Britax vs Graco: What Brand Is a More Reliable Choice in 2022 and Why?

If I had a dollar every time someone asked me if Britax was better than Graco, I'd be a millionaire. But it's not that simple to just say: hey, this brand is better.

So, I decided to finally list all the things both brands have and don't have in common, stress the advantages and disadvantages of each, and compare them on multiple levels.

In this Britax vs Graco comparison, you'll finally find answers to all your questions and learn which brand is the best for your needs and your preferences.

Let's get started!


Brand History

Graco is an American company established in 1942.

The company was originally called Graco Metal Products, and it produced machine and car parts.

In 1998 Rubbermaid acquired Century, a leading American car seat manufacturer, and the same year acquired Graco. That's where the connection between Graco and car seats started.

But actually, Graco entered the baby equipment industry way before, in 1955, when Rex Thomas created the first automatic baby swing - the Swyngomatic.

When they joined forces with Rubbermaid, they really began ruling the market with their pioneer SnugRide infant car seat.

Britax, on the other hand, is a European manufacturer which started its journey back in 1939 as British accessories.

At first, they were producing automotive safety equipment such as seat belts and motorcycle accessories, and then in 1971, they acquired RÖMER, the German seat belt manufacturer. Two years after, RÖMER created its first child seat.

In the following decades, Britax acquired two Australian car seat manufacturers: Safe-N-Sound and Steelcraft.

And finally, in 1996, Britax Child Safety, Inc was established in the United States.

The fusion of Australian and German manufacturing has resulted in high-quality, innovative products, and Britax managed to maintain that reputation to the present day.


a. Car seats

Regarding car seats, both brands have an impressive pallet of products that cover every stage of your child's growth, offering infant car seats, convertible seats, all-in-one seats, and booster seats.

Britax and Graco: infant car seats, convertible seats, all-in-one seats, and booster seats

britax vs graco car seat

b. Strollers

When it comes to strollers, Graco has a bit more versatile offer. They make everything: everyday, lightweight, jogging, double, and wagon strollers.

Britax, on the other hand, has only five stroller models, of which four are everyday strollers, and one is a double stroller.

Some of their models do, indeed, feature a design that is adequate for jogging, but they did not specify it for that purpose.

- Graco: everyday, lightweight, jogging, double, and wagon strollers.

- Britax: everyday and double strollers.

c. Travel systems

As for the travel systems, Graco again has more models to offer. They have seventeen different travel systems, while Britax has fourteen.

- Graco: seventeen travel systems.

- Britax: fourteen travel systems.

Winner: Overall, Graco has a more versatile offer, so I'd say it's the winner in this category.


It is hard to favor one brand over the other design-wise because both are pioneers in this industry, and they have been improving for decades, launching top-notch products year after year.

Some things don't change, though, and they become a trademark that we associate with the brand and use to differentiate the models on the market.

So, let's look into these unique features Graco and Britax are known for.

a. Britax


Britax is one of the first brands to incorporate the ISOFIX technology into their car seats. It is basically a predecessor of a LATCH system that enables easy and secure installation.

The fact that Britax was among the first manufacturers that realized the importance and benefits of this system shows their engineering superiority.


ClickTight is a straightforward installation system that Britax patented, and it allows installation in only three steps with a seatbelt.

You should open the seat, thread & buckle the seatbelt, and close it. The system self-tightens the seatbelt, so you don't have to struggle with this.

SafeCell Technology

SafeCell, as the name suggests, is a special technology that Britax uses to improve child car seat safety.

We can define it as impact protection located in the base of the car seat, acting as a crumple zone that absorbs energy in crashes and keeps your baby intact.

b. Graco


Graco's exclusive InRight LATCH system is an inevitable feature of almost all their car seats. It is a system that allows a simple one-second installation of the seat using the LATCH.

When you attach it, you hear an audible click, and it helps you know when the seat is secure.


SnugLock is Graco's three-step installation process. It refers to both seatbelt and LATCH installation.

And the three steps you should do are: attach the latch or the seatbelt, tighten it and lock the snug lock lock-off.

SimplySafe Adjust

This is another engineering innovation that made the fitting process significantly easier.

Namely, this system allows you to adjust the harness and the headrest at the same time without rethreading.

Everything you have to do is push the handle at the top of the seat and adjust the height.

Winner: design-wise, both brands are pretty similar, and they have specific patents of their own, so I'd say they are even in this category.

