Car Seat Rental for the Best Travel Experience: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

One of the most common questions parents always ask CPSTs is, "Can we rent a car seat with a car seat rental?" Being a safety technician myself and a mom of two precious little beings, my answer would in most cases be, "YES, you can with the proper rental car agency."

But what's the heck? In my opinion, there is an essential question, and that is: SHOULD you rent a car seat when you set off on a journey.

The opinions are different concerning this issue, and often you can find parents sticking firmly to their previous experiences, feelings, and judgments. However, some like to experiment and make a different choice based on an offered voyage's information.

So, I was hoping you could stick with me for a little longer since I will offer my humble (UNBIASED and BALANCED opinion) and the pros & cons of car rental with a car seat to quickly decide whether you should or shouldn't rent car seats.


Most Significant Reasons Why You Should Rent a Car Seat

It's a common fact that millions of parents worldwide use a rented car seat. What do you think? Are they on to something new?

Here, I will list a few good reasons you should follow them and rent car seats next time you travel.

car seat rental near me
  • More convenience
  • Compliance with local laws
  • The longevity of the trip and rental car seats

Concerning the first reason, as a safety technician and a travel blogger, I highly recommend a car rental with a car seat. You may ask why. The baby gear rental is far more convenient from my own experience than carrying all of your staff through an airport and later a plane.

Just imagine: you're overwhelmed with the baby gear you need to take - infant car seat, diapers bags, suitcases, children's entertainment equipment, and, above all, the mood twist and turns as a highlight of the day? I don't think so.

Trust me, YOU DON'T WANT grumpy children crying during the whole trip, especially on the airport control (this was me four years ago during a trip to England, and NEVER again!). That's why you should rent car seats at the airport and save yourself from unpleasant situations from the very beginning.

But, LUCKILY, there are individual good rental companies where you can make a baby equipment rental and items. You can find and rent all you need - from cribbs to bath toys or even high chairs. And, of course, you can rent infant car seats as well.

Fisher-Price On-The-Go Baby Dome, Multi*
  • 2 functions in 1 – a play space and a comfy napping spot, perfect for when you and baby are on the go!
  • Can be used indoors or out
  • Canopy protects your little one from sun and bugs
  • 2 removable toys
  • Folds flat, with handles for easy take-along

Whenever I travel with my children, my top choice is naturally BabyQuip baby car seat rental and delivery company. The BabyQuip review shows that their dedication is beyond everything!

About BabyQuip Baby Gear and Car Seat Renting Company

Founded in 2016, this baby equipment rental company has addressed parents who believe family vacations can be fun, restful, and memorable.

As you can see, it's almost impossible to carry little ones through various crowded airports while lugging all the heavy and necessary baby gear for a home-like and comfortable experience when traveling. It won't happen!

That's why this rental and delivery company provides a simple solution.

1. More Convenience

They provide parents with a wide variety of insured, clean, and, most vitally, SAFE baby equipment. Thus, you can find all parents need to keep their children happily engaged during the days and sleeping well during the nights. The ultimate goal is to relax, rest, recharge, and enjoy every minute of the journey.

As I told you previously, the company and their quality providers make sure they rent, deliver, and set up insured, safe, and clean baby gear at various Airbnbs, private residences, vacation rentals, hotels. But, most critically, they can meet you at the airport!

These people are a team of moms and dads that solve all travel problems and help other families in trouble.

The QPs are also some sort of safety technicians who pass various training sessions before starting the baby gear rent. Their pieces of training include the perfect items cleaning so that parents meet spotless and safe baby items. Thus, they are professional, immaculate, trustworthy, and reliable.

I remember once traveling to Los Angeles for ten days with my two children. I would never forget that experience. We arrived at the airport, they had been crabby previously, and before the airport control and boarding pass, they started crying.

You can picture me: two suitcases, car seats in a stroller mode, EVERYTHING! I started crying too because I couldn't manage the situation well. And I remembered to call my friends from BabyQuip to come and rescue me.

So, you see, they rent and provide high-quality tools to make you feel at home wherever you are. Therefore, they can rent and deliver various full-sized cribs, toys, books, high chairs, noise machines, carriers, bouncy seats, baby baths, pack n' plays, jumpers, monitors, and many more available pieces of baby gear.

Naturally, their most significant dedication is to make rentals of car seats and strollers as well. So, even if you don't bring your car seat or stroller, they will rent them and deliver them to your location.

You can check the full BabyQuip location list here.

Yes, you can rent a car seat from a rental car company; however, there might occur some issues, and I will cover them later.

It's vital to note that you don't need to take into consideration booster seat rental. You can find and use various fantastic travel booster car seats to satisfy your traveling needs and make your children's carry-ons easier.

2. Compliance With Local Laws

Concering the second reason (compliance with local laws), no matter whether you rent a car with a car seat or get one from an independent professional rental company such as BabyQuip, the car seats they provide will be from the local rental car seat market.

For various places, the laws are different. Thus, if, for instance, you travel to Europe or Australia, the rental car seats that you will use will, according to the law, be of the locally-certified car seat.

