Best Stroller Wagon for Kids (Ultimate Joy With the Best Beach and Folding Wagon)

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When your kids want some fun, the best solution is a wagon!

Honestly, I like it too since it's so practical, and you can keep everything close to you.

It might be easier for you to pack your necessities and enjoy with your little one instead of bulky strollers, extra bags, extra backpacks, etc.

But, it's a must-have for all parents, and little ones adore it!

But, here's the deal: you need to select the best wagon for kids!

And how? Well, read below.

Our Favorite Kids Wagon Strollers - Overview

$$WonderFold Multi Functional Push and Pull Double Stroller Wagon ~ 39.2 pounds

For all surfaces thanks to the wheels and tires. Adjustable and comfortable due to the ergonomic design. Best quality.

Suitable for: 6 months and up.

$$Radio Flyer 3-In-1 EZ Folding Outdoor Collapsible Wagon ~ 23 pounds

Maximum security and safety due to various safety standards and regulations. Benefits three-in-one convertible design. Yet, it's not so durable.

Suitable for: 18 months - 5 years.

$$$ — Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon ~ 34.70 pounds

Best for two independent car seats, with double canopy and adjustable handlebar for more comfort. However, the unit doesn't fold flat

Suitable for: up to 5 years.

$ — Step2 Wagon for Two Plus Blue ~ 2.2 pounds

A budget-friendly option, with belts and suitable for older children. Still, it lacks a sun canopy

Suitable for: 18 months - 10 years.

$$ — Baby Trend Expedition 2-in-1 Stroller Wagon Plus ~ 42 pounds

Best beach wagon and the most convertible model. However, it's too bulky.

Suitable for: baby, kid.

$$$ — Delta Children Jeep Deluxe Wrangler Stroller Wagon ~ 50 pounds

Most comfortable unit, suitable for all car seats due to the adapters. But, it's not intended for older children.

Suitable for: 6 months and up.

$ — Step2 All Around Canopy Wagon ~ 23.1 pounds

Improved storing space and all-terrain wheels for better maneuverability. It has a sun canopy for extra protection. Yet, the assembling process is complicated

Suitable for: 18 months - 10 years.

$$$ — Keenz Stroller Wagon ~ 32 pounds

Durable and sturdy, with massive storing options. But, it has certain wheel flaws.

Suitable for: baby.

$$$ — WONDERFOLD X4 Multi-Function Quad Stroller Wagon ~ 44.9 pounds

Best utility wagon, most versatile and flexible. Extra security due to accessories. However, it has issues with car seat adapters.

Suitable for: kid (up to 5 years).

What Is the Main Purpose of the Kid Wagon?

Kids wagons/ stroller wagons are created for older kids between 18 months and five years of age.

They adjust to their needs, provide enough room and comfort, and grow with kids.

Types of Kids Wagons
best folding wagon for kids

- Toy kids wagons: These kids wagons include plastic, metal, or wood for your kids and their toys. 

But, they have an improved version, with more storing options, canopies and drink holders, seat belts, and other safety and comfort benefits.

- Stroller wagons: The kids' wagons provide extra storing options, more weight limit, and more room than traditional stroller wagons.

However, some destinations (Disney, for instance) ban stroller wagons since they're bulky. Logically, the stroller wagons cost more than traditional kids wagons.

Best Wagon for Kids 2022: The Ultimate List

WonderFold Multi-Functional Push and Pull Double Stroller Wagon - Best Quality
  • Brand: WonderFold
  • Price: $$
  • Age range: 6 months & up
  • Item weight: 39.2 pounds
  • Maximum weight recommendation: 150 pounds
  • Top benefit: for all terrains

Why should you choose WonderFold as the best wagon for kids? Stay tuned!

Firstly, contrary to its competitors, the wagon for kids offers a five-point harness system.

There are some with a three-point harness, but this one stands out for extra protection and support. So, your kids will be stable and safe inside the wagon.

Moreover, you will love it due to the design.

Therefore, you will notice the wagon works as a double stroller in essence. Thus, you can place your two children inside and push or pull without much effort.

Speaking of push and pull system, the WonderFold double stroller wagon includes an ergonomically designed, spring-bounce pull handle, along with the adjustable handle that will adapt to your hands for pain-free grasp and softness for your hands.

