Best Baby Trend Car Seat Reviews You Will Want to Read About (Top 10 Picks)

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Did you still not join on the Baby Trend wagon? What are you waiting for? Hop on!

Baby Trend is one of the leading manufacturers of baby gear equipment.

Throughout years of creation, the brand has delivered numerous travel system duos, infant car seats, and stroller combos that parents worldwide adore.

With the budget-friendly prices and designs that keep up with the trends, you will see for yourself what's all the hype about when it comes to this brand.

I have selected the top 10 of the best Baby Trend car seat reviews. In this review, you will read about stroller duos, infant car seats, and booster seats.

Pick a model that will adequately follow your child's growth and enjoy the review guide in front of you.

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Top 3 Recommendations
Editor's Choices
Baby Trend EZ Ride 35 Travel System, Doodle Dots*
Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System, Bubble Gum*
Best Selling
Baby Trend Secure Snap Tech 35 Infant Car Seat, Nimbus*
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Best Baby Trend Travel System
Top Stroller And Car Seat Duo
Top Baby Trend Infant Car Seat
Editor's Choices
Baby Trend EZ Ride 35 Travel System, Doodle Dots*
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Best Baby Trend Travel System
Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System, Bubble Gum*
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Top Stroller And Car Seat Duo
Best Selling
Baby Trend Secure Snap Tech 35 Infant Car Seat, Nimbus*
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Top Baby Trend Infant Car Seat

The Best Baby Trend Child Restraint Systems: Our 10 Picks

Baby Trend EZ Ride 35 Travel System - Best Baby Trend Travel System

If you want the absolute best travel system reviews, look no further than the Baby Trend EZ Ride 35.

This is the perfect pick for new parents because it consists of a stroller and the popular Baby Trend Ally 35 infant car seat.

With both the stroller and car seat, your kiddo will be secured via a five-point harness system. The five-point protection is designed for maximum stability and safety throughout the ride.

The stroller consists of multiple recline positions that deliver only the ultimate comfort for your little one.

One of our favorite features is converted trays.

Both the parent and the baby will get a set of trays with cup holders. For the necessary convenience, the stroller's handle is easy to adjust due to its ability to reach a certain height.

The Baby Trends stroller and car seat also offer a large peek-a-boo window on the canopy. You can watch the baby at all times while you enjoy your morning walk.

The Baby Trend Ally 35 infant car seat can support babies from 4 to 35 pounds in rear-facing mode. It consists of deep-set wings with EPS foam and side-impact protection.

As far as we are concerned, the stroller and car seat duo deserve a stable 5 stars rate.

  • Includes Baby Trend Ally 35
  • Lots of storage
  • Peek-a-boo window
  • Adjustable handle
  • 5 point safety harness
  • Great travel system
  • The base tends to get loose.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System - Top Stroller And Car Seat Duo

Here is a particular review for all of you mommas out there who like to squeeze a fitness routine into daily baby walks.

This is the Best Baby Trend Car Seat And Stroller, an excellent pick for all active parents.

The Baby Trend Expedition jogging stroller is designed to support babies from birth until they reach 50 lbs, while the height limit is up to 42 inches.

The car seat duo comes with a large tray and cup holders for both the parent and the child. While you are on your daily walk, you can also enjoy your morning coffee.

Moreover, the stroller comes with a large storage basket at the bottom designed to store all of your baby accessories. You are no more carrying that large backpack every time you wish to take your little one for a stroll.

This is a three-wheeled jogger, and it's equipped with a swivel front wheel.

This is extremely helpful if you are strolling across uneven terrain or you want easy maneuverability. It's durable for rocky surfaces and smooth enough for everyday walks or jogs.

As for the Baby Trend Expedition seat, this stroller features an EZ Flex Loc infant car seat.

The car seat is equipped with absorbing EPS foam that surrounds side impact protection. The EZ Flex Loc car seat offers a 5 point harness with an easy one-hand adjustment and push-button release system for maximum safety.

  • LATCH equipped base
  • Large push handle
  • 5 point safety harness
  • Perfect duo for jogging
  • Easily maneuverable stroller
  • The base can be tricky to install

Baby Trend Secure Snap Tech 35 Infant Car Seat - Top Baby Trend Infant Car Seat

As a part of the well-known Baby Trend Snap-Fit collection, we present to you a review of the Secure Snap 35 infant car seat.

