Best Lightweight Stroller for Disney World: Double & Stroller Rental for the Ultimate Fun!

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Are you planning to surprise your little ones and take them to Disney? Well, you better prepare since you'll need the best stroller for Disney World!

But, how would you know what's the best one since some strollers are banned?

The reviews will give you a better insight into the best lightweight, compact, foldable single and double strollers for Disney world.

In addition, you will learn which ones you could, should, or shouldn't bring.

Are you ready?

Our Strollers for Disney World - Overview

$$Summer 3Dlite+ Convenience Stroller ~ 14 pounds

Most workable and constructive stroller. Offers shock-absorbing wheels for extra stability. Still, the footrest is too high. Suitable for: 6 months - 55 pounds.

$$Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger ~ 25 pounds

Best jogging stroller for two kiddos, flexible and with a large canopy. Yet, the brakes are unstable. Suitable for: less than 36 months.

$$ — 2018 UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller ~ 9.66 pounds

The best travel system, easily foldable and most compact, small in size. But, the brakes are not too firm. Suitable for: baby, kid.

$$ — gb Pockit+ All-Terrain ~ 12.30 pounds

Most agile and flexible model, with a 3-point harness. However, not car seats compatible. Suitable for: birth - 55 pounds.

$$$ — Zoe Twin+ (Zoe XL2) Stroller ~ 19 pounds

Best for two children, with all-terrain wheels. Compact and foldable for travel. But tires are weak. Suitable for: toddler.

$ — Kolcraft Cloud Plus ~ 11.8 pounds

The most affordable, most practical, and foldable for all travel types. Offers a reclining seat for more comfort. Still, the shoulder strap is troublesome. Suitable for: infant, toddler.

$$ — Joovy Caboose Too Graphite Stand-On Tandem Stroller ~ 27.50 pounds

Best for the 2-in-1 system and versatility. Easy to operate as it suits all areas. Yet, it comes without a hardware. Suitable for: baby.

7 Best Strollers for Disney World

Summer 3Dlite+ Convenience Stroller - Best Performance
  • Brand: Summer Infant
  • Price: $$
  • Age range: 6 months to 50 pounds
  • Item weight: 14 pounds
  • Maximum weight: 50 pounds
  • Main benefit: auto-lock wheels & suspension

When you plan a Disney trip, don't go without the 3D Lite+ single stroller!

The Summer Infant 3D Lite+ is the best umbrella stroller for Disney world due to its compact fold and lightweight features.

Namely, the umbrella stroller for Walt Disney World has an aluminum frame; hence, it folds quickly with a one-hand folding mechanism.

The umbrella stroller also has a self-standing option; therefore, it will fit various trunks and compartments. So, it's a perfect stroller for a Disney vacation!

A much better option than the 3D Lite model.

Moreover, the lightweight stroller offers a multi-position reclining seat so that your little one can fully enjoy the magic kingdom of Walt Disney World.

In addition, you will find a 5-point harness system for extra protection and stability for your kiddo to prevent accidents and injuries.

You will love the Disney stroller due to the carry strap that helps you use it regularly or when you want to visit Walt Disney World. Again, it seems better than the 3D lite stroller.

The Disney stroller offers a padded seat for maximum softness and relaxation when you visit all Disney parks and various theme parks for your kid's comfort.

In addition, due to the reclining seat, your baby can find a correct position for their body and enjoy it thoroughly.

The sun canopy provides sun shade and sun protection for your baby, and for more convenience, a large storage space will store your valuables and baby gear.

  • Large storage basket
  • Easy to fold
  • Wheel suspension
  • Higher footrest

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger - Best Design
  • Brand: Baby Trend
  • Price: $$
  • Age range: less than 36 months
  • Item weight: 25 pounds
  • Maximum weight: 45 pounds
  • Main benefit: for all terrains

The Baby Trend stroller for Walt Disney World will wow you due to its design and quality.

Namely, the jogging stroller includes maximum safety and stability when you park it since you will find the foot-operated brake.

Also, the Disney stroller is excellent as it offers auto-locking front wheels, so the unit will stay firmly on the stroller parking.

Moreover, the Expedition jogging stroller is comfortable for your kiddos, as it includes a multi-position reclining seat that follows their body posture and offers more relaxation.

Finally, your children have a 5-point harness to prevent accidents and severe injuries for additional safety and stability.

It seems a more convenient stroller for Walt Disney world than the Millenium model since it is more flexible and easier to operate.

Also, it includes an extendable sun canopy and parent tray with two cup holders and a covered storage basket.

It overpasses the Millenium model in terms of wheel suspension.

