Safe And Snug Rides With The Best Car Seat Head Support (Top 12 Picks)

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Car seat head supports are taking the parent world by a storm!

No, this is not another overly-hyped product that will go out of trend in a few years.

This is your must-have product if you are looking to offer your little one the best car seat head support and comfort during the ride.

Depending on your preferences regarding design, installation, and price, I have collected 12 of the most popular models that will simply wow you.

Without further ado, let's overview each model's pros and cons and help you pick out your favorite one.

Top 3 Recommendations
DorDor & GorGor CuddleME Infant Head Support with Organic Cotton, 2-in-1 Reversible, Gray*
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Travel Bug by GoldBug Baby & Toddler 3-Piece Head Support & Strap Covers Set for Car Seats &...*
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Versatile Use

Best Baby Car Seat Head Support on the Market: My Top 12 Choices

Boppy Noggin Nest Head Support for Infants - Best Pick

Like the best head support for infant car seat, we have opted for the impressive Boppy Noggin Nest Head Support.

This is one of the most convenient head supports we had the pleasure of reviewing, and you are going to find out why.

Firstly, this car seat support is suitable for use in strollers, swings, and even bouncers. You name it! The Boppy Noggin manufacturers honestly thought of everything.

Now, the real star of the article is the unique design of the head support.

With the help of a team of scientists and engineers, the head support system has been carefully developed to relieve any pressure on your child's head and neck while they are comfortably sinking into sleep.

Just how unique and supportive this system is for head and neck says a lot when recommended by a pediatrician.

With an easy-to-follow instruction manual, the system is installed in rear-facing car seats or infant car seats that use a 5-point or 3-point harness.

Before you install and use the infant support, it's recommended you remove the padded infant inserts. A significant advantage of this support has the reversible side.

You can use the organic cotton one during winter and autumn while the linen side is relaxed and comfortable enough for summer use.

Since the baby head is in the developing stage, this support's recommended child use is from 0 to 4 months.

  • Reversible side
  • Lightweight
  • Works with three and five-point harness
  • Exceeds US Standards
  • Comfortable
  • A bit pricey

DorDor & GorGor CuddleME Infant Head Support - Runner Up

The DorDor & GorGor presents a real lifesaver during long car rides. It offers full-body support and is currently taking the baby gear industry by storm!

Parents worldwide absolutely love using this head support for their rear-facing car seats as well as for carriers and strollers.

If you wanted to get dedicated head support and use it in the long run, I would look no further than this one.

DorDor & GorGor has been in the industry for a long time now. With every step of the way, they are looking to provide the most complementary products.

The very design of this rear-facing infant car seat support is truly something.

Not only does it offer adequate head support, but it's also designed to provide full-body support as well.

The accent here is on child development. The full design of this support is created to follow your child's development of body and bones.

Moreover, the head support is created from hypoallergenic polyester fiber that does not contain any flame retardant or any other harmful chemicals.

It's highly breathable, comfortable, and suitable for sensitive baby skin.

When you first take it out of its packaging, it's essential to remove the vacuum seal package before you wash the product.

After that, the head support system can withstand hundreds of machine-washes.

You will be happy to know that your baby is safely riding in the back seat while its head and neck are entirely supported.

  • Full support
  • 2-in-1 reversible design
  • Tricky to unlatch from the base

Travel Bug Baby & Toddler 3-Piece Head Support - Versatile Use

It's time for you to know your new favorite travel buddy.

Meet Travel Bug, baby and toddler three-piece head support system for car seats, strollers, and bouncers.

The combo is versatile and fits every car seat while keeping your little one supported throughout the ride.

The Travel Bug is easily attached to a car seat and comes with an exciting character choice design that every baby will love. The snuggle buddy offers a cute ride-along interior for your baby's entertainment.

It does a fantastic job, working along with three-point and five-point harness systems usually found in most car seats for newborns and toddlers.

What I genuinely appreciate about this head support is the soft fabric.

