Battle of the Boosters: Britax Skyline vs Highpoint 2022 Comparison

Have you been a loyal customer of the Britax brand ever since your little one saw the world for the first time?

Now that your kiddo is getting older and needs a booster, Britax is there to offer fantastic solutions! You probably have seen all that Britax has to provide at this stage, including two of the most popular highback booster seats: the Britax Highpoint and Skyline.

Choosing between them can be challenging, especially for first-time buyers. Those who have been with Britax since day one know all about the unmistakable quality.

Let's help you decide between the Highpoint model and the Skyline one, as we compare them in many crucial categories!


Britax Skyline vs Highpoint: The First Look

britax highpoint vs midpoint vs skyline

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Both Britax Highpoint and Britax Skyline are belt-positioning booster seats with a highback design.

They are created for transitions between forward-facing car seats and boosters, as they offer belt-positioned protection. However, the weight limit for both booster seats is 40-120 pounds. With that in mind, you shouldn't use the booster for smaller children who are still in need of a 5-point harnessed seat.

The top height limit is up to 63 inches, while the bottom height limit equals 38 inches.

As they come from Britax - one of the most trustworthy car seat brands, you can rest sure knowing the comfort of these seats is unmatched! They are covered with plush fabric that is gentle to the child's skin and is suitable for long travels.

You would be happy to know that Britax booster car seats have been upgraded. The original versions were only available in a highback position, while the new versions of Skyline and Britax highpoint can be converted into backless boosters.

1. How do they install?

How often did you give up on the car seat or a booster due to the terrible installation process? To stop this from happening, you need to know everything about how to install these two Britax booster seats!

The good thing is that both booster seat models are installed with a LATCH with the help of three push-on lower latch connectors.

Once you unpack the Britax Highpoint, you can instantly install it in your vehicle! It comes pre-assembled, making the rest of the process so much easier.

At this point, you probably think that these car seats don't differ that much. You are right, but know that the Highpoint model includes a SecureGuard clip that offers the perfect fit for the child's hips during the ride.

This is one of the few reasons why the Highpoint booster is a tad bit more expensive.

But, wait, what if your vehicle does not support the LATCH installations?

No need to worry! The Britax Highpoint booster and Skyline are also designed for seat belt installations. This is one of the reasons I love Britax! They think of everything!

2. Adjustability & comfort

A highback booster seat model is designed for a growing child; you will need to ensure they have all the adjustable features.

Britax highpoint booster seat and the Skyline one offer ten adjustable headrest positions you can choose from. As your kiddo grows, it's super easy to find the perfect fit!

All of the ten headrest positions are effortless to adjust. In addition, there is an adjustment lever on the back of the booster seat, and you can raise or lower the headrest levels.

One of the features that make Skyline and Highpoint booster seats comfortable and safe at the same time is the foam-lined headrest.

The foam-lined headrest is not only there to serve as a comfortable support, but it instead keeps the child safe during a collision along with the side impact protection.

3. Options of safety features

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So far, you have seen that Britax Highpoint vs Skyline is very much alike! They both feature two cup holders and a side-impact protection program that keeps the energy-absorbing shell comfortable and safe.

However, they do differ in one crucial aspect. The Skyline booster seat offers two layers of side impact protection. First, the impact cushions are there to soften the blow and minimize the force of a crash.

On the other hand, the Britax Highpoint booster has one extra layer of side impact protection in the deep side walls. In addition, the external side-impact cushions in the Skyline model allow the booster seat to be safer and more stable in case of a collision.

The safety features are similar, but the fact that Highpoint goes one step further makes it a winner in the safety department, adding the belt positioning clip.

Additionally, the Britax Highpoint has one more advantage. It offers the SecureGuard clip. This lap belt fit system provides the perfect fit, which does not cause pressure on the child's stomach.

There is also the rigid belt guide in the Highpoint that the Skyline booster seat does not offer.