Safety Features

Given that we are talking about two reputable brands, safety is definitely not something you should worry about.

Although the differences are genuinely minimal, I will try to compare these two brands safety-wise and accentuate what their unique features are.

a. Britax

Britax car seats meet or exceed the FMVSS 213 federal safety standard.

However, unlike Graco, they did not explicitly list all the tests they run on their website, so I cannot talk about them in more detail.

The first thing I'd like to accentuate about Britax's safety system is the energy-absorbing foam.

Most Britax seats have a deep foam-lined shell that offers protection to the entire body by absorbing the energy and keeping the crash forces away from your child's body.

They have foam-lined headrests, side-impact cushions, and foam-lined shells that all heavily rely on the powers of the energy-absorbing foam.

So, I'd say this is something that defines their brand.

As for the safety features Britax patented, the unique one is their SafeCell™ technology.

SafeCell technology refers to the system of integrated safety components that work together to protect your child in the car seat most effectively.

The first component of this system is the impact stabilizing steel frame that acts as a spine of the car seat, giving strength and preventing forward movement.

Then, the impact-absorbing base compresses to absorb crash energy to again minimize the movement of the seat in crashes.

And finally, two layers of side-impact protection shield your child from any impact.

Some of Britax's seats also have anti-rebound bars for additional stability and protection, just like Graco's.

And they include a patented V-shaped tether that has staged-release stitches specially designed to limit forward movement.

And, some car seat models have the European belt guide, which allows easier and more secure installation of the car seat without the base.

b. Graco

Graco's safety standard basically revolves around the ProtectPlus Engineered™ system.

This is a series of the most rigorous crash tests that Graco runs to ensure every single car seat they make meets or exceeds the federal safety standards.

In fact, Graco owns its own crash test facility where it can run tests even before the car seat is fully manufactured, so they detect and correct potential safety issues in time.

What tests exactly do they run?

All Graco seats comply with the US FMVSS 213 safety standard. What is more, the seats are tested in conditions more extreme than this safety standard requires. 

The crash forces are two times higher than what is required, and the acceleration speed is twice as high.

The exact tests they perform are the following:

- Front-impact tests

- Side-impact tests

- Rear-impact tests

- Extreme Car Interior Temperature tests

- Rollover crash tests

Some Graco seats also incorporate anti-rebound bars.

An anti-rebound bar is essential for limiting the movement, especially the rotation of the seat in crashes. Therefore, it represents an additional layer of impact protection.

Another safety feature specific for Graco is its TrueShield technology.

This is basically upgraded side-impact protection that complies with the European R129 testing standard; therefore, it offers even more protection, and it's usually seen in infant seats.

Some of their seats also have Safety Surround™ technology, also patented by Graco. And it represents the best head protection for your child.

This technology is also developed in compliance with the European R129 test standard.


Graco's all-in-one models don't have as many recline positions as Britax's; therefore, some parents complained that their child's head keeps falling forward.

This is not the case with Britax, which offers nine recline positions in their all-in-one model and has a special tether that keeps the child in place.

On the other hand, many parents don't consider Britax's One-4-Life model because it scored only 3/10 in Baby Gear Lab's crash testing.

While the results are disappointing, this doesn't mean that the seat is not safe.

The chest sensor test had a result of 56, while the maximum allowed is 60, so the seat did perform slightly disappointing in this category, but it's still in compliance with the standards.

Graco's Extend2Fit, for example, scored 40 in this category and was rated as the top choice by Baby Gear Lab from all combination seats they tested.

Winner: while both brands exhibit outstanding safety features, Graco has slightly better crash test results and offers more information about their testing process, so I'd give it a slight advance in this category.


a. Britax

All Britax's harnessed car seats, be they rear-facing, forward-facing, or harness-to-booster, are FAA approved and can be used for flying. Belt-positioning boosters are not appropriate for flying.

However, since Britax's durable steel frame is very heavy and loaded with safety features, their car seats generally weigh a lot, so I wouldn't recommend them as the best option for traveling.

But, when it comes to their travel systems, they did launch a lightweight model - B-Lively & B-safe Britax travel system that's great for traveling.

What I really like about it is that it genuinely is a good travel system you can use for everyday strolling on all terrains without a worry on your mind.

It includes a B-Safe® Gen2™ infant car seat, car seat base, car seat adapters, and stroller.

And while the overall weight of the system is still higher than most other travel systems, it is honestly a high-quality, well-performing system with a suspension system, all safety features, and impeccable design.

