The Best 11 Car Seat Travel Carts for Effortless Transport

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Bringing a car seat to the airport can be a nightmare, especially when you have a lot of luggage in the first place.

I've tried car seat backpacks, and they were definitely more efficient than simply carrying the car seat in hands, but there's something even better - a car seat cart.

Today, I'll share with you my list of 11 best car seat travel carts & carriers that parents went nuts for, and additionally explain how to differentiate high-quality carts from bad alternatives.

Top 3 Recommendations
Editor's Choices
Britax Car Seat Travel Cart | Adjustable Handle + Compact Fold + Fits in Airplane Overhead Bin ,...*
Baby Trend Universal Double Snap-N-Go Stroller Frame*
Best Selling
Maxi-Cosi Maxi-Taxi Xt Ultra Compact Car Seat Caddy, Black*
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Top Pick Car Seat Travel Cart
The Best Car Seat Travel Stroller
Best Quality Car Seat Travel Cart
Editor's Choices
Britax Car Seat Travel Cart | Adjustable Handle + Compact Fold + Fits in Airplane Overhead Bin ,...*
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Top Pick Car Seat Travel Cart
Baby Trend Universal Double Snap-N-Go Stroller Frame*
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
The Best Car Seat Travel Stroller
Best Selling
Maxi-Cosi Maxi-Taxi Xt Ultra Compact Car Seat Caddy, Black*
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Best Quality Car Seat Travel Cart

Best Car Seat Travel Carts & Carriers Money Can Buy: My Top 11 Favorites

Britax Car Seat Travel Cart - Top Pick Car Seat Travel Cart

If you ask parents who air travel a lot what is the best car seat transporter for getting through the airport, I guarantee 90% of them will recommend Britax travel cart.

This is because Britax car seats are generally very popular, and parents chose not to risk but purchase a transporter compatible with their Britax car seat.

The cart is very compact and has a telescoping handle with two positions, two wheels, and a platform.

It is compatible with all forward-facing Britax car-seat models, harnessed booster seat, and many other brands.

You need no additional equipment to attach the car seat; simply use the seat's latch connectors.

It is very durable, made of high-grade steel, but it weighs quite a bit, 20.8 pounds.

I love this cart because it is foldable and fits the airplane's, so you can both use it at the airport and transport your car seat to the plane.

This model is a best-seller on Amazon, and I have to say deservedly.

It's one of the rare carts made of durable steel and suitable for booster seats as well as forward-facing convertibles.

  • It fits the overhead bin in the airplane
  • Attach with latch connectors
  • Adjustable telescoping handle
  • Fits booster seats
  • Heavy

Baby Trend Snap-N-Go EX - The Best Car Seat Travel System

Here we have one awesome car seat carrier from Baby Trend, compatible with all their car seats and designed to transform into a travel system/stroller once you attach the car seat to it.

You can conveniently use it as a car seat travel cart, too, since it is foldable and cannot take much space to store.

This Baby Trend Snap-N-Go stroller consists of a combination of plastics and metal.

Namely, the metal tubes holding the entire construction are rigid and durable, while the platform and handle are made of plastic to reduce the weight a bit.

It comes with two cup holders and a large storage basket that you can use to pack some essentials or even some of your luggage.

The system is pretty simple to use; take a car seat, snap it into the car seat carrier, and get yourself a functional car seat travel cart or a stroller.

It includes rear wheels with brakes, so it's very functional for maneuvering.

The maximum weight this car seat carrier supports is forty-five pounds, and while it most certainly works with baby trend car seats, customers claimed it worked with other brands as well, such as Britax or Graco.

  • High weight capacity
  • Functional
  • Wheels with brakes
  • Storage basket
  • Cup holders
  • Bulky for the airport

Maxi-Cosi Maxi-Taxi Xt Ultra-Compact Car Seat Caddy - Best Quality Car Seat Travel Cart

Is there anything better than shopping from a reliable car seat brand?

If you already own one of Maxi-Cosi car seats (and I genuinely recommend one), then you know about their high-quality design and attention to detail.

Well, this car seat caddy is no different!

This caddy rolls like a stroller once you click on the infant car seat. It weighs only 4 pounds which falls into the lightweight category, but it has a maximum weight capacity of 30 pounds.

Besides the great car seat compatibility, the caddy folds with ease!

Once folded, you can store it in your car's trunk, storage room as it will not take much space.

It's compact and easy to use.

Unfortunately, most of these caddies have low-quality wheels, but Maxi-Cosi takes great pride in developing durable and sturdy wheelsets.

It even has a convenient storage basket underneath. Every parent knows that bringing baby essentials is necessary even for short walks, let alone travels.

The storage basket even has zippered pockets so that you can put valuables in there!

