Britax Boulevard vs One4Life: Find Out Who is the Winner in 2022 List Comparison

You have thought about it for a long time, and the best solution for your first car seat is a convertible car seat. While some of your friends recommend the old-time favorite Britax Boulevard ClickTight, you have spotted a new release from Britax One4Life car seat!

This all-in-one car seat caught your attention rather quickly, but if you are still debating whether to trust the old but gold model or adventure in the new one, you are in for a surprise!

The booster car seat grows with your child, and the Britax One4Life may be what you are looking for. But, compared to the older model, these two seats are more alike than you think.

The detailed, in-depth comparison of Britax Boulevard vs One4Life will surely benefit your decision-making.

So, let's see how these car seats compare to one another in a different set of categories!


Overview of specifications


Britax ClickTight

Britax One4Life


23 x 18.5 x 23.5 inches

‎20.5 x 19.5 x 25 inches


27 pounds

30 lbs

Weight Limit

65 pounds

120 pounds

Modes of Installation

rear-facing and forward-facing

rear-facing infant seat, forward-facing seat, belt-positioning booster seat

As you can notice, the Britax Boulevard has a significantly low weight limit, allowing you to use it until your kiddo is at least 65 pounds heavy. However, it does offer an extended rear-facing weight limit which is a big plus!

But, if we look at this category, the Britax One4Life also allows for an extended rear-facing weight limit of up to 50 pounds, making it a clear winner!

The Britax One4Life is ever so slightly large that it will take more space in the vehicle. However, the difference in dimensions is not that noticeable.

One thing that you should be aware of is that both car seats offer the 65 weight limit in the harnessed car seat. However, the Britax One4Life car seat allows you to move to the next stage with the belt-positioning booster, which can carry up to 120 pounds.

So, which one is the better car seat? If you wish to have one car seat for good until it's time for a backless booster, you cannot go wrong with Britax One4Life!

Installing the Britax car seats

britax boulevard vs britax one4life

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Installation can tell you a lot about the car seat. But, honestly, with all the technological developments we have today, there is no point in getting a car seat that will only give you a headache with the installation.

Parent-friendly design is what we are looking for, so let's see which car seat offers it.

For starters, a huge benefit is that both car seats include the ClickTight installation system! Parents who had the chance to try it out know what a relief it is to enjoy a three-step ClickTight installation system that works like a charm each time!

As I mentioned, the charms of this installation lie in the three steps you have to complete. First, open the front of the Britax One4Life car seat, thread the vehicle seat belt or the lower anchor belt, and close the compartment to lock it in.

The only plus benefit Britax One4Life ClickTight offers is the color-coded belt path guides that allow you to reach an easy installation as the high-back booster seat. Oh, and there are also harness pads that make the kiddo even more comfortable.

Additionally, these car seats come with a Click&Safe Snug harness that includes an audible click; In this way, you can rest sure knowing you have made a successful installation.

For this reason, you cannot go wrong with choosing either of the car seats, as both of them are user-friendly when it comes to LATCH installation.

Winner? Both.

Which one is more comfortable?

Britax is known for its comfort features. For example, the Britax One4Life ClickTight car seat offers nine reclining positions, compared to the Boulevard ClickTight, which offers only seven.

However, there is nothing unexpected about the fewer recline positions of the Boulevard model. It's designed primarily for the rear-facing and forward-facing seat, while the Britax One4Life ClickTight is there to be used as a booster seat.

The mechanism of recline position adjustment is different in both seats. The Britax One4Life ClickTight uses a red button on the side of the seat, allowing you to reach the perfect reclined position easily.

With the Boulevard ClickTight, an adjustment lever is on the front of the car seat. Additionally, to accommodate the seat with your child's growth, the Boulevard model includes 14 headrest positions and an adjustable harness.

The Britax One4Life ClickTight does offer one position more for the headrest, but both car seats are remarkably comfortable. In addition, they both include harness covers that make for comfortable long rides.

