The Best Lightweight Infant Car Seats? (The Ultimate Guide 2021)

Selecting the best infant car seat is a tiresome task for every parent - I'm telling you from my experience. There are just so many elements and factors to consider!

But, if your search focuses on the best lightweight infant car seats 2021, don't bother about it since I have prepared absolutely the best options that you can find on the market currently!

I'm fortunate to have found these car seats and worked well with all of them during my CPTS classes and practice. They are, of course, lightweight, convenient for regular bases, and travel.

Want to know more? Stay with me, and learn as much as you can - I promise I won't let you down!

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Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 LX Infant Car Seat, Baby Car Seat Featuring TrueShield Side Impact...*
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BRITAX B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat - Rear Facing | 4 to 35 Pounds - Reclinable Base, 1 Layer Impact...*
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The Safest Car Seat
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Graco SnugRide 35 Lite LX Infant Car Seat, Studio*
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For Anxious Parents
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Best Lightweight Infant Car Seats Money Can Buy: My Top 8 Picks

Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 LX Infant Car Seat - The Most Convenient Seat

Have you ever thought about the most lightweight infant car seat for your baby? If you haven't, I'm going to show you!

Graco SnugRide rear-facing lightweight car seat has various benefits; the one-hand adjustability being of them! Namely, as you can moderate and use the infant car seat with one hand, the other one is free, so it's convenient for carrying and use.

Since the lightweight infant car seat has the adjustable silent shade canopy, no matter whether the weather is adverse or right, you can protect your little one from sun, rain, wind, all other conditions. Awesome, right?

Another big plus this lightweight rear-facing car seat contains the LATCH seat belt system and the LATCH connectors. The LATCH system works perfectly and installs correctly with the car seat belt; therefore, your baby will have more stability and protection during the ride.

The most substantial advantage Graco SnugRide lightweight rear-facing car seat has is a 5-point harness system and the 4-point adjustable base! As your baby will have the maximum protection, the base will help you find the perfect body posture for your little one! Thus, the baby will have the ultimate comfort as well!

As the seat passed the FMVSS and tests, the additionally engineered and crash tests contribute to your toddlers' safety. And the installation process is quick since the level indicator on the car seat shows you how to set it up properly.

  • Easy to install and use
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent support
  • /

BRITAX B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat - Rear Facing - The Safest Car Seat

I'm sure my next lightweight infant car seat will wow you, and let me tell you why!

The primary and most substantial benefit is, of course, the question of safety. You can be certain that nothing wrong will happen to your baby since the Britax B Safe 35 Car Seat contains an impact-absorbing base, side-impact protection, and a steel frame. Generally speaking, the car seat is indestructible.

Having the LATCH connectors and seat belt, the rear-facing lightweight infant car seat provides easy and effortless installation and maximum security. Your baby won't move around or slip away since the car seat offers the stability required for a cozy ride.

The recliners and indicators, along with the reclining springs, provide the best possible installation angels and postures. Hence, all your baby has to do is to relax and enjoy the comfortable ride and atmosphere!

Suppose you're planning to set off on a longer or shorter journey. In that case, the B Safe Lightweight Infant Car Seat is an ideal option because the Britax company provides the best strollers - BOB single and dual for more convenient installation and carrying. You can also obtain the adapters to connect all these stuff but separately.

Finally, the proportions fit the baby between 4 and 35 pounds of weight limit; thus, you can now select the car seat and see what benefits you may earn!

  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent safety features
  • Poor customer service
  • Material issues
Material issues

Graco SnugRide 35 Lite LX Infant Car Seat - For Anxious Parents

Want to learn more about the next infant car seat? Read below.

This Graco SnugRide lightweight rear-facing car seat has so many advantages, and the first one is compatibility. Thanks to its lightweight design, the infant car seat is comfortable to carry from the motor vehicle car seat to the stroller. Thus, it's appropriate for all kinds of rides, and even if you're going on a trip.

