Britax vs. Nuna: What’s Your Favorite Brand? A Must-read 2022 List

Congratulations! You're expecting a baby and must prepare the best car seat in advance!

However, you cannot decide between the Britax and Nuna car seats. Both are exceptional in safety features, quality, performance & other factors necessary for all parents.

But, I'm here to lead you through the best Britax vs. Nuna comparison and contrast, to help you quickly decide on the best brand.

Are you ready? Let's begin!


Britax or Nuna? The Best 2022 Comparison

1. Car Seat Specifications and Design

nuna rava vs britax one4life

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Britax and Nuna car seats are similar in design.

Namely, both brands offer multiple infant car seats, convertible car seats, and booster seats.

So, they cover all children, from infancy to preschool and school years, until they're ready to use the seat belt system.

You can compare numerous models, for instance:

- Britax B-Safe Gen2 infant car seat with the Nuna PIPA Lite RX infant car seat

- Britax Boulevard ClickTight convertible car seat and the Nuna RAVA convertible car seat

- Britax One4Life all-in-one car seat and Nuna AACE booster car seat.

When we compare these models, the Britax offers a slightly advanced design, as their infant and booster car seats support heavier children.

For instance, the Britax infant car seats support kids up to 35 pounds, whereas the Nuna supports kids up to 32 pounds.

In addition, the Britax all-in-one car seat accommodates children up to 120 pounds, whereas the Nuna booster keeps kiddos up to 110 pounds.

The Britax car seats are heavier and broader than the Nuna car seats, so they might not be suitable for all travel types. But, you want a bulky car seat in a car accident, trust me.

Although they are narrower, the Nuna car seats are generally heavy, so it also might not be so easy to move them between vehicles so quickly.

But, they are convenient even for older persons and grandparents.

So, you have a wide specter of multiple car seats to choose from. I'll let you decide.

But, further, in the text, we'll narrow down the choice to specific car seat models to help you decide better.

Ready? Buckle up!

2. Configurations

As I've told you, you can choose more comprehensive models; let's compare the two best convertible car seats and see their similarities and differences.

The first is the Britax Boulevard seat; the other is the Nuna RAVA seat.

Both are convertible models, offering two modes of use:

- Rear-facing seat for kids 5-40 pounds/5-50 pounds

- Forward-facing modes for kids 22-65 pounds.

None of the models is a booster seat, so you can refer to the table above to find more extended uses.

As you see, both Nuna and Britax offer higher weight limits for your infants, but Nuna goes a step further, offering a 10-point higher weight limit.

So, in terms of extended rear-facing mode, Nuna wins over Britax.

However, regarding the forward-facing uses, both brands are equal, and you can choose according to your preferences.

As previously said, the Britax Boulevard has more excellent dimensions than Nuna, but their weight is similar (Nuna is o.2 pounds heavier).

So, Nuna should be your first option if you want a narrower seat.

And regarding the height limits, both the Britax Boulevard and the Nuna RAVA provide the same limit of 49 inches.

But, you must follow your children's shoulder height to place the shoulder belt correctly at or above the child's shoulders and adjust the shoulder straps for the correct weight limit.

If they are not ready for the next-level car seat, keep them in the specific seat until they are grown enough to use the subsequent seat. The decision is yours.

3. Great Safety Features

nuna pipa vs britax b safe


As parents, you first pay attention to the safety and security standards. But, you don't need to worry about the two brands.

Both Britax and Nuna car seats provide you with the maximum protection and safety standards for trouble-free rides.

Both brands have excellent safety scores on the NHTSA safety rating.

And the two most prominent models are the Britax Boulevard ClickTight convertible car seat and the Nuna RAVA convertible car seat.

These are the safest convertible car seats on the market! However, if you're looking for more excessive limits, you can refer to the booster car seats.

According to the Consumer Reports' 100-point safety scale, the Britax Boulevard car seat has an overall score of 85 points, and the Nuna RAVA is the second-best, with an overall score of 82 pounds.

Both car seat brands offer steel frames with exceptional side impact protection. Let's take a look at the popular models.

The Britax convertible car seat offers two layers of side-impact protection, while the Nuna Rava has the energy-absorbing foam with the side-impact pads, exceeding the sides of the car seat.

The side-impact pads are the entire line of defense in a car crash.

In addition, both Britax and Nuna include the anti-rebound bar in different models. Not all Britax seats have the ARB, only those higher-priced convertible car seats.

On the other hand, you can remove the anti-rebound bar in Nuna rear-facing mode once your little one is ready for the next-level car seats.

According to the Britax safety tests, the ARB can reduce the external pressure and impacts in frontal crashes by up to 40%.