The stroller itself weighs 20 pounds and can be folded down to the size of 29" L x 23" W x 12" H which is not that bad.

And when you consider all the benefits you get with a travel system this good, the extra weight doesn't bother you that much. 

b. Graco

Now, I couldn't find on Graco's website whether all their harnessed car seats are FAA approved, but most of them definitely are.

In fact, Graco has the widest choice of lightweight car seats you can use for traveling, and their models entered both our list for the best lightweight infant seats and lightweight convertible seats.

Also, their NimbleLite™ Stroller is one of the lightest and most compact strollers/travel systems on the market, so it's perfect for traveling.

The stroller itself weighs less than 15 pounds, and it accepts all Graco infant seats, so if you choose a lightweight car seat as well, you have yourself a lightweight, travel-friendly solution.

The stroller also easily folds down in only one step, so it's very functional and portable.

Winner: Graco obviously rules this category. It has more lightweight car seats and a lighter stroller.

But, bear in mind that it is due to Britax's steel-reinforced frame that keeps their car seats stable and strong.

Comfort and Convenience

a. Britax

Another federal safety standard that car seats are required to meet is the materials flammability standard (FMVSS 302).

Now different brands achieve this by different means; most add brominated or chlorinated chemicals.

Britax, on the other hand, uses tightly woven fabric that's natural retardant and, in that way, ensures your child is not exposed to harmful chemicals.

These fabrics can be machine-washed and dried in a machine, so the maintenance is super-easy.

Since most Britax car seats have a deep foam-lined shell and double side impact protection, they are very thick and tend to remain structural integrity for a long time.

However, some parents don't think they are soft enough.

The problem is that most parents expect plush foam padding, but the energy-absorbing foam is not that soft. Its purpose is to absorb crash forces and keep your child safe.

Installation is very straightforward, both with the vehicle seat belt and the LATCH.

The number of recline positions and headrest positions is very high, and it's pretty easy to switch between the rear-facing mode and forward-facing and booster mode.

And their booster seats have a higher weight limit and maximum child height limit than other car seats, including Graco.

When it comes to strollers and travel systems, they are just as good as their car seats, if not better.

Most models have a three-wheel design for ultimate maneuverability, all-terrain rubber wheels, removable infant pillows, and large storage baskets.

And although I do think you can find a great car seat in their offer, the strollers are top-notch.

britax vs graco booster seat

b. Graco

In contrast to Britax, all Graco seats have chemical fire retardants.

This concern has been addressed in the past, and Graco is allegedly looking for chemically free materials for future manufacturing.

When it comes to maintenance, Graco fabrics are super-easy to clean.

The car seat cover is removable and can be washed in a washing machine as well as cup holders, while plastic parts and buckles you can wash with mild soap and a cloth.

Graco car seats also have multiple modes, from infant car seat to backless booster seat.

They are packed with child safety features such as advanced side impact protection and an adjustable harness.

Most parents find their seats very comfortable and easy to install.

And what I really like is that there are models that start at four pounds, so they're great for preborn newborns.

When it comes to the strollers, they are fantastic!

You can find everything, from a budget-friendly lightweight stroller that's portable, easy to carry, and super-easy to convert into a travel system to a high-grade jogging stroller with air-filled tires, a large storage basket, and a child's tray.

Winner: Britax has a more durable and high-end offer, so I think their seats are generally more convenient to use, intuitive and child-friendly when we take everything into account.


The financial aspect is definitely a significant argument for parents to choose one brand or the other.

I'd say both Graco and Britax are mid-range brands, with Britax being slightly more expensive.

However, it all depends on the model, materials, and design of the product.

But, let's make a comparison to see how much the prices differ between Graco and Britax:

a. Infant car seat

- Britax: $199.99 - $309.99

- Graco: $169.99 - $269.99

b. Convertible car seats

- Britax: $209.99 - $399.99

- Graco: $139.99 - $379.99

c. Booster car seats

- Britax: $105.99 - $209.99

- Graco: $28.99 - $139.99

d. Strollers

- Britax: $199.99 - $469.99

- Graco: $109.99 - $389.99

e. Travel systems

- Britax: $299.99 - $729.99

- Graco: $199.99 - $499.99

Winner: Graco is definitely a more budget-friendly option, but the differences are not that drastic, so I think the pricing is quite fair for both brands, and they are in the affordable category.

Britax vs. Graco: Summary Table










Safety Features






Comfort and Convenience






Over Rank




Britax Skyline vs. Graco Affix: Which is better?

