Disneyland Stroller Rental 2022: Disney Stroller Rules for Ultimate Fun!

If you plan a Disney vacation with your little one(s), you will definitely need a stroller to make your life easier.

However, the main question is: Should you bring your own stroller, or should you rent a stroller at Disneyland?

Although it might be easier to rent Disneyland strollers at the spot simply, some parents still prefer bringing their stroller to Walt Disney World.

So, what should you do?

Well, we will present you with all the essential info regarding the Disneyland stroller rental - with all variables, pros & cons, and Disney stroller rules so you can choose the better option.

Shall we?


Disneyland stroller rentals: What you need to know?

Disney stroller rules

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As I've previously mentioned, a stroller is a must-have when visiting Walt Disney World.

As you might know, Disney parks and Disneyland resort, in general, are massive areas, so they require long walks.

Therefore, if you walk with your kid(s) from Disneyland park back to the hotel room, it may be too much for all of you, after all the magical adventures.

You may or not know how large the Disneyland area in Orlando or Disney California Adventure Park is. So, do not even try to visit them without strollers.

You might find out how tiresome a walk from the Disneyland hotel room to the theme park can be even for you, let alone your kiddos.

That's why I have always used strollers to save myself trouble when my little ones become too grumpy and exhausted from walking.

In addition, Disneyland strollers make navigating Disney parks effortless. So, they're crucial baby equipment for all parents.

As I have always used a stroller at a Disneyland park, I suggest you follow one of the four options below:

All of these options are perfectly fine, and all will help you in the theme parks with small children.

But, below, you can find valuable tips & tricks concerning Disneyland strollers.

Bringing your own stroller

Bringing your own stroller might be the most affordable option for parents.

This is because your young baby or toddler is already familiar with the stroller, and they can enjoy their nap time longer.

However, bringing your own stroller has specific positive points, but it also requires a few to consider in advance.

For instance, for your own stroller, you might need a jogging stroller. Such a stroller is more durable, and it easily folds.

Do not forget that your stroller at Disneyland must be folded before boarding the Disneyland transportation.

Thus, a City Mini single stroller might be an excellent choice for your Disneyland vacation due to its one-hand compact fold.

Moreover, it would be best if you embarked both the children and strollers onto the Disneyland transportation.

So, take care of them, and hold strollers tight to prevent them from falling on someone.

And, don't forget that the transportation to Disneyland will decide whether you will rent a stroller at Disneyland or bring your own stroller.

So, if there isn't a ride from the airport to Disneyland for you, you certainly want to create more space in the Uber. Thus, you don't bring but rent a stroller. However, there are always some restrictions.

Another challenge when bringing your own stroller is that it can be a big drawback when you're using a bus or parking trams together with your children. So, pay attention to this as well.

But, now that the parking trams are back, you don't have to walk long distances.

And, for your home stroller, you can use the new pedestrian ramps from the parking places to Downtown Disney.

That way, you can skip folding the stroller for the tram.

What strollers does Disneyland not allow?

If you travel to Disneyland and California Adventure or Orlando, you need to know that your stroller will be gate-checked.

The first gate-check refers to the airport, so you need a stroller suitable for aircraft.

Bear in mind that not all strollers meet the specific weight and height limits (significantly larger double strollers.)

However, another check is at Disney World.

Namely, Disneyland has its own policy and rules regarding the strollers, their weight, and size limitations.

Hence, according to the Disneyland rules, all strollers are more significant than 31" (79 cm) in width, and 52" (132cm) in length are not allowed in the Disneyland theme parks.

Additionally, stroller wagons are also not permitted in the parks.

Thus, you cannot use strollers on escalators, and the stroller wagons are not allowed at all to ease the guests' experience and make them more comfortable in the colossal crowds.

Still, there's always an exception to the strict rules.

Thus, you can use specific strollers if you need them as medical devices. Therefore, if you qualify for particular needs, you can inform guest services.