4. Price differences

As you can notice, the Britax Highpoint is a bit more expensive than Skyline. But, considering that these two booster car seat models are similar, why does the price differ?

Well, the Highpoint offers more safety features such as the SecureGuard and the wider profile, which is excellent as the child grows. They should be in the same price-vise range, but the overall quality of the Highpoint is much better!

It comes with premium features, such as extra layers of side impact protection that make the high price valuable!

5. Traveling with Britax boosters

The Britax Highpoint 2 Stage and Skyline booster car seat models are terrific companions for traveling.

You can take the back off each model, making it a suitable candidate for traveling with kiddies. That is, of course, if your kid can use the backless booster.

Both boosters have dishwasher-safe cup holders that make every trip 10x more fun! With the dishwasher-safe cup holders, your kid can store a few snacks and toys in one and his favorite juice in the other cup holder.

Additionally, the booster seats are incredibly lightweight! For example, the Highpoint highback booster is 12 pounds heavy due to the extra side impact cushions, while the Skyline weighs only 11 pounds.

However, the boosters are not FAA-approved. For the car seat to be FAA approved, it needs to use a 5-position harness, and these two include a belt-positioning one.

Luckily, you can always pack them up and use them as soon as you get off the plane! Also, as I mentioned, they are lightweight, so it won't be a hassle carrying them from the airplane to the Uber.

Lastly, both booster car seats have a 10-year expiration date, so you will enjoy them for a long time, no matter which one you opt for!


What is the significant difference between the Skyline and Highpoint booster seats?

The Britax Highpoint and Skyline booster seats are relatively similar models. However, they do differ in a few crucial aspects.

For instance, the Highpoint is more expensive but only because it offers more safety features than the Skyline. With the Highpoint booster seat, you will get the extra layer of side impact protection, shoulder belt guide, and lap belt guide that offers the perfect fit.

However, the Britax Highpoint is a pound heavier and an inch wider due to these features, making it unfit for smaller vehicles.

britax highpoint vs midpoint vs skyline

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Does the Britax Highpoint back come off?

Yes, the upgraded version of the Britax Highpoint car booster seat does turn into the backless booster! The back comes off easily, allowing the Britax Highpoint 2 Stage car seat to be in your use for longer!

Does Britax Skyline have LATCH?

Yes, the Britax Skyline does have a LATCH installation. However, if your vehicle does not support this installation, you can easily install this belt-positioning booster with lower anchor connectors and an adult seat belt.

Does Britax Highpoint have a steel frame?

No, the Britax Highpoint 2-stage car seat does not have a steel frame. Although this makes the booster seat less stable in a crash, it makes the seat weight less than its steel-frame competitors.

What is the difference between high back booster and backless booster?

The head support is the biggest difference between a highback booster and a backless booster. When the child outgrows the highback booster, it's time to move on to a backless version that only offers the necessary height for the adult seat belt.

A highback booster seat offers the support and a safe position your kiddo needs when he outgrows a forward-facing cat. This booster will support the child's shoulders, neck, and head.

A backless booster seat can be used in cars with headrests and highback design.

Can you use a booster seat without LATCH?

Yes, you can use a booster seat without a LATCH if the rigid lower connectors are unavailable.

Conclusion: Which One is the Winner?

You have read all the differences and similarities between the Britax Highpoint and Skyline, and I have decided on which one you should choose.

The Britax Highpoint booster seat is a much safer choice to go with. It offers the same weight limits as the Skyline, but the additions of the safety features are priceless! This booster seat is lined with EPP foam and includes a lap belt and shoulder belt guide that offer a comfortable fit for any child!

The higher price is worth it, although I would prefer the Highpoint featuring some of the benefits of more expensive Britax boosters.

All in all, the Highpoint is a definite winner! There is no doubt that this is the upgraded model of the classic Skyline. If you had the chance to try out the Skyline booster, you could only imagine how excellent the Highpoint is!

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