Help Your Child Travel Comfortably With the Best Car Seat Strap Covers

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The first rule of traveling with a child is: keep them buckled up. But, harness systems are by no means soft and gentle.

Even worse, we need to install them tightly enough to protect our children from moving, so it often happens that the rough seat belt irritates their skin.

Luckily, the manufacturers came up with accessories to help our little one feel more comfortable in a harness.

My favorite product of this kind is the car seat strap cover that doesn't impede safety yet creates a soft barrier between the strap and my child.

Look at the list of the best seat belt cover I found, and learn why they are so popular.

Top 3 Recommendations

Check out the creme-de-la-creme of today's list, the top 3 products with the price and ratings listed.

Best Car Seat Strap Covers on the Market: My Top 13 Choices

COOLBEBE Seat Belt Pillow for Kids - Top Pick Baby Car Seat Belt Cover

When it comes to the car seat strap covers, three main things are essential.

- The covers should keep the straps in place.

- They should make the harness more comfortable for your little one.

- They should protect the straps from debris.

CoolBebe strap covers are meeting all three requirements.

These soft wraps are made of 100% polyester, while the padding is made of polyurethane foam. As such, they are incredibly plush and soft, preventing the harness from hurting your baby's fragile body.

On the other hand, the cover is made of velvet-touch fabric, also very soft, so it's perfectly safe and pleasant on the skin. However, the manufacturer included this material for another reason, and that's to prevent slippage.

As car seat straps and harnesses are usually a pain in the neck maintenance-wise, we use covers to keep them clean and avoid the hassle. But if covers are just as complicated to wash, the problem is still there.

For CoolBebe covers, use a cold wash cycle to wash them in a machine and hang them to dry. They'll be as good as new.

Finally, these covers are very affordable, and they are available in three colors. You can use them on a car seat strap or stroller strap.

  • Could be longer

JJ Cole Reversible Strap Covers - Most Comfortable

The JJ Cole car seat strap cover is an ideal option for your little one since the cover adds more comfort and a pleasant touch skin for an extended period.

But you can also apply it on a stroller with reversible strap covers, not only for car seats. So, you will find it adjustable and multifunctional.

Moreover, the strap cover offers a simple yet helpful design, wrapping around the stroller and car seat straps and preventing discomfort.

This way, the strap cover provides a cozy, soft and comfortable touch, predicting your baby's neck without scratching.

Thanks to the soft and breathable knit of the inner side and plush velour on the other, the strap cover protects your little one's head from rough seat belts and prevents discomfort and injuries.

Of course, you can choose among multiple designs and styles to fit your little one. So, you can adjust the ideal colors and patterns and even use them as a present.

Finally, the car seat strap cover will last for an extended period and serve for more robust use.

In addition, it won't lose its shape or quality even when you use it for wear and tear.

  • Comfort
  • Softness
  • Support
  • Lightweight
  • Not for instant car seats – too big

Andalus Authentic Sheepskin Car Seat Belt Cover - The Softest Model

What's so unique about the Andalus car seat strap cover?

Firstly, the item is perfect since it increases comfort for the users.

Furthermore, the wool cover remains fixed and balanced once you properly attach it to the strap, eliminating stress, pressure, and discomfort while using it. So, set belts won't harm you.

In addition, the cover is full of Australian sheepskin wool; therefore, it will be soft and cozy for your skin and touch.

Hence, it adds more luxury, gentleness, fluffiness, and more softness for you or your little passengers.

You can install it pretty quickly, thanks to the VELCRO cloth sticker. It doesn't require extra tools or hardware.

Yet, it requires three steps for proper setup: tearing off, placing the seat belt under it, and putting the VELCRO together.

As the unit has a universal fit, it covers numerous vans, SUVs, trucks, buses, trains, airplanes, jeeps, and other motor vehicles.

Also, you can apply it for pet harness systems and additional straps with sharp edges that might create discomfort.

And, the unit will last longer due to its soft yet durable content and materials. So, it will keep your children comfier and prevent hurting their necks while riding.

  • Quick setup
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Not so reliable

Symphony Car Seat Belt Pillow for Kids - The Best Seat Belt Pillow

Seat belts can be just as uncomfortable for kids as the harness is for babies, so it's not a bad idea to get a seat belt cover and make trips more comfortable.

The difference between a seat belt cover and a car seat cover is just in size since seat belt covers are longer.

This seat belt cover comes from Symphony.

It measures 8.5 inches in length and 2.6 inches in width, and it's available in four different designs: dinosaur, dinosaur 6A, space, and unicorn.

I like that these covers look fun and interesting.

Kids are visual beings, and they often feel more comfortable just because the environment looks fun. So, from that point of view, it's a well-design product.