So, you will see, the Disney World stroller comes with rubber pneumatic tires, suitable for all terrains, Disney parks, narrow passages, and different surfaces.

So, you can use the Disney World stroller as you like.

Due to the locking front swivel wheels with the foot-activated rear brake system, you will have extra stability and security when the stroller is parked.

Also, thanks to the quick-release tires, and lightweight yet sturdy construction, you can easily remove the tires and fold them easily for travel and storage options.

  • Flexible
  • Versatile
  • Adjustable
  • Storage basket
  • Brake issues

2018 UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller - The lightest stroller
  • Brand: UPPAbaby
  • Price: $$
  • Age range: baby, kid
  • Item weight: 9.66 pounds
  • Maximum weight: 55 pounds
  • Main benefit: for all travel types

The G-Lux seems more advanced than the G-Lite version, as this stroller for Disney parks offers a larger storage basket so that you could place more valuable items and baby gear for trouble-free rides.

In addition, the travel stroller is perfect since it offers a one-handed recline system, adjustable and following kids' needs.

Also, your kids will have more comfort with the adjustable footrest. Thus, they won't have to suffer under pressure and can fully spread and lean as they like.

Further, the best stroller for Disney offers removable content, so you can clean and maintain it quickly, without wasting your time and energy.

However, you should not use abrasives so as not to damage the fabrics.

The best stroller will win your heart as it's easy to fold, and offers a self-standing design, so you can easily place it at various angles and compartments for a better travel system.

So, it seems more suitable than the G-Lite stroller.

Also, you will notice the removable cup holder when you get tired and dehydrated.

And, the stroller is incredible since it offers an extendable sun canopy serving as extra protection from adverse weather elements and conditions, offering additional comfort to your little one.

With a one-step brake, your stroller will remain immovable when parked and suitable for various surfaces.

And, you can use the travel stroller as an ideal travel accessory since it comes with a carry strap to check at airports. Still, it resembles a 3D Lite + model.

  • Adjustable
  • Carry strap
  • Large storage basket
  • Brakes issues

gb Pockit+ All-Terrain - Best Quality
  • Brand: gb
  • Price: $$
  • Age range: birth - 55 pounds
  • Item weight: 12.30 pounds
  • Maximum weight: 55 pounds
  • Main benefit: 3-point harness

This travel stroller will astonish you since it offers an ultra-compact and collapsible design; therefore, it fits all MVs, airplanes, and other transportation systems.

So, you don't have to check it while traveling.

Of course, the best stroller for Disney is excellent since it offers a two-step folding mechanism; therefore, the steering and pushing will be a piece of cake for you. 

Furthermore, due to the attached handle, you can carry it around without any problems.

As the travel stroller comes with durable and sturdy construction, it will last for an extended period and serve well even for more robust use.

Furthermore, as the structure is flexible, it will quickly adjust to your needs, especially during travel.

The sun canopy UPF 50+ will keep your baby protected and comfortable, safe from weather conditions, offering a more pleasant fleeing.

In addition, as the seat reclines, your baby keeps a better body posture and reduces the pressure. So, it will increase the pleasurable feeling for the kid.

However, the main point is that the stroller includes front swivel wheels with all-terrain tires for better moderation and agility.

So, you will find it more suitable than the Pockit model.

Moreover, you can lock the wheels and add more safety to more stability and security when riding.

Due to the steeples recline functions, your kid can recline infinitely for customizable comfort and better body position.

So, the Pockit + seems more advanced than the Pockit model.

  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Maneuverable
  • For travel
  • Flexible
  • Not car seat compatible

Zoe Twin+ (Zoe XL2) Stroller - Best System Technology
  • Brand: ZOE
  • Price: $$$
  • Age range: toddler
  • Item weight: 19 pounds
  • Maximum weight: 45 pounds
  • Main benefit: for two kids

Zoe XL2 is an excellent double stroller for Disney as it meets and exceeds the stroller policy necessary to enter Disney.

Regardless of being a double stroller, Zoe XL2 is practical and lightweight even with two kids, so it allows you trouble-free moderation.

You will love it since the double stroller due to its canopy system.

As you'll observe, the double stroller has an extendable canopy, growing to a double, to a triple, or even quad when fully extended. Thus, it will ultimately protect your kids and offer maximum comfort.

To keep food and drinks close to you, you will find a parent cup holder, children's cup holders, and a massive storage basket for extra items and necessary gear.

Thus, the best double stroller for Disney offers everything you need when on an adventure.

