UPPAbaby Cruz Reviews: A Match in Heaven for City Parents

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Have you ever wondered what it's like to own one of UPPAbaby Cruz strollers?

I will offer you a first-hand review so you can make your choice easier and decide whether. This is a must-have purchase for you as well!

We will focus mainly on the Cruz V2 model, but I will offer a quick overview of the previous versions so you can see just why this upgraded stroller is my best buy!

Quick Summary

The UPPAbaby Cruz is a stylish stroller that is perfect for everyday walks around the city!

It is light in weight, includes a sturdy frame, and is reversible so your curious toddler can face you or the world!

1. Foldability: 4.5/5

Tricky to fold with the car seat still attached but manageable.

Once you take the car seat off, you can fold the stroller in under 10 seconds. However, it will take up significant storage in your car trunk.

2. Maneuverability: 5/5

Maneuvering the stroller through city streets is easy, but it can be challenging to do it one-handed.

Also, the front wheels often wobble, so it's not the best for all-terrain.

3. Quality: 5/5

The overall build of this stroller is incredible!

It has a stable and sturdy frame that takes all the weight surprisingly well! A leather handle is one of my favorite additions to this luxury stroller.

4. Value For Money: 4.5/5

This type of stroller comes at a great price point, but some accessories still require an extra purchase, which will add up to quite the bill at the end!

Price: Under $700

What We Like
  • Large basket with 25-pound capacity
  • Easy to push on city streets
  • Leather handlebar and bumper bar
  • Spacious bucket seat
  • Extendable canopy
What We Don't Like
  • Wobbly front wheels
  • Tricky folding
  • Challenging for public transportation
  • Pricy


The UPPAbaby Cruz is a stable and secure model with lots of upgraded features every parent will love!

It is specifically designed for city parents who often need spacious storage and a reliable design to get them through their busy day.

Above all, you will love the luxurious design this stroller offers with its fancy handlebar design and a bucket seat that will provide a comfortable ride to your little one.

In addition, you will get a rain cover and a mosquito net with the purchase, while other accessories such as a bassinet must be purchased separately.

Cruz V2 Stroller - Emmett (Green Melange/Silver/Saddle Leather)*
  • Suitable for children from 3 months to 50 pounds
  • Dual action rear suspension (patent-pending) is designed with two varying springs that respond in unison to soften the ride no matter the child's weight
  • Smaller folded size makes it easier to carry, tuck away or take up less trunk space
  • Larger front and rear tires create a smoother ride over tough terrain
  • Bigger toddler seat provides added comfort for growing children; Zip out fabric extension provides UPF 50+ protection along with privacy during nap time; Top mesh panels allow for quick check-in,...

Out With the Old and in With the New: UPPAbaby Development

uppababy cruz reviews 2022

Since 2017, UPPAbaby has not stopped impressing the parents with upgraded versions of their most popular stroller.

As the years passed, the brand focused mainly on appearance upgrades while the functionality remained the same.

However, the 2020 version is something else!

If you previously had the chance to test out any of the UPPAbaby Cruz strollers, you know about the impeccable quality they vouch for!

However, as this is an upgraded model, many parents debate whether to pick the older versions or test out the new ones.

So, what's so different about the UPPAbaby Cruz V2?

For starters, you have to understand that the UPPAbaby Cruz and UPPAbaby Cruz V2 are super similar as one is simply an upgraded version of the other one.

But, for the sake of your easier choice, there are a few differences that make the 2020 version much better!

For instance, the frame is slightly wider and heavier, but the weight should not bother you as it is barely noticeable.

That being said, the UPPAbaby Cruz V2 folds down much easier than the 2019 version, but we will discuss this extensively later on!

The Cruz V2 is also more suitable for bigger kids as the footrest, backrest, and overall seat design are much more spacious than the previous version!

Where they differ the most is the suspension. If this is something that will make or break your purchase, I suggest you pay particular attention!

