Say Farewell to Backache With the Best Lumbar Support for Car (Top 12 Picks)

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Spending the majority of your time at the office is stressful enough, so why should your drive home be filled with stress as well?

Long sitting sessions result in backache and stiff legs due to insufficient support.

Often, the office chair does not give us the proper back support we need, and we leave home more wound up than when we arrived.

You have come across a helpful and detailed article to look for the best lumbar support cushion for car.

Lumbar supports are not only reserved for those who work long office hours.

Whether you are looking for a prevention aid or reducing the existing back pain, I have prepared 12 budget-friendly and ergonomic lumbar supports.

Let your angsty drives home become a thing of the past.

Top 3 Recommendations

Best Lumbar Support for Car on the Market: My Top 12 Picks

Everlasting Comfort Lumbar Support Pillow - Top Pick

The best lumbar support for car seat in our review comes from the only Everlasting Comfort Store.

I bet you heard about this one from your work colleagues. And guess what, this nifty little supporter is probably the reason they are coming stress-free to work.

Let's see how this back support pillow can help you.

Firstly, we have to praise that Everlasting Comfort honestly thought of everything.

This is one of the best lumbar support for cars from spine alignment, pain prevention, and discomfort.

The ergonomic shape and memory foam filling make it even more attractive. Plus, it comes at an affordable price.

Now, I have to warn you. When you first feel a support cushion, it might feel quite firm and rigid. But don't worry! This is a good thing.

The design might lack plushness, but it does an impressive job at pain relief.

Not only that, but it improves your posture in the car while you drive. How amazing is that?

As for adjustability, the Everlasting Comfort memory foam back cushion contains two adjustable straps and buckles.

Your installation process will be over in a minute, and you can enjoy a comfy and relaxing car ride every time you get behind the wheel.

  • Premium quality memory foam
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Helps with posture
  • Can be ‘too firm’ for some

LOVEHOME Memory Foam Lumbar Support Back Cushion - Runner Up

The highly-rated LOVEHOME lumbar support cushion presents a real relief when it comes to comfortable car rides.

When all you need easy adjustably, ergonomic lumbar support, and budget-friendly pricing, give this back cushion a try. You won't be disappointed.

Let's see what the key features are:

Firstly, unlike the Everlasting Comfort pillow, the LOVEHOME lumbar support cushion is thinner and much softer in construction. But, there is a reason for this.

As soon as you install the LOVEHOME memory foam lumbar support, you will notice that the slightly thinner design offers an ergonomic shape that comforts the sore areas in your back.

The user-friendly design is meant to offer back pain relief, but it also serves quite well in the installation area.

It comes with two adjustable straps that offer a snug feel in your car interiors. Some support cushions use an elastic strap design to tighten the pillow.

However, the LOVEHOME memory foam lumbar pillow has one of the most convenient retention mechanisms. Plus, you can adjust the height of the support pillow as you like it.

So, who will benefit from this LOVEHOME memory foam lumbar pillow the most?

I found that this is an exceptional product for those who embark on long drives. The rigidness of the support pillow helps with posture as well as with spine alignment. 

What's more important, it offers back support to those who need it the most.

  • High-quality memory foam
  • Adjustable straps
  • 60-day return choice
  • Washable cover
  • Helps with posture
  • Rigid for some

DMI Lumbar Support Pillow - Best Orthopaedic Support Cushion

A real revelation in the lumbar support pillow selection is the DMI pillow. You may wonder, "What makes this lumbar support pillow so different from the others"?

Firstly, let's discuss the key factors that offer help to those who suffer from lower back pain.

The lumbar support pillow helps those who suffer from improper posture, arthritis, back pain, or those recovering from an injury.

Whenever you need that "special something" that relieves pain, you can quickly install this support cushion in your home, office, or car.

Now, if you are not too keen on memory foam and breathable mesh design, you are in for a surprise.