The dimensions are convenient for a baby from 4 to 35 pounds of the maximum weight limit and 32 inches of maximum height.

Since the rear-facing lightweight infant car seat contains the 4-position adjustable base, it follows the children's weight and height, growth and development, and provides enough space for your little one as they grow.

Concerning safety and protection, let me tell you that the Graco lightweight infant car seat contains the protect-plus engineered material, which is the best protection in frontal, side, rollover, or rear car crashes. Therefore, your baby will remain untouchable, no matter what happens!

The level indicator makes it easier for you to follow and read about the seat installation process since you can do it in minutes if you look at the procedure.

And the 5-point harness system makes sure your baby has the ultimate stability, so it's impossible for your little one to drop or slip away from the car seat. An impressive seat!

  • Comfortable
  • Excellent support
  • Affordable
  • Quick installation
  • Questionable seat padding

Chicco KeyFit 30 Zip Air Infant Car Seat - Best For Ventilation

If you're searching for the #1 lightweight infant car seat in the USA, you can stop now! You've found it!

The Chicco Keyfit 30 rear-facing lightweight car seat has the most straightforward installation possible due to the LATCH system and connectors, RideRight bubble levels, and ReclineSure leveling foot. Thus, you can place and install the rear-facing lightweight car seat in seconds, without any issues.

The dimensions are excellent for a baby between 4 pounds and 30 pounds of the maximum weight limit for the best ride experience. Try, and see if I'm wrong, but I'm not.

Your sleeping baby will have the sweetest dreams thanks to the breathable 3D air-mesh, which provides free airflow and air circulation through the channels. Thus, the material's cooling effect increases, and the ventilation works 100%, guaranteeing the most comfortable and sweat-free ride.

Speaking of material, I have to say that the content is a machine-washable one and contains quick zippers for straightforward removing and cleaning. You will save up both your energy and time, but the Keyfit 30 infant car seat will normally be ready for the next use.

For shorter or longer travel plans, the Keyfit 30 car seat comes with the Chicco strollers and other travel system parts and uses. Therefore, the seat is an excellent travel buddy!

What else can I tell you? Try it!

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • Excellent security features
  • Affordable
  • Neck support flaws

Baby Trend Ez Flex-Loc 30 Infant Car Seat - The Most Comfortable Seat

And now, let's review my best infant car seat! Shall we start?

The most imperative benefit is the 5-point harness system. Your baby will have the ultimate protection and stability, and you won't have to worry about what might go wrong - NOTHING will happen!

If you want to find the right angle for a better installation, you can do so thanks to the 4-position height-adjustable base. Thus, you can find the best infant car seat position and place it for a pressure-free ride and an extra comfortable atmosphere.

Next, let's talk about the proportions. They are excellent and match the baby from 4 to 30 pounds of maximum weight.

For more convenient use, the lightest car seat has to offer one-hand motion and release. Your other hand will be free for added comfort and carrying. Thus, the smooth carrying handle won't scratch your arms, and you can freely take the seat wherever you go.

When talking about the protection, you don't have to worry since the infant car seat follows the safety standards and contains the EPS energy-absorbing foam, along with the soft head support and the side impact protection. Hence, the baby will remain untouchable even in the case of a car collision.

So, check on Amazon right away whether the best infant car seat is still available, and if you find the answer flattering, don't waste your time anymore!

  • Excellent support
  • Easy installation
  • Excellent safety features
  • Comfortable
  • /

Safety 1st onBoard 35 LT Comfort Cool Infant Car Seat - The Highest Quality Material

When speaking about the Safety 1st lightweight infant car seat, it's imperative to know that the proportions fit babies from 4 pounds to 35 of maximum weight. However, the weight and size may vary; namely, not all kiddos can sit comfortably in this lightweight car seat, and you can check the listed full value and height recommendation.