The UPPAbaby Cruz has a four-wheel suspension, while the Cruz V2 model has a specialized suspension on all wheels, so it is a true master for smooth rides.

It's super easy to push on city streets, and unlike the full size-stroller, the design is compact, so you won't have to push a cumbersome stroller around.

I love it for shopping as it has a massive basket under the seat that can handle a lot of weight.

In terms of accessories, these two models are similar, and not much has changed, so I hope I have made a choice a bit easier for you.

Now, let's get right into the first-hand review of the UPPAbaby Cruz v2 stroller and see just why so many parents opt for it!

What Should You Know About UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller?

1. Seating Options & Bassinet Use

uppababy cruz v2 review

Source: Instagram

If you are purchasing a stroller for the first time and are looking for a reliable pick you can use from birth to toddler, use the Cruz V2!

I love the stylish design that will never go out of style, but most importantly, the convertibility is fantastic!

In addition, the Cruz V2 allows you to use the stroller from infancy as it fits a bassinet that makes sure your little one is lying flat and comfortable.

Just like the entire stroller, the bassinet is covered with high-quality fabric that does not fade in the sun, nor does it get damaged easily! Oh, and wait till you hear this!

When I was using the bassinet, I was primarily worried about taking it off as my hands are always full! However, I was in for a surprise!

The bassinet features a one-hand click which immediately takes it off the stroller and allows for more accessible transportation.

If you live in a building like me, you will appreciate this nifty addition with an added handle so you can carry it upstairs easily!

I mentioned previously that this stroller has an improved seating design.

It's spacious than the previous versions, which will allow for extended use of the stroller. Since the seat is nicely padded and I never hear a word of complaint from the stroller.

In addition, the seat allows for several position adjustments so your kiddo can nap anytime in their toddler seat.

As for age restriction, you can use the bassinet until the baby turns six months old.

From then, remove the bassinet and take full advantage of the bucket seat that can be installed either parent facing or world facing!

But, if you don't plan on using the bassinet, you can attach the UPPAbaby Mesa car seat instead and have the perfect travel system!

The recline option is something most kiddoes love!

Not only does it make the naps comfortable, but parents are also sound mind knowing their little ones' naps are snug and cozy.

2. City Dwellers, Look Out!

UPPAbaby Cruz Accessories

Source: Youtube

Parents who live in urban cities need strollers designed for busy streets!

I will always recommend UPPAbaby Cruz to city parents because of its incredible maneuverability and many other features that make it a unique pick for city streets.

I had my doubts about quick walks around the city as you need a stroller that is both reliable for you and comfortable for your child.

But, when I tell you, this stroller saved me from leaving my baby with his grandparents whenever I needed to run an errand!

I can take my child everywhere now since there is no unpaved sidewalk or a grassy area in the part that can stop me or this stroller!

That being said, it works amazingly on most terrains such as curbs, gravel, grass, but I would be careful over heavy-duty terrains such as rocky roads.

Also, although it's easy to push, this is not an all-terrain stroller so keep that in mind. If you need an all-terrain stroller, an alternative would be Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller.

Those sunny days can never be predicted, and your child must stay protected against the dangerous UV rays!

So the UPPAbaby Cruz V2 features an extendable canopy with not one but two mesh windows that offer optimal ventilation and airflow.

Plus, the extendable canopy means there is no need for you to bring an umbrella or sunglasses for your kiddos, especially if he hates wearing them!

3. UPPAbaby Cruz Accessories: Are They Worth It?

Ah yes, accessories, parents' favorites!

I have to admit that the UPPAbaby Cruz V2 shines when it comes to available accessories!

It already comes with a mesh cover that protects your baby from those pesky insects, as well as a rain cover for unpredictable weather!

Here is a sneak peek into other accessories you can additionally purchase for the UPPAbaby Cruz stroller!

Parent Organiser: This is a relatively compact organizer, but it can come in handy when you take your morning coffee along during the walk.