Since our young ones are prone to skin irritations, it's essential to choose only the very best for them.

The Travel Bug support has a soft padding that keeps the baby's head and neck supported and well-positioned at all times.

For busy moms, cleaning the cover has never been more comfortable!

Especially when the Travel Bug cover is suitable for washing machines. Just make sure you fasten all the fasteners before you wash the cover.

If you wish to keep the head support in further use, you can do so using the two buttons on the head, which allow you to adjust the height.

  • Wide character selection for both genders
  • Comfortable fabric
  • Suitable for car seats, strollers, and bouncer
  • Machine-washable cover
  • Easy to install
  • Could have more strap holes

JANABEBE Reducer Cushion Infant Head & Baby Body Support - Best Design Choices

How cute is the Janabebe infant head support cushion?

It comes in various designs for boys and girls, and they are constructed from delicate materials gentle to the baby's skin!

This body support pillow is designed to offer a snug feel to your little one on his car drive. Infant car seats are often too roomy for a small baby, so these types of things come in handy!

It's fully adjustable! Yep, both the headrest and the body support can be adjusted to fit the baby in the carrycot, car seat, or bassinet.

The ergonomic fit is specially made for fussy babies. Believe me, and you won't be hearing any squirming from the back seat. Babies love the soft and delicate fabric!

It's 100% breathable and hypoallergenic so that it will fit the ones with sensitive skin. For instance, one of the main ingredients is cotton, which is comfortable and soft so that it won't irritate.

In addition, you can also find a matching car seat cover and hood, but you will have to buy these separately.

Nonetheless, it's great to keep up with trends and want the entire car seat to follow one design.

However, a few of the consumers have complained about the padding. That being said, this is probably not the best car seat head support if you are looking for thick and luscious padding.

  • Easy to install
  • It offers a snug fit
  • Multiple color options
  • Breathable and delicate fabric
  • Could use more padding

COOLBEBE 3-in-1 Baby Head Neck Body Support - Season Friendly

The CoolBebe is another 3-in-1 system that parents seem to rave about lately. This head support for the car seat supports the baby's head, neck, and torso with a nestled feel.

Let's see what makes this car seat infant head support so special.

We can notice that the car seat support is fit for cars and strollers, bouncers, and swings. The practical use of the set makes it a perfect companion wherever you take your baby.

What makes head support special is the unique, season-friendly fabric.

While it is fantastic for wintertime, the head support resulted in excellent summer use as well.

The so-called sandwich mesh material is breathable and provides a relaxed environment when the hotter days roll around.

The recommended weight use of head support is from birth up to 10 kg of weight.

It contains a removable infant insert pillow, which you can take out as soon as your baby is a bit older. It is ideal for newborns and premature babies all up to babies of 12 months old.

The CoolBebe head support infant seat for car has developed a supported and comfortable design with ultra-soft velour fabric for your baby's comfort.

The portable changing pad is pleased to take off when it needs cleaning, and it is suitable for machine wash use.

  • Affordable
  • Ultra-soft fabric
  • Perfect for summer and wintertime
  • Supports baby’s head, neck, and torso
  • Instructions are vague

Diono Cuddle Soft, 2-in-1 Head Support - Best 2-In-1 Design

Next up on our list is the Diono Cuddle Soft, 2-in-1 head support for babies.

You may have heard about this brand in some of our other reviews, where you can notice this is one of the highly praised brands of baby gear worldwide.

Now is what you need to know if you plan on purchasing this car seat head support for infants.

The Diono head support is designed to provide full-body support, focusing on all crucial areas.

The cozy design is carefully constructed to support the baby's head, neck, shoulders, and torso while traveling on your new adventure.

Us parents are always looking for ways to save a couple of bucks and prolong the baby gear use whenever possible. This is probably my favorite feature from Diono Cuddle Soft.

Thanks to the innovative 2-in-1 design, you can easily take out the inner cushion and make it more appropriate for your growing baby.