The Baby Trend Secure Snap Tech 35 car seat's main benefit is its compatibility with the same collection's strollers.

You can buy them as a two-piece set or as a combo and end with a secure purchase. However, if you are keen on car seats only, let's discuss a few other benefits.

The entire design of the Snap-Fit car seat is lined with EPS energy-absorbing foam layering. Along with the side protection, you can rest sure your baby is always safe in the back seat of the car.

It has a 5 point safety harness that can be easily adjusted to fit your baby's growth. The harness system includes one-hand adjustment along with the push-button release. All to make your experience better.

The convenience does not stop there. When you feel like the baby has overgrown the car seat, take out the removable infant insert and let your child enjoy extra space.

The car seat is available with a Delta-multi-grip handle, making the car seat much more manageable.

The four-position recline feature is there to ensure your baby has the most comfortable nap in the car. Not only will the little one be comfy, but so will the parents, too, knowing that their child is safe.

  • Energy-absorbing layer
  • Safety harness system
  • Multi-grip handle
  • Easy to install
  • One hand LATCH
  • Straps can be too short on some

Baby Trend Hybrid Booster 3-in-1 Car Seat - Best 3-in-1 Baby Trend Booster Seat

Everything you need once your baby outgrows the infant car seat is in this pick. Here is the review for our favorite 3-in-1 booster car seat Baby Trend has to offer.

Firstly, the booster seat allows for three usages.

You can install this one as a forward-facing car seat for a child weighing between 22-50 lbs. Later on, the car seat can be installed as a high back booster seat for a child weighing from 30 to 100 pounds.

The last stage of usage allows you to install the booster as a backless one.

The Baby Trend car booster seat uses a 5-point safety harness that will keep your child safe at all times. For ultimate comfort, you can adjust the 6 position headrest as your child wishes.

To keep the booster seat in more extended service, the removable body insert is easy to unlatch. Just remove it from the inside of the seat and let your child comfortably ride longer.

Longer trips can be a bore without a few snacks. Additional cup holders on the side are always a great feature to have in the back seat.

Maximum safety and comfort are reached with the following features. Everything padded!

Yes, you read that correctly—no more itchy straps scratching their way into the child's sensitive skin. The harness and shoulder strap is completely padded for an optimal comfy feel.

  • Affordable
  • 3-in-1 use
  • Cup holders
  • Easy to install
  • Comfortable design
  • Not enough crotch space for boys

Baby Trend Trooper 2-in-1 Convertible Car Seat - Top Convertible Car Seat

When looking for car seat reviews, you should pay attention to the service it provides.

Just as you would consider safety and comfort, think for how many years the car seat will be in your use and whether it's worth the money. 

The Baby Trend Trooper 2-in-1 offers the perfect example of a budget-friendly and convertible car seat.

You can use this car seat in three different stages of a baby's life.

Firstly, you can use it as a rear-facing car seat since it supports between 4 to 18 lbs. Its next use is found rear-facing, but this time with a larger weight capacity of 40 pounds. The third and final use is the forward-facing one that supports kiddos from 22 to 65 lbs.

Pretty impressive, right?

For such a bargain deal, you can use this car seat for a long time.

If you are a new parent, we understand that installations can be quite troublesome. The car seat has an immediate installation angle where the bubble indicator tells you if you reached the desired angle set-up.

What I like the most about this Baby Trend seat is the narrow design. A slim design like this is always welcome for smaller cars and three-across installations.

The seat comes with a 5 point safety harness and quick shoulder and crotch strap adjustment. With a deeper set of wings, it offers excellent neck and head support.

  • Affordable
  • Narrow design
  • Long service
  • Harness is troublesome

Baby Trend EZ Flex Loc Infant Car Seat - Easily Installed Car Seat

A true marvel in the infant car seat world reviews, the Baby Trend EZ Flex Loc infant car seat took us all by surprise when it comes to astonishing design and ease of use.

You saw the name hundreds of times, but you still do not know what "Flex Loc" stands for?

The Baby Trend car infant seat got its name from the incredible LATCH system. The latch straps are flexible enough to attach to the latch anchors in the car. With the bendable arm hook, it offers quick and easy installation.

Another admirable feature about the car seat is the impeccable base. It can be adjusted to 4 different levels by clicking the base in upward and downward motions.

The base also offers one-hand easy release, which makes the process of separation a hundred times easier. The Baby Trend EZ Flex Loc infant car seat is slim in design.