  • Compatible with Maxi-Cosi infant car seats
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy wheels
  • Includes a spacious storage basket
  • Pricy

Chicco KeyFit Caddy Frame Stroller - Best for Chicco Car Seats

Next up, Chicco! This is one of my favorite baby gear brands that never fails me, and I hope you will love this caddy as much as I do!

Let's make things clear before getting started.

First, this caddy is heavier than most of its competitors!

It weighs 11 pounds, which may not seem that much, but all Chicco infant car seats are heavy; this may become a problem.

On that note, the caddy accepts all Chicco car seats with a simple click-in attachment.

It has an adjustable and ergonomic handle, which we do not often see these days in carriers.

In addition, it's adjustable in 4 height positions so that parents can use tall and short.

The Chicco caddy includes a spacious and extendable storage basket to keep all of that baby gear safe.

In addition, it has both front and rear access so that you can put stuff in easier!

Lastly, the caddy includes a parent tray with a cup holder because who says you can't enjoy your daily coffee on your walk with the little one?

  • Includes a parent tray
  • Expendable and spacious storage basket
  • 4-height adjustments for the handle
  • Pricy
  • A bit heavier than its competitors

Alnoor USA Car Seat Travel Belt - The Best Car Seat Travel Belt

Besides the car seat travel bag that offers hands-free transport, and car seat travel carts, there is another super-convenient way to transport the car seat through the airport - the car seat travel belt.

A car seat travel belt basically allows you to attach the car seat to your suitcase or a rolling bag and effortlessly transport it to the desired location without carrying the heavyweight in your hands.

It is way more affordable than any other carrier, cart, car seat bag, and it works with all car seats with a top tether.

This car seat traveling belt comes from Alnoor, and it's made of durable nylon with reinforced stitching and commercial-grade quality.

It's 68 inches long and works with any suitcase or roller bag that measures between 13" and 56".

It includes a metal D-ring and a heavy-duty buckle; therefore, the installment shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes.

I find this a very convenient way to transport a child's car seat to the airport. It won't cost you much money, and it doesn't add any weight to your baggage.

You can be certain there won't be any problem at the gate, and you'll stay hands-free once you install the car seat in the airplane.

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Easy to attach
  • You can not put your child in the car seat.

Holm Airport Car Seat Stroller - The Best Car Seat Travel Stroller

If you're looking for a compact airport cart that easily transforms into a car seat stroller, built to withstand heavy weight and support a wide variety of car seat models, this is your stop.

Holm managed to combine lightweight materials with rigid construction and create the most popular car seat stroller on Amazon.

What this stroller basically represents is a form of airport cart that enables you to transport the car seat with your child safely secured in it.

It incorporates a collapsible aluminum handle, rigid platform, and smooth silicone wheels.

Children are the safest in the federally approved child restraint systems.

Why wouldn't you then safely secure them in their seats and then simply transport the seat with your child in it to the desired destination?

Holm's strong but lightweight construction allows you to do so.

Attaching the seat to the Holm roller is as easy as the ABC.

You place the seat on the platform, take the belt strap provided by Holm, and pull it through the seat's anchoring point. That's it.

Once you don't need the seat anymore, a single push of a button collapses the entire cart into a compact square, 13" x 10" x 4" in size.

  • Lightweight
  • Rigid
  • Foldable
  • Easy to attach the car seat
  • Silicone wheels
  • Not compatible with every car seat model

Car Seat Travel Carts - Lightweight Car Seat Travel Cart

Here we have another exquisite car seat airport roller, similar to the Britax traveling cart, yet much lighter although equally efficient.

This career comes from Coopeter, and it's made of heavy-duty plastic, weighing 6.4 pounds, while being able to withstand up to seventy pounds of weight. This means you can transport the car seat with your little one in it.

The construction consists of the push-button adjustable handle, a platform, and four flexible wheels. The wheels make no noise, offer flexible steering, and include a double-strong bearing.

Coopeter designed this seat to collapse into a small size of 8.5" x 11" x 5.1" with a single push of a button.

Therefore, this stroller is incredibly convenient for airport transport, as you can bring it with you to the plane and store it in the overhead bin.

The offer also includes a weather-resistant and dust-proof cover that you can use to protect the car seat when you're not driving your little ones in the carrier.

Although this cart seems like an amazing product, I am a bit confused with the attachment system.

The manufacturer says to use a strap to attach the car seat, but no strap is provided. Many parents complained about the same thing.

  • Excellent weight capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Collapsible
  • Space-saving
  • Easy to store
  • No straps for attachment
  • Not compatible with all seats

G TALECO GEAR Car Seat Stroller Carts - Sturdy Airport Carrier

Taleco Gear makes another fantastic travel cart for convenient car seat transportation.

It’s very durable and practical, yet it’s made specifically for short-distance transportation, so bear that in mind.

The first thing worth mentioning is durability. Namely, it features iron handles, wear-resistant wheels, and a weather-resistant travel bag.

