Best Dog Ramp for Car 2022: Make Your Pooch Healthy and Active!

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While you might think that there's nothing wrong with your dogs jumping out of your car trunks, SUVs, vans, and other vehicles, experts disagree.

As you may know, veterinarians suggest you shouldn't allow your puppies to jump out of the car since they might injure themselves and damage their health.

That's why they propose something dogs need - the best dog ramp for car that will help them get out of the vehicles.

Thus, dogs will remain healthy and active and will prevent severe injuries and risks. Dog ramps are critical for older dogs or those in their golden years.

But are they practical, and how do they work? Read below to find out.

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WeatherTech PetRamp - Non-Slip, Portable Dog Ramp for Large Dogs to 300 Pounds, 67" x 15" - Traction...*
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For All Dogs
Pet Gear Free Standing Pet Ramp for Cats and Dogs, No Assembly Required, Easy Fold for Storage or...*
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Gen7Pets Natural Step Ramp for Vehicles, 42 Inch*
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Best Dog Car Ramps For Your Pooch: My Top 11 Picks

WeatherTech Folding Dog Ramp for Large Dogs - For All Dogs

If you have larger dogs, this WeatherTech dog ramp for cars is an excellent choice for you!

Pet owners love it for its practicality and compatibility. As you can see, the dog ramp for cars is lightweight and easy to use, weighing only 16 pounds.

Although it provides a lightweight design technology, the dog ramp is strong and durable enough to endure all dogs - smaller, medium-sized, and larger dogs up to 300 pounds of weight capacity.

What is so special about the dog's best ramp? It's undoubtedly the walking surface. 

Namely, the ramp provides a non-slip surface - the non-slip rubber, soft and comfortable for dog's paws.

Additionally, the WeatherTech dog ramp offers excellent dog support with the feet end grips; thus, your dog can easily climb or descend out of the vehicle without jumping. Therefore, you will preserve their health, and the pet gear will protect them.

Of course, the folding dog ramp is easy to store away when you're not using it or bring with you wherever you travel. You can use a ramp for SUVs, vans, cars, trunks, minivans, and all other motor vehicles to help your pets get out of the cars quickly and easily.

Made in the USA, the WeatherTech car ramp for pets contains user-friendly content and is eco-friendly; therefore, it's safe to use, and your dog can use the ramp freely.

Naturally, you'll get a warranty period to replace it if you don't like the ramp.

  • Lightweight
  • Foldable
  • Sturdy
  • Comfortable
  • Safe
  • Narrow
  • Poor customer policy

Pet Gear Free Standing Pet Ramp for Cats and Dogs - Best Design Technology

The following pet ramp will wow you due to multiple benefits. Let's sort them out together.

First of all, the Pet Gear dog ramp provides excellent content - non-slip thread, which is soft and comfortable; thus, it keeps the dog's paws secure and protected, and the material is easy to clean.

The healthiest attitude is, of course, the design.

As you might notice, the pet ramp can stand on its own, with no need for additional support or attached to the motor vehicle. The design contains a patented scheme; hence, the dog ramp will support itself and your dog.

Moreover, the Pet Gear folding dog ramp is easy for your dog to use. He will simply ascend or descend with no slipping at all and avoid all possible risks of injuries when jumping out of the vehicles.

Due to its compact and folding design, you can store it away when you don't use it or pack it in your vehicle's trunk and bring it on your trips.

Of course, for better use and injury prevention, the dog ramp contains the raised edges so that they can protect your dog from slipping aside.

The proportions are impressive as well - the system is lightweight and portable; however, the dimensions measure 56 x 16 x 23 inches long, and the maximum weight capacity is 200 pounds.

So, this Pet Gear pet ramp is convenient for small dogs, medium, and large dogs. Impressive!

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy for usage
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Foldable
  • Affordable
  • Maneuverable
  • Too steep
  • Not enough traction

Gen7Pets Natural Premium Step Pet Ramp for Dogs and Cats - High-quality Material

And pet owners like this dog ramp for car travel? The reasons are various, so take a peek at some of them.

Our Gen7Pets Natural Step Ramp is a perfect choice if you want maximum protection for your dogs! How so?

Well, the dog ramp is full of a skid-resistant, non-slip high traction surface.

I refer to the artificial turf thread with the safest grip. Hence, even if you have senior dogs with joint problems, the dog ramp won't cause additional issues when ascending or descending.

Keep in mind that the Gen7Pets Natural Step Ramp folds quickly for easy storage and provides the carry handle for compact use. Thus, wherever you travel, you can take the dog ramp with you and make your dog's way out effortlessly.