Of course, we mean this in the right way. It would be an excellent choice for those with smaller cars. The narrow adjustable base is designed for the car seat to be installed in any vehicle type, no matter how small or big.

A big plus is the large weight capacity. The Baby Trend EZ Flex Loc car infant seat can support babies from 5 to 30 pounds.

It also comes with a smooth carrying handle that will not scratch your arm while carrying your baby to the rear car seat.

  • Adjustable base
  • Easy to install
  • Smooth handle
  • Straps can be tricky to tighten

Baby Trend Cover Me 4 in 1 Convertible Car Seat - Best 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

The Baby Trend offers a spectacular offer for parents who want to save money in the long run. How so?

Well, considering that this car seat retails for under $150 and will last you from infancy to booster age, I think this is a great budget find.

The car seat includes four modes.

You can use the rear-facing infant mode for babies between 4-18 pounds, rear-facing toddler more from 18 to 40 pounds, forward-facing with harness from 22-65 pounds, and high back booster mode from 40 to 100 pounds.

What’s the first thing that you notice in this BabyTrend car seat? The canopy, right?

Not many convertible car seats include a canopy, so I was pretty surprised when I saw that this one does.

It allows your kiddos to adjust the canopy as he wants during the ride, so it’s great if you like summer traveling. The sun does not get in the way, and you won’t hear any complaints from the back seat!

The seat includes an adjustable headrest with a no-rethread harness for the car seat to grow with the child.

It also has three recline positions which are great for taking naps. Of course, it would be great if the recline was more adjustable, especially for infants.

Those who often carpool will love the fact that this car seat allows for three across installations!

  • Affordable
  • Follows all stages
  • Comfortable
  • Large weight capacity
  • Includes a canopy
  • Few recline options
  • Belt straps are a bit short

Baby Trend Yumi Folding Booster Car Seat - Best Booster Car Seat For Travels

If you want a way to save a couple of bucks on your travel essentials but still need a trustworthy booster car seat, Baby Trend has your back.

Although the Baby Trend Yumi Folding booster seat has been on offer for a long time now, not many parents know about it.

Well, we're going to change that. There is no reason you shouldn't know about this bargain offer that is perfect for travels.

Firstly, this is a belt-positioning booster and can support children between 30 and 100 pounds. Although it has a lower weight limit, I suggest you keep your kids in the rear-facing or forward-facing seats until they are ready for a booster car seat.

The comfort is brought to you with the eight positions of adjustable head support while the breathable mesh keeps your kid calm and relaxed.

What's great about it is that it does not only serve you during your travels. The comfortable and safe system design is suitable enough for everyday use.

Moreover, the booster seat comes with an easy-to-wash Off-N-Wash Pad that you can take off and throw in the washing machine.

The Yumi Folding booster car seat is available with side protection hidden in the headrest.

Although it reaches a decent size when it's folded, it's still compact enough for travel. It's a better choice than the traditional booster seats.

  • Easy to use
  • Great travel system
  • Side protection
  • Cup holders
  • Multiple headrest positions
  • Budget pick
  • Can be bulky when folded

Baby Trend Snap-N-Go EX Universal Infant Car Seat Carrier - Best Car Seat Carrier

This is a fantastic option if you don’t want to take your everyday stroller for running errands. But, if you want a compact and lightweight option, this Baby Trend Snap-N-Go universal car seat carrier is an outstanding choice!

Firstly, you need to put the car seat of your choice to use the carrier.

It accepts all Baby Trend infant car seats, so if you already own one of them, this is a fantastic find for a budget price. Then, you can adjust the seat to face you or the world!

It’s super easy to use as well as it features a one-hand folding mechanism.

Just press the red button on the handlebar, and the stroller-carrier will fold itself down. Lock the frame, and voila! You can store it wherever without it taking up much of the precious space!

What’s best about it is that it stands alone when folded, so it’s manageable to carry the infant car seat in one hand if you use public transportation.

As you can see, the storage basket is huge!

Not only can you fit baby accessories in there, but you can sneak in a few of your items and still have extra room! Of course, the more you add, the heavier the carrier will be.

I love that it comes with both a parent and a child tray! Who says you have to compromise if you want an affordable stroller?

