The Best Dog Travel Bag in 2022 to Keep Your Dog Supplied

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As I traveled with my dog more and more, I've learned a lot of tips and tricks that help us organize the pet supplies better.

But honestly, a dog travel bag really made the difference.

I used to avoid any product that's specifically made for pets because I think these are not essential, and they are way too expensive for what they really are.

For the first time, I didn't feel that way. Why?

Dog travel bags have separate containers for dog food that are insulated and leak-free, they offer a lot of space for all dog supplies, and they are easy to attach to our usual luggage.

On top of everything, they are airline-approved and durable.

So, if you want to make your life easier, check out this list of 6 best dog travel bag I made.

My 6 Go-to Dog Travel Bags

$$Lucky Tail Dog Travel Bag ~ 2.69 pounds.

This is a five-piece set from Lucky Tail, durable and waterproof with probably the highest ratings on Amazon. It comes with collapsible bowls and a waste bag dispenser.

Although the fabric is genuinely durable, zippers break easily.

$Ruff Dog Travel Bag ~ 2.59 pounds.

Here we have a backpack-style dog travel bag that I'd say is the most convenient for picnics and camping. It offers ambitious storage space, but it's slim, so it doesn't add much to your luggage.

Needs better straps.

$$ — PetAmi Dog Travel Bag ~ 3.17 pounds.

If you honestly need a large dog travel bag, this is the right model for you. It's available in standard and large sizes, and it's very durable. It comes in a wide variety of colors.

The zippers need improvement.

$$ — Modoker Pet Travel Bag ~ 2.7 pounds.

This bag is the most convenient for carrying. It's the longest model so far but very slim, so it features this great shoulder bag design that fits under a seat or the overhead bin.

The interior is not waterproof.

$$ — Tidify Dog Travel Bag ~ 3.87 pounds.

If you're looking for a cute colorful dog travel bag that fits all your stuff, choose Tidify. It's one of the extra-large models, pretty standard with many pockets, but comes in many cute colors.

Missing parts.

$ — Beka Dog Travel Bag ~ 2.91 pounds.

Although the least expensive of all the models listed, this bag looks the most high-end to me. It's well designed and very sleek, yet it comes with all the essential compartments.

Low-quality zipper.

Lucky Tail Dog Travel Bag - The Best-Rated Dog Bag
  • Brand: Lucky Tail
  • Price: $$
  • Materials: Polyester
  • Water-resistant: Yes

This model is a five-piece set that includes the bag, two collapsible bowls with carabiners, two insulated food containers, a removable shoulder strap, and a central divider.

First of all, this travel bag measures 15 x 7 x 13 inches, and it's made of water-resistant polyester.

It has a luggage sleeve, making it super-easy to attach the bag to your suitcase handle and very convenient for traveling, especially since it's carry-on compliant.

Looking inside, there are two main storage pockets, insulated to prevent leaking, and one mesh pocket on the lid.

And from what I could hear, the fabric is genuinely durable, and all sides are pretty sturdy and well-insulated.

Additionally, there is one zippered pocket for treats and toys, and on the side, there is a water bottle holder. So from all aspects, you're covered.

A unique feature it has to offer is the waste bag dispenser, that's really useful and practical. It's one genuinely well-made suitcase that will last through multiple trips.

The only thing I saw users complaining about are the zippers that break easily, so you might want to use them carefully.

  • Waste bag dispensers
  • Insulated
  • Durable
  • Carry-on compliant
  • Free bowls and containers
  • Zippers break easily

Ruff Dog Travel Bag - The Best for Outdoor Activities
  • Brand: Ruff Dog Gear
  • Price: $
  • Materials: Silicone
  • Water-resistant: Yes

This travel backpack is an ideal option for camping.

Compared to the previous bag, it's slimmer, being 15" tall x 11" wide, and it gives more options for carrying.

From what the pet owners say, the outer shell indeed is water-resistant and durable, but the inner fabric and insulation seem cheap.

Now, the main compartment is pretty spacious; it includes a divider for better organization.

The lid has a mesh pocket, but there's also the front lid where you can open and access another mesh compartment.

Also, there are two mesh compartments for water bottles and side straps for a blanket.

Additionally, it includes a tube-like food container and two collapsible bowls. Yet, the bowls are rather small, being 4 inches wide and around 2 inches deep.

While this bag offers more pockets than the previous one, it's less customized for airplanes. It is airline-approved but doesn't have a suitcase sleeve.

The biggest flaw of this model, though, is the strap design. They are not easy to adjust, are very thin, and they wear out easily.

