What’s the Best Maclaren Techno XT Review: A Complete Guide

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Looking for a good lightweight and flexible umbrella stroller? Search no more, as I have a solution!

Below you can find all the interesting facts regarding the Maclaren Techno XT stroller. You will see its benefits & advantages, and why many parents choose it as the #1 choice!

Are you ready? Let's begin!

Quick Summary

The Maclaren Techno XT is an ideal lightweight umbrella stroller suitable for all on-the-go parents!

1. Ease of use: 4.5/5 (the product is easy to use and fold after some time, with a one-hand system)

2. Safety: 5/5 (the unit has a 5-point harness system and hand-operated brakes for maximum stability)

3. Quality of material: 5/5 (lightweight, yet sturdy and durable aluminum to last longer)

4. Maneuverability: 4.5/5 (for numerous plain surfaces, yet not for rough and bumpy terrains)

  • Easy to fold with a carry handle
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Extendable sun canopy with a rain cover
  • Wheel suspension with parking brakes and auto-lock
  • Four recline options
  • No car seat acceptance
  • Possible tips back
  • Medium-sized storage basket
  • No cup holders


Overall, Maclaren Techno XT is, from my experience, one of the best umbrella strollers you can find nowadays on the market!

I like it since it contains an ergonomic design and reclining positions for maximum comfort, and it's easy to push with adjustable handles.

So, it might be more convenient than the Techno ARC model.

Moreover, it's a lightweight umbrella stroller, travel-friendly, easy to fold, versatile, and flexible.

Since I've always been a fan of this stroller, it's my pleasure to review it now with you! So, stay tuned and find all the exciting facts regarding the Maclaren Techno XT stroller!

Check it now on Amazon for more than $200 (not the cheapest model, but matching quality) and see why parents love it so much!

Why Should You Opt for the Maclaren Techno XT Umbrella Stroller?

1. Old vs. New Techno XT Stroller

maclaren buggy techno xt review

Source: Instagram

As with every product, there is always room for improvement. So, we have tested this brand-new model and saw various updates the previous model lacked.

I refer to the front wheels and legs, with the only wheel per leg, instead of the final two-wheel design.

Also, bear in mind that the extendable canopy's design, shape, and features underwent some improvements as well.

So, now, they offer a better look and more flexibility.

However, the unit has also upgraded parking brakes - no more double-action but the single-action ones, and a little bit different adjustable handles.

2. Design

Unlike the Techno ARC model, the Maclaren Techno XT stroller weighs less than 15 pounds!

To be more precise, the exact weight of the stroller measures 13.58 pounds, whereas the second product weighs 13.9 pounds, and the maximum weight recommendation measures 55 pounds.

So, both strollers support newborns and older children; however, we like the Techno XT better since it's lighter and more agile than its counterpart.

3. Stroller Seat

Unlike other umbrella strollers, the Maclaren Techno XT will provide enough room for your child to grow freely.

Namely, the stroller seat reclines in four positions, and a baby will have enough comfort and coziness since the seat reclines near flat in the farthest position.

But, what you need to know is that the stroller does not accept a car seat, regardless of the seat's adjustability and reclining options.

However, the seat does come with soft pillows and leg rest for more comfort.

The Techno XT seat also contains an infant head hugger pillow for more softness and better body support.

Finally, the seat provides straps paddings for extra support and supreme comfort for your baby or older child.

So, if you have a newborn baby, you will notice the so-called Newborn Safety System - a head's barrier at the top of the seat and a seat's end, together forming a foot barrier.

So, your child or baby cannot escape the seat and will have maximum coziness and softness to relax completely.

4. Comfort

maclaren techno xt weight kg

Source: Instagram

As you might find, the Maclaren Techno XT is a much-improved umbrella stroller, unlike the previous models and competitors.

Namely, the Maclaren Techno XT has four adjustable recline positions of the stroller seat, and your little one can recline fully and enjoy the relaxing and pleasant atmosphere while in the seat.

Of course, as a parent, you will also find the Techno XT stroller comfortable and easy to push since the product includes an ergonomic design.

Thus, the product reviews show that the handles adjust to your hands and grip; therefore, they won't cause pain or exhaustion to your hands.

Thus, it might be more convenient than the Quest model.

However, the Quest stroller comes even lighter and cheaper, with a multi-position reclining seat, so it's an extraordinary alternative to the Techno XT unit.

So, you still might find the Quest more superior than the Techno XT.

5. Travel System

If you opt for the Maclaren Techno XT stroller, the reviews show that the umbrella stroller and seat have a maximum weight of fewer than 15 pounds.

This way, the Techno XT umbrella stroller fits most MV types and makes a unique travel system!

So, if you plan to travel a longer distance, you will be able to do so since the stroller is easily foldable.

Moreover, the Maclaren Techno XT unit folds compact and small, fitting all compartments and trunks for MVs.

However, since the stroller does not have attachments for car seats, you might want to try various alternatives.

Still, I highly recommend it for more extended travel, instead of the XLR model, since the Techno XT weighs less; therefore, it's more compact and more flexible for use.

However, the XLR unit is a better option for taller parents!

In addition, the Techno XT stroller has a carry handle and a carry strap for easier use, more flexibility, and versatility while you're on the go, and you must adjust the unit to your needs.

6. Safety Features

maclaren techno xt weight limit

Source: Instagram

Once you obtain the Maclaren Techno XT stroller, you will find the 5-point harness for your little one's safety & security.

The 5-point safety harness will protect your child and keep them stable and secure while in the buggy.

Of course, the harness will not repress them, and they can freely move. But, the safety harness will prevent accidents and severe injuries.