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Foldable
  • Huge storage basket
  • Accepts all Baby Trend infant car seats
  • Not so stable

Baby Trend Ally Infant Car Seat Base - Best Used With Baby Trend Ally 35 Best Baby Trend Accessories

If your heart is set on the famous Baby Trend Ally 35, this is your must-have purchase! You already read about the car seat review above, but have you heard about the fantastic base?

This car seat base is compatible only with the Baby Trend Ally 35 car seats and is sold separately.

The base has a fully LATCH compliant system that allows for easy installation in all types of vehicles. But, it can also be installed in non-latch compliant cars and install the only seat belt instead.

Adjusting the base has never been easier. The car seat angle is comfortably adjusted with the help of the base foot.

Make sure you follow all the manual instructions and enjoy your Baby Trend Ally 35 car seat and base.

  • Ease of use
  • Can be used on EZ Ride 35 as well
  • Best with Baby Trend Ally 35
  • Pricy

Buyer's Guide

1. Background Check

Now that you are done reading our reviews, we would like to take a moment and reflect on the Baby Trend brand.

Since it's been on the market for over 30 years, it has earned many parents' trust to provide only the best for their child.

The brand tends to follow the latest parent's comfort, easy installment, design, or safety requirements.

They strive to accomplish only the ultimate versions of car seats, strollers, or any other child gear follow-ups.

Did I mention my favorite thing about Baby Trend?

They have ridiculously low prices for such impressive quality. Any purchase will be a great bargain, especially for new parents who have had it with expenses.

Over the years, their car seats have been ranked top in usage, price, and safety.

With innovative new designs and models, it's bound that this will become one of your favorite brands of baby accessories.

No matter which age, you can find creative items to help you with your life's challenging but joyful journey.

2. Safety

Safety is our number one concern.

Whether it's for infant car seats or booster ones, safety should be your number one priority.

When choosing car seats, you need to make sure they have been crash-tested or have essential features such as side protection.

You can notice in our reviews above that all of the car seats have side protection, which always gives you a sound mind.

Another specialty to keep an eye out for is whether the car seat exceeds the Safety Standards.

Sure, many of them follow and meet the standards, but how much information are you getting from that? Slim, right?

Exceeding safety standards are a lot more assuring here.

best baby trend car seat reviews

3. Is Baby Trend Worth It?

Side impact protective layer, adjustable base, adjustable positions, travel systems; what more could you possibly ask for such a low price?

If your question is whether Baby Trend is worth the money, the answer would be YES!

If you still question the quality, why not purchase a travel system or a stroller just to have it as a spare when you go on a holiday or take the kid to the grandparents?

See for yourself what's all the hype about.

Sure, you can find other models on the more luxurious market with many fancy additions to them. Baby Trend likes to play it safe. They keep it traditional and have a target audience.

One of our favorite picks for first-time buyers is the Baby Trend EZ Ride 35 Travel System. It comes with a highly popular Baby Trend Ally 35 infant seat that is packed with features.

See for yourself in the review above.

4. Travel System Hype - Are They That Good?

You can notice that travel systems are taking the world by storm. From our reviews, you can check out two of the most popular stroller and car seat duos. 

Baby Trend travel systems are so popular that they offer similar compatibility and convenience as other more expensive brands like Graco or Britax

A Baby Trend stroller comes with bigger wheels that ensure your child has the smoothest ride every time, even on harsher terrains.

Some of the models have a "lock-in" feature that enables them to be suitable for jogging.

With an adjustable handle system, you can adjust the stroller to your liking and ensure you have a proper hold.

Most of them have a double tray—one for the kid in the front and one for the parent in the back.

Do you now get why Baby Trend travel systems are so popular?


Are Baby Trend car seats safe?

Yes! Baby Trend seats are safe for both infants and toddlers.

The brand strictly follows the latest safety standards and thoroughly tests their products to minimize the risk of injuries.

Baby Trend car seats go under strenuous testing procedures to ensure only the best products are brought to you.

Are Baby Trend car seats FAA approved?

Car seats by Baby Trend will have a label at the bottom declaring whether the car seat is FAA approved or not.

Some of the Baby Trend car seats you use when air traveling are the Trooper, Hybrid w/Harness (stage 1 only), Convertible Protect, as well as all infant Baby Trend car seats.

What is the weight limit for Baby Trend infant car seats?

Like with most infant car seats, Baby Trend follows the weight limit between 4-35 pounds

Such is the case with the Baby Trend Secure Snap Tech 35 Infant Car Seat, as it is suitable to use until the baby is 24 months old.