What parents especially like about this travel cart is the ease of installation.

It features a LATCH interface and ISOFIX interface, so it’s honestly easy to connect the car seat to it.

The wheels are bidirectional axles, they rotate, yet they have ultra-strong bearings, so you can buckle up your child and connect the car seat to the cart with your baby in it.

One fantastic advantage of this travel cart is that due to four wheels, it’s way more stable than the carts with only two wheels. Hence, you don’t have to worry; it won’t tip over.

When you no longer need it, you can fold the entire cart down to a size convenient to store in the airplane aisle or suitcase.

The handle features a push and pull mechanism, so with a single push of a button, you can fold the cart down.

  • Four durable wheels
  • Sturdy structure
  • Foldable design
  • Strong bearings
  • A bit pricey

Travel Smart by Conair Folding Multi-Use Cart - Best for Smaller Car Seats

Are you ready to travel with a lightweight and budget-friendly luggage cart?

That's right; you don't need to break the bank with this one! It costs almost half the price than most competitor carts, so let's check if it's worth it.

For starters, this is a multi-use cart, which means you don't have to use it specifically for traveling only.

It's great knowing this, as most of the travel gear ends up being wasted and not put into use that often.

Well, this one you can use for daily activities, such as grocery shopping, gardening, transporting heavier objects, etc. It only weighs 3.75 pounds and has a sturdy platform.

The platform is a bit smaller than on some of the other carts but has great overall quality.

This is the biggest weakness of this cart as it often tips over if you put a heavier weight on it. You can only place so much on this smaller-sized platform.

Plus, it can carry up to 75 pounds of luggage or another heavyweight. The frame is durable steel, while the handle measures 34" high.

  • Foldable
  • Multi-use cart
  • Lightweight
  • Steel frame
  • The platform size is too small

Samsonite Compact Folding Luggage Cart - The Most Lightweight Luggage Cart

Just like our top pick Britax, this Samsonite is a luggage cart, but believe it or not, it's even more lightweight. So if you thought carts could not get any lighter than Britax, you are wrong!

This luggage cart by Samsonite weighs only 2.9 pounds and measures out 19.0 x 11.0 x 3.0 inches. However, do not underestimate its lightweight.

It's exceptionally durable and sturdy and even can carry up to 70 pounds of luggage.

You no longer have to fumble with confusing installations and tricky mechanisms. The luggage cart opens and closes in seconds, allowing you to use it hassle-free!

The oversized wheels are responsible for keeping the car stable while carrying heavyweight. However, there is one downside that most of the customers complain about.

Since the cart is so lightweight, it often leans forward and won't stand alone unless luggage keeps it upright.

The size of the wheels sure is great for maneuverability, but they feel a bit flimsy.

  • Large base for bigger baggage
  • Easy to use
  • Foldable
  • Lightweight
  • Has a great weight capacity
  • Often leans forward
  • Flimsy wheels
  • It won’t stand upright unless you put weight on it

GO-GO BABYZ Mini TRAVELMATE - The Most Compact Car Seat Carrier

What we have here is an honestly space-saving car seat transporter, compatible with many toddler car seats and convertible car seats.

What makes it special is the unique, compact design that makes maneuvering much easier and fits small spaces when not used.

The first thing I love about this GO-GO BABYZ car seat transporter is that it comes fully assembled. Once you receive it, take it out of the box, and it's ready to use.

The entire travel car seat roller weighs 3.5 pounds, but it can support up to eighty-four pounds, being compatible with convertible car seats and heavier infant car seats.

This is very unusual for such a small roller, but it's built to surprise you.

The construction includes smooth razor wheels, adjustable handles, and a quick-release ratcheting strap. Therefore, it is effortless to attach the car seat and take it off.

You'll love the one-hand maneuverability and the fact that you can buckle up your little one in the seat and drive him/her around the airport comfortably.

I highly recommend this GO-GO BABYZ car seat travel roller for it exhibits an incredible weight-to-strength ratio, fitting the widest variety of car seats while occupying minimum space when stored.

  • Weight-to strength ratio
  • Compatibility
  • Small size
  • No assembly required
  • It doesn’t hold some seats tightly enough.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Car Seat Travel Cart & Carrier

It is impossible to single out one option for the most efficient car seat transport.

It depends on many things: how old your child is, which car seat you're bringing, if you're traveling alone, etc.

1. Travel Bag vs. Travel Cart

In theory, the best solution is to use a car seat travel bag, for it won't add much weight to your luggage, you will be hands-free, and you won't have to think about it once you walk through the gate, it fits in the overhead bin.

We've got a detailed article for the car seat travel bag HERE.

On the other hand, with a car seat travel bag, you are still carrying the entire weight of the car seat on your back, plus you need to hold your child's hand, at best, and take care of the baggage.

