Best Car Seat Toys and Stroller Toys for Fun Trips With Your Baby

When they’re not napping, babies demand 100% of our attention. With so many things on our plate in a day, sometimes it is hard to keep them entertained.

For example, when we’re driving, we cannot constantly look back and amuse our baby in the car seat, the same case’s with the afternoon stroll. So what can we do?

Babies love toys, right? Why don’t we buy a toy specifically made for car seats and strollers and give them something to play with while we need to focus on the road. The best car seat toys are extremely easy to install and specifically designed to keep your little one amused.

I composed a list of 7 best stroller toys, great for car seats as well, based on customer ratings, parents’ suggestions, and my own experience.

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Top 3 Recommendations

I made sure all the car seat toys for babies listed here are high-quality and reliable. Still, I singled out 3 favorites of mine, so feel free to check them out first.

Editor's Choices
Lamaze Mortimer The Moose, Clip On Toy*
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
The Best Car Seat Toy
Best Selling
Manhattan Toy Baby Whoozit 6" Stroller and Travel Activity Toy*
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Awarded Manhattan Toy

The Best Car Seat Toys for Babies - Reviews

Here we go, look at the reviews of the top 7 offers for your little one, and choose the one to your liking.

Lamaze Mortimer The Moose - The Best Car Seat Toy

The first product I’ll review today is one fantastic developmental toy from Lamaze, a colorful interactive Moose. It’s a perfect toy for your car since it comes with a plastic hook, and you can easily attach it to the car seat or a stroller.

For newborns and developing kids, it is of the highest importance that all their senses are active. Lamaze’s Moose features a smart, interactive design to engage all four senses and help your baby develop motor skills.

Its bright, colorful design immediately attracts the baby’s attention. Then, the squeaky tummy awakens auditory awareness, while the crinkle hooves and satin legs invite the baby to touch it and explore.

Since our little angels can get a bit moody once their teeth start coming out, Lamaze includes soft antlers that are perfectly safe for your baby to chew.

  • Interactive
  • Soft
  • Includes antlers
  • Colorful
  • Squeaker sounds 
  • No negative features

Hanging Toys for Car Seat Crib Mobile - The Best Stroller Toy

Next off, we have another incredible car seat toy, designed as a hanging spiral with an elephant, a giraffe, and a monkey. It comes from a brand called WillWay and has a really high rating on Amazon.

This hanging toy is made of soft cotton, non-toxic, and very plush. Since it includes a natural material, it’s perfectly safe for your baby to touch, hug it and play with it.

What is more, since it’s designed as an activity toy, this hanging spiral helps your baby develop visual, auditory, and tactile senses. Namely, babies find bright colors amusing, so looking at this toy will help them develop eye coordination. Since they can touch, squeeze, and pull the toy, they can engage their tactile sense as well. Plus, a sound paper and BB squeaker bring more fun into play.

Another great addition is the antler, attached to the monkey. This is a life-saver when the growing teeth cause that itchy feeling, making your little one nervous.

  • Engaging
  • Includes sounds
  • Has antlers
  • Helps development
  • A bit pricey

Skip Hop Farmstand Avocado - Great Plush Toy for Babies

As fruit and vegetables are nutritional cornerstones for children, it is crucial to create a positive image of them as early as possible. This SkipHop Avocado toy is a perfect way to do so.

The toy is very accurately designed yet fun and colorful. It’s soft, thus perfectly safe for your baby. Inside the plush exterior, there is a rattle ‘pit’ that makes noise and encourages your little one to explore.

What I find incredibly awesome about this toy is that you can collect all the veggies and fruit from the SkipHop offer and create a farm.

Also, the toy is incredibly easy to attach to a stroller or a car seat since the plastic loop opens and closes, so it won’t fall off easily.

If you’re wondering about the price, let me tell you it’s quite affordable. Given the dimensions and design of the toy, I find it more than fair.