Another big plus is the softness of the handle grip.

As you may find, the dog ramp provides soft rubber and durable and reliable rubber grippers on its ends for more secure and stable placements. Keep in mind that the ramp folds and then automatically locks when folded.

Regarding comfort, please note that the anti-skid surface provides the ultimate coziness and softness for your dog's paws; thus, the ramp won't create any pressure when using it.

Naturally, the proportions are crucial, and when in full length, the dog ramp measures 42 inches long x 16 inches wide x 1.5 inches thick.

Thus, this Gen7Pets dog ramp is extra wide and supports small dogs, medium and large dogs up to 200 pounds of maximum weight capacity.

  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to fold
  • Maneuverable
  • Durable
  • Design flaws regarding IMO

PetSTEP Original Folding Pet Ramp - Best For Ergonomic Design

You need to stop and observe the next dog ramp. I'm confident the benefits will astonish you!

The PetStep Original Folding Pet Ramp provides security support for all dogs. You will find the universal non-slipping and non-skid content suitable and fits all edges and motor vehicles.

What's also crucial? That's the design technology.

Namely, the PetStep Original Folding Pet Ramp includes a unique and specific soft and comfortable non-skid rubber walking surface. Therefore, your dog can easily climb or get down without worries about sliding or falling.

Additionally, the walking surface has a high traction surface, which is fantastic support during adverse conditions.

Thus, even when it's raining or snowing outside, your dog can use the ramp without obstacles. You don't need to cover it with a rug or a carpet for a softer paw-touch since it's already comfortable.

You can keep the ramp in your trunks or other closed spaces when you don't use it since it contains a foldable design, so it folds in half for portability and easy storage.

This PetStep pet ramp opens and closes immediately, with no additional tools needed.

You will find the ergonomic design on both sides' molded handles for a more comfortable grip and more convenient use and carrying.

The content is easy to clean with water and soap; it won't collapse or corrode. And the proportions hold all large dogs, up to 500 pounds of maximum weight capacity.

  • Easy to fold
  • Strong
  • Comfortable
  • Not for SUVs

PetSafe Happy Ride Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp - Best for Larger Breeds

On our list, you will find another PetSafe Happy Ride dog ramp for cars. They are trendy among users but what's even better is that they offer unique ramps that fit everyone's needs.

For instance, the PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Pet Ramp is suitable for 150-pound dogs and smaller breeds, whereas the model I'm reviewing now has a much bigger weight limit!

It's suited to support dogs up to 400 pounds which makes it durable and sturdy! But, if you thought that the large weight limit compromises the lightweight portability, that's where you're wrong.

The PetSafe dog ramp weighs only 13 pounds, and it makes transport much more manageable than heavier models.

In addition, they honestly thought of everything when incorporating the adjustable telescopic design.

With this ramp, you can adjust several sizes as the chart ranges from 39 to 72 inches, so it fits most vehicles. You can always store the dog ramp in the car and have it ready when your dog needs support if you are out and about.

It's great for storage as it includes an inward slide design which makes it much more compact.

However, a few users commented that they wished the ramp was a bit more secure while others were pleased with the construction.

After all, it depends on the breed and whether you respect the weight limit.

  • Adjustable telescopic design
  • Suitable for larger dogs
  • Fits most vehicles
  • High-traction surface
  • It can be a bit more stable

SASRL Adjustable Pet Ramp for All Dogs and Cats - Best Wooden Design for Versatile Use

This is a perfect design for all aluminum owners and would prefer something a bit more classic—presenting the SASRL adjustable pet ramp! It works both for dogs and cats as well as indoor and outdoor use.

For starters, the dog ramp has a unique design made of wood which offers excellent support and stability. However, the weight limit is low, so larger breeds will not be able to use it.

That being said, the dog ramp supports dogs up to 100 pounds and has been independently safety tested.

I love the versatile use of this dog ramp!

When you don't need it for the car, you can use it indoors when your puppy needs help climbing up the furniture, to their bed, or any other area!

The brand worries about the safety of your dog like they do with comfort. Put those two together, and you get a trustworthy dog ramp that won't hurt your dog's paws!

For that matter, the ramp is lined with scratch-resistant material as well as a high-traction carpet layer. It keeps their paws safe from wood splinters and other harms while supporting their way up the ramp.

Lastly, the entire design is collapsable so that you can store it with no problem. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, the SASRL dog ramp will come in handy each time!

