2022 UPPAbaby G-Luxe Review: Am I Impressed?

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Not many parents look for an umbrella stroller because of the quality, sturdiness, or advanced engineering. It's all about portability.

However, if you're considering UPPAbaby G-Luxe umbrella, you're probably going for a lightweight stroller that will last.

Is that the case with this model?

I have to say; there are many features that make this umbrella stroller worth the five-star rating. It's adjustable, reclining, with a generous canopy and basket.

But it's not flawless.

In my honest UPPAbaby G-Luxe review, I shared my likings and dislikings when it comes to this model, so give it a look if you're considering it.

Quick Summary

UPPAbaby G-Luxe stroller is a high-quality lightweight umbrella stroller that has a one-handed reclining seat, extendable UPF 50 sunshade, and a thick seat pad.

It's not the most lightweight model on the market, yet it is one of the most durable ones.

1. Value for Money: 4/5

This umbrella stroller is most certainly better quality-wise than most cheaper counterparts on the market.

It has a padded seat, great wheels with suspension, yet it's not all we expect for an umbrella stroller.

2. Weight: 4/5

It is genuinely lightweight for a stroller in general. But in the umbrella category, there are many lighter alternatives.

3. Maneuverability: 5/5

For an umbrella stroller, this model is fantastic. It has a suspension system and lockable front wheels, which makes it super-easy to steer.

4. Portability: 3/5

The fold is slim but not the most compact there is. And there are some issues with the folding mechanism, so this aspect needs improvement.

The price: under $200
What I Like About It
  • One-hand reclining seat
  • Excellent top weight limit
  • Carry strap
  • Suitable from 3months up
  • Spacious storage basket
  • Machine-washable seat cover
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
What I Don't Like About It
  • Hard to fold and unfold
  • Hard-to-access basket
  • Feet keep hitting the wheels
  • Doesn’t support infant car seat

Overall Rating

The reason why this umbrella stroller is so popular is the quality. It's not a cheap, lightweight stroller that barely holds the weight of your child.

It has a double-padded seat, excellent wheels with a suspension system, expandable canopy, and a lightweight aluminum frame.

I find it genuinely easy to steer and very functional for an umbrella stroller.

However, I think it needs improvement when it comes to folding mechanisms, and if you need the lightest option on the market, there are some better alternatives.

G-Luxe Stroller - Jordan (Charcoal/Silver), 1 Count (Pack of 1)*
  • Suitable for children from 3 months to 55 pounds
  • One-handed actuated recline and adjustable footrest
  • Large stretch knit canopy with extendable UPF 50+ sunshade for great sun and wind protection
  • Easy to remove washable fabrics
  • Stands when folded, Included cup holder

My Thoughts

Generally saying, this stroller costs way too much for an umbrella stroller.

And because of this price, I expected some drastic advantages and engineering innovations that would make it stand out.

From that point of view, it did not entirely disappoint me, but neither has it wowed me.

It's a classic umbrella stroller, equipped with a five-point harness, therefore suitable for children from 3 months to 55 pounds.

The first thing I like about it is the generous padding. Most umbrella strollers have hammock seats that are barely there to serve the purpose.

In contrast, this model has double padding for more comfort and better structural integrity.

uppababy g luxe stroller review

Source: Youtube

Secondly, the seat reclines to 120 degrees, offering three recline positions, which is not typical for umbrella strollers.

Most umbrella strollers are compacts and lightweight at the cost of comfort.

And this has been a pet peeve of mine for a long time. So, with this one, I'm glad that's not the case.

You can also adjust the calf rest, and there's a bottom footrest for when your child gets bigger, which is a nice detail.

However, the footrest is made of thin plastic, and although improved on the 2016 version, it's still wobbly.

uppababy g-luxe umbrella stroller reviews

Source: Youtube

It also has a full-coverage adjustable canopy.

Actually, it's a two-panel canopy extended with an SPF-sunshade that tucks in. It's a bit flimsy but definitely better than usual canopies on umbrella strollers.

From a mechanical point of view, the stroller is pretty easy to steer.

It has a 4-wheel suspension, which is the biggest plus of this model. It genuinely makes the difference on bumpy terrain and tricky turns.

There's one footbrake, and the front wheels lock in place. However, the wheels offer no traction, so when the surface is wet or icy, this stroller is useless.

Also, you definitely need two hands for maneuvering.

It's not very obedient when you're pushing with one hand only. But this is common for strollers with two handles, as opposed to a handlebar.

1. Handles

The handles are somewhat ergonomic.

They are slightly turned inside, so the grip comes pretty naturally. I haven't really felt the pressure on my wrists, which is usually the case.

They are covered with soft foamy material, which makes them comfortable.

Yet, the foam is not so durable; it tears after a while, so don't expect some magnificent resistance to everyday use.

I don't like that the handles are not adjustable. And the positioning of the wheels relative to the handles is very awkward.