But the advantage is cooling technology and material! As your baby can find, the content is comfortable, cozy, dry, and cold. Therefore, your little one won't feel any pressure and will ride pleasantly without sweat or heat.

If you're concerned about the protection part, don't be since the infant car seat contains the best side impact protection with the energy-absorbing content and deep sides. Thus, even if a car accident occurs, the infant car seat will sustain the force of a collision and will keep your baby safe.

To continue with, maximum safety is possible, thanks to the next-generation engineering materials. The same content makes the infant car seat a lightweight one. Hence, it's an ideal option for a journey.

If you want to make your kiddo more comfortable, you can adjust the harness to four different positions for extended use. And when you want to clean it, you wash the machine's seat pad and dry it safely.

The infant insert is also imperative, and you can add or remove the extra support for your growing little ones.

  • Quick setup
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Excellent security features
  • Tight straps

Evenflo LiteMax DLX Infant Car Seat - The Most Durable Seat

Step-by-step, I've come to the penultimate infant car seat, and let me show you why I love it so much!

This is an impressive infant car seat for your growing baby since it has an adjustable headrest that provides more space for and follows your kiddo's weight and height.

You can connect this to another big plus, and that's the harness system. The straps won't re-thread, and you don't have to remove them for more space. Moreover, the sashes slide effortlessly, and your growing baby will have the space they need.

When purchasing the infant car seat for an extended period, you definitely SHOULD NOT skip this one since the minimum and maximum weight stretch from 4 to 35 lbs. Therefore the car seat accommodates your baby longer. It's convenient for kids up to 24 months old.

Being a lightweight infant car seat; it allows you to carry it everywhere and install it quickly in your motor vehicle's back seat. You can quickly move it from one car to another due to pendulum level indicators that show you whether you did it correctly.

Because the infant car seat contains the safe-zone load leg, you can read the indicators to stabilize and reduce the crash forces up to 50%. Fantastic!

The installation is secure because the sure-safe installation system works two times better than the standard LATCH system! Simply amazing!

  • Excellent support
  • Easy to use and install
  • Comfortable
  • Great safety features
  • Possible canopy problems

Evenflo LiteMax 35 Infant Car Seat - Best for Ergonomic Design of the Handle

And last but not least, my final infant car seat will undoubtedly take your breath away! Wait for it!

Since it's so convenient and versatile, this beautiful rear-facing lightweight car seat fits the babies between 4 and 35 lbs. of the recommended maximum weight. But, the car seat includes the stay-in-car base for minimizing parents' efforts and more convenient uses.

As it meets the federal safety standards and procedures, the Evenflo infant car seat exceeds all the Evenflo tests for side-impact and rollover tests standards and regulations. You see, the car seat guarantees the best safety and protection!

The installation is straightforward thanks to the two-step vehicle seat belt locking clips, offering the four different reclining positions for gaining a more comfortable ride. 

Further, the pendulum level indicator shows you that when you have installed the car seat correctly. And the belt lock-off system suggests that the base stays stable in its place.

For the cleaning part, you can wash the removable car seat pad into the washing machine. When your baby stirs, you can add more comfort by adding or removing the body and head pillows. Or, when the weather conditions are unsuitable, you can use the coverage canopy to protect your baby from all harmful weather elements.

But, you need to know that the child's head must be at least one inch below the top of the infant car seat.

  • Quick setup
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent support
  • Narrow for bigger babies
  • Canopy issues

What Should You Consider for When Purchasing the Best Lightweight Infant Car Seats? - Buyer's Guide

Some claim that there's no such thing as "the best infant car seat," but I disagree since it's subjective, and you'll find the best seat for your family. So, what should you know about the best infant car seat - the lightweight one?

  • It must FIT your baby correctly
  • It must MATCH with your motor vehicle
  • You can use it CORRECTLY all the time

1. FIT

The first point is that the seats must accommodate your newborn baby, and if you have a newborn infant, all infant car seats will fit.