The Britax One4Life ClickTight car seat also includes a belly pad with a crotch buckle that can be flipped forward. This allows you to get the child out of the car seat quickly.

However, I have to give one more point to the Britax One4Life car seat. The car seat has built-in Cooling Channels that allow optimal airflow circulation. This might not seem like a great feature, but on those hot summer days, you will indeed see its benefits.

Winner? The Britax One4Life.

Safety features

difference between britax boulevard and one4life

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It's time to discuss the safety of these car seats!

Britax Boulevard convertible car seat and the Britax One4Life ClickTight car seat both have two layers of side impact protection.

The SafeCell technology is built for the optimal comfort of the little passenger and consists of three components.

For starters, we have the high-strength steel frame combined with a smooth shell design, an impact-absorbing base designed to absorb crash energy, and a V-shaped tether. The V-shaped tether is designed to keep the car seat safety in the rear-facing mode and prevent it from rotating.

The entire safety system offers full-body protection in the harness mode and the seat belt installation.

One of the things that make these car seats a bit heavier is the steel frame. However, considering it has multiple safety benefits and can keep the car seat safety with the top rope, we will let this one go.

Additionally, both the Britax Boulevard convertible car seat and the Britax One4Life ClickTight car seat offer the anti-rebound bar for the rear-facing seat mode. The anti-rebound bar is to be used in this mode as it prevents the rotation of the car seat.

Winner? Both.

Convenient features

Let's start with the convenient carry handle frame. Both car seats have a carry handle at the top of the car seat, making transportation much easier!

However, if you plan on traveling or switching cars too often, this is not the best car seat you want to choose. Both are rather bulky. However, the carry handles are sure to allow for easier carrying of the seat from the house to the vehicle.

When not using the lower anchor connectors, you can neatly put them away in the storage compartment. They will not get in the way of the installation, and there are no loose strands around the car seat.

However, there is one feature that sets these two car seats apart. With the Britax One4Life ClickTight, you will get two removable cup holders on each side. They are excellent for traveling and can offer your kiddo a nice hiding spot for toys and snacks.

But, with Britax Boulevard convertible car seat, the cup holders are sold separately.

Additionally, the harness covers are included in both purchases. The only difference is that with Britax convertible car seat, you will get harness pads on both sides of the harness, while with the Britax One4Life ClickTight, pads are designed as a single piece.

Although this may not seem as much, having them in a one-piece design will prevent you from losing one of them.

Both convertible car seats have a removable cover that is easy to take off and wash. This way, you will ensure your kiddo always returns to a clean riding environment.

Winner? The Britax One4Life.

Can you take them on an airplane?

Although I mentioned that these car seats are not the best companions for traveling due to the heavy weight, you should know some information if you decide to take them along.

Both convertible car seats are FAA approved and safe for airplane rides.

However, the Britax One4Life requires you to carefully install it on the aircraft by following the manual instructions.

All the valuable information about the airplane installations is found in the beginning pages of the Britax One4Life manual and should not be neglected. Britax advises you to always carry the manual along if you plan to board with the Britax One4Life car seat.

What will you not like?

Like all car seats on the market, these two popular models have a few flaws. But, are those flaws something you can look pass by, or should you invest in a different model? Let's find out.

While the Britax Boulevard and Britax One4Life may be easy to install, they can be a challenge to uninstall. The ClickTight installation offers a secure fit for every automobile; however, getting it to open will not be an easy task.

Although this is a good thing, meaning your kiddo won't be able to unbuckle the seat by himself, it can also be a nightmare when you rush to move the car seat.

Additionally, the price of the car seats is nowhere near affordable. So if you plan on purchasing more than one, get ready to invest a significant amount!

However, you cannot put a price on safety, and Britax considered safety a top priority.

None of the car seats are perfect, but I would have to give Britax One4Life an upper hand regarding slightly more advanced features.

The Britax Boulevard lacks cup holders, which will result in extra spending. It also has a slightly lower rear-facing weight limit than the Britax One4Life, so you need to consider it.