We already discussed the importance of it, but it's still worth mentioning. Your baby deserves the best during its ride. This means comfort and security!

The Diono head support for car seats includes an ultra-soft velvet touch fabric that does not irritate the skin whatsoever!

Plus, you can always throw the cover in the machine-washer and ensure your baby always sleeps in a clean and fresh environment.

  • Easy on the budget
  • Removable infant pillow
  • Supports infants up to 15 pound
  • Machine-washable cover
  • Not compatible with every car seat

Jolly Jumper 3 in 1 Baby Hugger - Best for Smaller Infants

Ah, the baby hugger! What would we do without it? Moms with smaller infants, hear me out.

This is the best support system you can purchase if your baby has too much space in their car seat.

Not only does this support work for the car seat, but it's also rather versatile. You can use it in strollers, carrycots, bassinets, and baby beds!

In addition, smaller infants can literally "float" in their car seat, so these types of baby huggers work wonders when you need a snug fit!

This baby hugger is made out of three parts, and all of them are removable to fit the growth of your little one!

That being said, you can take every piece apart, and as your baby grows, you can remove the body support and leave only the head support with the neck support.

This head support cushion offers a snug fit, and it also prevents the baby from feeling the driving movements and any possible bumps on the road.

These can be annoying, especially if you have a fussy baby that wakes up at every sound!

However, the materials are not the best.

Many babies sweat in this baby hugger, so only use it occasionally for shorter trips. If you want breathable head support, I recommend the COOLBEBE Upgraded 3-in-1 Baby Head.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Great for smaller infants
  • Versatile use
  • Good for occasional use
  • With the 3-in-1 design, you can dissemble
  • Babies often sweat in this head support

Boppy Head and Neck Support - Best for Easy Maintenance

It's baby shark time!

With the Boppy head and neck support, your baby's favorite tune will become one of their best friends during the car ride!

The Boppy is specially designed for car seats that are too big for the little one, and it fills in all the extra space. Not only that, but it offers a cozy and snug feel to newborns.

Whenever I purchase a piece of baby gear, I always check the label to see how long I can use it. Of course, it's best to invest smartly, but with Boppy head support, you will make no mistake!

It can be used from day one as soon as you leave the hospital with your baby. Oh, and wait till you hear about the design!

It's my favorite one as it includes a shark fin on the top and pectoral fins that hug the baby's body.

In addition, it includes a unique cut-out that is designed for pressure relief while your baby lounges in their new car seat head support.

If you are worried if you can safely use the support in the car, don't be! It works with both 5-point and 3-point harnesses and does not interfere with installation.

It can also be installed in a stroller, bouncer, or swing. Plus, the entire head support is machine-washable, so your baby can always sleep in a clean environment.

  • Machine-washable
  • Simple to install
  • Versatile use
  • It can be used from day one
  • Elevated design
  • Smaller size

Pro Goleem Infant Car Seat Head Neck Body Support - Best for Summer and Winter Use

The ProGoleem head and body support are the fuzziest and comfortable models!

If you are looking for support your baby can use both in summer and winter; then this is the best pick!

You may think it's a rip-off of the COOLBEBE Upgraded 3-in-1 Baby Head as they are both season-friendly. However, it could not be more different!

Pro Goleem baby head support is exceptional because it has a reversible design you can easily transition between.

In addition, one side is composed of microfiber, which is perfect for the summertime as it is comfortable and breathable.

But, when you flip it over, you will be amazed at the fuzzy Minky dot design that keeps your baby cozy during colder days.

Plus, both sides are suitable for hand wash and machine wash, and they both hold shape very well.

Furthermore, the head and body support have an adjustable headrest that slides up and down. Therefore, giving your baby the support he needs while growing up is manageable.

As for the age range, you can use this head support from day one until your little one is one year old. After that, the chances are that it won't properly support them.