Both these seats are booster car seats with two modes: high-back booster mode and backless booster mode.

None of the two has harness straps, so they both start at forty pounds.

Britax HighLine has a higher weight limit (120 pounds) than Graco Affix (100 pounds), and it offers six more inches in height. 

Graco Affix is more affordable, but Britax has premium soft and breathable fabrics that are more comfortable and pleasant for your child's skin.

Both models have advanced side impact protection and the LATCH system for easy installation, but overall, Britax Skyline is better.

Britax Allegiance vs. Graco 4Ever: Which is better?

Both models are convertible car seats, but while Britax Allegiance supports only rear-facing and forward-facing modes, Graco 4Ever can be used as a high-back booster seat and backless booster seat as well.

Britax Allegiance starts at 5 pounds and maxes out at 65 pounds, while Graco 4Ever has a weight capacity of 4-120 pounds.

Both models are easy to install, packed with safety features, and have adjustable headrests and removable covers.

However, Graco 4Ever includes two cup holders and has a longer expiration time, so it is overall a better car seat.

Britax Advocate vs. Graco Extend2Fit: Which is better?

For starters, Britax Advocate is definitely more expensive than Graco Extend2Fit.

Both are convertible car seats, but Graco Extend2Fit also converts into a booster seat, while Britax Advocate has only two modes.

Graco, therefore, has a higher weight limit of 100 lbs, as opposed to Advocate's 65 lbs.

On the other hand, Britax Advocate has 14 headrest positions, as opposed to Graco's 10, and 7 recline positions as opposed to Graco's 6.

It also has natural fire retardants and plush soft materials, so it is overall a better car seat to my mind.

Is Britax better than Graco?

Both Britax and Graco car seats are high-quality products of top-notch engineering and decades of improvement.

I cannot just say one brand is better than the other because they are pretty close in price, quality, and popularity.

For example, Britax Römer definitely is something else and can be listed under a higher-end offer with upscaled European engineering and impeccable design.

But when it comes to Britax US, it's pretty even with Graco.

Is Britax safer than Graco?

Generally no.

Both brands make child safety seats that comply with federal safety standards and meet or exceed the safety requirements.

If you refer to Baby Gear Lab testing, you'll see that in some categories, Britax's seat scored better than Graco, and in another, Graco scored better.

So they are both very reliable brands that keep your child protected in their restraint systems.

Is the Britax convertible car seat more comfortable than the Graco?

britax vs graco all in one

This is also debatable.

I'd say more parents find Graco convertible car seats more comfortable because Britax has a steel frame and a very sturdy structure lined with EPS foam.

So, their seats tend to be very thick but not quite soft.

Is Britax compatible with Graco?

Unfortunately, no.

Graco strollers are only compatible with Graco infant car seats, while Britax strollers are compatible with Britax seats, and they have car seat adapters sold separately for Maxi Cosi, Nuna, and Cybex car seats.

Graco vs. Britax: Which is more popular?

Literally, people love both brands.

Graco is a car seat brand for people who like American manufacturing and like to get their money's worth.

At the same time, Britax is a slightly higher-end brand, usually a choice of people who swear by German engineering and prefer European models over other car seats.

Graco vs. Britax: Which is easier to set up?

For me, Britax is slightly more intuitive to set up.

Their installation system is self-tightening, so once you open the seat, pull the straps through the path, and close it, no need to pull the straps and struggle to achieve the right tension.

Graco, on the other hand, does demand tightening, so this is the only detail that, to my mind, makes Britax a bit more straightforward and intuitive than Graco.

Graco vs. Britax: Which has a longer expiration time?

Graco generally has a longer expiration time. It depends from one car seat model to another.

Graco steel reinforced belt path car seats have a service life of ten years, while plastic-reinforced car seats have a service life of seven years.

For the Britax brand, service life is six years for seats manufactured through June 2010. And seats after that can last you from 6 to 10 years, depending on the type and model.

Most convertible seats last for ten years, while infant seats last for 6 or 7.


As you can see, both brands are reliable, well-established companies with a long history in the industry.

I'd say Britax is more innovative and offers better materials and durability in compensation for a higher price.

Graco, on the other hand, has something for everyone.

Their offer is so versatile that you can find a custom product for your specific need, be it traveling, jogging, or everyday use.

Be it as it is, I hope my guide helped you resolve the everlasting Britax vs Graco dilemma and that you were able to find the right car seat for your needs.

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