Thus, they will provide you with the specific pass tagged on the stroller, and you'll be able to pass the Disneyland gates.

Finding Disneyland stroller rentals: All you need to know

disneyland stroller rental 2022

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You can rent a stroller at different Disneyland areas and Disney Springs. However, there is no Disneyland stroller rental at Downtown Disney in California.

Hence, you can also use different Disneyland apps to find specific Disneyland stroller rental locations.

For instance, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Magic Kingdom have their own stroller rentals. And Epcot provides two separate stroller rental locations.

If you're staying at the Disneyland Resort hotels during your Disneyland vacation, Disney's preferred provider ScooterBug arranges the stay rentals length.

In addition, the provider offers ECVs, strollers, and wheelchair tags delivering directly to your hotels.

Renting a stroller at Disneyland: Should you or shouldn't you?

If you're visiting Disney California Adventure park, you will rent jogging-style fabric strollers.

On the other hand, when visiting Disneyland in Orlando, the strollers are hard-plastic, not so comfy and fashionable, yet with a shade awning.

So, there is not a good stroller for your baby or toddler at Disney park.

Thus, it might be better to bring your own stroller or rent third-party strollers when traveling with your little ones.

Disneyland stroller rental: Expensive or not?

You can find single strollers at Disneyland for $18 per day and double strollers for $36 per day.

Regarding Walt Disney World, you can rent a single stroller for $15 per day, while a double stroller is $31 per day.

However, you can get a discount for single or double strollers if you choose a multi-day length of stay.

Yet, even though you can park hop with the Disneyland stroller rentals and take them to the Downtown Disney if some checkpoints are on the outskirts, they cannot be returned to the hotel.

Make sure you keep the receipts in good condition to show your proof of payment.

Also, ensure you arrive earlier to fit in the process of renting a stroller and picking it up to save your time.

As you know, the Walt Disney Company offers stroller rentals in all park locations, but Orlando Disney Springs too.

However, at Disney Springs, you will need to deposit $100 from your credit card.

Moreover, you won't find stroller rentals at the resorts or water parks. And, the strollers must remain in the area where you rented them.

Thus, you cannot use the strollers for long walks, through the hotel, back to the bus, or off-property areas.

You can show the receipt at the second park and receive a stroller there concerning the Park Hopping. Thus, you can hop to different Disney parks and pay only once for a stroller rental.

Renting a stroller from a third party company

how to rent a stroller at disneyland

Renting a stroller from a third-party company means you can take your stroller anywhere - even out of the parks too.

With a similar price tag to the Disneyland stroller rentals, parents can rent strollers from a third party company and use a good stroller, more comfortable for kids and more convenient for running and strolling around.

The only difference in price tags might refer to stroller models and companies, but all of them provide free deliveries to their users.

Thus, renting strollers in the stroller rental shop outside the resort can save money for parents on a multi-day vacation.

However, Disneyland has made specific changes in its policy, and nowadays, you don't have to receive the rented stroller in person.

Instead, the Scooterbug will deliver a stroller to your hotel and notify you.

Contrary to this company, multiple other rental companies will require a face-to-face delivery and picking up the strollers you have rented.

One of the most prominent features the third companies have is the jogging strollers.

Due to the enormous storage baskets beneath the stroller seats and huge sun canopies, they usually rent City strollers.

But, you can also look for other umbrella strollers to protect your babies from weather conditions and provide them more comfort during more extended strolls.

Thus, you can find different rental companies, including:

  • Magic Strollers - (866) 866-6177
  • Orlando Stroller Rentals - (800) 281-0884
  • Amusement Park Rentals - (407) 442-0000
  • Kingdom Strollers - (407) 271-5301. They're famous for picking you up at the Orlando airport, providing a cooler bag, parent console and drink holder, and a free rain cover.
  • Traveling Baby Company - (909) 749-8074. The Traveling Baby Company is located in Anaheim, an off-site rental company providing all stroller types for rentals - from joggers to double strollers. They don't need a face-to-face delivery and directly send the stroller to your hotel.