On a side note, some parents may not like how plush and bulky this support is. It's not light and compact for traveling and will take a generous amount of space.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to adjust as the baby grows
  • Season-friendly
  • Too bulky

AIPINQI Head and Body Support Pillow with Neck Support - Best Thick Padding

If you want a detachable design you can fully take apart and use only the head support; then the Aipinqi model is for you. It's affordable and available in loads of endearing designs.

For starters, this head and body support offers the ultimate solution in keeping your baby safe and snug in their car seat, carrier, bassinet, or just laying on a bed.

The unique design will help prevent head slumping and slouching of the body, especially if the baby is in an inadequate position.

One of the most convenient features of this model is its detachable head support.

When you first take your baby home from the hospital, you want to be using full-body support to keep the baby snug.

However, as the little one grows older, remove the head support and use it separately. Plus, it has a universal fit that fits easily into all car seats and strollers. However, many have found it too large for some car seats.

Moreover, the entire body support is made of soft and breathable material that will offer a cozy feel to the baby in both winter and summertime.

The legs of the body support even have sound effects, which are perfect for calming and amusing the baby! Plus, it's machine washable, so the cleaning requires no effort whatsoever!

  • Suitable for machine wash
  • Has sound effects in the legs
  • Two-sided design
  • Removable head and neck supporting cushion
  • It can be too bulky for some car seats

Jitejoe Baby Travel Pillow - Best for Travelling

The head support by Jitejoe is perfect for infants with its unique shape. This is solely head support suitable for babies from day one to four months!

Throughout the four months, the head support will follow the baby's growing stages by offering maximum support for the head and the neck.

Many parents love the versatile use! As it has a limited use time, it's good to know you can use it in more places than one!

For instance, the head support pillow fits wonderfully in strollers, bassinets, and carriers! It's also suitable for the airplane so if you are planning a vacation with your little one, make sure you bring this one along.

The inside is filled with high-quality silky floss that keeps the baby warm! Most are concerned about the shape of these fillings, but Jitejoe baby support holds shape pretty well after months of use!

However, as it is machine washable, make sure you fluff it out after it's washed. Also, only wash this one on a gentle cycle! Having to clean baby gear is a nightmare for many parents.

Since spit-ups and spills are inevitable with infants, this one will make your job much easier as it is super easy to maintain and clean.

Make sure you check the description for exact measurements as some customers ended up not fitting the support in the car seat.

  • Machine-washable
  • U-shaped design
  • Silky floss filling
  • Holds shape
  • /

Luckyiren Baby Head Support for Car Seat-Car Seat Support - Easy To Use

How many times did you turn around to check if your kid was slouching in their car seat? Too many to count?

The Luckyiren Baby Headband presents a practical solution to all the worried parents.

Without further ado, let's see what this popular product has to offer.

The Luckyiren offers help for all the parents whose kids struggle with reclining in the car. It saves the head from moving and causing discomfort while sleeping.

This product has been manufactured with great care and highly durable and comfortable material support. It consists of plastic, nylon, and cotton.

The installation of the head support could not be easier. It can be installed in car seats, strollers, or prams.

This baby head support's highly appreciative benefit is that it's designed to be as adjustable and comfortable as possible while still performing its function.

So, how exactly should you use this product?

Simple. Unclick the buckle and adjust the belt in accordance with the child's head. Place the padded side on the forehead and secure the strap with the car seat or stroller.

The child head support comes in a colorful design that all kids will love.

Plus, it makes it an appropriate piece of gear for kids of different ages. There is no such issue as gender or age limit when it comes to this head support.

You can get for yourself or add it to your Christmas shopping list and surprise fellow parents.

  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Not compatible with some strollers

Buyer's Guide For Car Seat Head Support

You might think that head supports for a car seat are one of the easier purchases you're going to make as a parent.

And, guess what, you are probably right.

However, there are still some tips I would like to share before you make your final choice. Who knows, there may be a few sneaky features you neglected to consider.