The DMI lumbar support cushion for the car is made out of orthopedic foam. This is a true marvel if you want something different and designed for severe injuries.

The support pillow also comes with a wooden plate board that you can insert into the pillow for extra support and stability.

What I appreciate about this car lumbar support cushion is that it retains its shape no matter what!

Whether you are using it in the office or house, you can expect the same design every time—no alterations in the foam whatsoever.

The orthopedic back support pillow is designed to perform impeccably and not slouch!

If you need a stable helper that stays in place, this is the top pick for you. It comes with an alignment strap that keeps the cushion right where you initially installed it.

  • Orthopedic foam
  • Stays in place
  • Great for spine alignment
  • Polyester cover

Kingphenix Lumbar Support with Double-Layer Mesh - Best Multipurpose Use

Do you want a lumbar support cushion that you can use both for the office chairs and the car?

Here comes the excellent solution to your office and after office hours back pain.

The Kingphenix car lumbar support is ergonomic in design and a valuable component to lower back pain relief. One of the multiple key features that make this support special is the design of it.

It's made out of breathable mesh material, which doubles in design and strengthens the overall performance.

How does the mesh perform, you wonder?

I tell you, during the hot summer days, there is nothing better than having a breathable mesh material component in the office or the car.

Of course, the AC helps but just imagine the perfected air circulation with the tiny ventilation holes. Why should you settle or less?

What's good to know is that you can adjust this lumbar support to any seat.

As I mentioned, it can serve you as an office chair if you tend to work long hours, or even at school or at home.

The high elastic belts make the process of installation so much easier. Just watch as it follows your back curvature.

Many customers have commented that it's excellent for lower back pain and posture improvement.

To be honest, I expected nothing less. This lumbar support is perfect for working for you, never against you.

This is one of the best items for multipurpose use; you simply cannot get disappointed.

  • Breathable mesh design
  • Multipurpose
  • Adjustable
  • Ergonomic design
  • /

Feagar Lumbar Support Pillow - Best Full Back Support

The best pick we found to aid the full-back area is the Feagar Lumbar support cushion.

One of the most distinguishing features is the height of the cushion. It rates a whopping 17 inches from the bottom to the top.

Why is it designed this way?

Because this lumbar car support is designed to offer total aid in the back area, not just the lower back.

By having a full-length lumbar support pillow, you are helping your back, spine, and shoulders as well.

However, it does have a minor flaw.

Since it's more generous in size, the lumbar support material does not handle heat well. If you plan on using this cushion for a long time interval, I would advise you otherwise.

It's great for short-term pain relief. However, things could get quite sweaty during longer rides. We thought that a breathable mesh cover would solve this issue, but sadly it did not.

But, let's observe the bright side of this memory foam lumbar support.

The installation process is quite effortless if you ask me. With a convenient strap system, the cushion states right where you install it.

Moreover, you would find the memory foam to be quite different than in other back support cushions. It feels softer and sinks in when you lay your back on it.

This may be a plus for those who like more soothing support, but I would pass this pillow for those who want a firmer performance.

  • Full back support
  • Softer memory foam
  • Does not handle heat well

Qutool Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Chair Car - Best Shape Retainment

Another versatile product comes from Qutool.

If you tend to spend the majority of your time sitting down, whether it's in a car at the office, then here are a few key features to consider:

The Qutool lumbar support pillow offers impeccable back support that relieves pressure at all the crucial points.

The ergonomically designed lumbar support pillow for car is specially designed to fit all vehicles.

It reduces the upper, mid, and lower back that is caused due to prolonged sitting sessions.

Along with helping you with back tension, the lumbar support for car is also a significant component that helps improve poor posture and maintain the natural curve of the spine.

A common issue with lumbar support cushions is that they flatten out over time. However, that will never be the issue with this one.

With high-density foam, the lumbar pillow is designed to follow the spine's curve but never lose its shape afterward.

Qutool lumbar cushions are easily installed via elastic extension straps that keep the pillow in one place after securing it.

