360-degree Swivel Fun With the Nuna Revv Car Seat Review – 2022 Guide

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Nuna has been stepping up their game lately! Ever since Nuna surprised us with the Nuna Norr swivel car seat, I wondered if they would keep up with the trend.

The Norr model is, as you know, suitable from birth to four years old. But, what happens when your little one is not so little anymore, and they need to switch to a convertible car seat?

This is where the Nuna Revv steps in!

It is a revolutionary convertible car seat that swivels with 360-degree rotation! It adds a convenient twist to what we are used to seeing by Nuna and is something you have to take a look at!


The Nuna Revv rotating convertible seat is made to support your little one in rear-facing and forward-facing riding. As a convertible car seat, the Revv offers an anti-rebound bar that can stabilize the seat during a car crash.

Nuna is known for its bundle of safety accessories, and such is the case with this Revv convertible car seat. It includes comfortable body inserts which can be removed when your baby outgrows them. In addition, the specialized swivel function is beneficial for parents with smaller vehicles and squirmy babies!

The sleek lines provide a stylish look with luxurious fabrics no parent can resist!

Main Features

  • Easy to install - 4/5: The Nuna Revv is a reasonably easy car seat to install. It offers two types of installations: a vehicle seat belt or lower anchors. However, many found the lower anchor installation troublesome and not that straightforward. The seat belt installation is a much safer alternative.
  • Value for money - 4.5/5: Nuna is an expensive car seat, and with that, it should feature a few more accessories. However, it does include an infant head and body insert. But, it has a low weight limit, so you won't be able to use this pricey car seat for a long time.
  • Comfort - 5/5: The overall comfort of Nuna Revv is not to be questioned! Nuna is known for its plush padding, while the sleek lines provide a stylish look. In addition, Nuna features five recline positions in both settings that allow for comfortable rides.
  • Construction - 5/5: Nuna is built with an all-steel frame and includes an anti-rebound panel that keeps the car seat stable in case of a crash.

Price: Under $650

What I Like
  • No added fire retardant chemicals
  • Steel strength technology
  • Integrated magnetic buckle holders
  • Sleek lines with luxurious fabrics for a stylish look
  • Integrated rebound bar
  • Ten different positions
  • Side impact protection system
  • GreenGuard Gold certified
  • Removable cup holders
What I Don't Like
  • Low weight limit
  • Not FAA approved
  • Pricy
  • Heavy if you plan on switching cars

Summary Box

Overall, the Nuna Revv rotating convertible will be a helpful addition to parents of a newborn! It has a significant weight limit so that you can use the car seat in rear-facing and forward-facing riding.

The convenient design is suitable for smaller vehicles as it allows for better accessibility of the no-rethread harness. It's one of the best designs for getting the baby in and out of the vehicle!

General Specifications

nuna rava rotating convertible car seat reviews

Source: mbeans.com

1. Weight limit:

- Rear-facing 5-40 pounds

- Forward-facing 25-40 pounds

2. Weight of the item: 32 pounds

3. What's included?

- Nuna Revv rotating convertible car seat

- Two dishwasher safe cup holders

- Two sets of body inserts

What is So Great About the Nuna Revv?

The Nuna Revv rotating convertible car seat will make your life as a parent so much easier! Unfortunately, I had my fair share of infant car seat models that gave me a headache each time I tried to install them.

It can often be challenging to hold the baby in one hand and adjust the seat with the other. As the baby grows, the situation becomes only worse! And, often, your partner won't be there to help you.

So, what is there to do?

My best recommendation is you give rotational car seats a try! They are an absolute marvel for every parent. Nuna Revv keeps the struggles of getting the baby in the car seat at a minimum.

The design of this car seat is made to swivel 360 degrees towards the vehicle door. This way, it can help you buckle and unbuckle the baby much easier and faster.

Being a young mom or dad can often take a toll on your back from all the carrying and awkward car seat installations. With this swivel car seat, at least you won't strain a muscle each time you need to install the car seat.

Once you install the Nuna Revv rotating convertible car seat, you won't have to do it again! Unless you plan on switching cars, of course.

The greatest joy of the Nuna Revv is that it quickly switches from a rear-facing to a forward-facing car seat without the need to reinstall it!

But, let's take a closer look at all the benefits of Nuna!

1. Rotating the Nuna Revv: Is it that simple?

When I told my friends about the Nuna Revv's unique mechanism, they did not believe me! It's often hard to comprehend how a car seat rotates and still stays safe for rides?

With the Nuna's convenient new twist in design, you will no longer have to struggle with installations. But let's see how the Nuna Revv swivels.