The covers incorporate new-generation absorbent cotton.

This material is breathable and soft, odor-free, and very elastic. It won't irritate your child's skin, and since it's very soft, your child can use it as a pillow if he/she falls asleep.

You won't struggle with the installation. The covers include velcros, so it takes a few seconds to attach them to the seat belt.

  • Breathable
  • Fun design
  • Easy to install
  • Improvised pillow
  • Thinner than expected

Tatuo 4 Pack Car Seat Belt Pads - Effective Protection

The Tatuo seat belt pads will wow you due to their comfy and soft design.

Namely, the unit is made of polyester fiber that cannot fade quickly.

Hence, it protects your little ones from irritation and friction from the seat belt, keeping their necks comfy, providing its users with a safer and more comfortable driving experience.

However, the unit also works like a seat belt protector. How so?

Well, the foam lining of the pads is comfortable, soft, and cozy enough to increase the relaxing atmosphere for kids and adults.

But, it provides more cushion in case of accidents, emergency braking, and other collisions. So, it protects your kids' shoulders from injuries.

Due to its universal use, the cover can be applied to shoulder bags, laptop cases, camera cases, luggage, backpacks, and other items with straps.

So, you can always be comfortable, and the pads will reduce the pressure.

The installation process is a piece of cake due to its simple yet effective design. All you have to do is open the stickup at the bottom, fold it on the belt and close it.

And, the package has two pairs of seat belt pads with different colors and designs.

  • Easy setup
  • Affordable
  • Soft
  • Quality issues

Accmor Car Seat Straps Shoulder Pads - The Best Hypoallergenic Model for All Skin Types

What's so unique about the Accmor pads?

As you will notice, the units are incredible due to their soft fluffs and overall soft design.

So, the cover pads will protect your baby's shoulders, neck from pressure, discomfort, and scratching caused by uncomfortable seat belts. So, they can enjoy the ride more.

Thanks to the super soft content, the unit is an excellent option for more extended use. It contains 100% premium-quality soft fluff.

So, it offers supreme comfort to prevent irritation, rubbing, scratching, and friction caused by the seat belt.

Also, the materials and content, in general, are hypoallergenic, suitable for all skin types, and more extended use.

Of course, you will love it for its universal fit.

So, the pads come in numerous styles, designs, and colors, suitable for babies, older and younger children of different ages, keeping them comfy on the road.

You can install and place it correctly on the seat belt pretty fast.

The pads are simple yet very effective, and you will need a couple of seconds to finish it properly.

Then, just attach it to the straps, and create a more comfy ride for your little one.

  • Easy to install
  • Comfortable
  • Soft
  • Fitting issues

GAMPRO Car Seat Belt Pad Cover Kit - Multipurpose

Children are definitely not the only ones struggling with rough seat belt straps.

Adults also love comfort, so here we have a seat belt cover from Gampro, designed to make traveling more bearable for children and adults.

This product is an Amazon's Choice, meaning it has a very high rating and loads of positive reviews.

It's made of soft polyester, skin-friendly and breathable. If you have irritation-pro skin, you can finally take a break from redness and itch.

Beneath the polyester cover, Gampro put sponge. The sponge is very soft and comfy and allows air circulation, which is priceless in summer.

These covers are multipurpose, and you can use them as seat belt covers, backpack covers, diaper bag covers, basically on any strap that causes irritation.

The dimensions are 10 x 2.3 inches, and there are seven different designs you can choose from.

If you want to use them on your child's shoulder strap, you can. However, they may be too long, so I'd rather opt for a cover made for children specifically.

When it comes to the price, these are very affordable, and they come with a money-back guarantee, so you can purchase without a worry on your mind.

  • Breathable
  • Multi-purpose
  • Affordable
  • Soft sponge
  • They tend to move

Culclendy Baby Car Seat Neck Cover - The Best Neck Support

Here we have another set of two car seat strap covers, but from a small manufacturer called Culclendy.

Even though Culclendy is a small business, these straps are very popular on Amazon, which shows that this manufacturer really invested time and effort into it and made a product worthy of attention.

These straps are made to support your baby's neck in the car seat, stroller or cradle. I'd specify this particular cover as an infant car seat strap cover.

They are made of a combination of soft cotton and Minky.

Cotton is a natural, breathable material, so it won't cause any skin irritations.

And Minky is a perfect addition to softness and comfort, adding more structure to the body of the cover.

I like that the covers are reversible.

One side is monochrome Minky, and the other features a particular fun design such as flowers or dinosaurs; you can see the exact offer on Amazon.

When it comes to dimensions, the straps measure 5.9 × 5.9 inches, which is perfect for the neck support of newborns.