I'm fond of the double stroller wagon, thanks to the flexibility and versatility.

As you will see, the best kid wagon comes with all-terrain wheels and tires; therefore, it's perfect for all kinds of fun and all outdoor adventures.

So, if you're looking for a wagon that will satisfy your kids' needs, I recommend this one!

In addition, the wheels include a suspension system for extra stability and safety brake wheels to add more to the safety & security.

Besides, the PU tires will last longer and adjust to all terrains.

However, you will find a sun canopy for UV protection, a reflective strip, and a basket for more convenient rides and better storage options when playing with toys around.

Of course, the traditional wagon will offer an ideal travel system since it's collapsible and easy to fold.

Thus, the WonderFold double stroller wagon for kids features removable seating pads for a quick cleanup process and a different carrier for luggage, camping gear, baby equipment, and toys for your kids.

  • Utility wagon
  • Folding wagon
  • Storage space
  • Not visible flaws

Radio Flyer 3-In-1 EZ Folding Outdoor Collapsible Wagon - Safe and Secure
  • Brand: Radio Flyer
  • Price: $$
  • Age range: 18 months - 5 years
  • Item weight: 23 pounds
  • Maximum weight recommendation: 150 pounds
  • Top benefit: three-in-one functions

What's so specific about the Radio Flyer wagon? Well, there are numerous benefits!

You'll adore it due to the Radio Flyer three-in-one system technology.

Thus, the collapsible folding wagon for kids includes three riding features: bench seating, two seats, and hauling for more comfort and better ride for your kids.

In addition, the Radio Flyer wagon quickly transforms from hauling to bench seating thanks to the zippers that you can find on both sides of the collapsible folding outdoor wagon.

Thus, it offers maximum versatility and flexibility to your kids' needs for more joyful moments.

So, the Radio Flyer overpasses the previous WonderFold model regarding versatility.

Due to the folding mechanism, the Radio Flyer collapsible wagon offers a one-hand folding system, allowing and providing extra storage space and a travel system for your needs.

So, the Radio Flyer utility wagon becomes portable and compact for all MVs.

Thanks to the ASTM-F963-13 certificates, the Radio Flyer folding wagon is perfect for security and safety and meets and exceeds all toy safety regulations and standards.

In addition, the Radio Flyer comes with a canopy for extra protection to save your kids from weather conditions and offer a better comfort zone.

Radio Flyer overpasses the WonderFold double stroller wagon since it offers two cup holders and a rear storage pouch for storing the canopy away when you don't need it.

So, you can bring all the necessities and toys around when you're playing with your kids.

Consequently, if you want a more convenient and secure collapsible wagon to pull around, you may opt for the Radio Flyer kids wagon.

Naturally, the Rider Flyer folding outdoor wagon won't disassemble when in working mode, as it offers a telescoping canopy pole.

Thus, regardless of the pressure and load, you place inside, the kids and goods cannot fall out.

  • Versatile
  • Folding wagon
  • Utility wagon
  • Durability issues

Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon - Best Performance
  • Brand: Evenflo
  • Price: $$$
  • Age range: up to 5 years
  • Item weight: 34.70 pounds
  • Maximum weight recommendation: 120 pounds
  • Top benefit: all-terrain wheels

You will love the Evenflo all-terrain stroller wagon due to the design benefits.

Namely, the stroller wagon differs from the above-mentioned Radio Flyer kids wagon in the construction.

Thus, you'll notice two car seats with two sun canopies for two kids, but separately. Therefore, you can adjust them according to the kids' needs independently.

As the stroller wagon for two kids comes with an adjustable handle, you can moderate it to your hands to avoid pressure and pain.

In addition, the hold will increase comfort and reduce force and compulsion.

So, it works well both for push and pull actions. Same as with the WonderFold kids wagon.

Due to the all-terrain wheels, the stroller wagon suits your outdoor needs, being perfect for parks, camping, beach, hiking pants, etc.

In addition, your kids won't feel crushes and tension when riding on uneven surfaces and terrains.

The Evenflo toddler wagon is perfect for cargo that offers massive storage options for toys, baby gear, snacks, etc.

