

So, let me know what you are looking for and your preferences. But, you cannot go wrong with whatever seat you take. They are the most exceptional seats on the car seat market.

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