But, you will have to pay more for such models, which is inconvenient for everyone.

However, the Britax Boulevard and company also offer the specific SafeCell impact protection with the crumple zone system.

It's a particular technology where the car seat base, forward-facing tether strap, and harness pads work in unity.

Together with the V-shaped tether, they prevent forward movement and absorb energy.

The Nuna seats don't have such a technology, so I like Britax more due to its outstanding safety features. But, it doesn't mean Nuna is not excellent - in fact, it's quite the contrary.

4. Installation Process

Both car seat brands are rated as the quickest to install. This is crucial for all busy parents.

The Britax Boulevard uses the famous ClickTight installation process, while the Nuna RAVA has a unique SimplyTM Secure Installation.

You can install and use both models in forward-facing, rear-facing, or rear-facing installation.

Due to the Britax ClickTight system, you can install the seat either with the LATCH installation or the seat belt installation.

However, Britax recommends the vehicle's seat belt as the primary installation to avoid the LATCH complications with lower anchor attachments and vehicle seat connectors.

In addition, you must read the car seat and vehicle instruction manuals to ensure the proper fit.

And the same rule applies to the Britax Advocate and Britax Marathon models.

On the other hand, the Nuna offers the SimpleTM Secure Installation technology, which is:

- Muscle-free - the True tension doors ensure an ultra-secure fit without issues

- Hassle-free - simple instructions for quick setup

- Bubble-free - proper angle ensures the perfect riding angle.

Of course, the system also offers the vehicle seatbelt installation and the LATCH system, but the manufacturer recommends the vehicle seat belt as the primary system.

It will avoid LATCH complications, and you can finish the setup quickly.

You must remove the slack, buckle the seat belt, and press down the seat. It requires an automatic locking seat belt and a seat belt retractor.

But, if your vehicle doesn't have an automatic lock, you can contact Nuna experts to send you one.

You will get the different True Tension setup systems if you live in Canada. However, it would help if you secured the shoulder belt via a locking clip.

For the locking clip, you will have to open the door in the seat, thread the seat belt through the belt path, buckle it, and press the seat down while removing all excessive slack.

You'll also find the belt tensioning plate and the blue shoulder belt positioner for a struggle-free setup.

However, the ClickTight door offers the three-step installation for the Britax three car seats - opening, threading the seat belt through the belt path, and closing it for the lock control.

You will remove excess slack to keep the seat belt optimal and tight.

So, I still prefer the Britax Boulevard & the company for the ClickTight system, effortless and secure installation.

Ensure you contact your authorized child passenger safety technician if you don't know the installation procedure to eliminate accidents and severe injuries.

5. Convenience Features

nuna vs britax infant car seat

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Harness & Crotch Strap Flexibility

Both brands offer the no-rethread harness to ensure the proper harness height as your child grows.

The Britax offers an 18.65-inch harness height compared to 17-inch Nuna convertible car seat.

You don't need to remove and re-install the harness, so when you raise the headrest, the harness weight range also changes.

Both seats provide similar two crotch strap positions for more comfort for your older child.

Recline Positions

Nuna is better in these terms, offering ten recline positions, while Britax offers only seven.

In addition, the RAVA models utilize push-buttons, color-coded to find the correct angles, without a bubble level indicator.

You can quickly find the best rear-facing and forward-facing positions.

To find the best use of the Britax seat, you need the bubble level indicator; you must adjust it before installation and pull a handle at the front to ensure the best angle.

This is critical for newborns lacking correct head control and cannot be too upright.

So, Nuna wins in this round.

Headrest Positions

However, the Britax seats include 14 headrest positions for better head control, while the Nuna seats have only ten positions.

So, the Britax will be a more comfortable seat than its Nuna opponent, and I'd choose Britax.

Cup Holders

Cup holders are a must-have on all trips to keep your kids optimal and comfy inside the seat.

Luckily, Nuna seats include two cup holders, while Britax comes without these, but you can purchase them separately. Yet, it will cost you time and money.

So, I vote for Nuna.

6. Cleaning and Maintenance

Both brands include machine-washable seat covers and breathable and ventilated materials.

You can use them both and wash them quickly for subsequent use and maximum freshness. In addition, both seats are okay for air-dry.

But, to remove the Nuna convertible car seat cover, you can simply unsnap the seat.

But, when removing the Britax convertible car seat cover, you will have to open the ClickTight door to remove the cover.

Besides this, the cleaning is effortless, and both seats are pretty simple to maintain.

So, the result is a tie.

7. Travel Friendly - Yes or No?

Are these brands suitable for all travel types? Well, yes and no.

The car seats must contain a label stating: "This restraint is certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft when used in harness mode."