  • Many compartments
  • Slim
  • Water-resistant
  • Straps for a mat
  • Low-quality straps

PetAmi Dog Travel Bag - The Most Spacious Bag
  • Brand: PetAmi
  • Price: $$
  • Materials: Polyester Oxford
  • Water-resistant: Yes

This is a travel bag you use if you have two dogs or you simply need something extra for all the little things you find essential for your furry friend.

It comes in two sizes, medium (14.5 x 8 x 12 inches) and large (15.5 x 9.5 x 14 inches).

Design-wise, it's a pretty simple bag.

Some pet owners complain about the bag not having enough exterior pockets, but due to the large interior space, you don't really need them.

The entire bag is very high-quality.

It's made of durable oxford fabric with leak-proof inner lining, and no one has complained about it.

The zippers are not as high-quality, though, but that's common for these bags.

There are two main storage compartments, then two food containers with 5 liters capacity each, and two food and water bowls you get for free.

And on the flap, there's a zippered pocket, but also two separate mesh pockets for better organization, and a few on the exterior.

All in all, it's a very functional bag, airline-approved, with a lot of space for your stuff, and the design is cute and, most importantly, durable.

  • Spacious
  • Durable
  • Water-resistant
  • Reflective stripes
  • Many colors
  • Zippers break easily

Modoker Pet Travel Bag - The Most Convenient for Carrying
  • Brand: Modoker
  • Price: $$
  • Materials: Silicone
  • Water-resistant: Yes

The one feature I especially like about this travel bag is the shape. It comes as a crossbody bag, very slim but long and deep.

So, it offers just as much space as any standard bag of this kind, but it's not too bulky and fits under the seat.

For this reason, I think this is the most convenient model for airplane traveling and road trips.

It has a pretty stand compartment design, one large compartment with a divider, two food storage containers, and two silicone bowls with carabiners.

But, this unique travel bag includes a placemat, too, which has two pockets on the front side, a water bottle holder, and a waste bag dispenser pocket.

Now the outer heel is waterproof and includes PVC backing, but although the inner linings are supposed to be leak-proof, customers say it's not.

You can only clean it with wipes as it is not waterproof.

The bag is airline-approved; you can carry it as a crossbody bag or use the suitcase sleeve and attach it to your luggage.

  • Shoulder bag
  • Silicone bowls
  • Long but slim
  • It fits under a seat
  • The interior is not water-resistant

Tidify Dog Travel Bag - The Most Sleek Design
  • Brand: Tidify
  • Price: $$
  • Materials: Polyester
  • Water-resistant: Yes

This so far seems to be one of the best dog travel bags quality-wise. It's spacious, sturdy, and durable, with many pockets and all the essentials included.

Overall, it's a standard dog travel bag with one big compartment, two food containers, PEVA-coated to protect the food from contaminants.

It also includes collapsible bowls and straps for the blanket.

The bag measures 16 x 8.5 x 12.5 inches, and it can hold up to 33 liters in total. It's airline-approved, but some customers say it is actually too big for the airplane.

So I would rather recommend it for road trips and camping.

The shoulder strap is supposedly padded, so I'd emphasize it as a significant advantage since most of these bags have thin straps that are really uncomfortable.

Going through the comments, I really couldn't find a single bad comment about design. It's genuinely well made, durable, and very roomy.

However, there's a lot of comments about missing parts, each customer missing different parts, so I think this brand needs to pay more attention to shipments.

  • Well made
  • Roomy
  • Padded strap
  • Straps for a dog blanket
  • Versatile bag
  • Missing parts

Beka Dog Travel Bag - The Most Affordable
  • Brand: beka
  • Price: $
  • Materials: Silicone
  • Water-resistant: Yes

I really love the design of this tog travel bag.

Although all these models cost slightly over $30, this is the most affordable of all.

It measures 14.2'' x 9.5'' x 15”, so it's a medium-size model. But it includes all the usual compartments and some extras.

Besides the usuals, this offer includes two collapsible bowls, two food compartments, a tool of waste bags, and a placemat.

Also, like the previous model, it includes an ID tag, so your dog's essentials never get lost.

One interesting detail I noticed on this bag is the double lid it has.

It offers more storage space for toys, treats, and small things you can't jam into the big compartment.

And also, it doesn't ruin the aesthetic of the bag. It's very neat.

On the other hand, like in similar models, the zippers break way too easily, and it can be frustrating for customers.

The outer shell and interior are waterproof and excellent in quality, but the zippers seem to be the problem.