If you tend to drive long hours, you would be pleased to know that the cover of this lumbar back pillow is made out of breathable mesh material.

Wherever you are, the cover will promote healthy air circulation and keep your back cool and comfortable during the car ride.

  • Machine washable cover
  • An ergonomic high-grade memory foam
  • Improves posture
  • Aids back region
  • Versatile use
  • On the softer side

Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Seat Cushion - Best For Lower Back

You read about memory foam lumbar support pillows, orthopedic and mesh materials supports.

However, did you happen to come across gel-infused lumbar support cushions? The Everlasting gel-infused and ventilated cushion is something for your car.

Let's review its key features.

The obvious selling point of the cushion is its inside components.

This Everlasting Comfort cushion contains gel-infused memory foam along with strategically placed ventilation holes.

All of them are designed to offer you a cooling and comfortable feel when you drive long distances.

Because of its unique design, the car lumbar support is excellent for versatile use.

You can use it in the neck and back area to relieve any tension from prolonged sitting. The universal contoured design does a fantastic job at improving posture in the car seat.

Moreover, the support cushion can be used by everyone! No matter if you are a driver or not, there is no discrimination here.

Reportedly, the pillow offers excellent performance to older people, gamers, and truck drivers.

I would want to feel relaxed at the time.

You are bound to get a bit sweaty in the car seat during long drives, especially if you have leather sitting.

The support cushion design has a heat-responsive technology that absorbs body heat and leaves a fresh feel the entire drive.

Thanks to the memory foam components, the car seat support cushion retains its shape and never loses its form.

  • Great for lower back
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Gel-infused structure
  • No bottom straps to secure the cushion

Dreamer Car Lumbar Support Pillow for Car - Targets Multiple Pressure Points

It's time to say goodbye to uncomfortable rides!

Our next pick comes from the Dreamer Car, and let me tell you, this support sure does feel like a dream!

It's strategically built to relieve any discomfort and further support your car rides or extended office hours.

First, let's look at the design.

This is no ordinary lumbar support cushion. Instead, it features a 20.9 inches streamline that is ergonomically built to fit the entire back curve.

Many lumbar support cushions I could try out followed the same design. Again, it's the slightly curved and thick padding that works like a charm. But, for how long?

With the unique shape of the Dreamer cushion, your back will not only be supported throughout the ride or during work, but it will also promote proper posture.

This cushion targets pressure points are the upper back, middle back, low back and embrace waist support.

It's made out of high-quality slow rebound foam, so it holds shape pretty well.

You won't struggle with installation as well, as it is relatively straightforward. With the two adjustable straps, connect them to the car seat and tighten to your liking.

Lastly, the cushion comes with a one-year warranty, so if there is any defect, you can return the cushion.

  • Unique shape that targets essential pressure points
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install on the car seat
  • Includes a one year warranty
  • Bulky
  • It does not work well for taller people

The Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll by OPTP - Best Lumbar Roll For Car Seat

The innovative design of the lumbar roll has taken the world by storm.

Find out why the OPTP car lumbar support popularity is rising by the minute.

Other lumbar supports you have seen have pretty much the same design, nothing new to see. However, the Original McKenzie lumbar has a cylindrical shape that supports the lumbar spine area.

The lumbar roll has another distinctive feature to it.

It is relatively thicker in design, which compensates for the size of it.

I love the most about the design because it's compact and light enough to carry anywhere. Whether you plan on using it on a car seat or office chair, you are in for a surprise.

Among various key features, the support cushion includes an innovative technology.

The pillow's design aligns the posture and is recommended by most chiropractic, physical therapists, and sports doctors.

The lumbar support cushion uses elastic straps to secure the car seat's roll for the installation process. However, many have reported the slipping of the support roll. 

Although the unconventional shape does an impressive job at the lumbar spine aid, the roll can be quite unstable.

Some customers have commented that they found it helpful to secure the roll on their waist and not the car seat.