Moreover, the stroller wagon for two children also includes double cup holder places, creating an excellent table for two when both kids are using it.

However, when you use a toddler wagon for only one kiddo, you can easily rotate it into the stroller wagon effortlessly and adjust it to the conditions.

Needless to say, the canopy wagon offers two canopies on two seats, with UPF 50+ for protection from UV rays, but adverse weather conditions, too.

So, your kids will have the ultimate fun when in the all-terrain stroller wagon and can enjoy every second spent inside.

Finally, you can clean it quickly, but beware - the stroller wagon for two kids might get damaged with solvents or abrasive cleaners, so do not use them!

  • All-terrain wheels
  • Utility wagon
  • Flexible
  • Easy to assemble
  • Independent seats
  • Not folding flat
  • Not so collapsible wagon

Step2 Wagon for Two Plus Blue - Budget-friendly
  • Brand: Step2
  • Price: $
  • Age range: 18 months - 10 years
  • Item weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Maximum weight recommendation: 75 pounds
  • Top benefit: seat belts

When you want a wagon that suits your budget yet it's a quality model, don't skip the Step2 kids wagon.

It considerably differs from the Evenflo kids wagon in price and construction.

Namely, the Step2 kids wagon is notably cheaper and comes in a smaller size.

However, its size makes it compact and super portable for beach, park, camping spots, backyards and gardens, and many other surfaces and terrains.

So, when you want a budget-friendly kids wagon, I recommend the Step2 wagon.

The toddler wagon advances from previous kids wagons due to the LATCH system on its door.

Thus, you will notice the molded-in drain holes, deep leg, and two countered seats for two toddlers or preschoolers.

However, the weight limit dictates the kids' age; therefore, older kids can also use the kids wagon easily, trouble-free.

Nothing wrong can happen, and they will have the security and stability necessary for a longer or a shorter ride.

For parents, the Step2 kids wagon offers a more extended handle for an easier push and pull process and maximum adjustability.

On the other hand, the handle will fold easily for the travel system, better storage options, and better transport.

Unlike the previous models, this kids wagon doesn't include a five-point harness system.

However, the Step2 wagon comes with two seat belts for extra protection and stability for your two children.

So, the kids will be safe, and nothing wrong can happen even on rough and bumpy rides or surfaces.

Of course, the Step2 kids wagon is perfect for the tag-along trailer, plus that attaches separately when you need more storage space for kids' necessities, snacks, toddler gear, toys, etc.

But, pay attention, don't overload the kids wagon to avoid tips over heavy pushes or pulls.

  • Folding wagon
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy
  • Hardware issues
  • No UV blocking canopy

Baby Trend Expedition 2-in-1 Stroller Wagon Plus - Best Convertibility
  • Brand: Baby Trend
  • Price: $$
  • Age range: baby, kid
  • Item weight: 42 pounds
  • Maximum weight recommendation: 110 pounds
  • Top benefit: wagon folds to stroller

The Baby Trend wagon stroller is more expensive than the Step2 wagon; however, it will wow you due to the numerous benefits.

Thus, the best collapsible wagon stroller offers a double transforming design, which easily converts from a pull wagon to the push stroller.

Therefore, it overpasses all previous models and advances in convertibility and interchangeability.

Another crucial benefit is the mat option.

Namely, the beach wagon stroller comes with the Seat2Mat extra cushion.

The advantage is that the cushion effortlessly transforms into a mat; therefore, your kids can lie down entirely and spread widely, flat, and with maximum comfort.

The mat will offer them maximum comfort and softness since it follows their body posture and adjusts to their needs.

So, it will increase coziness and reduce the pressure or even pain. In addition, it offers excellent body support.

With the removable flip-over basket, you can place your storage in front or at the back of the wagon stroller.

So, you can put your kids' toys, snacks, and other necessities somewhere close to you and reach them easily.

However, the best collapsible wagon with canopy doesn't contain a five-point harness or seat belts like its counterparts above but includes a three-point harness system.

Thus, it will provide the protection and security necessary for hassle-free rides; but I vote for WonderFold or Radio Flyer wagons for kids when it comes to safety.

Yet, the utility wagon is perfect for the storage options, massive enough to follow your needs.