  • Stable design
  • High-traction carpet
  • Comfortable for the paws
  • Easy to store
  • Only suitable for smaller breeds and lightweight dogs

LUFFWELL Portable Dog Stairs for Large Dogs - Best Dog Stairs for the Car

If you want to switch from ramps to stairs, I have just the right product for that!

The Luffwell portable dog stairs are perfectly designed for the dog's comfort and have a lightweight frame that makes portability a breeze!

So, for whom do these dog stairs work? Glad you asked.

The Luffwell dog stairs are grand for partially handicapped dogs, injured ones, and the ones with weak joints. They offer a safe and secure climb up as the gentle incline puts light pressure on the dog's joints.

Most of the customers are pleased with how lightweight this platform is! It weighs only 8lbs while it can support dogs up to 150 pounds. It includes five steps and is suitable for most vehicles whose height is between 28" and 36".

Next, I have to talk to you about the surface.

The dog stairs for the car are lined with a non-slip pawprint surface that does not allow the dog's paws to get caught in the stairs or slip away. This is especially important after a walk on a rainy day!

As these stairs are suited more for lighter breeds, the total width of a step is 10". So it's perfect for smaller dogs but not so much for bigger breeds as this is pretty narrow for them.

  • Non-slip paw surface
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Great for portability
  • Versatile use
  • Wide step design
  • It puts low pressure on the joints
  • Not suitable for trucks
  • Narrow step design

Maxpama Folding Dog Car Ramp - Best Wide-Step Design

Next up, we have the Maxpama folding dog ramp for the car!

Just like the LUFFWELL Portable Dog Stairs for Large Dogs, the dog ramp is made from lightweight aluminum, so it's great for storing it in your car and always be prepared for when your pooch needs assistance climbing up.

However, the Maxpama dog ramp has a few upgraded features that the previous dog stairs model did not.

For instance, this one has a much wider step design of 18.8 inches. As this was my biggest complaint with the previous model, I bet you will like Maxpama better.

Plus, it has a bigger weight capacity of supporting pooches up to 200 lbs! So without a doubt, this is the stair design you want to choose if you have a more giant breed.

Although it's made from aluminum, the dog ramp is durable and stable for bigger dogs. It also prioritizes comfort and safety as the stairs are lined with 168D Oxford fabric with an upgraded non-slip surface.

With that being said, it has an added layer of plywood board which makes the entire construction 10x sturdier!

In addition, the non-slip pads will help create a safe environment for your dog as they will prevent their paws from accidentally sliding off the ramp.

Lastly, the dog ramp for the car is foldable, so it can fit in everyone's car trunk without taking up too much space.

  • Affordable price
  • Foldable design
  • Non-slip coating surface
  • Wide step design
  • Supports up to 200 pounds
  • It could be more stable for bigger dogs

Pet Gear Travel Lite Ramp with supertraX Surface for Maximum Traction - Best for Ergonomic Design

The Pet Gear pet ramp is removable for effortless maintenance and quick cleaning options. Thus, the dog ramp will save your time and energy when you want to clean it and make it ready for extended use.

Moreover, the Pet Gear ramp is a perfect option for your dog since it provides the softest content for your pet's paws. Due to the smooth and secure material, the ramp will keep your car interior safe and clean too.

However, there's another terrific benefit, and that's the pressure-activated grip. As you might find, the Pet Gear ramp allows your dog's paws to grasp the ramp quickly. Thus, the dog will have maximum stability, and the ramp will offer sure-footing.

You don't need to worry whether your dogs might slip or aside since the ramp includes raised edges, and they prevent your dog from getting injured; they keep it safe and protected.

You can effortlessly fold the Pet Gear ramp for better portability and then take the built-in handle for carrying it around or traveling.

Don't doubt its strength despite the lightweight design.

As you might observe, the ramp weighs only 7 pounds; however, all pets - even older dogs can use it without additional obstacles.

Additionally, the Pet Gear ramp is impressive for vans and SUVs. So, what are you waiting for? Order the ramp and make your dog happy whenever he uses it!

  • Lightweight
  • Reliable
  • Foldable
  • Ease of usage
  • Easy to clean
  • It might be heavy for some people
  • Tricky to operate on

COZIWOW 62”L Heavy Duty Portable Folding Dog Ramps - Best For Stability

You'll find your dog using the ramp safely, quickly getting on and out of the car, pool, boat, etc. Thanks to its compact design, the COZIWOW ramp is easy to fold and store away when you close it.

Moreover, your dog will effortlessly grip onto the ramp when putting its weight on it since the surface with the higher traction provides sure footing.