Highly notable - even though you may find a car rental with the same name as car seats, those car seats may be completely different in different countries. That's why below you can find a few of CPS differences:

  • In the USA, car seats must have chest clips; however, Australia and Europe forbid these.
  • US car seats use a forward-facing tether, whereas in Australia, these are rear-facing only, and in Europe, you cannot find either of the two.
  • You can install car seats in the USA with either the LATCH system or regular seat belt, but in Europe or Australia, you can install car seats with either of them.

There are other differences between the car seat safety standards, but you get the point. Testing standards are different - not better or worse, just different. For example, the car seat tests and regulations are the same; however, the car seats have various labels due to the multiple countries' standards.

To cut a long story short, you can use LEGALLY your American car seat in other countries. But, there are some exceptions, such as Canada (it depends on the province you're staying in and whether you have driven your American car or rented a Canadian car), New Zealand, and Israel.

With this said, you will be in an unlikely situation if you bring the car seat from home. Trust me; rental car agencies definitely won't care. Even when the police stop you for speed, these agencies won't care.

The only situation in which it could become an issue is that your family gets into an injury-causing car collision. The police officer is sharp-witted enough to notice that the car seat is not a local one.

Only in that case could the officer write down in the report the information that would reach the insurance company. It would then depend on the insurance company whether or not to deny your appeal related to the problem.

However, all this is just a theory.

The practice is much different, and as a safety technician, I have talked to a considerable number of parents who claimed they never heard of those situations. So, it might be better if you stick to the local rental car seats and avoid all potential family and car seat troubles.

It's vital for you to know that Australia forbids the production of backless booster seats

Thus, when I, my husband, and our children planned a trip there, we had checked the rumors that their police would give you the tickets for all non-Australian or non-New Zealander car seats, and we decided to rent car seats to avoid complications on the trip.

It's legal to bring your car seat in some parts, but in others, it's forbidden, so we chose a safer option. But, if we were going strictly from the US to Australia, I wouldn't have thought twice before carrying our own car seats from home.

3. Car Seat Rental Is Perfect to "Fill in the Gaps"

car seat rental enterprise

When speaking about the third reason (the longevity of the trip), the point is that you may need a car rental only for some part of your trip, and not during the whole journey.

Thus, many parents choose to rent car seats with a rental car since they might use various vehicles and need a rental car seat for a couple of days only.

For instance, when we had our first family travel experience in Switzerland, we took airplanes and trains for quite an extended period before renting a car service.

Of course, we took our car seat from home, but we could install it in trains when we visited Zermatt, Grindelwald, Zurich, and other cantons and cities. We used the car seat for a long period.

But now, the situation is different.

The iSize has brought the European car seat standards closer to the US standards, and you can rent a high-quality car seat without any obstacles.

Back in that time, it was worth pulling the car seat for my baby since the European and US standards differed a lot, but now they are similar to some extent; hence, nowadays, I would just rent a car seat if I revisited Switzerland.

It could be great since I wouldn't have to carry a forward-facing car seat for my two and four-year-old children along with the luggage and the following equipment.

Most Significant Reasons Why You Shouldn't Use a Car Rental and a Car Seat

And now something different - let's see why it should be smarter if you brought your own car seat instead of renting one.

  • The unknown history of the car seat
  • Not meeting the safety standards
  • Car rental companies may not have rental car seats
  • Renting car seats might be as pricey as buying new seats
  • Children under 40 pounds should use a car seat on the plane

We will look at each specific point in detail below

1. The Unknown History of the Car Seat

car seat rental phoenix airport

Whenever you rent baby gear, you have to trust people who take care of them and do the delivery service. When you rent something for play, such as a toy, or a book, it's not a big deal.

However, when it comes to the car seat, PLEASE, be very careful. This device is a life-saving one. There are plenty of things that might go unexpectedly; hence, you might put your baby at risk, and possible severe injuries might occur in a car accident.

Although I have never had such a horrible experience, my friend and a CPST colleague had a car crash with his children in a rented car seat. Luckily, the seats were rear-facing and installed correctly, so kiddos remained untouched. But I mustn't imagine what could have happened if the situation had been different.

Hence, I suppose the last thing you want is to fail if your family occurs in a car crash. Therefore, please check the available car seats and their safety standards before installing them in vehicles.

What if your children threw up and you had the rented car seat cleaned? What if the dry cleaners soaked the car seat straps into a cleaning solution to wash and clean them?

That could be against the producer's instructions since it might ruin the fibers and cause them to break due to the external forces in a car accident.

Another scenario could be, for instance, if the car seat were in a car accident; however, the rental car manager claimed it WAS NOT SERIOUS ENOUGH, so without a warrant that the seat was harmed, you got it. And what can you do?

I'm not sure if they are aware of the fact that ALL producers state that car seats MUST be replaced after ANY car crashes.

So, what's the significant point here? It's simple - you NEVER know what might go wrong.

If I were to set off a trip with my family and were in need, I would DEFINITELY contact my friends from BabyQuip and ask them to rent me a car seat:

  • They know everything about the seat in question; they can even help you set it up since they are trained.
  • You can read all reviews to make sure you search for a high-quality seat.
  • You can directly contact the baby gear producer and ask questions in advance.