The foam is high-density, but it can lose shape over time. So, if you prefer memory foam, I suggest you scroll up for such a product.

  • Innovative design
  • Elastic straps
  • Not stable

Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Chair - Best for Soft Support

This lumbar support by Niceeday has all the benefits a cushion like this should have!

It's properly built, suitable for long working hours and driving, and will not break the bank.

What do you think? Is this your best pick?

The inside of this lumbar cushion is filled with 100% premium memory foam. After trying it many times, I can tell that the shape holds well, absorbing all of the pressure.

The memory foam is combined with a bamboo charcoal fiber that allows the cushion to be used repeatedly.

A common issue with these projects is that they lose shape and are ready for the trash can after a few uses.

But, not this one! The orthopedic backrest also features an anti-slip bottom that keeps the cushion in place and does not allow any movements once installed.

Oh, and it's super lightweight, so you can carry this bad boy around wherever you go!

Wheater's for driving to work or watching a Harry Potter marathon, the cushion is there to offer the most comfortable support.

The ergonomic shape of the lumbar cushion is built to specifically target the lower and upper back while supporting the posture.

Lastly, you should know that the cover is removable and machine-washed! For the sweaty ones, this is a lifesaving property.

  • 3D mesh cover
  • Anti-slip bottom
  • Ergonomic built
  • Memory foam that holds shape
  • It could be a bit thicker

Vertteo Full Lumbar Black Support - Best All-Around Back Support

Vertteo presents a full lumbar support cushion at a slightly higher price.

Let's compare the key features and see how it compares to the budget-friendly motels in our review.

This lumbar support for cars has a high rating, and it's for a reason.

The back pillow is popular among customers who were dealing with back pain for years now.

The company developed a unique design of a support cushion to help those who suffer from bad posture, improper spine alignment, lower back pain, and chronic pain.

The ergonomic orthopedic is quite similar to the DMI Lumbar Support Pillow we reviewed. Again, if you are not 'too crazy' about memory foam, this is a great replacement solution.

On to the good part. The lumbar support cushion fits in all vehicles. No matter if you are driving a truck, bus, flying an airplane, the seat cushion will deliver its best in every car seat.

The crucial unique feature of this product is its high back design.

With its tall back contour, you will be relaxing in no time in your car. Those stressful rides back home are a thing of the past.

While you sit and drive, the lumbar support back cushion works on your lower back pain and improves posture. Seriously, can it get any more convenient than that?

Manufacturers recommend using this pillow for chronic back pain such as arthritis, sciatica, spondylosis, and many more.

  • Ergonomic orthopedic pillow
  • Elastic adjustable straps
  • Can be used for office chair
  • Machine washable cover
  • Thin

SAMSONITE Ergonomic Lumbar Support Pillow - Universal Fit

The Samsonite lumbar cushion falls into the category of budget-friendly car cushions.

Since it's so affordable, you can always keep one in the car and buy another one for home or office use! Your back deserves to be supported on every occasion!

Using this lumbar cushion is a piece of cake! It comes with adjustable straps that make installation a one-step process.

In addition, since the strap is made for a universal fit, it's likely to fit into everyone's vehicle or office chair!

However, it does worry me that the bottom is not covered with an anti-slip coating.

Nonetheless, the cushion is extra support for alleviating lower back soreness, injuries, chronic pain, or even fixing your posture a bit. It's an absolute lifesaver for those who work long office hours or drive daily.

Sales representatives or truck drives know how it's tiresome going back home with nothing but shooting pains up and down your back. But, once you get the lumbar support cushion like this, there is no going back!

Like all other lumbar support cushions on the list, this one is built from memory foam. The foam holds shape even after prolonged use and stays firm.

The back support also includes a breathable mesh cover that promotes optimal airflow and healthy circulation through the cushion.

However, those who like thicker padding will probably not like this cushion as it is relatively thin when put into use.