You might better like it than the Kolcraft double stroller since this one is lighter and offers a high-grade convenience, with the collapse-and-fold technology, easiest to store away and use for a travel system.

Of course, the kids will have two independent canopies, and their seats recline independently for better comfort and a double belly bar.

Also, the harness will keep them safe and secure while sitting or reclining to avoid accidents and injuries.

Finally, the stroller has a sat construction, with a taller handlebar for your comfort and peek-a-boo windows for observing children.

But, it also includes oversized wheels, so it's suitable for all terrains.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable
  • Adjustable
  • Lightweight
  • Tires issues

Kolcraft Cloud Plus - Most Flexible
  • Brand: Kolcraft
  • Price: $
  • Age range: infant, toddler
  • Item weight: 11.8 pounds
  • Maximum weight: 50 pounds
  • Main benefit: compact construction

What's so special about this stroller for Disney?

Well, the Disney stroller will take your breath away due to its compact and lightweight design. So, when you decide to bring a stroller to Disney, don't miss this one!

Due to the frame and materials, the stroller meets and exceeds the Disney stroller policy, its size requirements, and all other specifications for using the stroller at Disney.

Moreover, to ease your Disney adventure, the stroller has an extendable sun canopy with a peek-a-boo window to follow your little one better.

Also, the top is a three-tier one, with maximum UV protection. So, it might be a better option than the 3D Lite model.

In addition, the stroller will serve you well at Disney since it offers a quick-fold mechanism with a self-standing fold, suitable for all travel types and all MVs.

Besides, the all-terrain wheels and the front wheel suspension will help you operate better upon the stroller at Disney World.

Thanks to the 5-point harness on the reclining seat, your baby will have both security and protection while inside the stroller; therefore, you don't have to worry about potential accidents and severe injuries.

To keep your items close to you, you will find a huge storage basket to hold cup holders, baby gear, toys, and other necessities suitable for hassle-free rides at Disney.

However, you need to know that the stroller is not compatible with car seats.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to moderate
  • Versatile
  • For travel
  • Should strap issues

Joovy Caboose Too Graphite Stand-On Tandem Stroller- Most Versatile
  • Brand: Joovy
  • Price: $$
  • Age range: baby
  • Item weight: 27.50 pounds
  • Maximum weight:
  • Main benefit: 2-in-1 system

Finally, the last stroller for Disney theme parks will wow you since it offers maximum versatility and adjustability.

As you will find, the best sit and stand stroller at Disney park offers the most operative system and moderations a stroller might offer.

Thus, the Joovy Caboose sit-and-stand stroller for your two kiddos has a multi-position recline rear seat, offering a better body position for your baby.

However, the Disney stroller includes a front seat for your toddler with a three-position reclining system.

But, you'll also find a rear bench seat and a standing platform for your little one when they get too tired of walking.

So, the best stroller at Disney World seems more convenient than the regular Caboose Ultralight stroller.

However, the stroller will astound you since it's compatible with all major car seat brands due to the universal adapter.

To find a proper one for your needs, you can visit the official Joovy website.

Also, you can place your valuable items and necessary baby gear in the massive storage space beneath the seat and keep them close when you need them.

And, the extendable canopy will adjust to your baby's needs and protect them from various weather conditions.

The four-wheel suspension and a solid steel frame will support your kids without additional issues so that nothing can go wrong.

And, due to the 300D polyester material and a 5-point harness, your kids will have supreme stability and comfort.

  • Reliable
  • Flexible
  • Wheel suspension
  • No built-in organizer

Tips & Tricks on How to Bring the Stroller to Disney World: A Parent's Guide

1. Do You Need Strollers for Disney World?

best double stroller for disney world 2022

Well, if your kids quickly get tired of long walks, you might consider bringing strollers at Disney World.

The strollers will help you store your items too and reduce the load in the backpacks.

2. Types of Strollers at Disney World

When you want to bring your own stroller or rent a stroller at Disney, you must follow the Disney strollers policy.

So, you can use your own strollers that follow regulations from May 2019.

But, those strollers at Disney must be lightweight, compact, easily foldable, and flexible for strolls, crowds, and parks.

So, the strollers' policies require a new stroller, less than 31 inches wide and 52 inches long.

Don't worry; the best single strollers, umbrella strollers, or best double strollers all meet and exceed the Disney policies, and the manufacturer states whether the strollers are suitable or not for Disney adventures.

Regarding the stroller wagons at Disney, they're prohibited.

Due to giant crowds and somewhat limited space, the stroller wagons became unstable for kids, and authorities want to prevent accidents and reduce risks.