It has a cup holder and a few organizational pockets.

Snack Tray: Unfortunately, UPPAbaby Cruz V2 does not include a child tray in the purchase, but you can get it separately and connect it to the Cruz V2 stroller instead of the belly bar.

If your kiddo likes to snack as mine does, this is a significant investment!

UPPAbaby Infant SnugSeat: Plan on using the stroller from birth to toddlers?

You must get the infant car seat that installs super easily and will support the baby's neck until they are ready to use the bucket seat.

Bassinet: I talked about the impressive quality of the baby bassinet, but it's not included with the stroller.

This is another worthy extra purchase if you live in a building or tend to carry the car seat from location to location.

It's much lighter to maneuver than the car seat and even has a carry handle!

Parent Bag: This is an accessory you don't have to splurge on.

It can be installed to the telescopic handle, and you can store your keys, phone, headphones, or any other necessary.

However, I always sneak my belongings into the stroller's basket, so I would advise you to do the same and save a bit of money.

4. Maneuverability

Even though the UPPAbaby Cruz works wonders in city streets, I have to admit I had some trouble with public transportation.

As many compare this stroller as a "smaller brother" of the UPPAbaby Vista, I have expected it to be slightly lighter.

Don't get me wrong, it's still pretty lightweight (25.5 pounds) when you consider how sturdy it is, but it was a challenge trying to get into the bus.

However, we had dinner in a diner a couple of nights ago. I had no trouble getting the stroller between the tables and chairs.

Generally, it depends on what kind of situation you find yourself in and how well you can handle the stroller.

But I'll tell you this; it is tiresome to deal with it one-handed if your hands are often full of grocery and diaper bags!

Before my purchase, I consulted a few mommas I knew who had the UPPAbaby Cruz, and all said the same thing: "Great stroller, but those front wheels will give you a headache."

I was soon assured that the front wheels could sometimes unexpectedly wobble, which is a big downside! But if you ask me if this is a deal-breaker, I would say NO!

Although they can be frustrating at times, you have to look at the big picture and see all the other qualities that work to your advantage.

The bottom line, it has a better wheel suspension than the previous UPPAbaby Cruz strollers, so you won't have to worry about wobbly rides.

uppababy cruz review australia

Source: Youtube

5. Storage Space

As a young mom, I tend to carry more things than I usually need, as I always like to be prepared.

For this reason, I love that I had opted for the UPPAbaby Cruz V2 as it has a fantastic storage basket that fits all of my and my baby's accessories.

Below the seat, you can find a spacious storage basket that fits up to 25 pounds of carrying-on! Yes, you read that right!

The bag capacity is incredible, so you can even pack everything you need for the trip at Disney World and not carry a bunch of bags and a backpack along!

But, of course, your new stroller is here to save the day.

What's most important is that access to the basket is accessible from every angle!

There is no annoying bumper bar to prevent you from getting diapers or sneaking in a few extra necessities. 

Also, the entire basket is made with terrific quality, so once you add the 25-pound weight, it won't drop low or lose its shape.

6. Foldability

uppababy cruz folded

Source: Youtube

The folding is where UPPAbaby Cruz V2 takes the win! This compact stroller takes less than 5 seconds to be folded!

It may take you a few tries to get a hold of the entire folding system, but once you do, you will be a master at it!

It can be done quickly, but you will need to bend down a bit when it's time to open the stroller.

The stroller allows for it to be folded with or without the car seat, so if you are in a rush, this is a feature you will love!

Still, I advise you to take the car seat off if you plan on storing the stroller in the car trunk. It will take up less storage when fully folded, and the assembly can be done in under 10 minutes!

However, it's best to keep the car seat in for public transportation as it can be a little bit tricky getting it off, especially around heavy traffic.

As for the storage, if you are short on home space, this stroller is lockable and stands upright when folded, so you can easily sneak it away without it taking too much space.