One of the most substantial benefits is the highest-quality material.

You will see, the ramp contains heavy-duty plastic, which is covered with non-slip sandpaper. Therefore, the ramp is wear and scratch-resistant, craw, user and eco-friendly, and will last for an extended period due to its strength and reliability.

This ramp supports all dogs, and the maximum weight capacity is 200 pounds.

The dog ramp includes the anti-slipping material with raised rails on both sides; thus, it provides your furry little friend secure and safe footing and optimal fraction when using the ramp.

You can also find the four feet rubber cover that will keep the product stable when your dog is using the ramp.

Being a heavy-duty and lightweight ramp, it is easy to fold and store away when you're traveling. It also includes a set of plastic locks that keep the ramp closed when folded; therefore, the ramp is safe and unable to open out of the blue.

The ramp comes with a one-year warranty period for possible replacement or a money refund if something goes wrong.

  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fold
  • Thick
  • Hard for usage
  • Design flaws

PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Pet Ramp - Best For Portability

If your doggo is your best friend, you can use this ramp for your car, SUV, van, and other vehicles to make your trips together better!

Namely, the ramp meets and exceeds all safety standards and tests; therefore, it supports all dogs up to 150 pounds of weight capacity.

Even though it weighs only 10 pounds, the ramp is strong to endure dogs and effortless to fold in or out between the rides.

The side rails and the high-traction surface keep your dog secure and safe when using the ramp since they won't slide or fall. Thus, your dog will be maximally stable since the body provides additional support and injury prevention.

You will find the safety latch when the ramp folds in half so that it cannot open suddenly, and you can place it into your trunk effortlessly.

So, it's convenient and portable for car travel; therefore, you can bring it with you wherever you travel.

Of course, the measures play a crucial role when choosing this ramp since the ramp contains the following proportions: the ramp is 62 inches long, 16 inches wide, and 4 inches high. Thus, the ramp will support all pets without breakage.

Being produced in the USA, the high-quality dog ramp contains user-friendly and eco-friendly materials; therefore, you don't need to worry about the environment.

Customer support will help you solve all the dilemmas regarding the ramp.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fold
  • Easy for usage
  • Sturdy
  • Maneuverable
  • Needs carpet
  • Needs more support for paws 

Selecting the Best Dog Ramps for Car Travel - Buyer's Guide

Getting the best dog ramps for cars and car travel, in general, might be easy.

However, pet owners must choose only exclusive products for their furry friends since they will travel buddies for an extended period.

Of course, your dog needs to remain healthy and safe, so it's better to obtain pet ramps for preserving their legs.

So, let's learn what you need to consider.

1. Primarily, What Is a Dog Ramp?

best pet ramp for car

A dog ramp is a safe and helpful device that helps dogs move freely when in a risen position, such as the back of the car, van, SUV, furniture, or even stairs in your home.

Dog ramps work in such a way that they help facilitate a dog's movement from one place to another.

Pet ramps are excellent means of support for all dogs who suffer from osteoarthritis, canine arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other multiple musculoskeletal system diseases.

If your dog suffers from joint problems, dog ramps will lessen the pressure in their legs since they will walk to descend instead of jumping.

2. What Are Ramps Styles?

Not only do ramps have multiple purposes but styles too. So, you can find the stairs with padded and soft railings and inserts.

Contrary to them, there are regular dog ramps, but the primary key is to find ramps suitable for vehicles, homes, or wherever else you need to use them.

3. Which Type - Folding, Telescopic, or Fixed Ramps?

They provide exceptional versatility in telescopic and folding ramps; therefore, you can transport and store them away when you need or don't need them.

The telescopic ramps will help you extend them when sliding panels. Thus you cannot hurt yourself when using them, but the main flaw is that they might be costly.

Compared with these, fixed ramps are an ideal choice for homes and furniture.

If you live in a tight-spaced home, again, telescopic and folding are better for use. However, if you live in a house with much space, fixed ramps are a perfect pick.

4. What Are the Key Factors for Best Dog Ramps?

best dog ramp for back seat of car

The main features to consider when selecting the best dog ramps are the following:

a. Safety and Stability

This is the first factor to pay attention to since you need to find dog ramps with stable platforms.

When choosing dog rams, select the ramps with stabilizers at the top and bottom of the ramp or both left and right sides.

Of course, the materials must be non-sliding and rough, such as rubber grip, since these materials provide maximum anti-slide benefits.

Naturally, if dog ramps are foldable, you must check their locking mechanism so that they can remain folded or unfolded in the car trunk when you bring them on the trip.