  • Reversible design
  • Breathable
  • Soft
  • Well-designed
  • Reliable
  • It could be a bit more padded

Accmor Car Seat Straps Shoulder Pads - Most Durable and Reliable

Thanks to its super soft and extra comfy fabrics, the following car seat strap cover will blow your mind.

So, the body will protect your little one, and their torso part, keeping them relaxed and cozy inside the seat for a prolonged time. Thus, it prevents scratching, rubbing, discomfort and pressure.

Due to the breathable grid fabric, the pads will give your little one a soft, comfortable, and relaxing feeling.

In addition, they will create more ventilation and airflow, so they won't be sweaty or repressed once they use the seat belt pads.

Moreover, the seat belt pads are effortless to install and attach to the straps.

In addition, they're easy to clean and maintain, durable and sturdy for more robust applications.

Besides, you can easily clean and maintain them and use them again. They won't lose their quality or shape after you clean them properly.

So, you can keep them clean and fresh for subsequent use.

And, due to the universal fit, the seat belt pads will fit and cover various car seats, infant carriers, strollers, buggy straps, and other baby gear and equipment with straps.

Hence, you can always make your little ones comfy and soft.

  • Easy to clean
  • Comfort
  • Softness
  • Not so tight

Engel Worldwide Twin Pack - Longer Design for Complete Torso Protection

And why should you go for the Engel car seat strap pads? Well, the benefits are numerous, so let's sort them out.

As you can observe, the item is fantastic as it's made of pure merino sheepskin, explicitly created for increased comfort and softness. So, you and your baby will be cozy for an extended period.

Of course, the material is reliable and durable enough to endure wear and tear and more robust use, offering extra cushions for increased softness and coziness.

So, it's stronger than regular cover pads, and it won't break or shead too soon. Thus, it lasts longer than synthetic or flax materials.

You'll also find its universal design and fit.

Thus, the item fits airplanes, car seats, numerous motor vehicles, boats, backpacks, bags, and other items with shoulder and additional straps.

So, you will find it multifunctional and valuable for prolonged use.

The pads reduce the risk of irritation, rubbing, scratching, discomfort, soreness, chafing, and bruises caused by uncomfortable and rough seat belts. So, it protects both you and your kiddos.

Due to its longer design, the item is perfect for all kids, protecting their neck, shoulder, and head.

  • Easy to install
  • Soft
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Package issues

SSAWcasa Seat Belt Pillow and Adjuster for Kids Travel - The Best Offer with an Adjuster

Here we have an awesome two-in-one product from SSAWcasa, a seat belt pillow/adjuster for kids.

The product was designed to help adjust the seat belt correctly and ensure the safety of kids in a vehicle without compromising their comfort.

The shoulder pad is made of soft micro-suede fabric and filled with PP cotton, while the adjuster features a breathable baby cotton material.

When it comes to the pillow/cover, it measures 11.8" x 4.7'' and offers comfortable support to your child's head.

It also protects the straps from getting dirty and your child from rough seat belt material.

The triangle adapter was designed to keep the traps away from your child's neck and face, and they fit all seat belts regardless of the type of vehicle.

This adapter was designed for kids who are moving from the booster seat to the seat belt use.

Both pieces are non-toxic, the seatbelt cover is removable and washable, so it's up to you to maintain it germ-free and skin-friendly.

  • Breathable
  • Soft material
  • Universal size
  • Comfortable
  • It’s not recommendable to use adapters with seat belts.

R HORSE 4Pack Seatbelt Pillow Car Seat Belt Covers - Four-in-One

Next in line is an offer from R-Horse, a set of two strap covers and two adjusters, perfect for comfy rides without neck soreness.

The pillow measures 11''x 4''x 1.5'' and the adapter's dimensions are 8.3''x 2.8'' x4.3''. I like the design, there are four cartoon variants to choose from, and each is very fun and attractive.

When it comes to the material, the covers are made of soft micro-suede fabrics, while the inside is filled with PP cotton.

Therefore, they are breathable and very pleasant on the skin.

They won't cause irritation, and due to thick, plush filling, they'll prevent neck and shoulder soreness that rough straps can cause.

The maintenance won't be a problem either. You can remove the cover in a bit and wash it, keeping it clean and germs-free.

The only negative comment I found was that the covers are oddly shaped, so it may be hard to adjust them for smaller kids.

Also, some parents are concerned about how safe it is to use a seat belt adjuster since the manufacturers did not specify whether adjusters are crash tested or not.

  • Soft
  • 4-in pack
  • Breathable material
  • Washable
  • Not crash-tested

YR Seat Belt Cover for Kids - Fabulous Design

The last is a seat belt cover from YR, incredibly cute and very well-designed.

From all the products reviewed, this brand has the broadest palette of designs to choose from, and they all look amazing. But let's see how functional it is.