So, it offers cup holders for kids and parents, center consoles, and two holders outside the wagon.

The Baby Trend Expedition wagon comes with a 50+ UPF UV canopy for extra protection, with airflow mosquito netting keeping older kids safe and secure, relaxed, and pressure-free.

So, they will enjoy the ride more.

  • Storage pockets
  • Protective canopy
  • Versatile
  • Flexible
  • Bulky

Delta Children Jeep Deluxe Wrangler Stroller Wagon - Most Comfortable
  • Brand: Delta Children
  • Price: $$$
  • Age range: 6 months & up
  • Item weight: 50 pounds
  • Maximum weight recommendation: 110 pounds
  • Top benefit: car seat attachments and versatility

The next three-in-one canopy wagon will win your heart due to the convertible design and system.

So, you can compare it with the Radio Flyer and see the advantages it offers. But, the Radio Flyer might be less expensive.

You will find three riding modes - you can attach a car seat with an adapter or use it in a stroller mode.

Thus, you will use a five-point harness system for older kids. However, when you use it in wagon mode, you can haul all your equipment with you. 

The best toddler wagon provides an auto-lock latch and folds compact for effortless storage or transport.

Therefore, the Delta Children beach wagon provides vast storage space for cup holders, huge back and front storage pockets, a parent organizer with a front zipper pocket, and storage compartments.

So, the wagon is the best option for travel and all the equipment and valuables you need for your kids.

Due to the adjustable handlebars with leatherette, you can either push or pull it effortlessly.

Moreover, the swivel front wheels will add more flexibility and versatility for effortless operation and turning.

In addition, the tires aren't filled with air; therefore, they are suitable for all-terrain kinds and all surfaces.

Besides, you will find the one-step parking brake on the front wheels and add more stability and security once the wagon is idle.

The UV canopy is removable and contains mesh fabric with roll-down options for extra protection and privacy.

When you don't use it, you can store it in the storage pocket. Thus, it somewhat resembles the Radio Flyer mod; however, I prefer this wagon stroller better.

The best toddler stroller wagon stands out for car seat adapters and compatibility with the Britax, Evenflo, Chicco, and Graco car seats.

  • NO air tires
  • Wheels and brakes
  • Comfortable
  • Not for older children

Step2 All Around Canopy Wagon - All-terrain Folding Wagon
  • Brand: Step2
  • Price: $
  • Age range: 18 months - 10 years
  • Item weight: 23.1 pounds
  • Maximum weight recommendation: 75 pounds
  • Top benefit: protective canopy

Another Step2 beach wagon slightly differs from the previous model; however, this one will blow your mind specifically for various advantages.

Remember how the first Step2 wagon had additional trailer storage space sold separately?

Don't worry; the All-Around wagon has a built-in compartment for extra snacks, toys, baby gear, and extra equipment.

Of course, you can find the primary storage basket - molded-in storage compartments that will hold beverages, food, and your valuable items necessary for a shorter or longer trip with your kids.

So, you don't need to obtain more space separately as the wagon provides all you need.

Similar to the wagon above, this one will offer safety and stability to your kids with seat belts and a push-lever wagon door for better security when they're inside the wagon. 

Besides, the entry includes LATCH attachments to keep the door closed and stable to prevent complications, potential accidents, and severe injuries.

What I like more about this Step2 All-Around wagon is the possibility of switching the car seat up or down and creating a flatbed with a storage place, car seatbacks, or snack tray for your child.

Thus, it will be more convenient for your child's needs, and you might like it better.

Due to the plastic material and solid wheels and tires, the wagon is an all-terrain one; therefore, it will be suitable for beach, parks, bumpy and uneven terrains, and surfaces.

Of course, the all-terrain wagon comes with a protective canopy, unlike the model above; consequently, your child or kids will have more protection from weather conditions and ride inside the all-terrain wagon whenever they like.

And the all-terrain folding wagon for kids easily collapses due to the collapsible handle to fit most MVs, for effortless transport or storage.

  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Versatile
  • Storage
  • Tricky to assemble

Keenz Stroller Wagon - Durable Construction
  • Brand: Keenz
  • Price: $$$
  • Age range: baby (up to 45 pounds)
  • Item weight: 32 pounds
  • Maximum weight recommendation: 110 pounds
  • Top benefit: massive storing options

The Keenz wagon is a perfect option for you if you're a family-on-the-go.