However, if dog ramps are telescopic, check the similar mechanisms that will lock and keep the sliding panels in their places.

There are various additional properties to consider when selecting the best dog ramps, such as guide and side railings or reflective strips.

These will help when it's low visibility so that your dog knows where to step on.

b. The Main Purpose

You know that there are multiple designs of the ramps used for various conditions and purposes.

Thus, you have dog ramps only for the back of your motor vehicles, dog ramps for all kinds of furniture, dog ramps for stairs or flights, or those helping disabled persons.

c. Durability and Sturdiness

When selecting the best ramps, pay attention to the construction. The more solid construction, the heavier burden it will endure.

Of course, those ramps made of durable and sturdy materials will last for an extended period and offer fantastic support for all dogs. Thus, search for ramps full of aluminum, wood, vinyl, steel, or metal.

Steel and timber are heavier and more expensive than the regular ramps.

d. Power of Traction

Have you ever tried walking on a dog ramp? If you have, you know that the walk might be unstable.

That's why you need to choose the ramp that won't be unstable for your dog since the surface is not on the ground but at an angle, and they might fall.

So, provide the ramp with traction since their grip must be stable and reliable when climbing; otherwise, they cannot grab onto anything and lose stability.

5. What Are the Benefits of a Dog Ramp?

  1. 1
    Excellent versatility
  2. 2
    Injury prevention
  3. 3
    Quick transportation/storage
  4. 4
    Easy to use


Which dog ramp is the best?

WeatherTech Folding Dog Ramp for Large Dogs is the best dog ramp due to all benefits regarding safety, traction, durability, and foldability.

What is the best dog ramp for an SUV?

That is the COZIWOW 62”L Heavy Duty Portable Folding Dog Ramps.

As the very name says, it's the most convenient ramp for SUVs and provides maximum stability for your dog.

best dog ramp for a car

Are ramps or stairs better for dogs?

Both are excellent.

Stairs are ideal for dogs having quickness when using your home stairs. These are portable and foldable too and don't use much space.

Ramps are great as well for dogs that don't like and don't use stairs.

Pay attention to the incline and the width - don't buy extra wide so that they can't fit your vehicle or furniture.

How do I make a dog ramp for my car?

  • Use 4 x 4 pieces of plywood or cut one to 3.5 feet long to construct a base. Add railings out of beans if you like, but you don't have to.
  • Add traction on the platform by attaching AstroTurf or outdoor carpet.
  • Apply water-resistant polyurethane on the ramp to make it waterproof, and start using it.

Why do some dogs need ramps?

best car ramp for large dog

Dogs need ramps due to various illnesses they might suffer from, such as joints, osteoarthritis, canine arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other multiple musculoskeletal system diseases.

How to train your dog to use a car ramp?

You can try tricks and treats for lurking them to walk on the ramp and reach the furniture at first.

You may apply food too until they put all four paws on the ramp.

Encourage them and provide more food when they walk on it.

You may also try verbal language and clapping once they succeed, and then start practicing with vehicles.

More steps you can find here.


We are finally here! You saw various benefits of a dog ramp. It's an excellent tool for helping them walk better to your vehicles.

However, the best dog ramp for car is the WeatherTech Folding Dog Ramp for Large Dogs due to the safety, durability, design, and stability benefits.

So, try it out!

WeatherTech PetRamp - Non-Slip, Portable Dog Ramp for Large Dogs to 300 Pounds, 67" x 15" - Traction...*
  • HOME & TRAVEL PET ESSENTIAL – PetRamp helps Pets, Dogs, Cats access hard-to-reach areas like your car’s backseat, SUV cargo area, truck bed, camper, bed and couch. Using the ramp can prevent...
  • SUPPORTS UP TO 300 lbs. – the heavy-duty, dog car ramp is made of leading-edge, USA-made proprietary resin that’s formulated for higher strength and durability with a stainless steel connecting...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE DESIGN – the foldable ramp weighs only 16 lbs. It quickly folds up to 33.5 inches long and has integrated carrying handles for easy transportation and compact storage. Keep it...
  • SAFE & EASY TO USE – simply unfold and place on surface to be used. The textured, non-slip surface creates traction for pets while they walk up and down. Rubber feet on both ends keep the ramp from...
  • MADE IN THE USA – Soft Rubber, Feet End Grips, Prevents Ground & Vehicle Slipping/Sliding for Pet Support & Comfort. PetRamp is designed and manufactured in America by WeatherTech and comes with a...
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