The covers are made of neoprene. It's a high-grade material built to absorb sweat and allow air circulation.

At the same time, it's very stretchy and soft, providing your child the comfort it needs.

What makes these covers exceptional is the wide layer of velcro that allows you to adjust the width and fit the covers perfectly.

You can use them on a seat belt, backpack, or whatever straps your kid is struggling with.

They are very durable and effortless to clean, so you don't have to worry about germs and bacteria.

Although I've made up my mind about the car seat belt cover, this one is one of my favorites too. I like how well-made the cover is and how many options the buyers have to choose from.

  • Many variants
  • Breathable
  • Washable
  • Soft
  • Not very thick

Buyer's Guide: How to Choose the Best Car Seat Strap Covers

As with any other product, it may be tricky to choose the one that is actually working and won't rip off immediately.

But, if you haven't bought anything like it before, they may seem all the same.

I've felt that way too, so I composed a list of things you should prioritize when buying car seat strap covers/pads/pillows to help you.

1. Material

It's essential to choose a non-toxic breathable material that is plush and pleasant for the skin of your baby.

Your baby might use it every day, so imagine how awful it can get if the product is irritating.

My go-to materials are always natural fabrics such as cotton or linen.

2. Size

best car seat belt cover

No matter what accessories you add, your baby won't feel any better if they don't fit the straps the right way.

So, make sure to check the measurements of the items you're buying and compare them to the vehicle seat belt or harness dimensions.

Also, avoid the seat belt pillows for a rear-facing car seat, as they are too big for your newborn's head.

3. Padding

A cover won't change a thing if it's thin and has no structure.

If you genuinely want to help your child enjoy traveling without getting marks on their shoulders every time they ride, buy top accessories with thick padding.

4. Brand

It's not that important whether the accessories are popular, as much as it matters for a brand to be reliable.

Some famous people may have recommended certain items, and now everyone is buying them, even though the brand is trash.

You've probably witnessed this countless times.

To avoid being scammed, always check the background of the brand, some of their top products, and whether customers are actually satisfied with their items.

Frequently Used Questions

What does a seat belt cover do?

A seat belt cover protects your neck, shoulder, and head from scratching, rubbing, irritation, and sometimes even bruises. It wraps around the seat belt strap and covers its sharp edges.

So, it creates more softness, comfort, and coziness for you. So, you won't be pressured while driving.

The same goes for your kids.

Is it safe to use car seat strap covers?

The official recommendations are not to add any accessories to the federally-approved child restraint system. These accessories are not crash tested with the system itself and could potentially put your little one in danger.

This doesn't mean they will, though. It simply means they haven't been tested along with the exact car seat you are using.

So, the advisable thing to do is ask for information from your car seat manufacturer.

best infant car seat strap covers

Are there any safety tips here that I need to remember?

If you just got your first baby, you might be overwhelmed about the safety measures you need to take before you get your child in a vehicle.

To help you with that, I'm linking you to one awesome video about everything you should know about rear-facing seat installation and buckling up.

Here is a similar thing about the forward-facing seat.

And here is something about the booster. Also, here you can see educational content about the children's safety in a vehicle.

Are car seat strap covers necessary?

Absolutely NOT. Car seats function perfectly well without products such as shoulder strap pads, wraps, etc.

You can choose to add them to make the ride more comfortable for your little one, but these items are by no means necessary.

Should car seat straps be above or below shoulders?

When you're using a rear-facing child car seat, the shoulder straps should be just below the child's shoulders.

With the forward-facing seats, the situation is vice versa. The shoulder straps should be above the shoulders.

How can I make my seat belt more comfortable?

best child seat belt cover

You can apply a seat belt cover.

No matter in what shape and design, these covers, or more frequently pads, are the best solution to reduce pressure and irritation caused by sharp edges of your seat belt.

But, if you have other issues, you can loosen or tighten the straps to create more comfort.

How do you make car seat strap covers? You can:

- print out the design and pattern template

- cut out the strap cover from the rest of the fabrics

- place the strap cover parts together

- saw the pieces together to fit the strap

- clip their corners

- turn the right side out

- tuck their opening under

- topstitch around the covers

Final Thoughts

Have you ever used products like the ones we talked about today? If you haven't, it's not a bad idea to consult a CPS technician and hear his/her opinion about it.

I've used a seat belt cover before, and my child did too. From my experience, I don't see these accessories as a safety threat.

If you buckle up your child as usual and simply add the covers, they shouldn't make a significant safety difference.

Just ensure the straps are not loose.

If your child has sensitive skin or the seat belt makes them feel uncomfortable, I encourage you to buy one of the best car seat strap covers.

My favorite is the COOLBEBE Car Seat Straps, excellent for newborns and kids.

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