I saw many parents complaining about kicking the back wheels because it's hard to make the right distance from the stroller. And many parents returned it because of this.

Yet, one thing I can guarantee when it comes to returns is that the customer service is great, very considerate, and polite.

2. Portability

Now, most people choose umbrella strollers for the lightweight design and compact fold.

Honestly, this is a slim model, but it's not the lightest there is. With the seat, this stroller weighs 16.3 pounds.

Now, that's not heavy at all—especially when compared to full-size strollers like Vista or Cruz

However, there are some umbrella strollers that weigh under 10 pounds, so it's not the lightest option either.

It includes a carry strap, so G-Luxe is easy to carry. When folded, it stands on its own, looking like this:

how to use uppababy g luxe

Source: Youtube

But, I have to say, for an umbrella stroller, it is not really trunk-friendly. I mean, it fits my trunk, but If you have a smaller car, it might just not fit. I saw some parents complaining about it.

Now the folding mechanism is just not good. It has these weird folding triggers and gets stuck often, so I'm not at all satisfied with it.

But I'll talk more about it later.

3. Storage

The storage basket is pretty spacious for an umbrella stroller. It has a top weight capacity of 10 pounds and fits a diaper bag easily.

I also use it for groceries when I'm running errands, so I like it a lot. Yet, one thing that really annoys me is how inaccessible it is.

You need to pull up the seat if it's reclined, and it's still hard to grab some stuff.

Also, you get a removable cup holder that supports standard cups and larger thermoses, which is pretty cool since I always carry my coffee around.

There is also a storage pocket with a flap on the back of the stroller, but it doesn't fit much. A phone wet wipes and keys at best.

4. Car Seat Compatibility

Unfortunately, this stroller is not compatible with any infant car seat. And you cannot convert it from a single to double. So it's not at all versatile or convertible.

But it does include a one-handed reclining seat, so it goes down to a near-flat position.

2018 UPPAbaby G-Luxe - What's New?

uppababy g luxe review

Source: albeebaby.com

To be entirely honest, I was disappointed by the upgrade UPPAbaby made on the 2016 G-Luxe model.

They addressed some issues that I mentioned here, but generally, the model is exactly the same as the older version.

The first significant upgrade they made was on the front wheels.

While 2016 version has double wheels in the back and front. The new version has single wheels in the front.

I'm not sure what they achieved by this since I haven't tested it. But it's probably easier to steer and turn.

Next off, they supposedly upgraded the aluminum frame. So it's sturdier now, but the weight is still the same.

One upgrade I was genuinely happy for is the basket. They cleared out the basket, so it's easy to access, unlike the previous version.

And they even added a small mesh pocket for your essentials or small accessories you need a place to store. The basket weight capacity is the same.

Unfortunately, the annoying folding mechanism is still there. But, they relocated the carry strap.

On the 2016 model, it was right in the middle, which was slightly inconvenient. Now, it's more on the side, so that makes the stroller more convenient for carrying.

1. What I Love About UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller

There are two major reasons why I love this stroller. The first reason is the seat and the second one is the suspension system.

Without any exaggeration, this is the first umbrella stroller that actually provides a comfortable ride to my child.

It's packed with padding, features a simple one-handed recline, and the washable seat layer makes it super-easy to maintain.

Also, unlike cheap umbrella strollers, this model is pretty easy to maneuver.

It has an all-wheel suspension, which definitely proves beneficial on uneven terrains, and the aluminum frame makes the entire stroller lightweight, so it's not too heavy to push.

Finally, while I'm used to low-quality canopies on umbrella strollers, this one genuinely protects my child from harmful UV rays. It is slightly flimsy, but it's full coverage.

2. What Needs Improvement on UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller

The biggest design flaw of this stroller is the placing of the handle relative to the wheels.

Countless parents reported hitting their feet on the wheels and avoiding it; we need to stretch out our arms as much as we can to make some distance between the wheels and our legs.

Another major problem is the fold. Not just that the fold is too complicated, but it gets stuck every now and then. Namely, it has this automatic fold lock.

So, if you manage to collapse it, which is also very hard, it gets stuck, and I genuinely struggle to open it again. This can get really frustrating.

And the last thing I don't like is the inaccessible basket. Don't get me wrong; it has a great capacity. But it's so weirdly placed that you cannot reach your stuff.

They fixed it on the 2019 version, though. So, UPPAbaby once again proved that they listen to the customer reviews.

Still, I'd like it if they changed the folding mechanism because that seems to be the major issue with this model.

3. What Are the Alternatives to UPPAbaby G-Luxe?

a. G-Luxe vs. G-Lite

If you generally like the G-Luxe model, but you wish it was slightly lighter at the cost of some additional features, you won't be using it. You might be a good potential customer of G-Lite.

It's a simpler and lighter version of the G-Luxe, also made by UPPAbaby.