The infant car seat swivels at the base towards the car door. This allows for easy loading and unloading of the baby, and not to mention no more back pain!

It only takes a single-hand operation to maneuver the car seat in both directions. However, the stylish look of the Revv car seat requires you to squeeze the button on the car seat shell and rotate the seat as you'd like!

Yes, it's that simple!

If you are a city mom like me, I bet that your hands are often filled with grocery and shopping bags. With your hands full all the time, putting the baby in the car seat safely can challenge you.

2. Installing the Nuna Revv

which nuna infant car seat is best

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A simple install is a blessing among baby car seats!

Since the Nuna Revv features only one belt path, you will need to unclip the top tether from the backside of the seat. Then, put it over the vehicle seat.

Attach the tether to the vehicle's tether connector. Allow for this to be loose at first, as you will tighten it later. Next, pull the vehicle seat belt across the anti-rebound bar panel and under the True Tension door.

Bucke the vehicle seat belt and tighten it if necessary. Next, close the True Tension door and put the shoulder belt behind the anti-rebound panel.

3. Safety Features

Nuna is known for snug and secure comfort throughout the entire ride! This stress-free rotating seat allows your little one to stay safe in their car seat without you having to worry.

The anti-rebound bar includes a leatherette carry handle when you are switching cars. In addition, the integrated rebound bar offers safety and stability in case of a car crash!

Along with the anti-rebound panel, the car seat also features side impact protection pods and a steel frame with steel strength technology.

The Aeroflex foam, which is located in the side impact protection system, adds safety to the car seat and comfort for the infant's head and neck. It absorbs crash forces and keeps the baby stable in the all-steel frame seat.

4. Made from safe & comfortable materials

nuna revv car seat review airplane

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Nothing compares to a comfortable ride, and this is precisely what the Nuna Revv offers.

Additionally, the body inserts also feature one of the top safety features made from GOTS certified organic cotton. Organic cotton will not be irritating to the baby's skin.

The Nuna Revv is also GreenGuard Gold certified and is made free from added fire retardant chemicals.

Therefore, Nuna Revv is not only about luxurious fabrics, but it stands for safety and secure comfort!

5. Harness & recline positions

The Nuna Revv offers a smooth ride with the plush organic cotton fabrics, but it also allows your baby to enjoy several recline positions!

Depending on how you face the car seat, you can choose up to five recline positions on both sides. This sums up to a total of ten different positions!

If you are a first-time parent, the ten position recline will be one of the best benefits. It can often be easy to adjust the positions with many car seats. However, you miss one thing, and you are one step closer to incorrect positions, which can endanger safety.

The Nuna Revv rotating convertible car seat includes a bubble-free recline bar to prevent this from happening. In addition, Nuna Revv locks out all incorrect recline positions so that you won't be making a mistake!

Additionally, the convertible car seat includes integrated magnetic buckle holders that keep away the straps when not in use. When you need to reach them quickly, detach the magnetic buckle holders from the magnet.

Revv features sleek lines that are beneficial for both your child and you. There are no rough edges that may scratch your or your baby's skin.

As for the harness, the Nuna Revv includes a no-rethread five-point harness that offers a simple install and adjusts easily.

Thanks to this no-rethread harness, the car seat grows along with your baby.

6. Plush padding for a growing stage

nuna revv car seat review article

Source: mbeans.com

The stress-free rotating seat offers body inserts for when your little one uses the rear-facing installation.

Thanks to the other infant head, body, and harness covers, your baby can enjoy a snug and secure comfort.

The infant head and body inserts can easily be removed when the baby outgrows the or washed on a gentle cycle when needed.

Additionally, the Nuna Revv convertible car seat includes removable cup holders. They are also dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning them so much easier!

Nuna Revv vs. Rava

Nuna Rava is yet another convertible car seat by Nuna. It has a good reputation for being one of the affordable convertible car seats with high-quality built. Many compare it to the Nuna Revv, so let's see what the similarities are.

The Nuna Rava has much better longevity than the Revv model, for starters.

If you need a convertible car seat with extended use of a forward-facing car seat, then Rava is a better choice. The rear-facing specifications will support babies from 5-to 50 pounds, while Revv will only support up to 40 pounds in both directions.

The forward-facing mode reclines, and it can support kids up to 65 pounds which is significantly different than Revv.

Due to its unique rotation mechanism, Revv is also five pounds heavier than the Rava. Therefore, if you are looking for a straightforward, stress-free easy-in installation, I recommend going with Rava.

It's much lighter, and you can use the forward-facing recline positions for longer.