Unless they have these labels, you can't use them for aircraft.

Luckily, both our brands offer multiple FAA-approved seat models, from infant to convertible seats.

However, it would be best if you used them only with a harness mode. There are not FAA-approved boosters!

Luckily, our two models are FAA-approved, so you can freely use them on the plane in the rear-facing and forward-facing methods.

But, you can not use booster seats, as they use the seat belt systems.

8. Price Tags

Nuna generally has higher prices than Britax.

Although they feature all factors a good seat should have, Britax offers the same or similar benefits for much smaller price tags.

For instance, convertible seats range around $500 in Nuna and between $350 to $400 in Britax.

The same rule applies to the infant seats - Britax infant models are around $200 and more, while Nuna has higher price tags, about $500.

The only different situation is with boosters - Britax is more expensive than Nuna, but its design and system match the quality.

Thus, the One4Life costs around $400, while the AACE costs around $250. So, choose the Britax all-in-one car seat if you don't want a new car seat for every age and stage.

Of course, you can choose according to your needs, but I prefer Britax as you get the highest quality for less money.

Britax: Pros & Cons


- Less expensive than Nuna

- SafeCell technology for maximum protection

- Britax ClickTight technology for the quickest setup

- Optional anti-rebound bars for fewer impacts


- Less rear-facing weight limit than Nuna

- Flame-retardant chemicals, compared to fire-resistant Nuna

- No cup holders

- Reclining only after installation, unlike Nuna

Nuna: Pros & Cons


- An extended rear-facing use

- Quick installation

- No bubble level indicators

- Reclined after installed

- Natural fire-resistant content

- More recline positions than Britax

- Cup holders

- Adjustable legroom

- Ventilation panels for more comfort


- Only some models have ARB

- More expensive than Britax

- No crumple zones and SafeCell like Britax


Is Nuna or Britax better?

Overall, both seat brands offer somewhat similar features and benefits. You can quickly and easily use them.

However, the Britax seems better in safety standards, which is crucial for all parents. So, I would say it's better than Nuna. Moreover, it's less expensive.

Nuna AACE vs. Britax Highpoint: Which is better?

The Britax Highpoint is better.

The seat offers a higher weight and height range, more flexible LATCH and seat belt systems, and more advanced safety standards.

In addition, the AACEE has only one cup holder, while the Highpoint offers two removable and dishwasher safe.

Finally, in terms of price, Highpoint is $40 less expensive than the AACE. So, less is more! Find more info here.

Ah, this is tough, as they don't have the same design.

They do, but only to some extent. The One4Life offers a booster mode as well, which the RAVA lacks.

I prefer Britax due to multiple safety standards, less price, and all three modes, whereas the RAVA lacks these details.

Britax B-Safe 35 vs. Nuna PIPA: Which is better?

The B-Safe 35 offers a more weight range, which PIPA lacks.

In addition, the B-Safe 35 offers the SafeCell technology with impact protection, while the PIPA doesn't have such a technology, only impact security with pads.

Both offer quick installation with LATCH or seat belts due to the Safe Center LATCH system and True lock installation.

Yet, Britax is less expensive, with better safety benefits. See more info here.

Is Nuna compatible with Britax?

nuna rava vs britax millenia

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Yes, it is. You can attach the Nuna seat to the Britax stroller using the correct car seat adapter.

Does Britax offer more accessories than Nuna?

No, it's vice versa, in fact. For example, not all Britax models have cup holders like most Nuna seats.

In addition, some Nuna models fit more in vehicles than the Britax models.

Nuna vs. Britax: Which is easier to install?

Both offer the quickest installation with the seat belt system rather than LATCH.

Will Nuna's car seat last longer than Britax's?

No, they both have the same lifespan of ten years for convertible models.

What is so special about Nuna?

There are multiple factors:

- high-quality content - flame-retardant-free chemicals

- durability

- comfort

- lifespan

- reclining options

- accessories

- FAA approval

- quick installation - True Tension system

- convenience

However, the seats are way too expensive for some parents. But, they undoubtedly match your needs.

Final Verdict: Britax Vs Nuna

Generally speaking, both Britax and Nuna produce multiple premium seats that are secure, safe, and comfortable.

In addition, both brands manufacture premium seats for maximum convenience, comfort, and extended use, as their primary focus.

It may be challenging to pick the best one, as both offer similar convenience, comfort, and installation benefits.

However, I would choose Britax over Nuna in safety recognitions, as the models beat the Nuna opponents. Besides, the Britax brand has multiple safety awards, confirming their dedication.

It's my top brand in terms of comfort, quality, performance, and security as well.

Hopefully, the comparison will be valuable to help you choose the best models!

Good luck!

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