So, you can bring your own Disney World strollers - double or single strollers, umbrella strollers - but all of these must meet and exceed Disney rules and policies.

3. Renting a Stroller at Disney World - Is It Possible?

best place to rent a stroller for disney world

Yes, you undoubtedly can rent a stroller for Disney. You will see the costs at the parks or the Disney official website.

Thus, renting a single stroller costs $15 per day or more days (length of stay) $13 per day.

You can also rent double strollers—these cost $31 per day or more days (length of stay) $27.

However, you need a $100 credit card deposit to be able to rent strollers at Disney.

It's crucial to remember that the best strollers for Disney can be rented within the parks and at Disney Springs, yet you cannot take them out of the area.

So, when you move around the gardens, you need to show receipts for the strollers. Find more info at the official Disney website.

4. Additional Rental

Best strollers for Disney can be rented from a rental company in Orlando.

Their prices might be more affordable than Disney's, especially if you decide to stay a couple more days out of the blue.

So, the best strollers - single or best double strollers will be sent to your hotel. On average, you will have to pay approximately $120 for two weeks to rent them.

And, the official agencies send their prominent representatives to meet and provide strollers face to face with you.

Contact the agencies below to rent your strollers:

- Kingdom Stollers - (407) 271-5301

- Magic Stollers - (866) 866-6177

- Orland Strollers Rental - (800) 281-0884

5. So, What Makes the Best Strollers for Disney?

best stroller rental company for disney world

maneuverable to help you pass the crowds as easy as possible

foldable and portable for transportation and better flexibility

-  of appropriate size and weight to navigate through the crowds and be allowed to enter the parks

safe for your children with a harness, wheel suspension and shock absorption, rain cover, headroom, sunshade, etc.

reclining for better body posture and comfort

Extra Tips & Tricks

Pick and use a stroller that stands out, to be different

Bring a rain cover or a sunshade - Florida can be tricky with weather

Don't worry if the workers move your stroller - the staff clean the area


Do strollers get stolen at Disney World?

Although it rarely happens, it might be possible for thieves to steal your stroller.

So, could you pay attention to where you leave it? It's more feasible for staff to move it when they clean the area.

Do I need a stroller for a six-year-old at Disney?

Yes, your 6-year-old child NEEDS a stroller in Disneyland. So, you can either rent it or bring your own.

best infant stroller for disney world

What is the best double stroller for Disney World?

The best double stroller is undoubtedly the Zoe Twin+ (Zoe XL2) Stroller. The stroller offers a unique dual system, suitable for two kids at once, with independent actions.

Moreover, it meets and exceeds all rules and requirements necessary for entering the park. Due to its mechanism, the stroller is ideal for travel and all terrains.

What strollers are not allowed at Disney World?

All those that are bigger than 31" in width and 52" in length, as well as stroller wagons.

What can I use instead of a stroller?

You can use double strollers, ride-on-stroller boards with sit-and-stand strollers, baby carriers, backpack hiking child carriers, ride-on toys or toddlers, etc.

And, the Best Stroller for Disney World Is...?

The best stroller for Disney is definitely the fantastic Summer 3Dlite+ Convenience Stroller, being the most compact, easiest to fold, and lightweight option.

Furthermore, the unit is perfect as it offers an all-wheel suspension system with auto-lock; therefore, it provides maximum stability and security for our kids.

Also, the seat reclines and offers more comfort.

Summer Infant 3Dlite+ Convenience Stroller, Lightweight Umbrella Stroller with Oversized Canopy,...*
  • EVERYDAY STROLLER – Use the Summer 3Dlite+ Convenience stroller as a lightweight stroller for everyday or as a travel stroller. It’s durable, with premium fabrics and stitching, and has...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – The lightweight baby stroller has an aluminum frame and weighs only 14 pounds. It has a one-hand, multi-position adjustable recline seat with a 5-point safety harness.
  • COMPACT FOLD – This stroller has a compact fold and a padded carry strap, making it an ideal option for running errands all day or on your next big family trip.
  • COMFORTABLE – Baby strollers aren’t always comfortable, but the 3Dlite+ lightweight umbrella stroller keeps baby happy and cozy, thanks to the recline seat, oversized canopy with flip-out sun...
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES – This compact stroller also includes: a parent cup holder, cell phone holder, zip-close storage pocket, child sippy cup holder, compact fold with auto-lock and carry strap,...


This is the end, people! What could I possibly add?

I think we've covered all crucial points regarding the best stroller for Disney, so it's time you chose the best stroller for your adventure.

Take your time, and examine the reviews thoroughly since the list will wow you!

Enjoy your search!

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