  • Innovative
  • Activity toy
  • Rattles
  • Soft
  • Made of polyester

Manhattan Toy Baby Whoozit - Awarded Manhattan Toy

The next product is an award-winning toy from Manhattan toys that one parent in the comments called "the best ugly toy your kids freaking love." Funny as it is, this activity toy is honestly one of the children’s favorites, being at the top of the market since 2003.

Whoozit is an ultra-soft, pillow-like ball made of lush cotton velour fabric. This ball has seven arms, each hiding a surprising noisemaker, rattles, squeakers, and crinkle paper. It’s very stimulating for the auditory sensors and amusing for kids.

Visually, the toy is super-fun, including many colors and different patterns, helping your kid develop an awareness of different shapes.

Additionally, beneath the fuzzy nose, there is a hidden mirror attached, great for peek-a-boo game and self-recognition.

This is an amazing toy with so many textures. It’s one of the products that parents and kids like because it keeps them entertained for hours.

  • Award-winning toy
  • Many sounds
  • Different textures
  • Fun design
  • Hidden mirror
  • A bit pricey

BABYBJORN Wooden Toy for Bouncer - Easy to Install

No matter how advanced the new products are or how innovative the technology is, we somehow always look back at the basics. Simplicity is an everlasting trend that cannot be replaced. Hence this wooden toy.

This is literally one of the simplest toys designed for car seats and strollers. Actually, it’s originally designed for bouncers, but because of its simple installation, you can attach it to anything similarly shaped.

BabyBjorn is a wooden stick with two butterflies and a flower attached to it. The flying friend can spin around, and they are very colorful, encouraging the child to touch them and explore.

Another version you can buy is the googly eyes. It is again a wooden stick with colorful balls, flowers, and a funny wooden face with googly eyes that spin.

Even though this is not the most engaging or funny toy, it does activate the senses and helps develop motor skills. Plus, since the toy is made of wood, it’s a completely safe product for babies. 

  • Safe
  • Natural material
  • Attach easily
  • Encourages activity
  • Very expensive

Sassy Peek-a-Boo Activity Book - Great Educational Toy for Infants

When you’re driving, you cannot focus on entertaining your baby in the back, but it doesn’t mean she/he can’t learn. Here is a toy/book, completely safe for your baby from day one.

This peek-a-boo book is nothing like the toys you’re used to. It’s made of fabric and filled with crinkle paper. What makes it entertaining and fun are colorful pictures on the black-and-white background that immediately grab your baby’s attention.

Since the pages are filled with crinkle paper, this activity book provides auditory stimulation, which is especially important for newborns. Once the baby realizes that he/she needs to flip the pages to see pictures, they start coordinating their hand-eye connection.

Another great thing is that the book grows with your child since each illustration comes with a name written next to it, so as they grow, they can practice reading and writing.

Finally, thanks to an attachable hook, this is a perfect product for a stroller and car seat.

  • Different
  • Entertaining
  • Educational
  • Great for learning
  • Hard to flip pages when the book is hanging

HAHA Baby Link-to-Go Connecting Toy - Safe Classic Toy for Infants

Finally, the last product I found is another classic, the fantastic plastic chain. It’s a linkable set of colorful rings that you can connect in whichever way you want or let your baby do it.

It’s effortless to attach to either a stroller or a car seat, and it provides endless hours of fun. The ‘chain’ itself rattles, providing auditory stimulation. It’s a rich combination of vibrant colors, visually stimulating children as well.

Also, these links can be used as an antler for teething, calming your baby’s growing teeth, and letting them explore. There are eighteen links in the set with different surfaces and textures helping the baby’s senses to develop.

It’s essential to mention that this toy is perfectly safe as it complies with all US government standards for infant toys and meets the CPSIA & California prohibitions of phthalates in toys.

  • Easy to attach
  • Safe
  • Can be sued as an antler
  • Colorful
  • Not very engaging

Buyer’s Guide

As a responsible parent, you’re probably wondering what some things you should know about car seat toys are. I understand you; it’s completely normal to feel worried with so many different toys around. In fact, more than 170000 children ended up in a hospital because of the toy-related injury in 2016 alone.