1. Car Seat Base - Did You Check It?

best convertible car seat with head support

Oh boy, there have been numerous cases where parents have forgotten to check their car seat base beforehand. That's okay; you can't be expected to check the little things.

Thankfully, we are here to remind you and help you make a stress-free purchase.

So, as you know, some of the infant car seats come with a car seat base.

Others have additional features such as bubble level indicator or adjustable foot system. Sometimes, these features do not allow for the head support to be installed.

Therefore always check for them and the support dimensions before you add the product to the cart.

2. Maintenance - Is It Possible With Little Ones?

Absolutely! As long as you get a machine-washable cover, you are good to go. Babies are continually gurgling, and accidents are bound to happen during long rides.

In the long run, an easy-to-clean cover is a real lifesaver and can make all the difference.

3. Versatility

Versatility is critical if you are looking to save a few bucks. You can see that most head supports can be used not only for car seats but also for strollers and bouncers.

Most of them have a few adjustable buttons that allow you to adjust the system better and prolong the use if needed.

4. Why Exactly Do You Need a Heat Support for Car Seat?

Head support for a car seat is a necessary accessory that helps with child head development. These nifty things are designed to appropriately mold the child's head and prevent the "flat head syndrome."

Another benefit concerns the comfort of the baby during long rides.

Car seat support can make all the difference when your baby is riding rear-facing or forward-facing for a long time.

Thanks to the breathable fabric nowadays, you can find perfect models for winter and summer time as well.

They are great to have if you want your baby to have full head and neck support during rides and collisions.

Some of the more advanced models on the market even offer side-impact protection, so you are sure knowing your little one is safe in the back seat.

During the early stage of a child's development, their vertebrae ligaments and tendons are stretchable. Thus, you can notice the child's head moving side to side or even forward in the car seat during long rides. In this case, react immediately!

This can cause a significant risk to their undeveloped bodies. With the help of car seat support, the movements of the head are significantly limited.


Are head supports safe in car seats?

Yes, head supports are safe in car seats. They are designed to keep the baby's head and neck in the right manner throughout the car ride.

Is car seat head support necessary?

Not all car seats need an additional head support cushion.

Some of them are designed to keep a snug fit that prevents your child's head from falling forward if they accidentally fall asleep.

However, if you feel like your baby is too small for a car seat, you need a head support cushion.

In those first few months, you must ensure the baby's head is properly supported. If not, inadequate support can lead to neck problems and even head damage.

Why do you need to support a baby's head?

In the first few months of their life, babies cannot hold their heads by themselves. This is because the neck muscles are still developing and getting stronger.

Not supporting the baby's head could lead to numerous neck issues and brain damage.

When you lift the baby, pass it to the relatives, or always hold their head with one hand during bath time.

By the beginning of the end of month three, the baby will be able to hold his head when being carried.

How long do you use infant head support?

best infant car seat head and body support

Generally, you should be using infant head support a few months after the baby can hold the head by themselves. 

You will begin to notice that when the baby's head has reached the top of the support at its highest adjustment point, it's time to stop using it.

This is around the third or fourth month, but be careful not to stop using the infant head support prematurely. As every progress is individual, removing the head support may differ.

How do I keep my baby's head from slumping in the car seat?

To prevent the baby's head from slumping in the car, you need to adequately use head supports.

Using them according to the instruction manual, you are lifting their head and preventing any slumping or awkward positions from happening.

How do you put a head support on a car seat?

Head supports are one of the easiest baby gear essentials to install in rear-facing or forward-facing car seats.

Most of them come with a stick-on base while other ones come with adjustable straps.

Nonetheless, you should consult with the instruction manual when you plan on installing the head support in a car seat.

Final Words

Having the best car seat support for the head has proven to be one of the most helpful baby gear essentials.

It's essential to know the benefits of using one and installing it properly in the car seat. 

The Boppy Noggin Nest Head Support for Infants is our number one pick in keeping our little ones safe and comfy in the back seat.

Write us down in the comments about your favorite choice and share your experience using head support in a car seat.

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