So, please, research before you start a voyage!

2. Not Meeting the Safety Standards

Every family has different preferences when it comes to safety and security standards and regulations.

The current standard is to use rear-facing car seat mode for kids within the two and four-year-old range in the USA. After, as you can see, parents keep their little ones in a forward-facing seat mode until they're old enough for a booster seat.

There comes an issue with the Hertz car seat rental company or the Enterprise car seat rental and delivery company. As you might see, their options limit only to individual seats, including in most cases booster seats.

The issue is that they offer booster seat for children who are four years old. When you tell them it's not correct, they don't mind, and still, you'll get a booster.

And what can you do in cases like this? Should you put your three-year-old kiddo in a booster? What if your child outgrows the allowed weight and height? Will you place your ten months old kid into a forward-facing seat (it's utterly LEGAL in Australia?!)

You can only rent infant car seats as a safer option since they will keep your babies within six and nine months old safe and protected. But you still won't know their history or be confident 100% about the availability.

Not to mention comfort since renting agencies can never guarantee whether the baby will be comfortable. You won't get the answer in advance because it's also subject to availability. And what if the rental agency offers you a seat that you don't consider safe

You will go and buy a high-quality seat and save your baby.

Some employees may not know how to install car seats despite their training. So, it's best to check the installation and assure that your children are safe and secure. And, of course, the setup process is always effortless with a familiar seat.

3. It May Not Always Be Available

infant car seat hire

If you ask whether you can rent a car seat at an airport, the answer is "YES" but only THEORETICALLY.

Many parents are asking me how to solve the problem when they ask the rental agency to rent a seat and get the answers such as "Oh, oops, sorry, none is free; We've rented the last free one; none is available, etc."

You can do only one thing - order online for in-store pickup and ask someone to go to TaskRabbit to pick it up.

In most cases, it may be hard for you to rent a car with a car seat; hence, parents, please, search for the information before you start a journey.

4. Renting a Car Seat Can Be Expensive

Renting a car seat might be unfortunate since sometimes you may pay the price as expensive as it is for the new car seat. The price ranges from $15 per day to $60 for the whole rental.

If you rent the seats at airports, the price is even more significant, including 30% of additional fees (don't ask how I know!), and when you calculate everything, you can get a brand-new car seat for that money.

5. Flying With Car Seat?

If you travel by plane, you don't need to worry about the kids since those who weigh up more than 40 pounds can use the seat belts only, and you can consider flying with a car seat.

Concerning kiddos from 30 to 40 pounds, you can use various Caress harness systems for added safety and protection during the flight.

Car Seat Delivery

The final option for you can be a car seat delivery to your destination. No matter whether you're staying in a city, a hotel, a motel, etc., you'll get the seat you want.

The inexpensive car seats are now available for Amazon Prime Subscribers, and the delivery services won't let you down.

So, if you're visiting your family or friends, they can already wait for you at the airport, or you take a public means of transport to Airbnb or a hotel. Hostels and the owners are willing to receive a package for you in advance, so this could be an ideal solution too!

Once you finish with the seats, you can bring them with you or leave them if they're inexpensive. However, it's better to have seats at your destinations to wait for you when you return.

And, of course, Airbnb hosts will be happy to offer them to future guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do rental cars have car seats?

You can obtain a car seat together with the car if you book one in advance and if they have it free on the market when you need it.

Unfortunately, often did I talk to parents who were left without any help for their baby.

Can you rent just a car seat from a car rental?

2 seater car rental

YES, you can. But, you have to check the information with the rental agencies and companies since not all of them will provide this service. The price varies from $13 per day to $65 per rental.

BabyQuip will fulfill all your wishes, and satisfy your needs, so contact them to learn more!

How much is it to rent a car seat from Enterprise?

The full guide is available on their site, and here are just some information:

  • Child seats are accessible for $10 + GST per day.
  • GPS/Navigation System is accessible for $10 + GST per day.

How much will it cost to rent a car seat from Hertz?

The average weekly cost from this renting agency ranges from $150 to $325.

What are the typical car rental car seats?

Those are usually the inexpensive models, such as Cosco convertible car seats, Evenflo convertible car seat, or Graco high back booster car seat.

Final Verdict

Apparently, there are many pros & cons concerning each side, but that's completely OK since every trip may have a different impact on your family.

Suppose you choose to take your own car seat, check the safety standards, and then search the location: for CA and NY, keep your two-year-old kiddo in a rear-facing car seat. For Costa Rica, put your five-year-old child into a high back booster car seat.

If, however, you decide on car seat rental, see and check in advance what might possibly go wrong, and then search for the reservation at the best hotel. Prepare a back-up plan if something turns wrong! Don't forget that BabyQuip can help.

Enjoy the vacation!

Kathy Warner

Kathy is a busy mother of two and a CPS technician for more than eight years. Her mission is to awaken parents to the importance of child passenger safety and show them the right practice. You can read more about her here

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