Disadvantages of Nuna Revv

The Nuna Revv is not without flaws. Even though it's one of the best stress-free easy-in access car seats, I still wish there was an upgrade for a few features.

For starters, the Nuna Revv rotating convertible car seat is quite heavy! Weighing over 32 pounds, this is not the convertible seat you want if you constantly switch cars.

The steel strength technology is valuable, but it adds to the overall weight of the car seat.

Of course, this is not a deal-breaker if you don't switch cars. Since the Revv stays in the car during rear-facing and forward-facing installation, you won't notice how heavy it is.

Additionally, you would have to purchase a separate infant car seat if you plan on airplane rides. Unfortunately, rotational car seats are not FAA approved

Also, the weight limit is pretty low. This is uncommon for Nuna, but if you want a better alternative till your baby is ready for a booster seat, you better opt for Rava.

Considering the low weight limit, the Nuna Revv rotating convertible car seat price is pretty high. Therefore, think wisely about the purchase because your little one may outgrow this pricey car seat sooner than you'd think.


Is Nuna Revv FAA approved?

No, the Nuna Revv car seat is not FAA approved. Additionally, almost all the rotational car seats are not allowed to be used on the aircraft due to increased safety risks.

However, considering the heavy weight of the Nuna Revv car seat, it's probably not the best travel-friendly car seat.

Is Nuna Revv worth the money?

is nuna better than graco

Source: mbeans.com

Nuna is considered to be a luxury baby gear brand. However, the Nuna Revv is an expensive car seat, so many parents debate whether it is worth the money.

It all calculates down to your preferences and desires, as usual! For instance, this car seat is worth the money if you value a stress-free rotating seat that you can easily adjust anytime!

The Nuna Revv stays in the car during rear-facing and forward-facing installations, so there is no need to reinstall it. In addition, thanks to the bubble-free recline, it's easily adjusted for many parents.

Therefore, from this aspect, Nuna Revv is worth the money, but it does have a few flaws.

Is Nuna Revv available in Canada?

No, Nuna Revv is not available in Canada. However, some of the other Nuna car seats are available in this region, and you can check for more information here.

What is the weight limit of Nuna Revv?

Nuna Revv is known for its relatively smaller weight limit. For example, the rear-facing infant car seat can be used from 5-40 pounds, while the forward-facing car seat can be 25-40 pounds.

Although this allows slightly extended rear-facing riding, other competitors have a much bigger weight limit.

What is the safety rating of Nuna Revv?

The Nuna Revv has a high safety rating that ensures a comfortable ride for many infants and toddlers.

With this convertible car seat, you will get an all-steel frame with a side impact protection system that can absorb crash forces with ease. Nuna also offers plenty of legroom for a growing child and five recline positions in both rear-facing and forward-facing car seats.

What is the age limit of Nuna Revv?

Nuna Revv has a maximum weight limit of 40 pounds in the forward-facing car seat, which means your little one can use it until they are at least 4-5 years old.

How to install Nuna Revv car seat?

Nuna Revv can be installed either with a vehicle seat belt or lower anchors. However, even Nuna recommends you use the seat belt rather than the LATCH as it would avoid further confusion.

You need to thread the vehicle seat belt through the True Tension door and lock it in. Next, buckle the seat belt and tighten the rope. Make sure the shoulder belt is behind the anti-rebound panel.

Next, you can adjust one of the ten positions in the recline, depending on the type of installation.

Nuna Revv vs Cybex Sirona S: Who is the winner?

As Nuna Revv and Cybex Sirona S are both rotational car seats, they are often compared. So let's see who the winner is.

For starters, Cybex Sirona S is a true winner for a bigger weight limit. It can support kiddies up to 50 pounds in the forward-facing riding, while Revv maxes out at a 40-pound limit.

It is also much more affordable than Revv. Additionally, Cybex Sirona S has many other beneficial features such as the Sensor Safe technology, more room for growth, and is lighter than its opponent.

Final Words

The Nuna Revv rotating convertible car seat is a must-buy for many parents! If you are tired of hassling with tricky installation and not able to load and unload the baby easily, then this car seat is for you!

Nuna car seats are among the only car seats on the market that offer a safe and comfortable ride for your little one. Without harsh chemical materials or uncomfortable design, the sleek lines provide a luxurious looking-ride for your kiddo!

With every step of the way, Nuna Revv can help you achieve the perfect fit with a ten position adjuster and a comfortable carry handle.

Although it does not come without any flaws, Nuna Revv is still a worthy purchase you should be keeping your eye on!

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