Unlike a car seat travel bag, a cart has wheels; therefore, you will be able to transport the seat more conveniently, and many models allow you to safely buckle your child up in a car seat and drive it on the cart to the airplane.

But, what then? What happens at the gate?

Well, if your car seat cart isn't too heavy, you can gate check it or simply bring it with you to the airplane.

Some models fit the compartment above your head, so if your little ones fall asleep, you can comfortably drive them to their seats without disturbing their sleep.

2. What Other Options Are There?

best car seat travel cart

Basically, the most convenient way to transport your car seat to the airport is using a car seat travel belt.

It's a belt that you use to attach your car seat to the rolling bag or a suitcase and safely roll the seat to the gate along with your baggage.

This doesn't work with heavy car seats that add too much weight to your suitcase, possibly breaking it.

Airport strollers are cool to transport your car seat together with your child, but they are way too bulky, trust me.

Even if they're foldable, you won't be able to gate check them because of the weight.

So, long story short, here is my advice based on the things you need:

If you are traveling with someone who can carry your child while you are taking care of the luggage:

 - Car seat travel belt

- Car seat travel bag

- Car seat travel cart

- A stroller

If you need to take care of your child and the car seat alone:

- Travel car seat cart/roller

- Travel car seat stroller/system

- Travel car seat carrier

If you need to transport the car seat through the airport and down the airplane aisle:

- Car seat travel bag

- Compact car set travel roller

Check out a detailed article for a more extensive article on different ways to transport your car seat to the plane.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best car seat travel cart?

The best-rated and most frequently mentioned car seat travel cart is Britax Car Seat Travel Cart.

It fits not only forward-facing convertibles but also boosters, and it's compatible with other brands as well.

Can you place a car seat in a cart?

You definitely can.

Some carts come with a strap belt that you pull through the anchor point of the seat, while the others use the car seat's LATCH connectors.

Can I use a luggage cart for a car seat?

Yes, you can use a luggage cart for a car seat!

The market is filled with high-quality luggage carts specifically designed to carry the car seat. For instance, this Britax Car Seat Travel Cart makes traveling much easier!

Attach the car seat on the luggage cart using the seat latch connectors, and you are done!

The frame is lightweight so that you won't be pushing a heavy load.

But, if you wish to use another luggage cart, I suggest you get one with a steel base. They are much more durable.

Keep in mind that other models are not suitable for car seat transport.

Can you gate check a stroller and car seat?

best car seat travel bags

Yes, you can gate-check a stroller and a car seat on the airline.

However, these baby gear essentials are not considered standard baggage, so some airlines may not even charge you for gate-checking them.

Plus, gate-checking is a safe way of making sure airline workers do not damage your car seat.

Do car seats and strollers fly free?

Well, you can gate-check the stroller for free, but if you plan on using a car seat on the airplane, you will have to purchase a ticket for it.

Therefore, the car seat you will be using will not be flying for free.

However, if you gate-check it with other luggage, the chances are the airline will not charge you, and your car seat will be handled with care.

How to attach a Britax car seat to a travel cart?

Here is a comprehensive demo video that perfectly demonstrates how to attach a Britax car seat to a travel cart.

Which car seat travel cart fits down plane aisles?

The most compact solution when it comes to car seat travel carts is the GO-GO BABYZ Mini TRAVELMATE, and it fits down the aisles of most airplanes.

Final Thoughts

Once again, everything I share with you is based on my own experience.

I've tried a car seat travel bag, a belt, and even a stroller, but to be honest, a car seat roller worked as the best car seat travel carrier.

I've used the mini model with a collapsible handle to fit the aisle on the plane, and it worked like a charm!

Still, parents predominantly praise the Britax Car Seat Travel Cart, so if you're not sure, go with that one!

It has an adjustable handle, designed to fit the compartment above your head, and works well with many different brands.

One last tip, before you embrace air traveling with a child, do your research about the best car seat travel carts to make sure your little ones have everything they need.

Britax Car Seat Travel Cart | Adjustable Handle + Compact Fold + Fits in Airplane Overhead Bin ,...*
  • Travel made simple: Conveniently transport your child short travel distances while harnessed in a car seat
  • Easy transport: Attach car seat to durable steel travel cart using the seat’s Latch connectors; 1 hand telescoping handle adjusts 2 positions to accommodate all users
  • Bring it everywhere: Compact fold stows into small spaces including aircraft overhead bins, no assembly or breakdown required
  • Compatibility: For use with all Britax forward facing convertible car seats and harnessed booster seats, and most other car seat brands using Latch
  • Fit: Dimensions 24 x 13.5 x 5.5 inches (HxWxD); Handle adjusts upto 42 inches from floor to top of handle; Accommodates all Britax convertible car seats and harnessed booster seats, and most other car...
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