Lastly, both car seats have a more comprehensive profile, making them unsuitable for smaller vehicles. It will also be challenging to install three across, let alone take them on travel. If you have twins or more children of different ages, I suggest you opt for a different seat.


What is the difference between Britax One4Life and Boulevard?

britax boulevard clicktight vs one4life

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The biggest difference between the Britax One4Life ClickTight car seat and the Boulevard convertible car seat is the installation modes and the maximum weight limit.

The Britax One4Life is an all-in-one car seat designed to follow the child's growth with up to nine reclining positions. It can be used as a rear-facing seat, a forward-facing car seat, and as a belt-positioning booster car seat.

With that in mind, the Britax One4Life ClickTight car seat has a maximum weight limit of 120 pounds. In addition, the Britax Boulevard convertible car seat can be used only in rear-facing weight limits of up to 40 pounds and in forward-facing mode with a maximum weight limit of 65 pounds.

Is Britax One4Life bulky?

The Britax One4Life is an all-in-one car seat, and with that in mind, it is on the bulkier side, especially when installed in rear-facing mode. The exact dimensions of this all-in-one convertible car seat are ‎20.5 x 19.5 x 25 inches.

Ultimately, this car seat is not the best choice for smaller vehicles and three-across installations.

Britax Boulevard vs One4Life safety rating: Which is safer?

Both Britax Boulevard and Britax One4Life car seats have unique safety systems. They include the SafeCell technology composed of three layers and two components-the steel frame and the V-shaped tether.

Thanks to the both-sided side impact protection, the car seats absorb all the crash force and prevent forward movement thanks to the anti-rebound bar.

However, the Britax Boulevard scored amazingly high scores when it comes to safety ratings. In addition, it resulted in unmatched results as one of the best convertible car seats with high safety marks.

Britax Boulevard vs One4Life: Which lasts longer?

The Britax One4Life will last you longer when it comes to growth. It has a maximum weight limit of 120 pounds, so it's designed to be used up until 10.

The Britax Boulevard has lower weight limits of 65 pounds. Nonetheless, all car seats have the same life expectancy of 10-12 years, so you should discontinue use after the expiration date.

After that, the car seat is no longer considered safe and should be recycled or thrown away.

Britax Boulevard vs One4Life: Which is more comfortable for kids?

britax boulevard vs one4life safety rating

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The Britax One4Life is slightly more comfortable than the Britax Boulevard. This is due to the seat depth of 13 inches, which allows the kiddo to be properly supported while still being comfortable.

Also, there is the addition of a built-in ventilated cool mesh that is perfect for summer days. It allows for optimal airflow and prevents excessive sweating in the car seat.

Are Britax car seat bases universal?

Britax car seat bases are interchangeable, meaning the B-safe and Endeavors base can be used with all of the Britax infant car seats.

Britax Boulevard vs One4Life: Which is easier to install?

Both the Britax Boulevard and the Britax One4Life feature the same installation system. Thanks to the ClickTight installation system, both car seats are straightforward to install, so none of the seats have the upper hand in this category.

The ClickTight installation system requires three steps. Firstly, you will need to open the ClickTight compartment, then thread the vehicle seat belt through it and close the compartment to secure it.

Final Words

Comparing these two car seats has not been an easy task. Considering they are similar when we look past riding options and years of use. However, both Britax seats are made with excellent quality, terrific safety, and comfort that no kiddo can resist!

They are not exactly the type of seats you would choose for traveling or frequent portability. However, they are designed to follow your child's growth with several recline positions in the harness mode.

Now, you are probably wondering who is the winner between these two.

When we compare the Britax One4Life vs Boulevard, we have to say that the One4Life is a clear winner.

Of course, it all depends on what kind of car seat you would prefer. If you need a car seat with large weight limits that can also be used in high-back booster mode, then go with Britax One4Life.

But, if you need a simple yet effective convertible car seat, the Britax Boulevard is there to deliver its best!

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