7. What Makes UPPAbaby Cruz V2 Special?

UPPAbaby Cruz V2 includes a leather handle which is something we don't see a lot of these.

However, it is one of those features that will add to the stroller's overall stylish and luxury look.

The leather bumper bar and the handle are available in both black and brown, so you can easily pick your favorite.

It's interesting to note that a 2016 version of the UPPAbaby Cruz included only a foam handlebar and bumper bar cover which was easily torn and scratched.

The upgraded version is more durable, but you will have to look out for the sun as it can fade the color out.

In addition, the handle is telescopic, so it fits parents of all sizes.

Finally, it retracts real quickly, so you will have no issues whatsoever regarding the hold.

A Sneak Peek Into the Competitor List

1. UPPAbaby Cruz Vs. UPPAbaby Vista

The competition gets heated up real fast when parents mention that UPPAbaby Cruz is nothing more than a copy of the If.

Boy, are they wrong!

I'm not going to lie, and I was one of those parents until I got the UPPAbaby Cruz and saw that these two could not be more different!

The significant difference lies in the convertibility.

While the UPPAbaby Cruz is best if you have a single child and can use it until at least 35 pounds, the UPPAbaby Vista converts from a single to a perfect double stroller. For a growing family!

Both strollers are unique, but you have to ask yourself what are you looking for in a stroller? Do you need a double or a single? Does the storage basket matter or not so much?

The UPPAbaby Vista is a significantly larger stroller with bigger back and front wheels, while the basket is enormous and holds up to 30 pounds!

But, it won't do great in narrow passages, while the Cruz is much slimmer and can get around tricky areas.

You will also need to consider the Cruz V2 costs around $280 less than the Vista.

UPPAbaby VISTA V2 Stroller - EMMETT (green melange/silver/saddle leather)*
  • BASSINET - suitable from birth up to 20lbs or until infant can push up on hands and knees, whichever comes first; TODDLER SEAT - suitable from 3 months up to 50lbs
  • Includes Bassinet and full size forward or parent-facing toddler seat with one-handed, multi-position recline.; Performance travel system compatible with MESA Infant Car seat - direct attachment, no...
  • Extended canopies on the toddler seat and RumbleSeat accessory include zip out fabric that provide even more shade from the sun; Mesh panels also make it easy to peek in while adding airflow.
  • A higher back and deeper foot rest on the toddler seat provide added comfort for growing children
  • With a sliding shoulder adjustment, the entire harness system can be tightened or loosened in a singular motion for a precise fit for growing babies.

2. UPPAbaby Cruz Vs. Bugaboo Fox 2

Just like the Cruz V2, Bugaboo Fox 2 is an upgraded version of its best-selling model.

Since it came out, parents can't stop talking about it!

In addition, it comes with a carrycot, so you can use it from birth until your baby is ready to use the toddler seat.

It's extremely easy to push and offers a smooth ride as it has reinforced wheel suspension, so it's excellent for all-terrain!

However, note that Cruz V2 is not an all-terrain stroller, so if this plays a crucial role in your daily lifestyle, I suggest you pick the Bugaboo Fox 2!

Where are these two models similar?

Both of them include a peek-a-boo mesh window in the canopy that allows for optimal airflow and circulation.

You can fit everything you need in the basket below the seat, but the Cruz V2 does provide a bit more than Bugaboo.

They are travel-system compatible, so you can easily find the car seat stroller requires.

Plus, they both have an adjustable handlebar, so it fits all parents!

3. Comparison Table


UPPAbaby Cruz V2

UPPAbaby Vista V2

Bugaboo Fox 2





Travel System Compatible




Child Weight Limit

35 lbs

50 lbs

50 lbs

Includes In Purchase

Rain Cover

Mosquito Net

Bassinet Carrycot





What Could Use Improving In UPPAbaby Cruz?

Although UPPAbaby Cruz is a fantastic stroller for new parents, it's not all that perfect.

A few features could use improvement, and I found that many other parents agree with me on this topic.