Renting a Disneyland stroller: What to expect?

You may find a few stroller rentals in Anaheim, as the main Disneyland visitors may be the residents nearby, bringing their own strollers.

So, when requiring the stroller rental during the Disneyland visit, you can also look for the City Stroller Rentals. Their contact is (877) 787-5537.

Parents highly recommend the City Stroller Rentals, as it's the only company in Anaheim that cleans and disinfects their strollers.

Thus, the company prevents bacteria, mold, mildew, virus, MRSA, Hepatitis B & C, and other diseases.

Purchasing a new stroller at Disneyland: Yes or no?

As there are two types of parents: either bringing or renting strollers, what about you? Would you like to be a part of the group?

The third wave refers to parents who buy a brand-new Disneyland stroller at the parks.

You can find various models at the entrance in the Californian park. And, buying a new stroller might be less expensive than renting one.

But, if you decide to purchase a stroller in the stroller shop nearby, skip those luxurious models, and choose something practical and cheaper.

Another option is to have it delivered to your hotel. Then, after your holiday is over, you can take it home, or leave it for some other family to use it.

Double stroller for twins: Valuable tips & tricks

disneyland stroller rental age limit

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A double stroller is a necessary baby gear in the theme parks for all parents with two or even more children!

So, below you can find numerous helpful and practical tips to remember when bringing your double stroller from home, renting the stroller at the parks, or from the third company:

  • Check the airline requirements - your double stroller must meet and exceed all requirements. Not all double strollers can be accepted on planes.
  • You will have to fold and carry your stroller around until you arrive at the final destination. Keep in mind that the double stroller is heavy and bulky to fold and move around.
  • You might want to opt for the lighter option for the reasons mentioned earlier - a double umbrella stroller. It's easier to fold and carry around and more practical for your errands. Although it might not be as smooth and easy to push around, it's still better than the bulky models.
  • Instead of using a heavier double (side-by-side stroller, sit and stand tandem) strollers, you might go for two separate small-size strollers. They will be lighter than the dual models, and an additional benefit is if you have more adults next to you. They can carry both kids and small strollers, leaving you a room to rest.

General guidelines for using the stroller at Disneyland

  • Keep the receipt to avoid complications, and ensure a hassle-free replacement for the next day, if necessary.
  • Think of buying a stroller at Disneyland. It will save you more money, and you don't have to worry about the size limits.
  • Decorate and secure the personal stroller at Disneyland not to lose it. Tie a balloon to the handle to make the stroller stand out in the sea of strollers.
  • Park the stroller in the designated parking places. Otherwise, you will have to search for it if it's moved. Speaking of which...
  • Remember that cast members may and will move your stroller if necessary. You might have left the stroller in one place, and it's missing after you return. Don't worry - the cast members have probably moved it somewhere nearby to proceed with their tasks.
  • Consider parking the stroller at a specific place and leaving it there while you're exploring. It would be best if you stuck to particular vacant areas, avoiding colossal crowds, fireworks, etc.
  • Use your stroller for both an escape and shopping cart, but don't leave it unattended. It's OK to leave some stuff you can replace inside, but your valuables and important things should be with you, never in the stroller.
  • Bring wet wipes and other disinfection and sterilization products, as well as wet wipes to keep your stroller and hands clean, due to the COVID-19 rules. And, don't forget the masks!
  • Be patient with your children and other people in the crowd. Avoid stressful situations, and try to relax as much as you can.

Preventing stroller from being stolen at Disneyland

Although stealing strollers might not occur so often, it is still possible. So, how can you prevent thieves from taking your valuables in advance?