However, the stroller is indeed prone to tips back if you overload it.

For example, when I once went shopping with my baby, the unit accidentally tipped over due to the enormous load. Luckily, the harness prevented injuries.

So, please, pay attention!

7. Extra Safety Benefits

I always want my child to be completely protected and secure while on the road as a parent.

The Techno XT stroller has a complete wheel suspension design for maximum maneuverability.

It also features an automatic lock option on the front wheels, along with the hand-operated brakes for additional stability and security when the Maclaren Techno XT is parked. 

Thus, the front wheels and brakes will keep the stroller safe and immovable once you find the best place to park it.

I have this new Maclaren Techno XT, and it's much more advanced than the Quest model without the suspension.

8. Protection

As you might find, the lightweight Maclaren Techno XT is the umbrella stroller.

Therefore, the unit has an extendable canopy with a peek-a-boo window to follow your child and their actions.

So, the extendable sun canopy serves as a sun visor for sun protection, rain cover and protects your child from all other weather elements and conditions.

We always stroll around regardless of the weather outside, and my kiddo enjoys it! 🙂

Of course, the extendable sun canopy and a rain cover will greatly comfort your older child since the canopy contains air vents for advanced airflow and circulation.

Therefore, the umbrella canopy includes an adjustable mechanism for the proper height to keep your child comfortable and cozy, regardless of the weather conditions.

Hence, you will find the canopy flexible and versatile for your kiddo's needs, and you can find the proper position to keep your little one safe and protected under the canopy.

9. Durability and Sturdiness

maclaren techno xt stroller weight limit

Source: Instagram

Parents don't have to bother too much about these benefits.

As you can see, the review shows that the buggy consists of aluminum material, making the frame lightweight.

Thus, although the buggy has a lightweight construction, it will be solid, sturdy, and durable enough to endure numerous outdoor conditions and pressure.

Thus, the frame also offers a carrying handle for ease of use and an effortless one-hand fold.

So, the adjustable unit will follow your needs and demands, being a versatile and flexible unit for your traveling needs.

Therefore, it's similar to the Maclaren XLR unit; however, this one seems more compact and travel-friendly, telling from my experience.

10. Premium-quality

Compared with similar umbrella strollers - Mark II or Globetrotter, this product's review specifies that the unit has premium-quality materials and content. The content includes:

  • The soft pads.
  • EVA wheels.
  • UPF 50+ hood.
  • A tailored apron.
  • Pocket to help you keep your valuables organized.

Of course, these premium-quality materials and contents will last longer and serve you well, even for more extensive uses.

So, when choosing the best umbrella strollers, opt for the Maclaren unit first!

11. Easily Foldable

The buggy has a one-hand fold mechanism, suitable for various transport types. However, when parents try to fold it for the first time, it might be a little bit hard.

Believe me, I had struggles when I first folded it, but I was successful after a couple of tries!

Once you fold it, you will also find a carry handle and the auto-lock mechanism to keep the frame parts together, stable.

Thus, you might find it more suitable than the Triumph unit.

When you want to unlock the buggy, you need to lift it on the handles and step down on the foot pedal behind the back wheels.

So, the review presents the ease of fold and use of the buggy.

12. Storage Pocket

maclaren techno xt max weight

Source: Instagram

When you're ready to hit the road with your child, you can find a storage basket underneath the seat to place your diaper bag, baby gear, toys, or other necessities there.

However, I must tell you that the storage basket is not as huge as it seems.

The actual size is only a medium one; therefore, you mustn't overload it to prevent tips over and back.

Also, I told you how I placed too many items below and caused an accident. So, please do not repeat my mistakes.

But, for your essentials, you will find storage pockets at the seat's back and place the items inside to keep them close to you.

13. Maneuverability

You can count versatility and flexibility here as well, due to the wheels.

As you'll notice, the buggy isn't hard to pull or push, thanks to the all-wheel shock mechanism, suitable for various surfaces and terrains.

However, you should avoid bumpy surfaces and terrains since the wheels cannot endure the hardships of uneven terrains. They might damage, and you'll need to replace them.

At least, I did it since I like to experiment a lot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Maclaren strollers worth the money?

Yes, they are. These strollers have a price range between $200 and $300.

However, unlike other umbrella strollers, these strollers are lighter, more durable, and contain more urban-friendly features (such as one-hand fold) for a reasonable price.

In addition, the reviews show that these strollers will serve you well even for the second child, as they have resale features and values.

Does the Maclaren Techno XT fully recline?

Yes, it does. The buggy comes with four recline positions: upright, two relaxed places in between, and completely flat.

Besides, your baby gets a better napping surface when you combine the adjustable leg rest with the full recline position.

Is Maclaren stroller for a newborn?

Yes, it is. As you will see, the stroller has a Newborn Safety System. Since its seat fully reclines, the baby will have enough room and softness inside the seat.

Of course, the unit continues to support your child through the toddler years and grows with them.

How do I clean my Maclaren umbrella stroller?

The sun canopy is a removable part and other content, so they're easy to maintain.

But, the frame must be cleaned with a damp sponge.

After washing all features, you need to rinse away the detergent with clear water and hand all removable fabrics to dry fully.

Make sure the pieces are dried thoroughly before reattachment to the frame. Otherwise, the moisture might cause mildew and damage the materials.

Bottom Line

All in all, my bottom line is that the Maclaren Techno XT is an ideal stroller for everyday use and travel options.

As it's sturdy, folds flat, and has leg rest for your child, you can moderate it quickly and get it for a reasonable price.

So, check the reviews and see why it's a 4.5-star stroller!

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