For instance, the wheels are relatively small, so they do not have as good suspension as other competitors on the market.

If you want to get around corners and narrow passages, you can, but expect a few bumps and wobbles on the way.

The navigation is good, but it can be better, in my opinion.

If you prefer a stroller with larger front wheels and an upgraded suspension, I advise you to choose the UPPAbaby Vista instead.

The UPPAbaby Vista has a larger frame design and therefore includes larger wheels.

Another issue is the steep price!

On the one hand, you can't expect a quality stroller to be affordable, but I expected a few more accessories included with a price like this.

For example, if you want to use the Cruz from birth until your little one is ready for the toddler seat, you would have to purchase a bassinet or a Maxi Cosi infant car seat which can be pretty expensive!

Also, many parents, myself included, complain about the lack of a one-hand folding mechanism!

As much as pushing the stroller is easy, it can be tiresome trying to fold it quickly. However, I found that you can get it done in under a minute with a bit of practice!


How long can you use UPPAbaby Cruz?

You can use the UPPAbaby Cruz from three months until your baby is 35 pounds.

For using it from birth to toddlers, you can do so by purchasing an additional bassinet or a car seat that is compatible with the Cruz stroller.

Can you put a newborn in UPPAbaby Cruz?

You can put a newborn in the UPPAbaby Cruz if you purchase an additional bassinet or an infant car seat.

However, we suggest you not put a baby in the UPPAbaby Cruz bucket seat as it is not suitable for infants and does not offer proper head and neck support.

Is The UPPAbaby Cruz Reversible

Source: Instagram

Is the UPPAbaby Cruz reversible?

Yes! UPPAbaby Cruz is reversible. You can turn the Cruz stroller seat into parent-facing or world-facing for curious toddlers.

The stroller is also extremely light in weight and compact for pushing, so you will have no trouble maneuvering it across city streets with your growing toddler.

Is UPPAbaby Cruz good for travel?

Yes, UPPAbaby Cruz is good for travel. I suggest you purchase the UPPAbaby travel bag to fully protect the stroller.

The TravelSafeProgram of the UPPAbaby company guarantees fully covered damage control if something happens to your stroller during air travel.

Plus, you can always register for the Cruz Travel Bag before your flight.

Which car seat is compatible with the UPPAbaby Cruz?

The UPPAbaby Cruz V2 is truly unique when it comes to car seat compatibility.

You can use it as a travel system as well with an UPPAbaby Mesa car seat, but you can also connect a few other popular infant car seat options! For some, you may need to get car seat adapters.

For instance, the Uppababy Cruz is compatible with the following car seats, so make sure you check them out: Mico AP, CabrioFix, Nuna Pipa, UPPAbaby Mesa, Maxi-Cosi Mico, Chicco KeyFit, KeyFit 30, Aton 2, Cybex Aton, and Pebble and Pebble Plus.

Final Words

The UPPAbaby Cruz is one of those strollers that will make heads turn when you walk through the city streets!

Its high-end leather handlebar and wheels that offer a smooth ride deserve a five-star rating when it comes to a luxurious stroller!

I hope you have enjoyed my detailed and comprehensive review, and I helped you make an easier choice if you plan to invest in the UPPAbaby Cruz stroller!

It's an excellent compact stroller for everyday rides around the block and an upgraded version of the classic Cruz model you don't want to miss out on!

Cruz V2 Stroller - Emmett (Green Melange/Silver/Saddle Leather)*
  • Suitable for children from 3 months to 50 pounds
  • Dual action rear suspension (patent-pending) is designed with two varying springs that respond in unison to soften the ride no matter the child's weight
  • Smaller folded size makes it easier to carry, tuck away or take up less trunk space
  • Larger front and rear tires create a smoother ride over tough terrain
  • Bigger toddler seat provides added comfort for growing children; Zip out fabric extension provides UPF 50+ protection along with privacy during nap time; Top mesh panels allow for quick check-in,...
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