So, it’s important to address this matter and ask - why does this happen?

The main reason why toy-related injuries happen is the use of toys that are not appropriate for that age. Never underestimate your child’s curiosity. Children are free of worries at a young age; they do not have the ability to assess the potential danger. If you want your child to play safely, you need to look for toys that are 100% safe.

Many toys do not have a federal certification and therefore aren’t very safe for a baby’s health. They may have some toxic materials, allergenic fibers, or potentially dangerous designs.

In the continuation, you can see my step-by-step guide on how to prevent toy-related injuries.

best stroller and car seat toys
  1. 1
    Buy car seat toys for infants specifically
  2. 2
    Make sure the toy complies with federal safety standards
  3. 3
    Make sure the toy is designed for your child’s age
  4. 4
    Keep the toys for your older kids out of reach
  5. 5
    Observe your baby see if she/he has any sensitivities on certain materials
  6. 6
    Opt for natural materials only
  7. 7
    Look for products that encourage the development of senses

The steps are listed by priority. The first steps are very important, while whether you buy only natural materials or synthetics depends on your own preference. Synthetic materials can be completely safe, but some people have tendencies towards natural alternatives.

If you want to learn more information about the matter and educate yourself on toy safety, you can follow some of the links I listed below:

Safe Kids Worldwide Toy Safety Tips

Play Safe Organization

Frequently Asked Questions

How to entertain a baby in a rear-facing car seat?

Car seat toys are definitely one effective way to entertain your baby in a rear-facing or forward-facing restraint system.

Since a rear-facing seat is intended for newborns, make sure to get a safe toy with sounds and vibrant colors so that your baby has something to look at. But also, it would be nice to attach it in a way that your baby can reach it and play with it.

Are car seat toys safe?

best car seat travel toys

YES, car seat toys are made in compliance with federal safety standards, and they cannot put your baby in danger. However, you have to be 100% sure that the toy is for the age of your baby since toys can have some smaller parts that represent a choking hazard.

So, my advice is to check if the toy meets federal safety standards, doesn’t contain any materials your baby is allergic to, and the age recommendation.

How to hang toys with a convertible car seat?

If your toy comes with a hook, you can pull the headrest of your front seat up and attach the toy to the poles. Or you can buy an attachable headrest hook and hang the toy on it.

What are the best car seat toys?

Refer to the reviews above and find a toy suitable for your child. This is the list of 7 best stroller toys and car seat toys according to the recommendations from parents, customer ratings, and my own opinion, so it’s very reliable.

Final Thoughts

That was all, folks. I hope you like this article, and your next trip won’t be much of a hassle but pure enjoyment for you and your baby.

Before you get one of the best car seat toys, make sure to check how many months exactly should be the baby's age and if you can install it in a car.

As you could see, I tried to include only the best stroller toys for babies, with award-winning items such as the Manhattan toy. However, parents know best what their babies love, so choose the one to your little one’s taste.

My favorite is this adorable Lamaze Mortimer The Moose. Just look at it, and you’ll immediately see why your baby will love it! It activates the senses, keeps your baby entertained, and parents worry-free.

Lamaze Mortimer The Moose, Clip On Toy*
  • FUN TOY FOR BABIES: Super soft baby toy that baby will love to touch and snuggle
  • BABY DEVELOPMENT: Mortimer's squeaker tummy awakens auditory awareness and keeps baby entertained; Soft teethable antlers soothe baby
  • SURPRISE CRINKLES: Colorful, satin knottie legs and multiple textures on his hooves with fun crinkles and jingles
  • INTERACTIVE TOYS: Knottie activity legs and crinkle hooves invite baby to explore,stimulating tactile senses
  • CLIP-ON STROLLER TOY: Hooks to strollers, carriers and diaper bags for easy fun wherever you go

Kathy Warner

Kathy is a busy mother of two and a CPS technician for more than eight years. Her mission is to awaken parents to the importance of child passenger safety and show them the right practice. You can read more about her here