  • All-inclusive
  • Aesthetic
  • ID tag
  • Double lid
  • Cheap zippers

Buyer's Guide

There are not many details you need to consider when buying a travel bag for your pet. These bags are pretty similar and have a standard design with the addition of different accessories.

But here are some tips you need to know about these "suitcases."

1. The Price

best dog food travel bag

High-quality pet travel bags with a lot of high ratings cost between $30 and $40.

The prices of the products I chose are almost identical, but they range from $31, being the most affordable, to $39, being the most expensive.

So it's really up to the design that determines what product is actually good; the price doesn't have much to do with it in this case.

2. Materials

I've used cotton bags for my dog supplies before, and they really didn't do me any justice.

Mostly because I had to wash them frequently, and they wear off after a while.

Waterproof materials such as polyester, nylon, and oxford fabric are way better in this case because they are easy to clean and waterproof.

However, some bags have no padding, and they are completely useless to me. Not just that they wear off quickly, but you can't even pack everything properly.

So, I always make sure they have some sort of foam padding or insulation that adds structural integrity.

Check out how different these two photos below are and note how much sturdier the second model is.

Simple Pet 6 Piece Pet Dog Travel kit Includes Carry All


PetAmi Dog Travel Bag


3. Food Storage Containers

Food storage containers are an absolute necessity.

When it comes to these, make sure they are insulated and leak-free because they should keep the food fresh and also keep the distinct odor from spreading all around your car or luggage.

4. Accessories

We want all the accessories, I know!

But from my experience, if it sounds too good, it probably doesn't come with all that.

I've heard many people complain about not getting their first-aid kits or a waterproof picnic blanket, and that's because these are usually sold separately.

The most common accessories that come with your traveling bag are collapsible dog bowls, carabiners, placement mat, first aid bag (not the first aid kit, only bag), poop bags, and an ID tag.

When it comes to collapsible dog bowls, check the size.

Some brands include really small food and water bowls that prove useless. Look at this one from Ruff Dog; it's tiny.

5. Shoulder Strap

best dog travel crate reviews

From my experience, it's not very convenient for your pet travel bag to be a handheld bag.

It's not practical and adds a lot to your luggage if you are planning air travel.

To my mind, the most convenient travel bags include an adjustable shoulder strap that's padded and easy to carry.

Also, if they include a suitcase sleeve, I'm buying it. It allows you to attach the bag to the handle of your luggage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be in a dog travel bag?

Some of the essentials I always carry are dog food and dog bowls.

Sometimes I take my dog for trips that last up to a week, so bringing enough dog food is my no1 priority.

A first aid kit is another essential I believe everyone should have, and of course, poop bags.

Never leave a mess behind, that's incredibly rude, and I stand strongly against it.

Toys and treats are also useful if you're staying for a while, and I also bring my dog's shampoo because I don't like using my own for my dog since his skin gets irritated easily.

Here is one fantastic video that is more detailed.

What supplies do I need for a new dog?

Some basics you absolutely can't go without when getting a new dog are dog food, dog bowls, shampoo, crate or bed, and leash.

If you're getting a smaller breed, you should consider dog carriers for your trips.

You can check our article on best dog carriers here.

Again, waste bags are essentials for walks and for week-long trips, don't forget a dog travel bag for supplies.

How do you calm a dog on a long car ride?

best small dog travel bag

In this case, prevention is absolutely essential.

What I learned about dogs is that you need to invest time into getting them used to everything you're planning to do together.

If you're planning trips, get your dog used to the car, take them for short rides first, observe their behavior and look for the signs of motion sickness.

The first time you go long-distance traveling, bring someone along to sit in the back with your dog.

Also, what might help is exercising your dog prior to the trip, not giving them food before the trip, and keeping the temperature in your car cool.

Eventually, make stops so your dog can go do his business.

And of course, if anxiety kicks in, stop, hold your dog or put a blanket over them to make them feel safe until they are calm again.

The Best Pet Travel Bag

If I had to choose one favorite of mine, it would be the Lucky Tail Dog Travel Bag.

It's an all-inclusive, well-made, and durable waterproof bag with all essential food accessories.

I like the size of the collapsible silicone bowls and food carriers, and it's one of the most convenient dog carrier bags for flying and road trips.

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I hope you enjoyed my tips and tricks and found a unique dog travel bag that meets your needs the best.

If that's the case, support us and buy through the links in this article as it comes at no additional cost to you and keeps this webpage going.

I chose the best dog travel bags with a lot of attention and research, and you can check some of the other themes we covered on our website too.

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