However, the situation changes when they grow, and you have to choose those car seats from 4 to 35 lbs. of weight for children up to two-years-old. NOT ALL OF THEM might be lightweight, but they are excellent for infants/toddlers.


best lightest infant car seat

The second point refers to the fact that NOT all infant car seats fit your car seats.

Some brands, such as Evenflo, provide the space between the car seats and infant car seats, but not all others. You can avoid this when you install the infant car seats in the middle of the back seats but be careful with the LATCH system as it won't allow it.

However, almost all infant car seats have the built lock-offs; thus, you can correctly install them even with the LATCH attachments. Thus, both you and your little ones will ride comfortably, with enough space in the motor vehicle.


The final point refers to the common knowledge that you MUST know how to install your new lightweight infant car seats correctly and get them ready for your little ones.

The best place to do so is the car seat's manual. But many manuals contain additional critical information that you may or may not follow and get confused. In that case, you must contact the safety technician or instructor to help you in this process; otherwise, your little ones CANNOT use the car seats.

How Important is Infant Car Seats Weight? - Extra Information

There are different criteria to consider when selecting the best infant car seats. As you need to check the safety, security, stability, protection, and other factors, you mustn't forget the seat weight. You might not consider it essential, but I do, and let's see why.

Although it can be a deceptive factor, I consider it critical for various reasons:

top lightweight infant car seat
  • It's ideal if the infant car seats weigh around 10 pounds, and when you place infants into them, they add some pounds more; it's not a big deal. However, I have reviewed various car seats, and they vary in weight so that you can get them according to your needs. But when you put a growing child into a bulky car seat, you cannot carry them properly. That's why it's better to use strollers. Weight is a vital factor if you don't have a stroller and have to do all the jobs manually.
  • If you plan to start a journey by plane, you need to consider the weight of the infant car seats as well because the FAA approved car seats weigh around 15 pounds. There are some exceptions, but why would you complicate your situation? It's easier if you check the weight and get your best options. Not all seats can pass the airports, and that's why you need to consider their lightweight if you don't want to move around in problems.
  • If you get incredibly lightweight car seats (5 pounds, for instance), you have to check whether they go with or without the base. If they go without the base, you will have to take the additional weight of the base, the extra pounds of your little ones, and complicate the situation again. Thus, it's more comfortable to choose the more massive car seats with the base than the lighter car seats without one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lightest infant car seat on the market?

The lightest infant car seat currently on the market is Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 LX Infant Car Seat.

As it weighs only 9.75 lbs. and CONTAINS the base, it is the most convenient car seat for everyday use and the shorter/longer travels.

What is the lightest toddler car seat?

best ratings infant car seat

As I have told you, the weight depends on whether the car seats go with or without the base. In this case, it's the Evenflo LiteMax 35 Infant Car Seat!

With the base, it weighs 16.00 lbs. but it weighs around 8 lbs. without the base. Thus, it's perfect for your one-year-old toddler.


Finally, we're here; therefore, let's sum up and see what we have learned today!

As you could see, it's vital to pay attention to the weight of the car seats, along with the other factors. As the car seats are more robust, it will be hard for you to carry them around with the kids. So, it's imperative to get lightweight car seats for more convenient use.

Speaking of convenience, one of the best lightweight infant car seats is Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 LX Infant Car Seat!

I love it because the seat offers the best protection and stability, along with the most painless installation and carrying convenience. Moreover, more than 1000 happy customers said "YES" to this best infant car seat!

Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 LX Infant Car Seat, Baby Car Seat Featuring TrueShield Side Impact...*
  • Adjust handle with one hand, leaving other hand free
  • Silent Shade canopy easily and quietly adjusts without disturbing baby
  • InRight LATCH system for a one second LATCH attachment.Do not use bleach
  • 4 position adjustable base lets you customize fit to your vehicle; Engineered and crash tested to meet or exceed US standard FMVSS 213
  • Easy to read level indicator helps eliminate installation guesswork

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