To my mind, what makes the biggest difference between these two strollers is the padding.

G-Luxe is packed with padding, while G-Lite has a thin hammock seat and consequently weighs less. It weighs 11.2 pounds, which is 5 pounds less than G-Luxe.

Also, G-Luxe has three recline positions and an adjustable footrest, while G-Luxe has only a zipper recline and isn't as adaptable as the G-Luxe.

So, the bottom line, go for G-Lite when every pound counts, and you really need a lightweight stroller.

But if you don't want to compromise your child's comfort, and get a full recline stick with G-Luxe because it has better features overall and offers more flexibility.

b. Maclaren Quest

Maclaren Quest is another high-end umbrella stroller that many parents consider for their vacations. 

It costs even more than the UPPAbaby G-Luxe, but while it has some extra features, it's far from ideal.

The first advantage that this model has to offer is infant-friendly design. Given that it reclines to a flat position and includes a 5-point harness, it's suitable for newborns.

Yet, how suitable for infants it actually is, given the overall design and safety features, is questionable.

Below the footrest, there is a pouch with the mesh you can attach to the footrest and create a pocket for your baby's legs.

how to close the uppababy g luxe

Source: YouTube

Now, the footrest is also adjustable, similar to G-Luxe, but the canopy is slightly better.

It has a zipper that transforms it from a two-panel to a three-panel canopy, plus the sun visor, so it genuinely offers full coverage.

Now, this model is not easy to fold either, but it's better than the G-Luxe.

You pull up the red plate, then press down the black plastic "button" on the right side and collapse it in half.

Both models are pretty slim, so the folded size is not too different either.

uppababy g-luxe stroller review

Source: Youtube

This model is lighter than the G-Luxe. It weighs 12.2 lbs.

And when it comes to the negative sides, parents are complaining about the front wheels that get stuck all the time and cause safety issues.

Although Maclaren gives a lifetime warranty, parents aren't satisfied with customer service. And, as we know, UPPAbaby never failed at this aspect.

4. Comparison Table




Maclaren Quest






16.3 pounds


12.2 pounds





Folding System




Best Feature

Padded reclining seats



Frequently Asked Questions

Does UPPAbaby G-Luxe recline?

UPPAbaby G-Luxe has a one-hand reclining seat with three reclining positions. It goes down to 120 degrees, a near-flat position.

That function, together with a harness, makes it suitable for children as young as three months.

Umbrella strollers usually don't have reclining seats, so this is an important advantage of this model, as your child can sit comfortably when you recline the seat back.

Plus, it's packed with thick padding, so it's genuinely cozy.

Can you wash UPPAbaby G-Luxe?

Yes, UPPAbaby G-Luxe has a removable seat pad that you can regularly wash in your washing machine.

This is very important since most parents use umbrella strollers for traveling, and when you move the stroller between trunks a lot, they get dirty and do need a proper wash.

The seat pad fabric is very durable, I washed it multiple times, and it hasn't worn out yet.

How do I turn off my UPPAbaby G-Luxe?

how to open and close uppababy g luxe

Source: Youtube

It's a funny question, yet I suppose most parents who googled this question wondered how they could fold the stroller down. The folding system is not very intuitive.

There are two triggers on the frame, and you need to pull them simultaneously.

It will start collapsing the seat, and then you push it forwards until it clicks, which means the automatic lock is activated.

What age is UPPAbaby G-Luxe for?

Since this stroller doesn't support a car seat, it is not suitable for infants.

Children as young as three months are safe in it, though, at least according to the manufacturer's recommendations, since it includes a 5-point restraint.

But these are not always accurate, so follow your own instinct.

If you feel like it's not well equipped for your baby, wait until he/she can sit upright. And the maximum weight limit is 55 lbs.

Most children weigh around 55 lbs at six or seven, so as you can see, the stroller covers a period of roughly six or seven years, which is great.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I cannot say that the UPPAbaby G-Luxe failed as an umbrella stroller. It performed better than some budget umbrella strollers I tested out, like Summer 3D.

It's generally very sturdy, with a light frame and a convenient carry strap.

And it's easy to maneuver, with comfortable seats that make the ride enjoyable for my little one, and that's what counts at the end of the day.

The biggest design flaw of this model, to my mind, is the folding mechanism and the handle positioning.

The new 2019 version hasn't brought any upgrades on that matter, so it's something that could be improved.

I hope you enjoyed my honest UPPAbaby G-Luxe review, and if you did, check out some of my other reviews where I shared my thoughts on other popular stroller models that we tested or owned.

G-Luxe Stroller - Jordan (Charcoal/Silver), 1 Count (Pack of 1)*
  • Suitable for children from 3 months to 55 pounds
  • One-handed actuated recline and adjustable footrest
  • Large stretch knit canopy with extendable UPF 50+ sunshade for great sun and wind protection
  • Easy to remove washable fabrics
  • Stands when folded, Included cup holder
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