So, you will find it ideal for all kinds of outdoor fun - parks, family outings, sports events, beach, unexplored paths, and ways, etc.

In addition, it will significantly adjust to your needs. So, it's an all-terrain model.

It's bigger than the previous Step2 model and offers more possibilities.

As you'll see, the wagon is secure & safe for your kids due to the five-point harness system, whereas the Step2 option provided seat belts.

In addition, the harness includes three adjustable positions and heights on both sides. So, it works as a baby wagon stroller and a stroller for an older child or more children.

Being a utility wagon, the unit offers a massive storage place for your valuables, kids' equipment, food and drink, and other necessities for trouble-free rides and quick transport.

So, you can pack everything you need and start your outdoor adventure instantly.

While the previous model was plastic, this Keenz wagon contains a 1.6 mm aluminum frame; therefore, it's lightweight and easy to fold & store away.

So, it will be an ideal travel companion and fit most of the MVs.

You'll love it due to its adjustable handles for easy push and pull actions and one-step brake on the wheels for extra support and stability.

So, your kids will be maximally protected and secure when on the road or parked.

The Keenz wagon meets and exceeds all ASTM F-833 safety regulations and conditions. So, it's tested and proved to be safe & secure for kids.

Naturally, the construction is practical and compact; therefore, you will find built-in shoe storage and drapes.

Moreover, the wagon comes with a storage cover, canopy holding bag, grey cooler bag, and a cup holder for hassle-free rides.

  • Easy to fold and assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Issues with wheels

WONDERFOLD X4 Multi-Function Quad Stroller Wagon - Best Utility Wagon
  • Brand: WonderFold
  • Price: $$$
  • Age range: kid
  • Item weight: 44.9 pounds
  • Maximum weight recommendation: 180 pounds
  • Top benefit: maneuverability

Unlike the top WonderFold model, this wagon offers double fun!

First, as you might notice, the unit comes with four car seats; therefore, it's suitable for four kids at once!

Like the first one, it features a five-point harness with a protective canopy for extra protection from weather conditions and more fun.

Due to the bigger weight limit, the model is advanced compared to the top one, yet it comes with a more significant price. So, you can choose according to your needs.

Of course, you will find a telescopic handle for pulls, an adjustable grip for pushes, and effortless maneuverability whenever you use the wagon.

So, if you plan on visiting the beach, park, sports events, campsites, new and bumpy roads, and paths, the WonderFold wagon will offer you ultimate fun when you place four children inside.

As you'll notice, the pull handle has a spring bounce design for better accessibility and follows various heights and demands.

So when your little ones are inside the wagon, you can easily observe their behavior and see irregularities.

The heavy-duty wagon will offer you effortless use and moderation with the safety reflective straps, one-step foot brake, and removable canopy.

Also, with the one-hand folding and unfolding mechanism, you can prepare for travel instantly.

It also overpasses the first WonderFold model in terms of construction.

Namely, this wagon is a heavy-duty one, with a more solid frame and wheels to support more load and provide more stability and safety due to the wheels' suspension system.

Thanks to the 600D polyester fabric, the seats will be comfortable and soft for the little ones. As a result, they won't feel pressure and limits and can move freely.

Finally, you can remove the seats and add more luggage, equipment, camping gear, and other items.

  • Folding wagon
  • Heavy-duty
  • Flexibility
  • Adapter issues

Find the Best Wagons for Kids: Buyer's Guide

Selecting the best wagon for kids might seem easy, but it's pretty challenging.

But read below and find all you need to know when choosing the best wagons for your little ones.

1. Flexibility

Flexible & versatile kids' wagons include suitable wheels. Namely, the maneuverable wheel must consist of:

best beach wagon for kids

- ball bearings

- suspension system with step-on brakes

- auto locks

- more considerable, heavy-duty wheels ideal for beach and sand

- additional pull-hand brake

Also, consider adjustable handles to a moderate height and adapt them to your grasps and needs for better operations.

2. Safety & Security

To provide maximum safety, many kids' wagons come with five-point harnesses or three-point harnesses.