Well, you can follow the following steps:

  • Make sure you keep your valuables with you and don't leave them in the stroller.
  • Mark the stroller with the colorful ribbon or scarf to make it difficult for everyone to move it quickly.
  • Please remove one of the wheels and place it in the basket beneath the stroller seat. If the thieves pick strollers, they will want those grab-and-go models rather than your hard-to-maneuver.
  • Use a stroller lock, and lock it through the back wheels. But, remember that the workers may still cut it and remove it if necessary for their work.
  • Take a picture of your stroller, and in case something goes wrong, you can show it to people and hope someone will recognize it and help you.
  • Obtain a damage waiver through the rental company and prevent all kinds of damage. Otherwise, you will have to pay for any type of stroller damage if something goes wrong without proper stroller protection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do the stroller rentals at Disneyland look like?

Nowadays, you can find the new Disneyland rentals, red and look like plastic jogging strollers. They have Mickey and Minnie on both sides.

In addition, their price ranges from $18 for single to $36 per day for double strollers.

And the dual models are the same hard plastic types, same as the single rental models.

Is it hard to rent a stroller at Disneyland?

No, it's not, but you have to follow the safety procedure due to the current COVID-19 situation. 

Thus, you need to:

  • Show a valid ticket and a reservation for the same day and park you want to visit
  • The State of California requires you do the PCR test prior to entering the Disneyland Resort or show the Vaccination confirmation. However, regarding your face covering, Disneyland Resorts have recently changed specific rules. You can find more information about the practices on their official website.
  • Specific parks, areas, hotels, attractions, restaurants, and other offerings might be unavailable to guests or even modified, have limited capacity, prone to closure, or limited availability due to the current situation. In addition, park offerings and admissions are not guaranteed.

Should I bring a stroller to Disneyland?

best stroller rental disneyland

If you think that's the best option for you, then you certainly should do so!

However, as many parents complain, the Disneyland strollers are not ideal for smaller kids; they're not comfortable enough and do not recline.

Thus, it would be best to take your stroller with you to calm and cover your child if they need to adjust to the new surroundings and keep them quiet and peaceful.

Hence, the best stroller for Disney World might be your home stroller.

Does a four-year-old need a stroller at Disneyland?

Well, it depends on your child's needs.

Namely, if they get exhausted after long walks, or you think they might be too grumpy in the crowd and new environment, then you can rent a stroller at Disneyland.

However, if your kid doesn't use a stroller anymore, and you think they'll be fine without it, you don't need to bring one.

When using a stroller, make sure your 4-year-old child meets the stroller's weight and size limits to make them comfortable and cozy inside the stroller you choose.

What Strollers are not allowed at Disney?

According to the Disneyland stroller rules, all strollers bigger than 31 inches in width and 52 inches in height are not allowed in Disney World.

Thus, you can find the precise measurement tools in front of the entrance gates and check whether your stroller meets the regulations.

If you meet the measurements, you can use it inside; if not, you must replace it with another stroller - buy or rent it in the park or at numerous off-site companies.

Will my stroller get stolen at Disneyland?

Well, stroller thefts at Disneyland are rare, yet they do occur from time to time. So, it would be best if you still were cautious when leaving your stroller unattained.

In addition, the cast members might likewise move it from one place to another if they cannot cope with their work and need instant operations.

With that being said, be thoughtful and careful with your things, and don't let the criminals take away your valuables.

In addition, you can follow the procedure and prevent your stroller from being stolen in advance. You can refer to it in the section above.

Final Words

So, are you ready for a Disney vacation? Have you found all the exciting facts regarding the holiday with your little ones?

If you still haven't, take your time and thoroughly examine the guidelines and Disney stroller rules.

When choosing one of the four ways for entering Disney World with the stroller, calculate the possibilities and all variables, advantages, and disadvantages, and then pick the best one for your needs.

However, once you enter the magical world of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, I bet all your worries will disappear!

So, relax and enjoy the incredible adventures Disney World offers!

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