After that, you should move on to the rear-facing car seat with a bigger weight limit.

However, the weight limit is not the same as all Baby Trend infant car seats, so you should check each one individually to see what works best.

Is Graco or Baby trend better?

In terms of safety, both of the car seat brands offer outstanding 5 stars performance. However, there are a few differences.

If you want a budget-friendly option, Baby Trend takes the win.

But, if you like prolonged use, Graco offers up to 120 lbs weight capacity, something Baby Trend cannot compete with.

What car seat bases are compatible with Baby Trend?

Usually, car seat bases are compatible with the same line of car seats. For accurate information and a full list, please check the link we provided.

How long do Baby Trend car seats last?

Post-manufacture, Baby Trend car seats last up to 6 years.

You can find more information on the car seat label to ensure your car seat is updated and valid.

How to loosen straps on Baby Trend car seats?

best baby trend car seat reviews

To adjust and loosen the straps on Baby Trend car seats, you can follow the steps below:

- You must reduce the harness when you pull it up and then let it go. You will lengthen the straps and loosen them.

- Repeat the process until you can quickly fit the fingers under the harness, even if it’s tightened.

- You must push down the top of the chest clip to loosen or tighten the straps; depending on your needs

- Moderate both sides of the buckle to ensure it will no longer pinch. Once it’s done, you’re ready to go! 

How to remove a Baby Trend car seat from the base?

To remove the Baby Trend car seat from the base, please refer to the procedure below:

- disconnect the LATCH lower connectors

- push base towards the LATCH attachments, and press the red LATCH release button in the base belt path while making the car seat base

- press the red LATCH release button on one of the LATCH attachments and pull the car seat base away from the vehicle seat’s connectors

- repeat the process on the opposite side

- place the LATCH attachments to storage position on the side of the car seat base

- remove the excess belt from the LATCH system while pulling downwards the LATCH belt ending loops

Are Baby Trend car seat bases universal?

No, they are not. They are compatible with Baby Trend car seats and specific models but not with all car seats.

For instance, you can use the Secure 35 infant car seat base with the Secure 32 and 35 infant car seats, Flex Loc, and EZ Flex Loc infant car seats.

However, you cannot use the car seat base with the Ally 35 Baby Trend infant car seats. So, the car seat base is not a universal model for all car seats.

You will have to find the matching units to fit your and your kid’s needs.

Can you use Baby Trend car seats without a base?

Yes, you can. Although it’s more preferred to use the car seat base for the car seat, you can go without the base when you’re traveling with the baby.

For instance, the Baby Trend brand suggests European belt routing for the installation process without the car seat base.

You can put the lap part of the seat belt through the seat belt paths. The next step is to wrap the shoulder part of the seat belt around the carrier’s back.

How long are Baby Trend car seat bases suitable for?

Baby Trend gives a six-year lifespan to its products from the date of manufacture.

You can find the label with the serial number and the expiration date at the bottom of the car seat base or the underside of the car seat.

You can also look for this information in the car seat instruction manual.

What strollers are compatible with Baby Trend car seats?

Baby Trend car seats are compatible with the same-brand strollers, and you can find multiple options for all parents.

Still, there are other stroller brands compatible with the Baby Trend car seats, such as:

- Baby Jogger

- Combi Graco

- Evenflo

- Chicco

- Safety 1st, and other multiple brands.

Can you wash Baby Trend car seat covers?

Yes, you can wash the car seat covers, but only manually.

Do not wash the surfaces in the washing machine. Instead, use mild soap and warm water with a cloth or sponge to clean them.

The same rule applies to wheels - you need to use mild soap and warm and either the cloth or sponge to clean or wipe them.

Final Words

Baby Trend offers great picks for parents on the budget and for those who choose convenience.

From the best Baby Trend car seat reviews, you gathered that our admiration for the brand does not cease.

Like our top pick, we would have to select the fantastic Baby Trend EZ Ride 35 Travel System.

The travel system stroller duo will deliver enjoyable strolls down the neighborhood while you sip your morning coffee.

Baby Trend EZ Ride 35 Travel System, Doodle Dots*
  • Easy 1-hand fold for compact storage
  • 3-position height-adjustable handle
  • Parent console with 2 cup holders and covered storage
  • Adjustable canopy with large peek-a-boo window
  • Multiple position reclining seat
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