However, five-point might be better for more stability and support.

Belts are fine if you have older kiddos, but a five-point harness system will follow your needs best.

To add more safety, follow these steps:

Buckle up children in the wagons to avoid accidents and injuries

Don't overload wagons - don't place the third child if the wagons are designed for two.

The maximum weight capacity will disbalance by adding more weight, and wagons might break or tip over. Don't hurt your little ones!

Check what kinds of wagons you need - utility wagons are not always suitable for children due to their construction, maximum weight capacity, and harness systems.

Kids wagons are created for children, so don't use them for some other purposes and ruin them.

Always supervise your wagons and children - pay attention to children playing in the wagons.

Since their games include toys and movements, prevent tip-overs and fall off the wagons. Prevent injuries and disbalance of the wagons and children.

3. Functionality

best wagons for toddlers 2022

The best wagons allow you to remove the car seats, fold them flat and use them for extra storing spaces.

In addition, due to the foldable design, they will offer better travel systems and fit your motor vehicles.

However, if your kiddos like the beach, you can carry children, pets, and beach items at once for ultimate fun.

4. Extra Features to Consider

- Extra pockets for additional storing

- Cup holders

- Snacks and activity trays

- Lightweight features

- All-terrain wagons if you like the beach, hiking, park, camping, etc.

- A collapsible wagon

- A wagon with seats

- A wagon with canopy for extra protection

- Adjustable handlebars

Infant car seat attachments - when you have a toddler and a baby, the best wagon will allow you enough space for the infant car seat installation

- Removable padded seats - for easy cleanup process and maintenance.

- Footwell - for more comfort, especially for taller children, not to sit on their feet next to each other


Is a wagon better than a stroller?

Yes, if you have an older child that overgrew a stroller and weighed 50 pounds and more. In that case, you should consider a wagon.

At what age do kids use wagons?

Wagons are created for children between 18 months (a year and a half) and five years of age.

best stroller wagon

Can children ride in the collapsible wagon?

Yes, they can. Collapsible wagons are perfect for children - they work like regular wagons.

However, they offer a better travel system; therefore, they're collapsible for a reason.

What is the best folding wagon for the beach?

The best folding wagon for the beach is the Baby Trend Expedition 2-in-1 Stroller Wagon.

The unit offers maximum versatility and adjustability to the soft sand and various surfaces due to the wheel system.

Moreover, it can fold flat for kids' napping time and more joy on the beach.

Can I take a foldable wagon on a plane?

Yes, you can, since it's collapsible. The system is the same as with the stroller.

But, to reduce the weight limit, you can take out the car seats and fold them for the gate-check.

What's the best wagon for kids?

The best wagon for kids is definitely the WonderFold Multi Functional Push and Pull Double Stroller Wagon.

The final winner works as the double stroller, supporting two kids at once.

Moreover, it offers a five-point harness, sun canopy, and wheel suspension system for extra safety and security for children.

And, due to the ergonomic design, it will provide maximum comfort both for your and your children.

WONDERFOLD X2 Push & Pull Double Stroller Wagon (2 Seater) - Collapsible Wagon Stroller with 5-Point...*
  • PERFECT BABY & TODDLER STROLLER – Wagon stroller for 2 kids folds easily and holds up to 2 passengers on padded seats with five-point adjustable safety harnesses to keep the little ones secure
  • WAGON WITH CANOPY – Removable UV-protection wagon canopy provides shade for little ones while they ride in the carriage
  • ADJUSTABLE PUSH HANDLE – Allows you to set the handle position on the kids wagon to accommodate your needs
  • TELESCOPIC PULL HANDLE – Foldable wagon for kids with a pull handle designed to fit your needs, with spring bounce technology to prevent the handle from falling to the ground when released
  • ALL TERRAIN STROLLER – Features tough polyurethane all terrain wagon tires, excellent for everything from soft beach sand to hard, bumpy terrain


Since we've reached the end, all I can say is that I hope you enjoyed the reviews and learned all the exciting facts regarding the best wagon for kids.

Do numerous models and their benefits tempt you? Don't worry, take it easy. Examine all of them thoroughly, and tell me what's your best solution. Keep in touch!

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