  • Ergonomically shaped
  • Includes adjustable straps
  • Mesh cover
  • High-grade memory foam
  • A bit thin

Buyer's Guide

Congrats! You are closer to experiencing a stress-free ride in your car.

Choosing the best lumbar support back cushion can be quite confusing sometimes. With so many materials and designs nowadays, the choice is more challenging by the minute.

But don't worry. I have prepared a helpful guide on choosing the best support for your car.

1. Benefits of Using Lumbar Support for Your Car

best lumbar support for car 2020

Having a lumbar cushion product in your car will deliver the utmost health benefits for your back and posture. Some of those include:

2. Universal Fit

Getting a universal fit of support cushions can be a real lifesaver!

Try getting a model with adjustable straps and buckles that easily install in every vehicle, no matter the seat's size.

In this way, you get to adjust the product to your likings and create a custom fit that satisfies your needs and aids your back pain.

3. Are Materials Overrated?

best lumbar back support for car
  • Machine Washable Cover: Seems like an irrelevant feature? Let me tell you: It's not! I can't stress the number of times my support pillows got colored by my blue jacket, and there is no way I am not getting into a fresh car interior. From this moment on, I always tend to choose car accessories that have a 'machine washable' label on them.
  • Quality Materials: There is one more feature I would like you to pay attention to. The materials of the cushion support pillows need to be high-quality. They are prone to wear and damage, and you should make sure you get a quality one that can endure prolonged use.
  • Breathable Mesh: You heard about it, but is it necessary? For me, it is. I often embark on long-distance drives, and I like to keep my back cool during the drive. A breathable mesh design in cushions will promote healthy air circulation and prevent excessive back sweating.
  • Memory Foam: This is a critical component of a lumbar pillow. Memory foam filling is your best friend if you want the lumbar support cushions to retain their initial shape. Even after long drives, when you make a stop at the gas station, you want to come back to an intact memory foam lumbar support.
Everlasting Comfort The Original Lumbar Support Pillow - Improves Posture, Promotes Back Pain Relief... Everlasting Comfort The Original Lumbar Support Pillow - Improves Posture, Promotes Back Pain... No ratings yet $39.99 $28.99
LOVEHOME Lumbar Support Pillow for Chair and Car, Back Support for Office Chair Memory Foam Cushion... LOVEHOME Lumbar Support Pillow for Chair and Car, Back Support for Office Chair Memory Foam... No ratings yet $34.99 $29.99
DMI Lumbar Support Pillow for Chair to Assist with Back Support with Removable Washable Cover and... DMI Lumbar Support Pillow for Chair to Assist with Back Support with Removable Washable Cover... No ratings yet $27.16
kingphenix Lumbar Support (2 Pack) with Breathable Mesh, Suit for Car, Office Chair kingphenix Lumbar Support (2 Pack) with Breathable Mesh, Suit for Car, Office Chair* No ratings yet $28.96
Feagar Lumbar Support Pillow for Car Seat/Office Chair (Black) Feagar Lumbar Support Pillow for Car Seat/Office Chair (Black)* No ratings yet
Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Chair Back Support Pillow for Car, Computer, Gaming Chair, Recliner... Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Chair Back Support Pillow for Car, Computer, Gaming Chair,... No ratings yet $38.99 $29.49
Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion & Lumbar Support Pillow Combo (Patented) - Chair Pads Reduce... Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion & Lumbar Support Pillow Combo (Patented) - Chair Pads Reduce...* No ratings yet $62.99 $59.99
Lumbar Support Pillow for Car - Back Support for Medium to Large Vehicles - Soft Memory Foam Car... Lumbar Support Pillow for Car - Back Support for Medium to Large Vehicles - Soft Memory Foam Car...* No ratings yet $34.99 $29.99
OPTP The Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll – USA-Made Low Back Lumbar Support for Office Chair & Car... OPTP The Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll – USA-Made Low Back Lumbar Support for Office Chair &... No ratings yet $25.95
Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Chair Car, Gaming Chair Lower Back Pain Relief Memory Foam Cushion... Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Chair Car, Gaming Chair Lower Back Pain Relief Memory Foam... No ratings yet $38.99 $28.59
Full Lumbar Black Support by Vertteo - Premium Entire High Back Pillow for Office Desk Chair and Car... Full Lumbar Black Support by Vertteo - Premium Entire High Back Pillow for Office Desk Chair and... No ratings yet
SAMSONITE Lumbar Support Pillow For Office Chair and Car Seat, Perfectly Balanced Memory Foam ,... SAMSONITE Lumbar Support Pillow For Office Chair and Car Seat, Perfectly Balanced Memory Foam ,...* No ratings yet $29.99 $18.00


Are lumbar supports good?

Yes! Lumbar supports are a beneficial tool you can use on basically every sitting area.

Whether it's on office chairs or cars, they aid the back pain and improper posture; you are bound to gain plenty of benefits from proper posture.

What does lumbar support do in a car?

Due to the increased time of driving the car, high-quality lumbar support can help aid chronic back pain.

To improve slumped posture, both the driver and the passengers should use a lumbar support cushion during the ride.

Should I use lumbar support in the car?

Most of the vehicles are not designed to maintain optimal posture while driving. For this reason, lumbar car support is your best companion.

Lumbar support for cars helps fill the gap between the seat and the back and supports the spine's natural curve.

What can I use for back support while driving?

best back support for car driver

For those long drives that end up in back pain, it's best to get a proper lumbar support cushion.

They are strategically designed to keep your posture upright, and if adjusted properly, they may even prevent slouching or hyper-back extension.

But, if you cannot get your hands on a lumbar support cushion quickly, you can try rolling up a hand towel and putting it just above the beltline.

Why does lumbar support hurt my back?

If the lumbar support cushion hurts your back, it's probably not appropriately adjusted

Lumbar supports positioned too low will cause you to extend your back and cause even more back pain.

On the other hand, if the lumbar cushion is placed too high on the chair, you may end up slouching. The proper way to adjust the lumbar support is just above the beltline.

How can I improve my car's lumbar support?

If your car does not include lumbar support, it's time to get a specially designed cushion that will make your car rides more manageable.

Lumbar support cushions for the car follow the natural curvature of your spine and promote proper posture.

In addition, you can try adjusting the headrests and the seat height and recline. There is only so much a lumbar support pillow can do; the rest is up to adjustments.

Some vehicles include lumbar support adjustments in the car's seat so check if your car has one.

What is the best lumbar support?

The best lumbar support currently on the 2022 market is the Everlasting Comfort Lumbar Support Pillow.

This high-quality cushion delivers its best performance on chronic pain and offers the world's comfiest rides back home.

How do you support the lumbar while driving?

The way you secure the lumbar cushion while driving is via adjustable elastic straps

Most of the lumbar support cushions have those so that you can ensure the buffer in one place. The pillow should be placed on the lower back area, just below the belt.

Here is a helpful video demonstration.

Final Words

Lumbar support cushions in the car can be one of the best decisions for you and your back.

If you want a reliable choice, we recommend the Everlasting Comfort Lumbar Support Pillow. The car lumbar support checks out all the necessary features for a comfortable ride.

Take another look at our full review and see why this is one of the best-selling items in 2022.

Everlasting Comfort The Original Lumbar Support Pillow - Improves Posture, Promotes Back Pain Relief...*
  • Lumbar Support Pillow: Made w/ memory foam, it contours to your body to target lower back discomfort
  • Improves Posture: Mimics the spine's natural curve to support your upper, middle, and lower back
  • Universal Fit: Adjustable straps, extensions fit chairs up to 32" wide; ideal for office, car seats
  • Breathable Mesh Cover: Promotes air circulation, keeping you cool during long sitting hours
  • Durable: Removable, washable cover ensures lasting freshness; withstands everyday wear and tear
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